The Oxymoron of Hypocrites


Isn’t Peace synonymous with God? Wouldn’t those who are truly devoted to God, as they say, want to emulate Peace? Why are so many people who say they honor God talk about war as if it is a noble mighty thing? Anybody could kill and torture others. That is what deviants of society do. That is one of the tell-tale signs that one is a sociopath; that they kill helpless animals. Why would those who say that they represent the greatest land on earth talk so freely and proudly about torturing and killing others? Isn’t that a sign of weakness and not of strength.

Isn’t it a more noble trait to want to take care of the small animals that cross our path? I consider it a great sign of strength of character to do so. Would the person who nurtures an individual creature be more inclined and adapted to nurture a whole group of people? Wouldn’t they raise the bar on how all people treat each other?  Isn’t this better than lowering the bar to all humans behaving as brutes? Haven’t we moved past the gauntlet of agreeing to torture others for any reason?



I feel the pain of the multitudes; as many of you do. If torture, war and suffering are advocated, that is more pain that we will feel. How fair is it that we allow the ignorant to inflict more pain on the world that those of us who feel, have to endure? We are in different times now. Those who promote war and revenge have a little understanding of the workings of compassion in the world. They are recycling old rhetoric that was a powerful tactic in getting others elected during times when power and fear had humanity in its clutch.

Ask yourself this question. Visualize all the major leaders coming upon a wounded little animal. Go through the scenario of each one of them and what they would do with that bird. Who would step over it? Who would kill it? Who would rescue it? Who would nurture it back to health? This is the person that I want to be the leader of the greatest land on earth. I want the bar raised on dignity, compassion, and caring for the individual in the world. America should be the way shower of how this is done.

It is difficult enough to live in the world as it plays catch up in awareness. It is difficult to live in a world and see technology surpass the capabilities of a human. Do we really want to promote someone who is devoid of compassion? Don’t we want to do all that we can to elevate the importance of the individual while we still have a voice? Are we really willing to sit by and become a faceless, voiceless drone for the appetite of the power mongers.

The choices that we make in who represents our highest office is relevant to how humanity will proceed. Perhaps the greatest demonstration of strength is exercising the ability to not use strength to pump up ones own ego. Don’t we already have great examples of that in the world? Is that what we want to emulate? Can’t us thinkers, dreamers, lovers and doers implore humanity to raise the bar?

What we do here is of no small matter. People are intentionally being starved, women are being raped and enslaved, species are being eliminated and humanity is being eradicated all over the world. None of that is eliminated with adding more hot-headed power seeking egomaniacs to the mix. The only thing that halts the desecration of humanity is the exponential perpetual pumping in of higher awareness and divinity through kindness to all corners of the world. We do that individually and allow it to reflect in our leader of choice.

The fear and hate must be dampened and squelched by an onslaught of higher standards. It is up to us to put that in place. It needs to be done. There is no more catch up time for a learning curve. You as an individual matter and you must embrace that stance to save the fate of the world. We are all superman in that way.

Where to Find God


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Man has depleted the earth by sending his energy up into an empty sky to feed the ego of a man-made concept of Source. We pour that energy back into Source through honoring nature and each other. Because we are the face of God.

Every little pair of eyes we look into, every set of legs that roam the earth and every form that shows up and struggles in love and life with us, IS the embodiment of God.

This simple truth was demonized to prevent people from finding God. It has hidden God in plain sight. So that man could erect his statues and worship stations to a petty, vengeful god. That is why some people still are so dedicated to Trump.

He is a physical representation of the God they have been conditioned to revere. While the real God, the one that is a loving essence, the one that does not need form to be perceived, the one that beckons all to seek the perfection of their own empowerment, lays hidden to those who need a concrete image to fathom such greatness.

Yet we interact with God in real-time through our kindness to others, through our laser focus on the sweet interactions that are on display for us, and for our own ability to forgo all the conditioning of the ages, and maintain a sweet loving stance towards ourselves and all others.

Our struggles are merely the Universe turning our attention away from the course vibrations of illusion and focusing us back into the heart of what is truth. It is no different from picking up a wiggling toddler and re-positioning them back in their chair to instill the importance of stillness. Or seating a precious gem onto a secure facet. Or planting a beautiful garden in a seemingly inconvenient swatch of land.

Our struggles are the attention Source gives to us to re-calibrate our gratitude and attention onto itself . Every act of kindness, every consideration for others, every humble honoring of self, and every pristine truth; untainted by beguile; is true worship. It is us, moving deeper and more profoundly into the heart of God.

A Bridge to the Fifth Dimension


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My writings trigger people. They are not just words but means of releasing and healing old issues and old wounds that can’t even be articulated because they are so deep, so old, or were inflicted at a time when the human brain was not formulated. Sometimes there are no words to articulate it, so there is no means to lead it out of your essence without assistance.

That is one reason I emote sounds. I match the time and space of the incident that caused issues and calm the energy field and return it to balance. It is like how you would silence cymbals by holding them for a moment. Bit still like squeezing everything out of the tube of toothpaste.

The anguish that a baby or animal body experience is not stored in words; it is primal. That is why just releasing sounds may be more efficient than converting them into words first. It is best to just let the emotions seep out unadulterated.

These are the things my writings can release. Those who are drawn to my writings can see that. Others merely believe I am irritating, abrasive, arrogant (a reflection of their own ego) or argumentative. Why would I spend so much of my energy in prolifically articulating the most unexpressed of humanity just to irritate or upset hand-picked targets? It does not make sense.

When someone has a reaction to me, it is in their best interest to relax as the irritant (myself) is tolerated. There is freedom in learning how to remove barnacles of energy from our true essence, simply by relaxing into any issues that causes a reaction. Instead of doing the opposite of hunkering in defense mode and striking to attack. That is what the “takers’ have trained us to do.

There are no power mongers that can hurt us in the fifth dimension. The only ones that can harm us here is ourselves. There is no one to take from us. The days of being raped of our energy are over. This is the moment to get back all we have felt that we lost. This is what I assist in doing. It is as easy and simple as that. Because it is already done.

We have arrived at the fifth dimension. In the fifth dimension we are whole, loved and free, But so many people brought their engrams of the third dimension with them as a security for the transition. That is why it feels so much like the third dimension still. But they are dropping away quickly.

That is why my dynamic healing is so effective. Because I know that everyone is whole already here. I am just the means to help them realize it. My writing, healing, awareness and presence are a bridge to embracing the fifth dimension.

To Be More Empowered


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Everything we do, say, and even think is a choice. The more we take ownership of these choices, the less we walk around as a victim. We learn to walk through our life as the empowered spiritual beings that we are intended to be. To do this is to remove lifetimes of shackles of conditioning.
There are ways to honor truth without going to battle in a demonstrative way. To challenge everything that you have been told as being a glass ceiling. To see the beliefs that you cling most dearly to as the clasps that are restricting your blood flow. To address that tightening of your gut when you experience something that no longer resonates at truth. These are all ways to hold space for truth, honor integrity and to manifest a more empowered aspect of yourself.

Love’s Call


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

What  do I have to give?

Except for the depth of my own chagrin.

What am I here to be?

But a commentator to my reality.

Why am I meant to endure?

Except to convert the tainted to pure.

Why do I cry, if only in vain

Or to empty this head to not go insane.

When people see me and begin to scoff

Is it me or them who is really off?

They are free, in their opinions and views.

But whose lens is really skewed?

I am like the bride out on a ledge.

Converting my life into a pledge.

I put all my cards out on the table.

Do what others can do; but don’t think they’re able.

Convert all my essence to only one cause.

Behind the scenes without any applause.

Bringing peace to the masses while they still sleep

Honoring a promise, I know I much keep.

To live with an intention greater than all.

To empower all  beings by heeding love’s call.

Jen Ward 6/12/17








The Sisterhood of my Brethren


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

Be who you are at your Center
The love, the light and the joy
Forgo the peripheral drama
That pretends to be you

Scrape off the carbuncles
Of want, need and desire
Pain is the twisted sinew
That wraps around your bones

Untether the twisted expectations
That cause you to hunch and recoil
Unfurl from the branded complacency
That aligns you to the limitations of flesh and time

You are the dreamer by choice
Fantasy is your launching pad
Each hopeful intention lobs you
closer to the pinpoint of your potential

You are transformed beyond
the fathom of all naysayers
The sinister, the unforgiving
You arise to the surface of awakening

Let go of the struggle between Your slumber
and the reality of your dreams
Forgo the need to struggle with those still asleep
Or have their permission for you to awaken

The Universe is spitting you out
into the reality of your awakened self
Do not expect the placenta of the false world
To grow with you into your spiritual skin

You do it alone for a reason
You who are too giving will give credit to a false God
This is your journey; your celebration
There is no victory in giving over your power once again

All habits must die, All limitations ripped through
Like dry brittle husks awaiting to blow away in the wind
Pay attention to your own arrival
As you marvel at the husk filled whirlwind about you

To arrive is your virtue and your honor
To be empowered is your new sheen
We have been awaiting lifetimes to celebrate
Beyond the threshold of the limitations of duality

Dance your primal song as you watch
The vestige of the false self leave
You are your own savior
Humanity’s golden child of a saving grace

A victor through the raging war of indifference
Ignorance manipulations and lies
You are now truth personified
As love, kindness and virtue bleed beauty through your skin

And captures the altruistic unabashed self
Gleaning with empowerment
In a world we all prayed was a reality
When we were still conditioned in our primal ways

Thank you for enduring
and holding a place for love
Thank you for the ember of innocence
you held to your tiny protected breast

All those who embrace their empowerment
Ride now on the back of your victory
You are the phoenix of yore
You are realizing this beyond the settling of the dust

Behold all the others making their way to love’s sea
Like a billion tiny turtles sans the shell and the enemies
We all make this journey now
Conscious of the new awareness we all embody

You are my kindred Phoenix turtle friend
As we make this journey exponentially together
Love and truth are our kinsfolk now
And you… are the sisterhood of my brethren.

Jen Ward 5/30/16

Love’s Own Decree


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

I don’t fall on my knees
Pray up to the sky
Condemn others as sinners
With a self-righteous sigh

I don’t follow man’s rules
As if all are golden
I don’t covet a church
To which I’m beholden

I don’t sing the praises
Of an old man in a robe
There’s too many discrepancies
When I start to probe

I’m not a dutiful soldier
Doing what I’m told
I’ll hold myself accountable
When I am worn out and old.

I don’t sit on the sidelines
Terrified to sin
I participate in life
Whether I lose, draw or win

I’d rather be wrong
And live life so bold
Than be the hero in a story
That’s never been told.

I’d rather see God Smiling in the eyes
Of a man, dog or tree
Then condemned to a heaven
That no one wants to be

It’d be a gilded cage
With no compassion or gain
This is not me
It’s a fate I’d disdain

Let me get my hands dirty
Loving all in the now
It’s no stranger than having 72 virgins
Or worshiping a cow

Instead of seeing God
In a void, out in space
I’d rather know God now
In every beautiful face

Look God in the eyes
In the needy and old
To see God in everyone
Seems idealistic and bold

There’s no stringent white heaven
For which I give a damn
I’m lost in a sea of imperfection
Merely claiming “I AM”

I am the lonely
I am the poor
I am the Jehovah witnesses
Who knock at my door

I relish the pain
I laugh at the wind
As I see God in everyone
I watch evil rescind

Self righteous pride
Is the work of the devil
Its better to be empowered
and see all at this level

The moral outcries
The war and the crime
They must all end now.
They must stop on a dime

We all are empowered
Everyone must agree
When we see God in everyone
In the collective of we

I am your savior
You are my grace
We share the continuity of God
In the homeliest face

When we condemn or judge anyone
We are diminishing God
Let’s take the wrapping off religion
See through the facade

I’ll not judge you
Please don’t condemn me
Superimpose benevolence
Then just let me be

In the name of the Father
Son, Holy Ghost
God resides in all others
So love others the most

The Nirvana that you strive for
By doing your part
Is accessed by a gateway
from everyone’s heart

We usher each other into heaven
By love’s own decree
Of me honoring you
As you respect me.

Jen Ward 5/26/16