Conspiracy Theories and The Lizard Race


I woke up from a disturbing experience in the dream state. My dreams are no longer  broken streams of symbolism. They are clear and solid information that is fed to me to assist humanity in some way. Usually I am put in the position of understanding the plight of different demographics through experiencing it in the dream.  I can then report back through my writing and people can do the exercises I share to assist humanity in awakening. My dreams are never fluff.

Last night I had the experience of dealing with a race of beings that were taken over society in certain sects. It was so strange, because to everyone else, they looked like people. I was the only one who could see them as they really appeared. And that was only for a little bit in the dream. The rest of the time they looked like regular people to me. When I woke up, I attempted to draw them to show the reader but I could not capture the void-less depth of lack of empathy or love.

In the dream I was in a college and they had infiltrated the dorms at first. I was very leery of them. A fellow dorm member was introduced to them and I did everything I could to avoid the lizard person. They had skin that was leathery and textured like a shiny piece of coal. They had a slit for a mouth and huge red eyes that showed no empathy or compassion. They were eyes like you would see on a shark, or another predator animal whose pupils hardened when they hone onto their prey. Like those predators, there was no means to connect on the level of humanity.

In the dream, I went to a mall (inner worlds) and was going up an escalator (higher consciousness) As I was going up to the top, I saw that there were a lot of lizard people there. It made perfect sense. They camouflaged themselves as people of importance or sophistication. They used that vantage point of snobbery like bait to draw in the humans. They understood humans are weak and insecure. They used the tactic of snobbery to draw them in by catering to this weakness. They drew them in by giving them the false sense that they were sophisticated or superior in some way.

So they showed up as snobbish beings.  As I was rising to the top of the elevator, I now just seen them in human form. One of them name dropped the leader of the spiritual group I used to be a part of. It seems that this group was the perfect breeding ground for the lizard race to take over because of the subtle sense of spiritual superiority this group holds. It used to be a thriving conduit for individuality.But through the years has just maintained a sense of superiority with no advancement for the individuals or humanity because of its influence.

But had been missing from this group  for awhile. The most telling thing is that the leader has not shared any thing of new spiritual truth in many years. Also, women in the group are at a slight disadvantage to men. Yet people continue to be loyal to the leader and hold him as a God.  They have fallen into a complacency that they are superior with no  spiritual evidence of it. In fact some of the attacks that I have received for sharing truth and my healing abilities have been the most ruthless from this group. Perhaps their behavior  indicates that they have been inundated with the lizard race and are no longer a viable spiritual group.

The demeanor of the lizard people at the mall was aloof. You knew they were in charge but they didn’t engage you directly. They conglomerated among themselves. They would give expensive gifts but there was strings attached. They offered me a dress from the mall but then suggested off-handedly through a  representative, that I do some light cleaning to show appreciation. This was merely a hook for me to agree to enslavement. Once I agreed to do a little bit to appease them, then they owned me and I was at their mercy.

When I awoke, I thought about an analogy to explain the dynamics that the lizard people had with humans. It was striking similar to the way the Russian diplomat Kysliak and the other Russian ambassadors seemed in the White house when Trump received them. Trump was seen as their dupe and this was how the lizard people in the dream engaged with humans. The Lizard people feel smarmy and entitled. There is a lack of warm engagement with them. Everything is calculated. And you see the people disgustingly falling over backwards to please them.

When I woke up, I wondered if our fight for freedom, does not lie with the Russians but with the lizard race. The Russian people in themselves are no different than us. They are striving for freedom under a dispassionate regime too. But dealing with this intrusive race of humanoids, may be our reality in some abstract way. If so, the thing that will save us is our humanity and compassion. This race preys upon our weakness to be superior. As we connect to others, we forgo the ridiculous fancy of entitlement. Perhaps it is only in seeing the greatness in others, that we can feign off falling prey to a drastic fate of slavery.

The oligarchs wish to enslave humanity to their sense of wealth and power. Perhaps the reason why so many people show up as having a lack of compassion for the multitudes is because they are being influenced by the reptilian race and have no depth for compassion. Perhaps this is why certain religions and governments have no compassion for the suffering they inflict.  Or the outlandish ways they are so willing to diminish whole sects and demographics. Perhaps they are being influenced by the lizard race in their dreams or otherwise.

If you wish to live free and to have your children thrive in a world of compassion and opportunity, you MUST embrace your humanity. You must think and discern for yourself. You must regenerate your creative imagination and optimistic outlook on life. It is not to late. Your imagination, ingenuity, individuality and compassion is the lifeblood of awakening.

We Release Being overtaken by the lizard race

The complacency that we are seeing in this issue is surreal. Anyone of us who has been around for more than a few years knows how dangerous the current climate is. To put it in perspective, it is like Voldemort taking over the wizardry school.

Please do your children a favor and bother to do these taps. Our personal freedoms have never been challenged to this degree.


(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)


“We declare ourselves surrogates for America and humanity in doing these taps; in all moments.”

“We release being overtaken by the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We release being enslaved to the lizard race; in all moments”

“We release being used as pawns for the lizard race; in all moments.”

“”We remove all vivaxes between ourselves and the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We dissipate all psychic energy between ourselves the lizard race; in all moments”

“We deactivate and dissipate the psychic energy of the lizard race; in all moments”

“We deactivate all drones for the lizard race; in all moments”

“We deactivate and expose the treachery of all agents of the lizard race; in all moments”

“We withdraw all our energy from the lizard race; in all moments”

“We remove all tentacles between ourselves and the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We remove the claws of the lizard race from our beingness; in all moments.”

“We remove all programming and conditioning that the lizard race has put on us; in all moments.”

“We remove all engrams of the lizard race from our beingness; in all moments.”

“We release being hypnotized or manipulated by the lizard race; in all moments”

“We remove all controlling devices that the lizard race has put in us; in all moments”

“We send all energy matrices into the light and sound that support the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We command all complex energy matrices that support the lizard race to be escorted into the light and sound by our guides; in all moments.”

“We send all energy matrices of being overtaken by the lizard race into the light and sound; in all moments.”

“We command all complex energy matrices of being overtaken by the lizard race  to be escorted into the light and sound by our guides; in all moments.”

“We withdraw all our energy from being overtaken by the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We strip all illusion off of the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We collapse and dissolve all portals between ourselves and the lizard race; in all moments”

“We nullify all contracts with the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We remove all obligation to the lizard race; in all moments”

“We untangle our energy from the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We remove all masks, walls, and armor off the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We strip all illusion that the lizard race has put on us; in all moments.”

“We recant all vows and agreements between ourselves and the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We remove all curses between ourselves and the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We remove all blessings between ourselves and the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We eliminate the first cause in regards to being enslaved by the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We sever all strings, cords, and wires between ourselves and the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We eliminate the first cause between ourselves and the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We dissolve all karmic ties between ourselves and the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We remove all the pain, burden, and limitations that the lizard race   has put on us; in all moments.”

“We remove all the pain, burden, and limitations that we have put on others due to lizard race; in all moments.”

“We remove all the fear, futility, and unworthiness that the lizard race has put on us; in all moments.”

“We remove all the fear, futility, and unworthiness that we have put on others due to the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We remove all the division, debauchery, and ignorance that the lizard race has put on us; in all moments.”

“We remove all the division, debauchery, and ignorance that we have put on others due to the lizard race; in all moments.

“We remove all negative attributes and illusion of separateness that the lizard race   has put on us; in all moments.”

“We remove all negative attributes and illusion of separateness that we have put on others due to the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We remove all that we have vested in the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We collapse and dissolve all portals to the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We take back ALL that being overtaken by the lizard race has taken from us; in all moments.”

“We give back to all others ALL that we have taken from them due to the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We release resonating with the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We release emanating with the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We extract all of the lizard race from our sound frequency; in all moments.”

“We extract all of the lizard race from our light emanation; in all moments.”

“We extract all of the lizard race  from our whole beingness ; in all moments.”

“We shift our paradigm from the lizard race to universal compassion, empathy and freedom; in all moments.”

“We transcend the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We are centered and empowered in universal compassion, empathy and freedom; in all moments.”

“We resonate, emanate, and are interconnected with all life in universal compassion, empathy and freedom; in all moments.”







The Truth About Santa Claus


Adults have been lying to Children way too long when it comes to Santa Clause. It is because they have been lied to as well. They really have lost touch with that magical place within themselves and so they have done what children who have been violated do. They perpetuate the Lie.

It is time to tell children of all ages the truth about Santa Clause. In doing so, it will help heal that aspect of themselves that has forgotten how to trust. The trouble is, people have lost touch with who Santa Clause is. It is time to reintroduce the world to him. Here is the truth about Santa Clause.

Spirit Guides are people who have evolved through their trials and tribulations to such a degree that compassion is embedded in the very fiber of their Light. They exude a loving eminence to all those around them. They are not pushovers. Not at all. They can tough as nails when it is necessary but they prefer to be soft and kind when they can.

In their last incarnations, Spirit Guides go through many trials and tribulations, Their last lifetimes are all about service. They give to the world as effortlessly and as randomly as others give to their dear ones. But to a Spirit Guide, everyone is their dear one. They are capable of loving the whole word and all beings.

There was one such being that lived a long while ago. Many Spirit Guides, have certain specialties that are near and dear to their heart. This one’s specialty was children. He had a tender spot for children. It hurt his heart to have souls incarnate into the world and be at the mercy of adults. He knew how difficult it was to be here when you are not completely loved and accepted. He made it his purpose to open up the hearts of children everywhere and allow them the opportunity to; at least feel what it like to be completely loved and accepted; if only if it was for an instant.

He realized the resiliency of children. He knew that many parents wanted to do good but they fell short. He also realized that many children were born into the homes of their enemies. So the children did not have that loving “space” to recognize their own loving potential. He made it his purpose to open up as many hearts to their own loving nature, This became his passion.

As all Spirit Guides, he was, and is, well versed in spiritual law. He realized that the most efficient way to open someones heart was to give them a gift. Sometimes the results are instantaneous. They still are. He started setting out on journeys to give children gifts. His presence alone in villages started to open up people’s hearts. He built up such an energetic vibration of love and compassion, that merely thinking about him lightened the load for many heavy hearts. His presence in the world made the world a better place. He realized that if he could open someone’s heart once, they would be able to always refer to that moment in their own history and remember that they are very important. That they are a being of love.

The coal that was given out was not done as a punishment. Coal in itself was valuable for heating homes. It was very valuable to freezing homes. It was given as a special reminder that sometimes we have to be of service to burn off all our dross. By being totally immersed in service, we transform into a soft supple powder. This is what happens to coal when it was burned.

It was adults who put this punishing component onto the gift of coal. There is no aspect of this guide that did not see the loving nature of the child. The lie about the coal was one of many. It was the human consciousness way of diminishing this great being. He was impervious to what others would call bad. He only saw their sweet nature. But if he was going to survive as a concept in this negative, man was going to exploit his goodness as much as possible. This was what they were learning in the school-house of life.

When Spirit Guides cross over, they have a great life, similar to that of earth but on the astral plane. Because they have dropped the vibration of the physical body, the astral world is as real to them then than the physical world is to us. But they are able to still appear to those in the physical realm. Santa has that ability. Children do still resonate with his truth and goodness, and he is able to appear to many in his astral body. He is able to do miracle is extreme cases of belief but usually he works in a more subtle way. He is able to appear to children and he channels his benevolence through everyone so they are kinder and more generous in nature.

Santa Claus channels himself into the world as much as possible around Christmas. It is not merely one day or one hour. It is a whole season. He is actually available to anyone who reaches out to him at any time of the year. He is a Spirit Guide. He is there to help people everywhere open their heart centers and tap into their giving nature. If one is really down, they can call upon Santa and they will be given a reprieve from the lives into a childlike wonderment,

When he was in physical form, he would go to the villages and give out gifts. But now he uses his gifts to channel into caregivers and open them up to their own loving nature and become generous in giving gifts. Santa works to create miracles in each life so that the parents can find the means to give the gifts. He is empowering them to do this. This is experienced when people of incredibly dysfunctional homes, are able to get a reprieve from the abuse and neglect for a while around the holiday. This happens when people find the means somehow to give that gift they thought was impossible.

Santa Claus provides an incredible service to humanity. He is one of the very few persona in history that there is little controversy around. He is loved and valued by all cultures who know of him. This is a credit to his incredible light and dedication to serving children of all ages and uplifting humanity.

He resides on the astral plane. His work of giving gifts has evolved into the images of what is imagined the north pole is like. People can visit there as much as their abilities and beliefs will allow.. There is special treatment for all who make the trek. But it is done inwardly. It is a soul travel experience. It is done on the astral plane. The story of the Polar Express is a real account of an astral visit to the north pole. It really isn’t that hard to do; especially around the energetically charged time of Christmas.

There is really no reason to lie about Santa Claus and to make up all these absurd scenarios. It will make so much more sense to tell children that when they go to sleep, set the intention of visiting Santa Clause and that they will be able to do so. It is also empowering for then to know Santa as their spirit guide. It is a great way to help them tune into their inner wonders. The fact that Santa is still so plugged into this physical realm is a credit to his capacity to love. Maybe its time for the world to say Thank you to him.

Now with this vantage point, scan the memories of your Christmas experiences. See if you do not realize his presence where you have overlooked it before. To do so, is a heart opening experience in itself. It is time for the world to open its heart chakra. Everyone who opens up more to love enables the multitudes to do the same. This is a great realization to perpetuate the love and to bring the Christmas Spirit back to life as the mainstay for all, all year round.

God speed.

Jen Ward

The Empowerment of All


It is a lie that those in a female body can’t reach the spiritual heights that male energy can attain. This belief is a half truth that keeps some souls trapped at a certain level. This belief keeps humanity in apathy. At a certain level of awareness, an individual can manipulate the molecular make-up of their atoms to achieve whatever intention is their spiritual purpose.

If you are on a spiritual path, you owe it to yourself to challenge everything that you ave ever been told. Everything. If you are not doing this, then you have deduced the intention of your spiritual journey into a dead form of worship.

The vibrations of this world are presently more conducive to female energy realizing its worth. Much more than it ever has been in recorded history. Female energy; as loving and confident as it is; simply cannot take a backseat to male energy in any form. Converting its benevolent nature into a passive state has been a detriment to humanity.

If female energy is empowered, she must stand toe to toe with male energy. This does not mean being confrontational. It just means not deferring either. The fantasy of finding the perfect man to take care of you is a seed desire planted into female energy to divert it off course. If female energy desires male energy, it may likely be that she is craving to marry her own empowerment and give presence to the submerged male energy within her own beingness.

No longer is it necessary to sit at the feet of anyone. Every individual has the means and tools to attain Mastership. Waiting around for male energy to give permission, say the right thing to induce enlightenment or asking the permission of an outside source to transcend, is a futile act.

Mastership is not achieving a gold star or prized ribbon. It is digging in the dirt of fertile experiences with your own hands and sowing your own seeds. Spirituality is not a commune. It is an extremely personalized journey that demands that one drop all beliefs, crutches and facades to gain their greatest empowerment. In doing so all individuals and all of humanity is elevated to sublime heights.

In a way, the heavens are drying up from lack of our attention. The power mongers have nearly succeeded in making access nearly impossible. It is important to feed the creative well of imagination. The imagination is the precipice of greater awareness and the enlightenment of humanity.

Dreams are an active piece of participating in the more subtle realms. Why are such things demonized or trivialized? Because they throw a wrench into the plans of those who wish to enslave humanity. Why do people resent me so much? Because the parts of them that are gripped by power are whispering in their ear that I am the enemy.

If someone has not achieved the heights that they desire in their present belief system, perhaps there is a flaw in the belief system and not themselves. Any person or group that instills fear for one wanting more truth is violating spiritual law. Anyone who instills fear in another, no matter how subtle, is pulling one away from the love because fear is the opposite of love.

None will know what I endure to share such truth. One has to ask why? There is no benefit to myself in spending up to fifteen hours a day writing and assisting others. I have no personal agenda. In all my writings I have shared nothing about any ego gratification in doing what I do. The satisfaction I receive is in assisting others from having to endure a struggle of equal intensity as my own.

My only motive is in sharing truth and to advocate for self empowerment and healing. If one resents me, and many do, they may want to look at their own belief system and see what it is lacking that makes them insecure about the truth I share. Perhaps they resent their own path for not providing the pathway to truth that I do. I am not creating a group of any kind. I am not trying to get people to leave their group. I am merely doing what love, and my Guides, compels me to do.

I appreciate any kindness offered, that’s true. But it is solely used for fuel to propel my intention farther so all of humanity can awaken to its empowerment. I convert all loving intentions into healing energy and send it out into the world. My imagination allows me access to such wonderment, healing abilities and empowerment. And so does yours.

Traveling along the Time Track.


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

This is a real cool sensation. When you are laying in bed, and in a reflective state, think of the last place you lived and were laying in bed and in a reflective state in the same position. The time between those two experiences will fall away and it will feel like you are in that other bed. You have just separated yourself from your physical body and are now soul traveling.

Continue from that experience into the bed in the place you lived before that. Notice your orientation of the bed to the door is different as it is on a different wall. Relive the experience of what it is like to be in each bed. See how similar that reflective state is in all of them; that that is the commonality of each experience. Feel how easy it is to switch from one bed to another.

Play with this visualization as a means to get out of the body. Once you feel completely like you are in a different bed, get up out of that bed and go out the door in that experience and create an adventure of your imagination. The imagination is a jumping off point into the more intangible realities and truths. This is similar to a technique that Einstein used to gather information about things he could possibly not know in the physical arena. Go visit someone that has crossed over and you would like to see. Imagine meeting them on the other side of your bedroom door.

If it feels too scary to get up and walk away, just allow yourself to view yourself from a position where all the experiences of being in bed, in that position are all happening at once. Then, simply let them all fall away and realize that you are still you, after it is all pulled away; even the current bed you are in. Again play with the experience and see where it takes you.

The Stillness of the Pond


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

There is no struggle. There is only us immersed in the serene setting of a beautiful moment. The belief that one can be anything BUT in the moment is what creates a rocking motion on the stillness of the pond. Flailing one’s arms into the future using a rope of fear or trepidation. Or reaching to hook onto the past in the ways of regret, is what creates the imbalances that one experiences.
If one would relax in the boat they are in, patiently tending the embers of the moment, they would realize that life is only the one moment. It is the one moment perpetually in play.
How do you know that you will survive?
You have thrived through eons of time.
How do you know you will be loved?
You being an expression of life is evidence enough.
How do you know you will be cared for?
Billions of particles of life, move in complete synchronicity to carry nutrients to your brain, oxygen to your heart, and wellness to every corner of your beingness.
How do you know you matter?
Because you have the capability to uplift consciousness with the act of a simple smile.
One slight intention can shift the whole chemical make-up of another person, simply by inducing them to smile.
Imagine what you are capable of doing when you realize your own worth, and the power of the moment.

The Metaphysics of Child’s Play

Liftbridge Book Store is a magical and wonderful place to visit. They have many items to nurture the imagination. I collect marbles from the store. It sounds silly as an adult right? But they are not marbles to me. They are planets. They are props I use to stretch my imagination and do dynamic healing. I pour healing love into all the earth. I use a little necklace bead that looks like earth to help shift my vantage point to be vast enough to engulf earth with healing love and peace.
The marbles are a prop to help me stretch my vantage point to not only pour healing love into earth, but into all the planets of the lower worlds. The planets of the lower worlds are depicted in my imagination as marbles. See? this is what child’s play is. It is why child;s play is so important. It is not merely the musings of the innocent. It is a metaphysical means to remove all limitations of the small linear mind and to be exponential and empowered. We are not linear beings but starbursts of energy.. We are Light, Love and Music Expounding.
This is what we do when we ignite our imagination and creativity. In this way, we are all superheroes, healers and saviors of the Universe. It is troubling that so many industries have manipulated play to be destructive. Toy guns and blowing up things is something that has been ingrained in our society. It takes a strong conviction to turn a child’s mind and heart away from such conditioning and keep their organic connection with innocence, kindness and compassion intact. I commend all the parents, and teachers that do that.
I would love to see you today at the book signing at 2 pm eastern in Brockport NY. If you can’t make it today, please stop in some time. You can pick up one of my books or regain some of your childlike wonder as well.