The Re-connection Technique:


There is a theory that I heard that resonated. The reason that some areas in the world are still so warlike is that their DNA is one and a half strands instead of two. Two strands of DNA are the bare minimum for survival. People are supposed to have at least 12 strands of DNA and that 12 strands is our more natural state.

If this resonates, here is a technique to assist the word in overcoming its warlike tendencies. In contemplation, look at the world and see the places that look gray. Then imagine knitting, weaving, or crocheting 12 golden strands where there is two strands. There is no need to direct it in any area. Just visualize creating 12 strands where there are two. Do this in your visualizations.

When you look at the earth again, see if any areas that were gray are now lit up more. Keep the intention of always uplifting the earth with your intention. When ever you think about it and are in a loving mood, visualizing knitting 12 strands together where there were two. Make them straight, even, loving and golden strands. When you look at the earth in visualizations, see it immersed in golden, loving Light and saturated in Love.

The Beetles and the Astral Plane

The astral plane is so similar to the physical plane. When we sleep at night, we slip out of our physical body and have our experiences on the astral plane. That slipping out of the body is depicted when people have dreams of flying.
When we are in our astral body, unencumbered by the vibration of the physical body, the experience is as real as the vibration of being here. People who cross over after death slip out of their physical body and continue to have a very nice life in their astral body. Those who have a physical body still, can slip out of their physical body at night and visit them. That is why it is so silly to miss someone who has crossed. You are with them all night and simply forget it when you awaken in your physical eyes.
I am very busy in the higher realms. The devastation that happened in the physical world is a reflection of the breaking up of old patterns in the other worlds. There are other worlds beyond the astral realm. There are also the causal and mental realms that are of more subtle vibrations than even the astral vibration.
I have spent the last few nights cleaning up the devastation that has happened on the mental realms. It is very good that the mental world is getting an upgrade. It means that all the archaic beliefs that have been choke-holding humanity are broken up into rubble. It means that the cleansing of higher truth can move through these inner realms so that people can be free on all levels.
Last night I was cleaning out a house that was filled with clutter. I was helping people move back in. There was a lot of stuff to move out and they were very particular of their arrangement of furniture and the quality of the room. I picked up a very old guitar in the clutter and started playing an old Beetles song. One of the people moving in was John Lennon. He was protesting about me playing that archaic song but he secretly liked it.
I looked around and realized who was moving into this house. It was all four of the Beetles. A couple may still have physical bodies but they can still reunite on the astral plane. It seemed that the house was going to be used for a studio. It was an older house built with big stone bricks painted white on the inside.It had nuances and character. I am wondering if it is not the house they begin recording in years ago.
The Beetles music brought the world together and was a huge conduit for the possibility of world peace. When John Lennon wrote imagine, he was tuning into a vision of higher consciousness. He was seeing the world in the fifth dimension where everyone is so busy living their purpose that they have no inclination to harm or rob others. His vision wasn’t even fathomable to those ingrained in war and violence of the times. It is only now that we can get an understanding of what he envisioned way back then and what he seeded the world with using his music.
In the dream, I was cleaning out the studio house for them. I was helping them resurrect their vision of a better world. They were tired from the resistance they have dealt with. But there was a glimmer of enthusiasm as I pulled out their old guitar. They may be too weary to believe once again. But their music is an important component of awakening the world to Universal Peace. The house was a conduit for world peace.
If you wish to donate your time and imagination, perhaps you can tap into this house I am describing and assist us in resurrecting the possibilities of World peace. The more loving intentions donated to the cause, the more synergy is created. If the concept of world peace is too overwhelming, simple assist in cleaning out this house and you will be doing more than you realize.

The Flushing Technique


You know that feeling before and during saying something negative? You know it doesn’t feel good. You know the person listening doesn’t want to hear it. You know you get that uncomfortable feeling in your face as you do it… the genuine you is embarrassed and trying to recede.

Why don’t you just stop mid sentence, take a breath and say “anyways”. Then imagine flushing the statement in an imaginary toilet and start fresh.

Say only positive words. Form only positive images. Create only positive thought forms that are worthy of existing. And support only positive thought forms. To do otherwise is to show, be, and support ignorance.