What we do here is of no small matter. People are intentionally being starved, women are being rapped and enslaved, species are being eliminated and humanity is being eradicated all over the world. None of that is eliminated with adding more hot headed power seeking egomaniacs to the mix.

The only thing that halts the desecration of humanity is the exponential perpetual pumping in of higher awareness and divinity through kindness to all corners of the world. We do that individually and allow it to reflect in our leader of choice.

The fear and hate must be dampened and squelched by an onslaught of higher standards. It is up to us to put that in place. It needs to be done. There is no more catch up time for a learning curve. You as an individual matter and you must embrace that stance to save the fate of the world. We are all superman in that way.

Jen Ward

An Extension of Your Own Face


When I worked extensively with dogs, I realized how attached they were to their collars. When their owner would drop them off to be bathed, it was obvious that the collar was their connection to their human. They would get anxious as their collar was removed. It made them feel that they were losing their connection to their human. It was their security and connection to their life.

As I took off their collar, I would praise it, no matter how tattered it was. I would reassure them that their human loved them and how special they were because they had a beautiful collar that was given to them. The whole point was to reassure them that they were not going to have to give up their collar, that they were only being separated from it temporarily and being free of the collar did not mean that they were abandoned. They were still loved and safe regardless of whether they were wearing their collar or not.

This is a similar dynamic that I see people experience in relationship to their persona. They identify so strongly with their image and presence that they want to be reassured over and over that it is a good one. Having their image praised is their way of being reassured that they are loved, valued and safe. If people need to have their image; or some aspect of them; praised to feel validated, what is the harm in giving it to them. I see validating other people as rewarding as validating the little dog who needed to be reassured that its owner was coming back to him. Why can’t we do this for others?

It is because we were programmed to quantify ourselves in relationship to others in a pecking order. We were taught that if we rated someone else with positive traits that we were also rating ourselves in relationship to them and maybe it would mean at a lower status than them. This is the lie and limitation of linear thinking.

In actuality, we are seeing our own traits mirrored for us in others. More people have an understanding that this is true. What this means is that if one goes around proclaiming others as unattractive, undesirable or being catty towards them in any way, it actually reveals and ugliness in the person making such observations. One who sees beauty and goodness in others is revealing their own beauty and goodness. Practicing this simple awareness could create an evolution of blossoming individuality.

There is no need to diminish anyone’s collar. It is so much more admiral to secure the confidence of others with your words and thoughts. Just think of others as an extension of your own face. In doing that, you will be transcending archaic programming and will be promoting a huge healing shift in consciousness within yourself and others. You are the beauty that you see in others. Seeing beauty in others is finding it within yourself.

Demonizing the Alt Left

The freedoms that we hold are not for ourselves. Many of us with expansive awareness understand that we will cross over and expand in the fortitude that we have forged on earth. No. We do not hold this stance for ourselves. Many of us have incarnated specifically to assist a world that is held in the grip of mass enslavement to help it learn how to free itself
Many people are looking for someone to save humanity. They look to the stars and wait for a superior race to swoop down and smite the ignorance. We are that superior race. We who have a greater understanding of life. We who love trees, respect animals and honor Nature and the sovereignty in each other. We are the saviors of humanity. We have incarnated specifically at this time to change the tides towards greater self-awareness.
Some are still chucking off the last husk of human conditioning and so are hesitant to be known. But those who disregard the conditioning of world factions, those who need no prompting or guidance to love, those who maintain ethics and integrity in a system that is corrupt and who neglects the needs of the individuals; are that of higher consciousness that came here to serve.
We are holding space and vibration for integrity, kindness, sincerity and peace. These are the “stuff” that vibrates at a higher frequency. These are the things that would be extinguished without us all carefully maintaining an ember. All of us who are scoffed at, demonized and dismissed are the ones that hold the embers of higher consciousness for humanity to transcend. What is wrong with being a tree hugger? Trees perpetually exude wisdom and peace. For some of us, it is the kindest interactions we have encountered.
It is not about saving our own silly hide that motivates us. We realize that we are all connected. Some of us are so attuned to suffering that we can feel the pain of those holed up in a secret hell on the other side of the world. We know what oppression feels like. The memory of it is stored in the collective. Our own struggles with it are our mainstay and motivates us to goodness. This oppression seeds our thoughtfulness and reverence for small kindnesses.
We are motivated by compassion to adamantly hold space for goodness, kindness and decency in the world. We disregard the scoffs of indifference and the attacks on us as freaks of nature, Of course those conditioned to a cage are going to defend the cage. Of course when you try to help a neglected wounded animal, it will bite you. Those who react in fear have been conditioned to react in fear. It is so they will not have the ability to relax their atoms and realize that the fear itself holds them in a primal state of captivity.
We hold a place of goodness for future generations. Our intention to dry up a passion for war, fascination with disaster and an obsession with disease is our inheritance to the planet. It is not ourselves that motivates us. We maintain a stance of ownership of integrity, purity, justice and goodness to gift it to you your children who are more eager to accept it.
Those who love others who collectively diminish them are actually more Christ like than all those who attend to their defenses regularly. Jesus was killed for his goodness and his radical thoughts. Those who are regarded as the alt Left are walking the walk. They are emulating those who came before them to raise the standards on true morality and truth.
The world is on the precipice of mass awakening. Every moment of reflection, every original discernment, every loving interaction outside of selfish motivation, propels all of humanity into a more divine existence. Life is no longer won or lost on the battlefield but gauged by each individual who struggles with leaving the comfort of outer conformity, and tunes into the sweet succor of their own higher awareness.

Truth, Individuality, Empowerment and You

Truth is a form of tapping into direct knowing which is nothing like an opinion. An opinion is a warped twisted fact that is birthed from an agenda and driven by the ego. Direct knowing is the vibration of love. Because love and truth vibrate at similar frequencies. Most things people share are opinions. Truth has no agenda except to free people of the ego.
Those who tap into direct knowing have no desire to defend truth. They understand that some are privy to it and some are not. Those who appreciate truth will use that truth as a coordinates to tap into direct knowing for themselves. There is no need to stuff the brain with facts and figures when you are tapped into truth. Because all you need to do is ask a question and you have a direct line to the answer.
Doing this frees your energy up of needing to seem smart or proving that you know it all. A wise person does not need to lord information over others. They do not debate to engage in “one-upping” others. They share because they sincerely wish others to be free to engage in truth as well. There is no hierarchy in truth sharing. There is only a pass and fail perhaps. Those who lord information over others to feel superior are not passing.
They may not even recognize this in themselves because it is so subtle. But there are subtle signs that feel diminishing. One clue is using pet names to address others that depicts superiority. Another one is the feeling of inferior or insecurity that accompanies engaging them. Even a sense that person is more advanced than you.
Thinking someone is more gifted than you or more advanced is a cop-out. It is a way of ascribing them with an advantage that you don’t have as a way of preventing yourself from even trying to expound out of the scope of average. We all have super powers in a sense. It is a matter of tapping into our own worth and having the courage to show our abilities to others. So what if they don’t see them at first. The growth is for ourselves and how to express incredible love and gratitude for the experience of interaction. The joy of this makes all other trinkets of accomplishments pale in comparison.
Jen Ward

How To Nurture Your Individuality


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  • Stop being agreeable just to be agreeable. It doesn’t earn you respect. It just assures that you will be overlooked more. There are some people who always get their way. They can be bullies about it. If you are agreeable, because you don’t want to upset them, then you are making it easier for them to bully others along the way. If you speak your truth in a gentle but firm way, it will be teaching the bullies and the blowhards that they will not self destruct if every decision doesn’t tilt in their favor. You can make it easier for those who can’t so easily walk away from their relationship with this person.
  • Be unpredictable. If you do something regularly, study exactly why you do it that way. If it is because your parents always did it that way, that is not a good enough reason. Break those conditioning practices within yourself, even if it seems uncomfortable.
  • Express your individuality in terms of personal style. If you are hesitant, try it out in subtle ways to get comfortable. These are not small changes. Individual choices are a means of defining yourself. Abiding by archaic mandates in style are a form of social slavery. Wear horizontal stripes if you like them. Wear white after labor day. Mix colors and patterns. If it disturbs others, you are freeing them of their conventional conditioning as well.
  • Don’t follow trends. Trends are a means to empower those who start them.  They are evidence of how easily people follow. Not following trends is a means of breaking chains of conformity in a very non-threatening way.
  • Break up your routine. If you are used to being in front of the TV by a certain time, find another way of entertainment. Crumble the conditioning within yourself.
  • Don’t agree to things you don’t agree with. Your silence is perceived as complacency. Or even worse, agreement. By saying nothing, and going along with what is transpiring, you are energetically agreeing with it.  It is a means of depleting you of any presence you may have had. If you don’t agree with someone, and are not able to speak up, it is very healthy to at least remove your energy from them so you are not misrepresented as being in agreement with them. They may be using your energy to strengthen their stance. To allow yourself to be used this way, displays a total lack of self respect. It dilutes your effectiveness.
  • Don’t stay in a group that doesn’t align with your beliefs just for the social aspect of it. Instead of forcing your family to go to church that you have outgrown with you, find other ways to “force” the family bonding. Take classes together or find a hiking, camping or do gardening together so you can all be in nature together.
  • Spending time in nature is the greatest way to hone your innate reverence. We all are at the core, an aspect of nature.
  • Life is going to send you tests of integrity. The more you can define your own boundaries as to what you will and won’t tolerate, the more you strengthen the stance of what you agree with in the world. When you agree with something, either  consciously or inadvertently, you are creating more space for it in the world. Doing things just to fit in, is a means of veering away from your own inner sense of self.
  • Stop celebrating events that means nothing to you. Realize the core intention behind them to get a sense whether they align with your core values. If they do not, realize that that may be the reason that your heart isn’t into going through the motions participating any more.
  • Dust off all your own hobbies and the things you enjoy. They are all keys to your own empowerment. Whatever you naturally gravitate to is a means of revealing to yourself your natural abilities and passions. Natural abilities are talents thoroughly honed in past lives. The ability to paint, may reveal a lifetime of studying as a starving artist with the great masters. Tapping into the things you enjoy to do, is a means of tapping into the positive things that have happened in your past incarnations.
  • Break up your routine. Routine is like driving very cautiously in the slow lane. “Changing it up” is a means of merging onto the expressway and letting loose on the throttle.
  • Don’t waste yourself on being around people just out of obligation. If you show up at family events just because you are expected to; when you are not valued and honored; then you are playing a cameo role in your own life. You are running lines for a bit part in someone else’ major motion movie.
  • Drop out of time as much as possible. Time is a ruthless taskmaster. It will tell you that you must go to bed, must stick to your routine and distract you from doing what you love. How many times has time commanded you to put your attention on work, problems and deadlines instead of your joy, love abundance and freedom. There is a reason they are called dead lines. Because linear enslavement is a form of death.
  • Embrace the things that make you unique. Stop trying to be like everyone else. Those things that are different about you are the accents on your beauty. Sometimes you can observe someone who is considered very beautiful and then you can find all these flaws in them that drown out what seemed attractive at first. Someone who is not trapped in that initial impression has incredible freedom to be beautiful in multiple ways.
  • Realize that for the most part, people are too busy being concerned about their own issues to fixate on yours. You are more free of their discernment than you realize. Anyone who fixates on your life is using you as a means of distracting from their own. Don’t allow yourself to be used in this way by playing along with their expectations of you. This is a means of self inflicted dysfunction.
  • Stop seeking the validation of others. If you need approval from others, you are also being held captive by the fear of them judging you. Free yourself from both extremes by abiding by your own inner compass. Be your own cheerleader. Internalize all the good others have ever given you and tap into it when you need to feel validated.
  • Nurture yourself. The most accomplished people are ones that have been encouraged along the way. If that is not your luck of the draw; to have someone cheering you on; you must be your own best advocate. Think and say kind things about yourself.
  • Fight the compulsion or conditioning to diminish yourself. It does not make people like you more to diminish yourself. It makes them feel less threatened by you. But healthy people gravitate to healthy friends. Be healthy in  your relationship with yourself.
  • Your innate wisdom is always speaking to you through gut feelings. It is up to you to turn up the volume on that by actually paying attention. No one is going to bother with someone who doesn’t listen to them. Not even yourself. If you don’t listen to your innate intelligence, it wont bother trying to be heard.
  • Encourage the individuality in others. It is the seedbed and invitation for a new crop of individuality. We awaken the genius in others when we allow them the space to express their uniqueness. Realize that by seeing other people happy and fulfilled is a way of reflecting more happiness and fulfillment into the world.

The Benefits of Being an Individual


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The issue isn’t that we aren’t powerful. The issue is that we don’t understand the incredible potential energy that we have when we connect the wires between our heart and mind. Why do you think so many of us have gotten beaten down to such an extent? It is because when enough of us figure out the blueprint, we will all be as effective as Gandhi, as insightful as Einstein, be as loving as Mother Theresa and be as motivating as Mandela.


We as individuals are all world changers. We are made to be that. But when we throw our energy into a group and allow that group to manage our sails, we lose the breeze. We are only as great as the greatest member of our group and we are hindered by the least of them. Why not decide that humanity itself is the only thing we give our lifeblood to. We can support all the groups we want; but from the vantage point of our own individuality. It is not about dropping out, it is about plugging more in.


This means thinking for ourselves, seeing the hidden agenda in every statement feeling the energy pull of every intention and giving only to those intentions that truly benefit humanity. Once one pulls oneself free of the fibers of others agendas, it is clearer to see the subtle form of control with which they have given their power to. They can break the spell. That is the importance of claiming one’s individuality.


(Say each statement 3 times out loud while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)


“I release the primal fear of being separated from the herd; in all moments”

“I release hiding in groups for security; in all moments”

“I release being enslaved to group dynamics; in all moments”

“I release being dependent on groups; in all moments”

“I release losing my identity in groups; in all moments”

“I shatter the glass ceiling of all groups; in all moments”

“I recant all vows and agreements between myself and all groups; in all moments”

“i remove all curses between myself and all groups; in all moments”

“I dissolve all karmic ties between myself and all groups; in all moments”

“I sever all strings and cords between myself and all groups; in all moments”

“I remove all the pain, burden, limitations and engrams that all groups have put on me; in all moments”

“I remove all the pain, burden, limitations and engrams that I have put on all others in for the sake of a group; in all moments”

“I take back all the Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Health, Success, Security, Companionship, Peace, Life, Wholeness, Beauty, Enthusiasm, Confidence and Enlightenment that all groups have taken from me; in all moments”

“I withdraw all my energy from all groups; in all moments”

“I release resonating with all groups; in all moments”

“I release emanating with all groups; in all moments”

“I remove all groups from my sound frequency: in all moments”

“I remove all groups from my light body; in all moments”

I shift my paradigm from all groups to Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Health, Success, Security, Companionship, Peace, Life, Wholeness, Beauty, Enthusiasm, Confidence and Enlightenment; in all moments”

“I transcend all groups; in all moments”

“I am centered and empowered in the divinity of my own individuality; in all moments”

“I make space in this world for the realization of the empowerment of my own individuality; in all moments”

“I remove all blockages to the realization of the empowerment of my own individuality; in all moments”

“I stretch my capacity to manifest and accept the empowerment of my own individuality; in all moments”

“I am centered and empowered in Divine love; in all moments”


Think about it, have you ever really been honored to your full potential in any group? Have you ever soared to your greatest heights? Has the groups on earth honored all its members? Have they disparaged non-members? The only group that is going to honor all life is the one where all are included equally. That is the group of humanity; where all are important.

How to Live Your Purpose


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  • Dust off the things that brought you joy as a child
  • Take up old hobbies that you loved
  • Be spontaneous. When you feel like enjoying what makes you happy, don’t allow excuses or time to get in the way. If you allot a certain time to do something, then time, who is best friends with resistance, will talk you out of it. So do what you love when you feel like doing it and that will break through the resistance. Because resistance is being paralyzed in time and space.
  • If you are restricted by a job, work what you love into the perimeters of your job as much as possible.
  • Don’t listen to others who say you have to choose a profession where you make a lot of money. Money can be a form of imprisonment if you are converting all your happiness into the illusion of the monetary system.
  • Do what you love regardless of money. Musicians are the wealthiest people I know regardless of whats in their bank account.
  • Being fixated on making money is like being fixated on the clock and only acknowledging twelve o’clock. There are so many more forms of abundance besides money and to only acknowledge monetary wealth is a form of selling your soul to linear existence.
  • You don’t need to know how to change the world in one sweeping decision. Move more and more in little steps to doing things you love and waste less and less energy in doing what you don’t love.
  • Get everybody else out of your head. Living your purpose is your sacred contract between yourself and the Universe. Other people’s opinions or ideas for you are of no consequence and are only there to serve you resistance. This resistance makes doing what you love more glorious when you over come it. Overcoming resistance is the flavor of life.
  • Don’t be afraid of letting people, places and things fall away on the way to living your purpose. A sculptor would have no success in creating their vision if they were afraid of chipping away pieces of stone.
  • Don’t share your dreams with anyone. This merely dissipates the energy, and gives them the opportunity to diminish your passion in some way. even if it is unintentional. Your purpose is your sacred journey. Don’t outsource it to those who have strong opinions
  • Don’t allow obstacles to limit you. Any pure intention fueled by a passion is invincible. The endurance of the human heart coupled by an encouraging mind have never been stretched to capacity.
  • When ever you get afraid you will fail, understand that love is the opposite of fear. So all you have to do is pour more love into your passion to dissipate any fear. In this way, use fear as a gauge for more love instead of something to react to.
  • Know that the Universe supports you in manifesting your greatest of accomplishments. Every inventor, innovator, creator and humanitarian who has every achieved, has been tested the way you are being tested in living your purpose. Take strength in realizing you are tapping into the fortitude of greatness in moving forward. Let this encourage you more.
  • Give as you go. The act of empowering others allows you to advance as well. To wish the best for others is to tap into a source of empowerment that will sustain you more than the pettiness of coveting your own greatness. You will automatically be great in perpetuating the well being of all.