Healing the Chakra System


I facilitated a private session with someone who was very structured. She relied on the structure of her day to keep herself grounded. When I tuned into her energy, I saw her root chakra was compromised. I saw it as beautiful energy spilling out of its containment through a “hole” in the side of it. It was very clear.

Sometimes a chakra of someone will be shattered. This may be the sole cause to any imbalances they are experiencing; no matter how severe. When we are running at optimal capacity, there is no need for any issues to get the best of us. Because our chakras are exponential energy and when they are working properly, so are we. The only thing that can be limiting to us then, is our own belief system. This is why the adamant belief in only one lifetime is so detrimental. It robs us of our own omnipotence in exponential existence.

In the session, we repaired her root chakra. Each compromised chakra may create different outer imbalances.

(Say each statement three times while tapping on your head and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest.)

I repair and fortify the Wei chi of my Root Chakra in all moments.

If you get a sense that your chakras are compromised, you may want to do these other taps as well. Compromised chakras would show up in different ways: feeling ungrounded, feeling spacey, feeling indecisive or ineffective, being too practical or fearful. Maybe these taps will help.

I repair and fortify the structure of my Earth Star Chakra in all moments.
I repair and fortify the structure of my Root Chakra in all moments.
I repair and fortify the structure of my Sacral Chakra in all moments.
I repair and fortify the structure of my Solar Plexus Chakra in all moments.
I repair and fortify the structure of my Heart Chakra in all moments.
I repair and fortify the structure of my Throat Chakra in all moments.
I repair and fortify the structure of my Third Eye in all moments.
I repair and fortify the structure of my Crown Chakra in all moments.
I repair and fortify the structure my Soul Star Chakra in all moments.
I regenerate and ignite my Earth Star; in all moments”
I regenerate and ignite my Root Chakra in all moments.
I regenerate and ignite my Sacral Chakra in all moments.
I regenerate and ignite my Solar Plexus Chakra in all moments.
I regenerate and ignite my Heart Chakra in all moments.
I regenerate and ignite my Throat Chakra in all moments.
I regenerate and ignite my Third Eye in all moments.
I regenerate and ignite my Crown Chakra in all moments.
I regenerate and ignite my Soul Star Chakra in all moments.
I align all my chakras in all moments.
I Am centered and empowered in the integrity and expansiveness of Divine Love; in all moments


The Oxymoron of Hypocrites


Isn’t Peace synonymous with God? Wouldn’t those who are truly devoted to God, as they say, want to emulate Peace? Why are so many people who say they honor God talk about war as if it is a noble mighty thing? Anybody could kill and torture others. That is what deviants of society do. That is one of the tell-tale signs that one is a sociopath; that they kill helpless animals. Why would those who say that they represent the greatest land on earth talk so freely and proudly about torturing and killing others? Isn’t that a sign of weakness and not of strength.

Isn’t it a more noble trait to want to take care of the small animals that cross our path? I consider it a great sign of strength of character to do so. Would the person who nurtures an individual creature be more inclined and adapted to nurture a whole group of people? Wouldn’t they raise the bar on how all people treat each other?  Isn’t this better than lowering the bar to all humans behaving as brutes? Haven’t we moved past the gauntlet of agreeing to torture others for any reason?



I feel the pain of the multitudes; as many of you do. If torture, war and suffering are advocated, that is more pain that we will feel. How fair is it that we allow the ignorant to inflict more pain on the world that those of us who feel, have to endure? We are in different times now. Those who promote war and revenge have a little understanding of the workings of compassion in the world. They are recycling old rhetoric that was a powerful tactic in getting others elected during times when power and fear had humanity in its clutch.

Ask yourself this question. Visualize all the major leaders coming upon a wounded little animal. Go through the scenario of each one of them and what they would do with that bird. Who would step over it? Who would kill it? Who would rescue it? Who would nurture it back to health? This is the person that I want to be the leader of the greatest land on earth. I want the bar raised on dignity, compassion, and caring for the individual in the world. America should be the way shower of how this is done.

It is difficult enough to live in the world as it plays catch up in awareness. It is difficult to live in a world and see technology surpass the capabilities of a human. Do we really want to promote someone who is devoid of compassion? Don’t we want to do all that we can to elevate the importance of the individual while we still have a voice? Are we really willing to sit by and become a faceless, voiceless drone for the appetite of the power mongers.

The choices that we make in who represents our highest office is relevant to how humanity will proceed. Perhaps the greatest demonstration of strength is exercising the ability to not use strength to pump up ones own ego. Don’t we already have great examples of that in the world? Is that what we want to emulate? Can’t us thinkers, dreamers, lovers and doers implore humanity to raise the bar?

What we do here is of no small matter. People are intentionally being starved, women are being raped and enslaved, species are being eliminated and humanity is being eradicated all over the world. None of that is eliminated with adding more hot-headed power seeking egomaniacs to the mix. The only thing that halts the desecration of humanity is the exponential perpetual pumping in of higher awareness and divinity through kindness to all corners of the world. We do that individually and allow it to reflect in our leader of choice.

The fear and hate must be dampened and squelched by an onslaught of higher standards. It is up to us to put that in place. It needs to be done. There is no more catch up time for a learning curve. You as an individual matter and you must embrace that stance to save the fate of the world. We are all superman in that way.

Intention in Attention

When the family pet comes over to you for affection, drop everything and give them the love that only you can provide. Once this becomes a healthy habit, realize it applies to children and other family members as well.
Before too long, it will become comfortable to give your undivided love and attention to friends, co-workers and any one you interact with. Even strangers on the street will be uplifted by merely interacting with you.
Eventually, you may be able to recognize you being kinder to yourself and giving yourself a higher quality of care as well.

The Precipice of a New Era

Jenuine Healing Commercial Retreat_Moment

My life is kind of experiment. I know that I can release the emotional issues of an individual. Their energy system can then regenerate the whole body. This is called healing. It has even been proved effective in a group.

We have all seen great minds get overtaxed, and close. We have all seen loving hearts be opened so wide that they get overwhelmed and rescind. Yet we have seen so very few open hearts working in perfect synchronicity with an open mind in one body. A few names come to heart; Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Wayne Dyer.

What if it is possible to empower each individual to become as effective as your average worldly inspirational teacher? What if it was possible to teach how to connect the mind and heart to be in perfect symmetry of effectiveness with each other. What if it can be taught to the masses? What if the healing that I do on individuals could be done to the world at large?

This is my goal. My purpose is to uplift, inspire, show, teach, heal, validate, Love and empower as many individuals in the world as possible. There is such a divide right now between those of the heart and those of the mind. It has been an unspoken, perhaps unrecognized schism in humanity.

My intention is to heal that rift. To awaken the great minds of those who have been dismissed and open the loving hearts that the indifference of stark intelligence may have closed. The mind and heart work in unison. The great minds of the world need to sit at the feet of the tree huggers and discover the nuances of what they are missing. The loving hearts of the world must melt the apathy and indifference of great intelligence. They must be reminded that they are still an aspect of nature. In doing so, they may remember their true nature.

The ramifications of what is possible has not been tested of what an intelligent heart and a loving mind can accomplish together. It is my goal to nurture this partnership in all souls so that it can reflect in the Universal humanity of man. I have stumbled upon these insights, have gained the fortitude and courage to share them. Once they are uttered and shared, they sprout wings of their own. In doing this, I encourage you to empower truth within yourselves. You, in doing this, are teetering the precipice of a new era.



The True Social Divide


When I was really at a low point, I got a voucher to go to an “upscale” donation site to get furniture and clothes for myself. I felt very blessed. I was so grateful that people who didn’t even know me had come together to help me.

There was a woman who was at the site at the same time. She started to complain. “There is nothing here”, she said. “It has really been disappointing lately”. She went on to complain about every service she was receiving with a resounding disdain. Seeing the situation from her vantage point left me a little wilted.

It occurs to me that no one likes to be without. No one likes knowing others are in need. It is the spirit of a person to give when there is need. So why is there such a problem with helping others in need? This woman crystallized the issue for me.

The social divide isn’t about economics. The true social divide is between the grateful and the ungrateful. No one minds giving to someone who appreciates it. Gratitude is a form of payment when that is all a person can give. But when someone is not grateful, then anything they are given IS a form of stealing.

That is the problem with all the social safety nets that are put into place. Once they are implemented for all, they become expected and once they are expected, they are no longer appreciated and that lack of appreciation is what bankrupts a community. The lack of gratitude is the great form of depletion that is playing out in America.

There are rich people who are ungrateful as well, and they are part of the problem. No one is exempt from being plugged into the Universal Love Lattice that we are all a part of. All must contribute their energy in the form of talents, time, attention or intent. If one does not, they are dead weight to the rest. This is an inner form of exchange that some see so clearly that they try to mandate outwardly; which is the issue. Service looks and feels different to all. Some may be able to give with only a smile, but a sincere smile is priceless to one who is need of it.

The only way to mandate this is to hold all to a higher standard. The bar is so low in some circles that it needs to be raised just to crawl under. We need to return to a society that doesn’t celebrate disease but rallies around the genius, the innovator, the survivors and the heroes so that they can help everyone see those qualities in all.

We have got to stop using hate tactics and return to kindness and civility as a factoring system. We can start by seeing the nugget of good in everything instead of waiting for someone to make a mistake so that we can use it against them. We can give a hand up and lead by example. Ignore all the evidence of what is wrong in the world and focus on what is right. Use our attention to focus on the good, to help more good manifest.

It may seem like an overwhelming prospect. But it is doable. We have evidence of great individuals uplifting humanity. What if that is the bar we chose for all to measure up to? What if we looked for the genius in all and did so consistently so all could start to see the genius in themselves. This is how I chose to live. This is me creating the world that I envision. This is me ignoring all but the greatest in everyone. I invite you all to join me in my world.



People need to realize that we are creating the world that we live in by our choices. Doing nothing is also a choice. I have been invisible and voiceless most of this life. But I am determined to use every skill, talent, insight and gift to improve the quality of life for as many souls as possible while I am here. What you may not value in what I share; is a LIFELINE for someone out there. The energy work that I do that seems ridiculous to some is easing the pain and suffering of those on so many different level.
I can’t imagine just showing up in life and coasting while so many souls are disjointed, feel helpless and discouraged. What do you have in you to ease the pain in others? Are you complaining about your circumstances or brushing the particulars aside knowing that others have it so much worse? What does it take to pry people out of complacency when the world is goading them to share their gifts? Current events are merely the Universe pinning you down to the realization that you are acting as a bystander in the parade of life. Why?
What does any pro player, celebrity or world savior have that you don’t have? We are all draped in skin and propped up with bones. Why not prove the assholes, victims and power mongers of the world wrong? Why not enhance the sacred divinity that is present in all souls simply by acknowledging it in them? But most importantly, acknowledging it in yourself.
Forget a million woman march. What is that going to do? It is just going to fuel the energies of those who feed on adversity. How about a seven billion mass upgrade? It may be more inconvenient than collecting in the middle of winter to protest. How about staying where you are, loving where you are and sharing truth where you are.
So many people say they love what I do but are afraid to share because of what their friends will think. They are playing right into the hands of self slavery. Society is like the elephant that doesn’t escape because it was chained to a post in its infancy so it doesn’t challenge its own strength as an adult.
Guess what? You are a mature soul. It is time to break the chains. If you don’t know how, just read my books, participate in my group sessions or retreats and discern truth from every half lie you have ever been told. It is up to you. There is no one to blame for the state of the world of you don’t give your energy to freedom and love for all. It is already there for your choosing. This is your spiritual choice. You can believe that the world is a wasteland or you can make it a virtual heaven. You decide.

Recognizing Ourselves As Pure Love




It is kind of like, it is easier to hold a heavy object to your side rather than to hold it up at eye level. But if you raise it way over your head, develop your muscles and do it often, it can be really easy to raise a heavy item over your head, lock your arms and carry it there.

That is kind of what needs to be done with our vantage point in the world. The world has been so heavy. Every horrible thing that happens in the world is paraded on the air waves to get attention and elicits more negativity. Then it makes us all think and talk about these horrible things. This is everyone holding the heavy object very low to the ground.

We all have to exercise our muscles to NOT focus on the negative things but to focus on the positive things That happen in the world. We will have to lock our arms and hold our attention high. This is done by not indulging in the negative issues. It is done by focusing our attention on all the good things that happen everyday.What are they? Here is the start of a running list of things that are happening right now in the world that are positive and wonderful.

Please make your own list or add to this one. Please keep it close as a reminder of all the wonderful things that are happening in the world that we never hear about. Tune into them energetically and support them. This is the way to elevate the vibrations of all.

Right at this very moment:

Couples are falling in love
Sunshine is bursting through the horizon and warming the day
Someone is risking their life
Children are playing in innocence
Someone is creating a masterpiece
A genius is being born
Innovations are being created to uplift humanity
Power is dwindling its grip
Students are learning
Animals are being cherished
Pets are being spoiled.
The hungry are being fed
The discouraged are given hope
Strangers are sacrificing their life for others
Kindness is being given, demonstrated and perpetuated
Mothers are nursing their newborns
Babies are being swaddled
Dads are bragging about their kids
Siblings are looking out for each other
Dreams are manifesting
Glass ceilings are being shattered
Stars are being born
Realizations are awakening
Old ideology is dying
Souls are crossing over peacefully
Revelations are being made
New ideas are being accepted
Lovers are embracing
Gratitude is pouring out
Communities are rebuilding
Nature is being appreciated
Adversaries are conceding
Hearts are being encouraged
Humanity is awakening
Our connection to all others is being recognized
Trees are exchanging our stagnant energy with clean energy
Creativity is flowing
Limitations are being lifted
Spiritual law is being understood
Humanity is awakening
We are embracing ourselves in the reflection of others
Love is perpetuating
Laughter is resonating
Vibrations are raising
We are healing
We are empowering
We are empowered
We are recognizing ourselves as pure love.