There Are No Words


So I had a session with Jen Ward today. There really are no words to express how freakin amazing it was. She got into things that I could sense in myself but couldn’t get exact with, she got right to them. The feeling of expansion afterwards is incredible. I feel like I am part of everything, like I can look at the flowers or the butterfly and have an energetic conversation with them without trying, it just happens, I feel so light headed and weak yet at the same time so light and powerful like I am walking on the air. So, so much more that is so challenging to explain.Absolutely the BEST energy session I have ever had! I would HIGHLY recommend. THANK YOU SO MUCH JEN!!!!!!!!

The New Alchemy


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So many people are under the assumption that Life is supposed to be easy. That there was a time when life was so simple and everything was handed to you. That was an illusion created by a the materialistic generations of the modern era. But it is an illusion. It is something that needs to be addressed because it is isolating people in a false belief that life is something that doesn’t take an effort.
When in history was it easy? When people were foraging for food all day and hunting to survive? When people were migrating to new lands and figuring out a whole set pf rules with their different environments? Was life easy during the centuries of the crusades, or the lifetimes of modern warfare? There has always been so many variables to factor in, in creating a safe and secure environment.
When was love easy? People believe that they are just supposed to find the love of their life and live happily ever after with a white picket fence and the perfect school district. When was love ever perfect? Was it the centuries of arranged marriages; where love was more about a bounty and a daughter was a selling point?
Was it the lifetimes when people were together out of convenience to keep a land, name, or kingdom safe from outsiders and a marriage was a way to secure alliances? Were these the ideal times?
Why is it so important for woman to feel young and beautiful? Was it because of all the lifetimes that their family’s wealth depended on their beauty for a bargaining chip? Or their ability to attract a man to take care of them literally was a life or death situation. Or the times, they got abandoned or rejected because they were too old to hunt for themselves. Without a male to provide for them, they were left behind by their tribe.
Do you know why it is considered so important to wait to have sex before marriage? It has little to do with God’s law. It is a man made law. Man did not want to have the neighboring tribe impregnate its daughters. He then, would in a sense, be giving over his inheritance to the enemy in the form of his grand children. To a man’s fragile ego and sense of ownership, this would be the highest insult.
He injected this mandate into his perception of Source and it has played out through history. All that is left of the original reason is the bigotry and judgement we see play out today. It is true that we are all a reflection of God. But the highest of man not the lowest common denominator. Man, projecting his pettiness onto a loving Source has distorted the perception of God and twisted so many to a man-made will. God is love. God loves love. It is man who is jealous, petty and judgemental.
These are all primal issues that have played out in our psyche and have been stored in our DNA. They play out in our “irrational fears and beliefs that everyone else has it better than we do and that no one understands the depths of our loneliness and despair. The truth of the matter is that our loneliness and disappointments in life are our commonality. They are what we all have as a common factor to transcend. Doing so, brings the succor to being here.
The illusion that life is easier for everyone else is a misconception that creates further isolation. When there is a tragedy, everyone comes together because they understand everyone else is suffering as well and they can put their needs aside for the benefit of others. It is what gets them through in a time of crisis. Well, we are all in a time of crisis right now. No is the time to pull together in that commonality for all of humanity.
We are on the precipice of receiving a new responsibility as a species. It is to accept the life conditions as they comes and turn that life into something beautiful and wondrous from the raw materials that we have. The raw materials are our fortitude, resilience, unique abilities, passion, awareness and kindness. These are the building blocks of an incredible life of expansion and wonder.
What we do with our personal tool box is up to us. We are the alchemists in the field study of awakening. Our depth, love and ingenuity will get us beyond the set back of a limited understanding of our own omnipotence. This has been deliberately erased from our tutelage.
If we can erase all the conditioning. If we can attune to the higher senses of our gut feelings and promptings of the heart. We can be guided to mass awakening. Our gut feelings and the prompting of the heart are our north star when given a mangled map to our true home. But like the North star, our subtle senses will guide us to our destination. When we are kind, aware and are present with integrity and truth, we glide much easier through the lands of illusion. God Speed in us all finding out course.

I wrote this to Jen this morning and wanted to also share with all of you


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“Jen, I had a couple of dreams where I was aware of your presence helping me in my dream! Thank you very much. In the first dream I felt your protective energy warm and loving… It was beautiful and I meant to write you yesterday to than you. You were like a mother protective and your love was vast and boundless!!

Then last night I kicked out this male musician from my dream at a beautiful gathering of kids and family and friends… because he was diminishing me and filling me with unworthiness. It was significant because it was the man I have felt a lot of conflicting emotions and struggled with for a long time, I did energetic divorce a year or so ago and have been healing and empowering ever since… After I kicked him out he transformed into a native American shaman dragon breathing fire into my face! told me something like, “You better really love yourself forever as you are because you will never be able to regrow hair again. ” !

Strangely as much as I was cursing at him and resisting and acting inappropriately, spitting in his face etc. When I woke up startled I felt relieved to have him gone from my life and couldn’t help feeling that this was pain and issues and feelings of unworthiness being expelled from me, and that you were watching over me and assisting and making it possible… like the native american symbol was purifying me with the fire of these issues once I was emboldened and ready to really be done with this man and his power over me. And you helped all of this happen so tremendously.

I can’t thank you enough. Love you immensely thank you thank you. I can’t wait for the retreat.I really do feel like The work I am doing with you in this lifetime is helping me release life times of struggle with issues it’s just incredible!! I really don’t know how you do what you do but it’s incredible and real and so powerful words fail to properly describe my gratitude!” 🙏🕊🌍🌸❤️

How Jen Helped Me and My Family


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I married for love. That didn’t stop me from having a difficult time after the honeymoon.

The real difficulty began in childhood with challenges of being the only girl in a male slanted home and being diminished.

I reached out to Jen out of the pain of not being seen in my life. Even in the so-called progressive spiritual group I belonged to, I didn’t feel seen as a female so wholeheartedly.

My husband was seen and honored in all ways–in his job, in his spiritual group, in his family, at the grocery store–so he didn’t go looking for Jen.

But his life was not full. He too was cut off from his whole heart.

Along comes Jen.

We have both learned so much from Jen. She has definitely ignited my own self nurturing, freedom and most of all empowerment. She has shown me the advantages of being in female energy—not just being female because men and women have both male and female energy—but of being empowered in female energy.

What has this meant? For me, it means trusting. Trusting myself, trusting my gut, being more compassionate, and learning to communicate with all life. It means connecting more to my true purpose.

My husband’s life is so much richer now. He is more present to all of life: he is gardening, editing books, involved in life in ways he never was before.

I notice little changes that are profound. I have better clothes—not more expensive, but more flattering. I hear trees talk, I see what people are saying in energy behind their words.

She taught me to remove attachments to groups. I let go of people who were takers and welcomed in those friends and family who are givers and with whom I can learn about divine love.

If you want the chance to benefit from Jen’s healing energy, and the dynamic expansiveness and empowerment that occurs with what Jen does, you can participate in a retreat on September 8 and 9.

And FYI: if you book the hotel before August 8th you will receive a discounted rate of 99.00 and 129.00 instead of the normal rate of 154.00.

I know this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and will be so unique and different from the last retreat. See Jen’s websites for testimonials from people who attended her last retreat.

Gaia Speaks


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The cold strikes the human sky
Huddled in dwellings the natives ask why

Buried in arrogance and piles of snow
Believing there’s nothing they don’t possibly know

As a species they desecrate all natural gifts
Indifference accumulates in heavy white drifts

Cycles of weather come and go
Indolence the only fruit man’s willing to sow

So many lessons left on the table
Humanity crippled by the willing and able

“Power” let out one last haughty laugh
Willing to sacrifice the last fatted calf

It will run this world to the ground
Frack it to ashes, a lifeless mound

‘Til Gaia stepped in with an even brow
To balance the scales in the “here and now”

Dispensing truth that was once called treason
Gifting many with the ability to reason

Restoring justice back to the land
As a handful stand by who understand

There’s no need to hoard what’s in the ground
When abundance and blessings are all around

There’s no need to take an eye for an eye
Leaving a glazed over society, unable to cry

Abundance for all! The original decree
Is restored to every man, animal, species and tree

Taking for taking’s sake is finally disarmed
Greed, glitz and gluttony stripped of its charm

Abusive power has become the enemy at large
As it finally sinks in, it’s no longer in charge

In this ruthless weather, one stark truth ensues
The restoration of humanity exists in the empowerment of you.

Thinking you are unworthy, unable to cope
Is telling everyone to give up all hope

Get off your ass, shake off the crumbs
Pound feeling back into your parts that went numb.

You’re not on the sidelines of some spectator sport
You are here to get messy, get involved, give support

The small you you thought you were, was part of the lie.
You can see through the illusion if you give it a try

Everyone is a super hero with their own special power
When you don’t share your gifts, you just grow mean and sour

Embrace all your talents, Hone all your crafts
The weather will break, when you get this! Alas…

One more truth that you really need to see
Gaia speaks to your heart through this message from me.

Jen Ward 2/26/15

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Where to Find God


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Man has depleted the earth by sending his energy up into an empty sky to feed the ego of a man-made concept of Source. We pour that energy back into Source through honoring nature and each other. Because we are the face of God.

Every little pair of eyes we look into, every set of legs that roam the earth and every form that shows up and struggles in love and life with us, IS the embodiment of God.

This simple truth was demonized to prevent people from finding God. It has hidden God in plain sight. So that man could erect his statues and worship stations to a petty, vengeful god. That is why some people still are so dedicated to Trump.

He is a physical representation of the God they have been conditioned to revere. While the real God, the one that is a loving essence, the one that does not need form to be perceived, the one that beckons all to seek the perfection of their own empowerment, lays hidden to those who need a concrete image to fathom such greatness.

Yet we interact with God in real-time through our kindness to others, through our laser focus on the sweet interactions that are on display for us, and for our own ability to forgo all the conditioning of the ages, and maintain a sweet loving stance towards ourselves and all others.

Our struggles are merely the Universe turning our attention away from the course vibrations of illusion and focusing us back into the heart of what is truth. It is no different from picking up a wiggling toddler and re-positioning them back in their chair to instill the importance of stillness. Or seating a precious gem onto a secure facet. Or planting a beautiful garden in a seemingly inconvenient swatch of land.

Our struggles are the attention Source gives to us to re-calibrate our gratitude and attention onto itself . Every act of kindness, every consideration for others, every humble honoring of self, and every pristine truth; untainted by beguile; is true worship. It is us, moving deeper and more profoundly into the heart of God.

A Bridge to the Fifth Dimension


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My writings trigger people. They are not just words but means of releasing and healing old issues and old wounds that can’t even be articulated because they are so deep, so old, or were inflicted at a time when the human brain was not formulated. Sometimes there are no words to articulate it, so there is no means to lead it out of your essence without assistance.

That is one reason I emote sounds. I match the time and space of the incident that caused issues and calm the energy field and return it to balance. It is like how you would silence cymbals by holding them for a moment. Bit still like squeezing everything out of the tube of toothpaste.

The anguish that a baby or animal body experience is not stored in words; it is primal. That is why just releasing sounds may be more efficient than converting them into words first. It is best to just let the emotions seep out unadulterated.

These are the things my writings can release. Those who are drawn to my writings can see that. Others merely believe I am irritating, abrasive, arrogant (a reflection of their own ego) or argumentative. Why would I spend so much of my energy in prolifically articulating the most unexpressed of humanity just to irritate or upset hand-picked targets? It does not make sense.

When someone has a reaction to me, it is in their best interest to relax as the irritant (myself) is tolerated. There is freedom in learning how to remove barnacles of energy from our true essence, simply by relaxing into any issues that causes a reaction. Instead of doing the opposite of hunkering in defense mode and striking to attack. That is what the “takers’ have trained us to do.

There are no power mongers that can hurt us in the fifth dimension. The only ones that can harm us here is ourselves. There is no one to take from us. The days of being raped of our energy are over. This is the moment to get back all we have felt that we lost. This is what I assist in doing. It is as easy and simple as that. Because it is already done.

We have arrived at the fifth dimension. In the fifth dimension we are whole, loved and free, But so many people brought their engrams of the third dimension with them as a security for the transition. That is why it feels so much like the third dimension still. But they are dropping away quickly.

That is why my dynamic healing is so effective. Because I know that everyone is whole already here. I am just the means to help them realize it. My writing, healing, awareness and presence are a bridge to embracing the fifth dimension.