The Sanctity of Healing

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From what I have found, one doesn’t have to worry about the humility of a healer. It seems to be a prerequisite for true healing to take place. Regardless if it is healing for one’s self or for another. The healer doesn’t have to worry much about the healed telling anyone about it. The human consciousness seems to forget such gifts as soon as they are accepted; or soon after.

For myself, I think it is important in the current climate to document healing as a means to awaken those in complacency of what is possible. There are so many people who accept the diagnosis of terminal rather than fighting a new awareness that would make terminal not an absolute conclusion. Disease is a way of backing one into a corner and healing is a way to paint one’s self out of a corner.

Those of us who know the formula of healing could teach others their protocol. Healing is not as mystical as it was once thought. Healing is also not an absolute. It can be, but that depends on the facilitator and the subject. And there is not that much glory in healing others. As with anything else, there is a misconception of it. It is usually lonely and isolating to be so dedicated to one’s craft.The only gain is the satisfaction of helping others and the satisfaction of living one’s purpose and sharing their gifts.

Anyone has the potential to heal others. Just like anyone can be an artist or a teacher. And anyone can heal themselves, just like anyone can pick up a writing utensil and create art. The passion depth and ingenuity to do so, is a subjective thing. But there is a protocol to it and some guidelines to follow. If you were an artist, you would always want to clean your brushes afterward so they stay pliable. The same is true with staying flexible as a healer.

There are outmoded belief systems around healers, as with anything else. The fear of taking on karma is a big one. Karma is energy. Taking on karma can only happen if the facilitator is at the same vantage point as the subject. A trained healer wouldn’t do this. A trained healer doesn’t bring any component of themselves into the session unless it is to benefit the subject in some way. During a session, the subject learns nothing or little about the healer’s personal realm. That would be gratuitous.

A way to pierce someone’s energy is to use an issue that is near and dear to their hearts and find a soft spot in their energy and use it to render them vulnerable. That is what many do when they inadvertently affront a healer. That is why it is important for a healer to stay detached and focused. It is balancing this vantage point with incredible love that is so empowering.

When I do energy work, my energy field is very soft and porous and very expansive. It is a fine art for me to be so receptive and expansive in doing energy work and also ruthlessly defending my boundaries. When I do this, as I sometimes do when I am writing, people think I am harsh. They don’t realize that I am protecting my self in a way and the harsh interaction is a boundary between those who have a subtle agenda and myself. They do not realize the offense and I don’t have the articulation to explain it. But it happens.

On a very subtle level, there is a vie for power or one up-man-ship. It is a side affect of living in a world where life itself is a competition. It is a subtle dynamic that plays out on more subtle realms than the conscious mind. As humanity advances in awareness, there is a great need to be aware of and to monitor very subtle impulses to diminish another. As we all learn to perceive in energy, we don’t want to inadvertently do damage to others.

Perception of being kind and loving changes with how deep we choose to perceive life. It may seem kind to just stroke someone’s ego and not upset their perception of the world. For myself, I believe it is more kind to help them learn the tools to accept a greater sense of empowerment of themselves outside the confines of a physical body. One of the best ways to prove one’s empowerment to themselves is to know how to heal themselves. This removes some of the limiting perceptions that the world provided. Limiting beliefs and perceptions prevent people from being more dynamic and empowered than they presently are able to achieve as a group.

Surrogate for Peace

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Some of us, and many more, are starting to get an understanding that we are all connected. We are not separate units but exist in a love soup. It is a learning exercise for soul to believe it is separate so that it can stretch its awareness of itself as love.

Many of us get a sense of lifetimes of war. We want nothing to do with it. Because we have had such a thorough saturation of it in the past. We have known war so well. Maybe through osmosis, we can afford those still learning the lessons of it, an express pass to our resolve.

The more we intensify our inclination towards peace, maybe it is possible to draw everyone to peace. If this resonates with you at all; please do the following taps as a surrogate for humanity. The ability of a loving intention to make a dramatic change in human history has only been tested a handful of times. Maybe we are kissing the world with a loving intention here. Maybe this is the tipping point to create internal and external peace for all.

(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest).

“I declare myself a surrogate for Peace; in all moments”
“I infuse a loving pure intention for Peace into the heart of Humanity; in all moments”
“I recant all vows and agreements between myself and war; in all moments”
“I remove all curses between myself and war; in all moments”
“I dissolve all karmic ties between myself and war; in all moments”
“I remove all the pain, burden, and limitations that war has put on me; in all moments” .
“I take back all the Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Health, Success, Security, Companions, Peace, Life and Wholeness that war has taken from me; in all moments” .
“I withdraw all the all my energy from war; in all moments”
“I release resonating with war; in all moments”
“I release emanating with war; in all moments”
“I remove all of war from my sound frequency; in all moments”
“I remove all of war from my light emanation in all moments”
“I shift my paradigm from war to Peace; in all moments”
“I shift my paradigm from war to Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Health, Success, Security, Companionship, Peace, Life and Wholeness; in all moments”
“I awaken my enthusiasm for and acceptance of Peace; in all lifetime”
“I make space in this world for Universal Peace; in all moments”
“I remove all blockages to Universal Peace; in all moments”
“I stretch my capacity to accept Universal Peace; in all moments”
“I add my loving intention to the cause of Universal Peace; in all moments”
“I am centered and empowered in divine Love; in all moments”
“I am a conduit for divine love; in all moments”
“I uplift all of humanity with my love; in all moments”

Upgrades in the Spiritual Belief System at the Fifth Dimension


There is no concern over taking on karma. This is a subtle form of fear and fear is the antithesis of healing. One needs to just make their love bigger to dissipate any fear that they are experiencing. In the fifth dimension, we realize we are not trapped in a linear existence. This means, we are not limited to being a physical body. We can make our energy as big as a galaxy and so there is no limited body to hold the karma of someone else in.

There is no longer relying on the belief that “all is as it should be”. In the fifth dimension there is an understanding of our own empowerment and any issue can be addressed in such a dynamic way. Saying, all is as it should be, is a very subtle form of feeling powerless and creates an apathetic state in some cases.

There is no need for AKASHIC Records. We no longer need to relive mistakes and tragedies we have experienced in a past life. We have a clean slate. It is like graduating from grade school and no longer needing crayons and scissors.

People no longer withhold healing others because they didn’t give consent. This is as silly as not assisting an abused dog that is tied up to a post. They may not consent to help but it is obvious that they don’t realize that they need help. In energy, everyone is asking for help. That is what prayers are.

No longer do people expect to be saved by a faceless God. They realize that we are all the face of God and when we pray for help, help will come through other people. We also realize that we are all the face of God so we honor all beings as sacred. This is how we pay homage to God. Hypocrisy in worship is eliminated in where we pay homage to God and then turn around and judge and diminish others. We can’t possibly honor God and diminish others.

Labels will no longer be necessary. We are all psychic, mediums, and healers. We are all connected. We are one big self. No longer is there separating ourselves using labels. If I am a healer, you are a healer. We are a compilation of us all.

If someone is suffering in the microcosm, it is a reflection of the ills of the macrocosm. To heal the planet, you address the symptoms in individuals. Apathy is no longer an option.

Individuals are no longer left to sink or swim for themselves. The belief system that one’s personal issues are necessary to spiritually strengthen them is obsolete. This would be true if the deck wasn’t so stacked against the individual by power mongers and the greedy. You helping someone else may be the spiritual test for you to overcome residual hesitancy to get involved. The way we overcome the limitations of the 3rd dimension is to change the setting on our energy system from taking to giving. Once we become habitual givers, there is a self-sustaining mechanism implemented that immerses us in the perpetual state of being.

We are no longer trapped in linear existence. Time is not linear and neither is existence. A minute spent in doing what we love is different from a minute doing what we hate. If we stay in the perpetual state of being in the moment, we drop out of the limiting state of time and space. If we find ourselves “juggling” it is indicative that we are in linear instead of exponential being. In exponential being, we merely stand in our center and allow all issues to rotate to our attention and address them then instead of juggling.

Earth is no longer seen as a hopeless war based planet. That belief in itself is an apathetic state. Earth is the heart chakra of the lower worlds. It is dire that earth is empowered in a loving state of free will. This opens the capabilities of all the lower worlds. All limiting states instated by power mongers is released.

Creativity, imagination and enthusiasm are the life blood of the fifth dimension. People don’t realize that the creativity they exude, expands consciousness. This includes heaven. The belief that heaven will be there waiting for someone is as silly as believing they are due an inheritance they didn’t contribute to. When we cross over, it is a reflection of the creativity and imagination we have put into this life. It is important to strive to be empowered and original to expand our consciousness when we cross over. Those who are visionaries, are creating a more expansion reality in the non physical world for everyone. You are welcome

Dreams are a reflection of our life outside of the physical skin. They are not just random symbols but our higher self trying to instill in our physical self higher truths. They are worth taking the time to study.

We no longer work to achieve perfection. Perfection is an illusion that prevents people from embracing their uniqueness. There is freedom in individuality. This is us embracing our exponential empowerment. We no longer perceive ourselves as stick figures in a linear world but realize that we are starbursts eager to realize our own potential.

There is no need to spend hours trying to get out of the body. Our empowerment is engaged in being fully grounded and engaged in our physical existence and expanding our consciousness to encompass all of the Universe while being aware in the physical realms as well.

All groups are outmoded as people take back their individuality and stop giving their effectiveness away, to drive the engines of power.

Nature and trees are appreciated as more important that monetary currency. Trees are seen as the wise sentient beings that they are. They are giving respect and sovereignty as individuals and wise counsel.

Humans are no longer consider themselves more superior than other beings.They realize their true edge is to be able to convert the dynamic energy into creative force which is the atmosphere of higher consciousness. They realize that reasoning is the building block of this ability.

Communication with other beings will be commonplace as people learn to perceive in energy rather than need to rely on the clumsy guttural sounds of words. In perceiving in energy, truth and lies will be able to be perceived by all. This inability to get away with lies will bring accountability and integrity back to the world.

These things are all in place but because people brought their illusion of the 3rd dimension into the 5th dimension as a form of comfort as they adjust. That is why healing is so possible now. Everyone in already whole and healed. It is more a matter of dropping old engrams that say otherwise.

Female energy is empowered so that humans can regain their sensitivities. Compassion, ingenuity, and benevolence are all yin based attributes. As female energy regains a footing in consciousness, so will the attributes that it represents.


The Sick Child


People have been asking themselves “Why are there sick children in the world if God is so fair and just?” God is fair and just. God does not view pain and problems from the human consciousness. Pain and problems are fleeting. They are a blip on the screen from the vantage point of forever. These instances of anguish are what makes the metal of human consciousness more pliable.

It is wonderful when there is a sick child that takes their condition like a champ. The perspective of a fresh body and parents that care about them in a new set of skin; is what they need to triumph. They most likely were taken out from their last lifetime with a similar diagnosis. But when they come into this lifetime, they have a fresh new body to beat it, they have the love and support of their parents, they have the cuteness factor working for them. It is much easier to fight such things this way, than when being in a worn out body that has passed its prime and become cynical or lacking the fortitude to thrive.

On a soul’s level, these children are so capable of thriving because they are grateful with the new set of conditions that they are given to fight what needs to be overcome. Our karmic issues must be forged through. Isn’t it wonderful that so many are advancing through dis-ease with the aptitude of a very old soul. That is because they are. Overcoming debilitating disease is a benchmark of accomplishment in the lifespan of an infinite soul. Sickness does not carry the weight that it does in looking at it from the perspective of just one lifetime.

This may seem cruel and unkind to the parents of a suffering child. But it is much more humane to believe that a child is continuing their karmic lessons from a past life rather than believing that God singled them out to suffer and go through horrific procedures on a whim. Issues are testing grounds of soul. To be able to be tested so young marks a child with a wisdom and vantage point that surpasses their peers. What an incredible gift; to obtain great wisdom in such a new body. The child who deals with dis-ease has indeed been gifted.

Free Souls Everywhere


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When I came back from imprisonment, I saw the world through a different lens. When a friend gave me a bamboo plant that was tied together with other bamboo in an intricate design. I was horrified. I saw them as being bound together as if they were people shackled at the feet. The first thing I did was unwrap each one of them from the other. I felt by doing this that I was lessening their karmic burden of slavery in some alternate reality or even a future lifetime. I was also unbinding their karma to each other. It was very gratifying.

It is a great technique. Rescue a bamboo from a store and unbind it from the other bamboo that it is woven together with. See it as a surrogate or analogy to help untying souls everywhere from their karmic burden. It may feel very rewarding, You may be freeing an aspect of yourself.

With all the flora friends I have now, I also had a bowl of bamboo. I bought them to be friends with my beta fish named Cooper (who looks just like Anderson Cooper). But they were too small at the time; so they had their own bowl. They wanted to be outside with the other flora.

As attuned as one tries to be, there is always more to realize. These bamboo wanted to be potted like the others. They wanted that special treatment. So today, on Independence say, they have their own pot, They are very happy. Some of them wanted their own pot but I told them when they get bigger we can do that. It gives them incentive to outgrow their pot.

On a side note: notice I don’t use the word plant? It seems to be derogatory to my green friends somehow. They liken it to the word squaw to native Americans or even worse. It is a very diminishing word to them.

Transcending the Third Dimension


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Recently I facilitated a session with someone whose job it is to protect the natural woodlands. She was feeling loopy and unfocused during the session and did not know how to deal with it. She did not even understand it herself but felt a huge relief when I articulated it for her. She has been toggling between being a very forceful energy to be effective in her job and being the expansive energy that she feels more comfortable being in. Her energy field was waivering between the contrasting conditions. What she didn’t realize was that this was reflective of her toggling between the 3rd and 5th dimension as well.

When the Mayan Calendar ended and the world was supposed to come to an end, it was the means to register earth moving from being in the 3rd dimension to being in the 5th dimension. Those of us who are sensitive are realizing the shift and getting a sense of more and more individuals holding a rate of a higher vibration. The very fact that I can write openly about the Spiritual and energetic things that I do is evidence of the shift. Many of us have been working diligently to assist in the raising of consciousness on earth for lifetimes. It is beyond validating to be at this precipice.

There are still those that are hanging on to the comfort of the vibrations of the 3rd dimension. They are resisting moving very quickly into a higher understanding. But they are moving. Have patience with them. They are easing their big toe in gently. To some reading this, it is a new and exciting concept that seems too good to be true. That is okay. It is all okay. The 3rd dimension is like an old worn out pair of sneakers that seem a better option than breaking in a new pair of shoes.

In the session with this client, I kept seeing a huge conifer tree. I mentioned that it was sending her incredible love and strength. She knew who it was immediately and had a name for him. “That is grandfather tree”, she said. She admitted that she was afraid to change vibration because if she did, she would be leaving the love behind. As we worked, we both felt the love move up her spine and open the energetic channels within her body and the earth. It got stuck at her throat because of the many experiences of being decapitated, hung and choked. But then we both felt it pull off over her head as if taking off a tight turtleneck sweater. She was more open and free. She felt such incredible love and the illusion of otherwise was gone.

We realize that this energy that was constricting her has also been preventing so many people from speaking their truth. That the more people fight through that resistance to remain silent when they have truth to share, the more their energy will be freed.


Here are the taps to move from the 3rd dimension to the 5th

(Say each statement 3 out loud times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)

“I release the fear of transcending the 3rd dimension; in all moments”
“I release being enslaved in the 3rd dimension; in all moments”
“I remove all the shackles of the 3rd dimension; in all moments”
“I recant all vows and agreements between myself and the 3rd dimension; in all moments”
“I remove all curses between myself and the 3rd dimension; in all moments”
“I dissolve all karmic ties between myself and the 3rd dimension; in all moments”
“I remove all energetic cords from the 3rd dimension; in all moments”
“I remove all the pain, burden, limitations, and engrams that the 3rd dimension has put on me; in all moments”
“I withdraw all my energy from the 3rd dimension; in all moments”
“I leave all the ignorance in the 3rd dimension; in all moments”
“I leave all the pain in the 3rd dimension; in all moments”
“I leave all abandonment and isolation in the 3rd dimension; in all moments”
“I leave all slavery in the 3rd dimension; in all lifetime:
“I leave all genocide in the 3rd dimension; in all moments”
“I take back all the Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Health, Success, Security, Companionship, Peace, Life, Wholeness, Beauty, Enthusiasm, Contentment, Spirituality and Confidence that the 3rd dimension has taken from me; in all moments”
“I release resonating with the 3rd dimension; in all moments”
“I release emanating with the 3rd dimension; in all moments”
“I remove all of the 3rd dimension from my sound frequency; in all moments”
“I remove all of the 3rd dimension from my Light body; in all moments”
“I transcend the 3rd dimension; in all moments”
“I shift my paradigm from the 3rd dimension to the 5th and above; in all moments”
“I am centered and empowered in Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Health, Success, Security, Companionship, Peace, Life, Wholeness, Beauty, Enthusiasm, Contentment, Spirituality and Confidence; in all moments”

Don’t be afraid that if you do these taps that you will be leaving your loved ones behind. The affect will be that you will actually make the transition much easier for them. You will see evidence in it by a more open heartedness and a receptivity that was not as noticeable as before. Enjoy!

Transcending Karma


We are outgrowing our old concept of karma. We are used to thinking of it in a linear kind of way. I don’t think of it that way at all anymore. In fact, I don’t give it that much thought because thought is a form of energy and energy is a fuel. So the concept of karma, in a way is a form of karma.

Instead I focus and show others how to focus on the love. Because the Spiritual Law of Love transcends all karma. And where attention is place all else follows. So to focus entirely on love in to transcend karma. It can happen in an instant.

Jen Ward