“Come on in! The Water is Fine!”

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We all exist in an ocean of Joy, Love, Abundance and Freedom. We are all in perfect harmony and peace with all the other atoms in the ocean. Imagine your happiest most fulfilling experience and magnify it a million times over. This is the actuality of existence.

In our first lifetime, we are given a little boat to maneuver around in. This is our ego. It is meant to assist us in gaining perspective on the vastness of our life. But it creates a sense of separation within us. We believe we are not part of the ocean but alone, invisible and unloved.

We outgrow the need for the boat. It becomes a hindrance. But the fear of being submerged without it is terrifying. So we keep riding around. The sense of separation and loneliness because unbearable. We bump into the other boats as a way to ease the isolation. We are desperate to feel connected.

It comes to a point when one realizes that there is no joy in damaging the other boats. There is more pleasure in helping others. We help them fix their boat. We have compassion for them being so dependent on their boat. It distracts us from realizing how dependent we are on ours. One gets caught up in patching up the other boats and ends up splashing around in the ocean. Some happily swim away from their boat to assist others. They are so enthralled in helping others that they hardly notice.

Before one realizes it, they are do the freestyle in the infinite ocean of Joy, Love, Abundance and Freedom. It is then we are equipped to reflect infinite joy, love abundance and freedom back to others. We may still have a boat but it is obvious that we swim freely at will. Our confidence and Love shine through. When we are consumed with kindness, it is the same as saying”come on in, the water is fine”.

Beyond a Broken Heart


If people realized what wonders were beyond the broken heart, they would give in more easily. The truth is, the heart is resilient beyond all measure. It is tapped into the infinite source that knows, no matter what outer appearances seem, love will prevail. Even if it is after the illusion has halted through the decay of the physical body. love will prevail.

This is the mainstay of life. If we did not all believe this on some level, we would not continue to exist. We would not try. We would not prevail. We would not succeed.
Love is inevitable and will have its way in the end.. This is not a question, The question is not if, the question is then, when. It can happen in an instant, or it can seemingly take forever.

So what prevents love from prevailing? It is the stubbornness of the mind. The mind is like the big brother that thinks he knows everything. The heart is the little sister who, realizes the truth but goes along with everything the mind says, because she has no need to upstage him.

This is the heart. The heart concedes, reveals, prevails, endures, revels, embraces, expands, empowers and imbues. The one thing the heart doesn’t do is break, When someone thinks their heart is breaking, it is the mind that is in peril. The mind is shattering from its wants, opinions, desires, righteousness, superiority, indignation, drama and stance. It is actually the mind breaking and not the heart. Let it.

Let the mind shatter into a trillion shards of preconceived notions. It is inevitable. When you sweep them all away, you will be left with a glorious loving nature. This is the true self standing at the helm of a loving heart. When that twinge of pain comes, know that it is a crack in the surface that shellac the facade. Instead of wincing from it, delve into it and thrust yourself into the pain. The more that you crack it open, the more you can surrender to your true nature. It is a realm of love that is so profound that the only expressions are gratitude, humility and awe

Is Anyone Listening?


If you are engaging someone, and you cannot relinquish your stance to totally be inside the experience of being them for a instance, to understand their point of view, then you aren’t truly listening.

If you are waiting for them to finish just so you get your turn to educate them, then you aren’t truly listening.

If you have no intention of budging on your stance one iota and you are just being present to be polite, you aren’t truly listening.

If you are tuning them out to get the facts straight in your mind before you pummel them, you are not truly listening.

If what they say gets you upset and you must interrupt them to set them straight, you aren’t truly listening.

If you care less about their feelings or your relationship with them than being right, then you aren’t truly listening.

If you already know your mind and are just indulging them to be polite, then you aren’t truly listening.

Is anyone listening?


The World has not been right since the genocide of all pagans.This is what was the beginning of the dark ages. We have been told that the dark ages have ended. But no. They only end when the balance of male importance is matched by its female counterpart. Pagans have been demonized as savages. But they were the peaceful people who communicated with nature and honored trees and fairies as their brethren. They were the keepers of the doorway between the physical and more subtle reams.
The genocide of so many balsam trees at the holiday season has actually a more sinister meaning than the seemingly more innocent practice that they seem to depict. Cutting down so many trees each year is symbolically reliving the genocide of the pagan people. It is and was a barbaric act. It also represents the time when goddess energy was desecrated and women were demoted to inferior to men. This may sound ridiculous to so many who enjoy bringing a live tree into their homes. But there is a truth in what I say. And there is a better way.
This little tree I brought home, is still a vital living part of the ecosystem. He has all his roots in tact. He will be an honored guest in my home and then he will be taken outside and planted in my yard. He is the perfect size for a Christmas tree. I used to be one of those people who needed the biggest tree possible in my home. I realized that was actually a desperate craving to be out in nature. And as I was decorating this tree, it told me that needing the biggest tree is an example of the primal urge to conquer. One needs to be the best in their perpetual competition in life. Having the biggest tree is enforcing that need.
This tree was chosen before I knew I was going to have a Christmas tree this year. I “felt” a tree in my home and so remained open to hosting a tree in my home this year. I just got a nudge or an inkling to look for a nursery that carried trees with their roots in tact. I found a place that had many of them. It was encouraging that perhaps others would adopt the tradition of hosting a live tree in their home to. Instead of joining in the genocide of killing a tree for fleeting amusement, one can truly use the opportunity to honor Nature.
More and more as people awaken, they will realize that trees are aware beings. They are not dead energy at all. They are vital, loving, aware and wise. They add so much to the quality of life on earth. As humans continue to rape and desecrate the earth, trees continue to maintain a balance of sanity and calm to a chaotic existence. They are the calm in the storm of insanity. They are even more loving and kind than people fathom. If people realized what they actually are doing by disregarding the sanctity of trees, they would be horrified.
So as me, Therese Kravetze, Michele Morrison, Mike Kravetze and myself made space for this tree in my home, we found ourselves in a sacred ceremony to return all the energy to the fairy-kind and Nature that was taken from it. The depiction of Santa Clause as a head elf and the elves working to make toys for children is a form of depicting fairy kind being enslaved to the pleasures of humans. Lavishing gifts on human children has nothing to do with depicting the sanctity of life. It is more of a means of conditioning humanity to be selfish and indulged.
The ceremony we found ourselves naturally partaking in, was about returning the energy that was taken from the earth back to her. In returning the energy back to mother earth, it is a means to return the balance to the world. It is a means to support Gaia in being as honored and respected as any male counterpart. It is also a way of returning to fairies, trees and earth the dignity and respect they deserve. By raising the vibration on our intentions, we raise the vibration of the world. When this happens in returns to being a safe place for fairy-kind to live among us.
If you want to go through the motions of being a slave to commercialism, you can. It is expected of you. But if you want to break away from convention, do so in honoring a living tree. All the thoughtfulness and tender considerations that you carefully nurture, are a means of returning kindness and sacredness to the world. You will still receive the love and satisfaction. But it will be in knowing that you are returning love to all the fellow inhabitants of the world.
(Say this statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)
“”We return dignity, Love, and respect back to the earth; in all moments”
“We return dignity, love and respect to Gaia; in all moments”
“We hold space for the sacred sweetness of innocence and kindness; in all moments”
“We return balance back to the Earth; in all moments”
“We return to Fairy Kind all that has been taken from them; in all moments”
“We reclaim our Joy; in all moments”
“Universal Peace on earth; in all moments”
“We bury the dead; in all moments”
“Universal Joy; in all moments”
“Universal Love; in all moments”
“Universal Abundance; in all moments”
“Universal Freedom; in all moments”
“Universal Health; in all moments”
“Universal Success; in all moments”
“Universal Security; in all moments”
“Universal connection; in all moments”
“Universal perpetual exponential Life; in all moments”
“Universal Wholeness; in all moments”
“Universal Beauty; in all moments”
“Universal Enthusiasm; in all moments”
“Universal Contentment; in all moments”
“Universal Spirituality; in all moments”
“Universal Enlightenment; in all moments”
“Universal Confidence; in all moments”
“Universal Family; in all moments”
“Universal Intellect; in all moments”
“Universal Discernment; in all moments”
“Universal Empowerment; in all moments”

Empowering a Healer

This little bear was trapped in a plastic bag at the local goodwill. He was trapped in the position of scrunching up his energy and sending it all out of himself to a satellite energy (an outer concept of God) to use as it will. He is now still as reverent as ever.
He loves God and respects all life just as much as when he is on his knees. But he is not trapped in a position of unworthiness. His knees feel better. So many people I have helped with their knee issues have spent lifetimes on their knees praying to God. It has left them feeling helpless, unworthy and broken in their own body. This is the plight that was depicted in this sweet bear.
This bear,

now prays to God by being kind to all others. He can feel his own healing energy; which is the God Force within him. This Bear now partakes in the love directly that he used to just send out blindly to a force outside of himself. He realizes that he, himself is a prayer.

God is among us. Opening up our energy and being present in all that we do is a concentrated form of prayer. It is healing to all. It is much more difficult to stay present with the person in front of you and your surroundings all day long, than it is to just send God a laundry list of wants and needs.
At the end of the day. Lavishing praise on an omniscient God is not necessary. God knows all. God knows our intentions in all moments. Being mindful of this all day long is more truthful and sincere than debasing ourselves at the end of the day. If we have not honored God in all beings, why should he listen to us.
Prayer is an interactive practice. Some people understand this. Nature and animals live this. That is why you don’t hear any gossip among animals. It is not in their nature. Prayer for humans can be as complete as well. They need to simply edit their thoughts, speech and actions in every moment.
Each word, thought and deed must have a caliber of truth and kindness to be heard in the presence of God. Since God is everywhere, and in everything, our prayers do not need to be sent outside of us but we must imbue our very atoms with love so as to invite God into our countenance. This is the most sincere form of prayer. Honor all beings as a reflection of God. This is the way to truly honor God. God loves all beings. If you love all beings too, you are more Godlike than sending messages from afar.
#Healing #Love #Light #Kindness #Reverence

The Story of Love and Hate


Hate met hate on the street
They hated each other
They boasted about their lives
Primped and flexed to each other
They showed off their wealth
They fought over which one was superior
Bragged about who had the most problems
Who had the most chronic issues
Complained about their families
Mocked each other
It was a good ole time

Hate saw love pass by
Hate spit at love
Tried to pick a fight with love
Tried to muddy Love’s clothes
Love just smiled
Hate became infuriated
It tried harder to scorn love
It turned to the crowd and lied about Love
Hate started foaming at the mouth in anger
It was in its element
It created conflict and scandal
Hate perpetuated itself through its own hate
Hate tried to pull love into itself
Love was impervious to hate
Love sustained its composure

Love walked on and greeted everyone it met
Love seemed to only notice love in everyone
Those that were in agreement with hate, showed their contempt for love
Love did not seem to notice
They tried to preach how love was being hateful
They dressed themselves up as love
Hate pretended to be Love
But they only fooled hate
Hate begin to confuse itself for love
Love maintained it’s stance

Love met love on the street and they embraced
No words were needed
They were in complete agreement
Love knew things hate couldn’t understand
They communicated beyond all exterior means
Those who communicate in love knew their compassion for hate
Love softened the edges of hate
Hate was visibly irritated
It entertained itself by pretending to be love

Each time hate greeted hate, it became more broken
It fractured into different factions
Hate could hardly tolerate itself
Hate seemed plentiful
Hate still pretended to be love
It continued to pass itself off as love
It tricked some into thinking it was love but then showed itself as hate
It was loud and in everyone’s face
It screamed love down
Love payed no mind

Yet many struggled between love and hate
They were fooled by hate’s disguise
They thought that hate was love
They thought that everything was hate and that love did not exist
In their confusion they went to sleep and allowed hate to speak through them
Hate kept preaching hate and saying it was love
Love did not argue. That was hate’s job
Love spoke beyond words
Love was patient and kind
Love disturbed no one that was sleeping
It left them oblivious in their slumber

Hate seemed to be the law of the land
Until all those who were lulled to sleep by hate began to awaken
They slept off their drunken stupor of hate
Those who awakened realized themselves as love
Love embraced itself as love
Love embraced Itself everywhere
The world was seen through love’s eyes
The world was felt through Love’s heart
The world was permeated in love’s breath
The nightmare ended
Hate scurried off in the night and was never heard from again
Love prevailed

Jen Ward 11/30/14

#Love #Hate


In the story A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens depicted the plight of humanity through the character of Scrooge. When the gregarious spirit of The Ghost of Christmas present came to visit Scrooge, there was something cowering around his feet under his robes. It was two abominations that Scrooge cringed when he saw.
Scrooge asked the Spirit if the children were his.The ghost emphatically exclaimed that they were Scrooge’s children. They belonged to humanity. They were ignorance and want. The Spirit was explaining how the cheer and goodwill of kindness that he depicted, kept ignorance and want in check.
What we are seeing play out in current events is the abominations of ignorance and want being unleashed on humanity. They currently go unchecked. Here is an exercise to reign ignorance and want in, and to return the world to goodwill and kindness.
(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)
I declare myself a surrogate for humanity in doing these taps; in all moments.
We release indulging in ignorance or want; in all moments.
We release being inundated with ignorance or want; in all moments.
We release being defined by ignorance or want; in all moments.
We dissipate all psychic energy of ignorance and want; in all moments.
We remove all vivaxes between ourselves and ignorance or want; in all moments.
We remove all tentacles between ourselves and both ignorance and want; in all moments.
We remove all engrams of ignorance and want; in all moments.
We remove all engrams that both ignorance or want has put on us; in all moments.
We release personifying ignorance or want; in all moments.
We collapse and dissolve all portals to both ignorance and want; in all moments.
We nullify all contracts with both ignorance and want; in all moments.
We send all energy matrices of ignorance and want into the Light and Sound; in all moments.
We command all complex energy matrices of ignorance and want to be escorted into the Light and Sound; in all moments.
We release harboring ignorance or want; in all moments.
We recant all vows and agreements between ourselves and both ignorance or want; in all moments.
We remove all curses between ourselves and both ignorance and want; in all moments.
We remove all blessings between ourselves and both ignorance and want; in all moments.
We sever all strings and cords between ourselves and both ignorance and want; in all moments.
We dissolve all karmic ties between ourselves and both ignorance and want; in all moments.
We remove all the pain, burden, and limitations that ignorance and want have put on us; in all moments.
We take back ALL that ignorance and want has taken from us; in all moments.
We release resonating with ignorance or want; in all moments.
We release emanating with ignorance or want; in all moments.
We extract all ignorance and want from our Sound frequency; in all moments.
We extract all ignorance and want from our Light emanation; in all moments.
We transcend both ignorance and want; in all moments.
We shift our paradigm from ignorance and want to Universal Love and Peace; in all moments.
We align all our bodies to Universal Love and Peace: in all moments.
We are centered and empowered in Universal Love and Peace; in all moments.
We resonate, emanate, and are interconnected with all life in Universal Love and Peace; in all moments.
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