The Sanctity of Healing

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From what I have found, one doesn’t have to worry about the humility of a healer. It seems to be a prerequisite for true healing to take place. Regardless if it is healing for one’s self or for another. The healer doesn’t have to worry much about the healed telling anyone about it. The human consciousness seems to forget such gifts as soon as they are accepted; or soon after.

For myself, I think it is important in the current climate to document healing as a means to awaken those in complacency of what is possible. There are so many people who accept the diagnosis of terminal rather than fighting a new awareness that would make terminal not an absolute conclusion. Disease is a way of backing one into a corner and healing is a way to paint one’s self out of a corner.

Those of us who know the formula of healing could teach others their protocol. Healing is not as mystical as it was once thought. Healing is also not an absolute. It can be, but that depends on the facilitator and the subject. And there is not that much glory in healing others. As with anything else, there is a misconception of it. It is usually lonely and isolating to be so dedicated to one’s craft.The only gain is the satisfaction of helping others and the satisfaction of living one’s purpose and sharing their gifts.

Anyone has the potential to heal others. Just like anyone can be an artist or a teacher. And anyone can heal themselves, just like anyone can pick up a writing utensil and create art. The passion depth and ingenuity to do so, is a subjective thing. But there is a protocol to it and some guidelines to follow. If you were an artist, you would always want to clean your brushes afterward so they stay pliable. The same is true with staying flexible as a healer.

There are outmoded belief systems around healers, as with anything else. The fear of taking on karma is a big one. Karma is energy. Taking on karma can only happen if the facilitator is at the same vantage point as the subject. A trained healer wouldn’t do this. A trained healer doesn’t bring any component of themselves into the session unless it is to benefit the subject in some way. During a session, the subject learns nothing or little about the healer’s personal realm. That would be gratuitous.

A way to pierce someone’s energy is to use an issue that is near and dear to their hearts and find a soft spot in their energy and use it to render them vulnerable. That is what many do when they inadvertently affront a healer. That is why it is important for a healer to stay detached and focused. It is balancing this vantage point with incredible love that is so empowering.

When I do energy work, my energy field is very soft and porous and very expansive. It is a fine art for me to be so receptive and expansive in doing energy work and also ruthlessly defending my boundaries. When I do this, as I sometimes do when I am writing, people think I am harsh. They don’t realize that I am protecting my self in a way and the harsh interaction is a boundary between those who have a subtle agenda and myself. They do not realize the offense and I don’t have the articulation to explain it. But it happens.

On a very subtle level, there is a vie for power or one up-man-ship. It is a side affect of living in a world where life itself is a competition. It is a subtle dynamic that plays out on more subtle realms than the conscious mind. As humanity advances in awareness, there is a great need to be aware of and to monitor very subtle impulses to diminish another. As we all learn to perceive in energy, we don’t want to inadvertently do damage to others.

Perception of being kind and loving changes with how deep we choose to perceive life. It may seem kind to just stroke someone’s ego and not upset their perception of the world. For myself, I believe it is more kind to help them learn the tools to accept a greater sense of empowerment of themselves outside the confines of a physical body. One of the best ways to prove one’s empowerment to themselves is to know how to heal themselves. This removes some of the limiting perceptions that the world provided. Limiting beliefs and perceptions prevent people from being more dynamic and empowered than they presently are able to achieve as a group.

To See Trees Dance


You can love everyone and everything all at once. You can be with them even though they are millions of miles away. The feelings of loss are an engram from past lives when you lost everything dear to you. It is not the case now. All of life is your friend and you are more in touch with love than ever before. Living and having experiences is not something to break your heart; no matter what the limited mind may say.

When we have experiences that cause us to feel deeply, no matter what the feeling, it is an invitation to awaken to more and more of the love and interconnectedness that is availed to us. It is not possible to lose anything. Only the illusion of separation. And at this point in our evolution as a species, it is time to say good riddance.

Everything we think, say and do has been stripped down to the most limiting factor. We have been deduced to “stick figure” mentalities. It is so difficult to convey to a stick figure in stick figure language that they are actually a robust, effervescent exponential energy that is turning and churning upon itself like the dynamic properties of the magnificent sun.

We are living in a “check the box” world; where you are only afforded such limited choices to identify with. Are you happy or sad, good or bad, pretty or unattractive, male or female? Why can you not be an intricate higher dimensional mosaic of all these things woven together and dancing within your atoms? Why does everything need to be so flat and lifeless in this world? I assure you it is not.

For example: when you look at a tree, you are never actually seeing that tree. Your mind has filtered out all the movement and dance that it is perpetually engaged it. Your stick figure mind has filtered it out. A tree is not rigid. A tree is not lifeless. Thinking and believing that, is the stick figure mind inflicting its limitation on that tree. A tree, along with all life, is fluid, dancing, ecstatic, loving energy.

Try this technique: When you are in a grateful receptive “heart”, place yourself in a comfortable place where you can observe a tree. Make it a special tree; one that you have affection for. Spend as long as it takes to just observe the tree. Ask it silently to show you its true self. Be receptive to taking off the filters of the eyes and mind that limit your perceptions. Look for movement in the tree’s branches.

If your energy is receptive, you will see the tree undulating in an incredible powerful expression of life. You will see these huge limbs moving like arms and you will see it surge with movement and dance. Those of you who read my posts, are aware of the energy of them. So know that the ability to see trees like this is infused as a gift in these words to you. I am gifting you with seeing as I see. The trees will be helping too. These both, matched by your sincere intention may afford you the ability to do this.

Meditation is used for getting out-of-body. But what is the point; if you are going to just ignore all the beauty that is around you where you stand? Or do you stand at all? Once you can see the tree move, you can look at neighboring trees and see them move as well. It is not them that is changed. It is you. You have taken off limiting filters on your mind. So meditation is not meant as an escape “out of here”. It is a means to awakening to reality that you don’t have to go anywhere to be everywhere.

The reason Van Gogh’s paintings of a starry night are so profound is because he was seeing without the filters that others are equipped with. For him, it was insanity to see such beauty and experience life so exponentially while trying to live “normally” in a stick figure world. These are exciting times now. We are able to experience the expansiveness of consciousness while incorporating it into the limiting existence that has been agreed upon by mainstream.

It is time to change that agreement. By removing the limiting filters of a stick figure world, you will be infusing this present reality with so much depth and joy. All you have to do is awaken yourself more and more and that will be infused into the collective agreement of humanity.



Love is ongoing in every true way. Everyone that we have ever loved, we are still in love with them. We permeate with that love and pull others into it through the journey. It never ends. Love at first sight is a memory of what is.

As we go through the fun house of time, love gets distorted. We are aghast when it is stretched or distorted and saddened when we walk away from the mirror. But we are not separated from it. How can we be separated from love when it is the force that turns the cogs of our very own atoms?

When you turn away from the notion of love it is like trying to turn off your own existence. It is not possible. This is so silly in concept, yet so painful for the one who forgets their own nature. The most confusing thing about love is that, in its purest form, it strikes the consciousness as a stillness. The mind interprets this as a nothingness. Which spins the whole experience as an absence of love.

All the forces of the Universe are converging to buoy you in time and space so that you can realize how incredibly loved that you are, at to the weary heart it feels like emptiness. Life is one long journey to realize yourself as the true source of love that you are. So the struggle is to challenge that base nature that says otherwise, and refute the findings of the fickle emotions. Redefine and expand your definition of love. Turn love inside out like a reversible jacket and warm yourself with your own lining.

Think of love as the stillness of the Universe which is reflected in nature. Love is the quietude of a new mother taking inventory of her new babe.It is tolerating a million transgressions of an annoying younger sibling. Love is honoring a pet’s nap as you dutifully sit still so as not to wake them. It is the inner communication of the trees that nurture everyone so graciously while systemically being denied a voice.

There is no way not to be loved. Unless you gauge the definition by the flawed attempts of other humans to gain understanding. They are those who are flailing around in desperation for validation too. It is like looking for the starving to feed you. Or make you guest of honor at a banquet. The best way to be embraced in love is to make a house of it from the sticks you have collected yourself. That way you always take ownership of your own house. And that is the greatest security there is.


The home you need to get back to is your empowerment and understanding. Get to the Understanding that there is no death. There is only a transition of energy. There is no problems, except the conversion of consciousness.There is no pain, except in the misunderstanding of our fluid nature and the refusal to take ownership.
For every victim an angel sighs that they failed in their purpose. There are no victims except in the realms of ego gratification. It has become a thing to list on your resume of life. But this resume is burned on your awakening. Everyone who deems themselves a victim has the potential to be a savior as well.
Every transition, every experience, every change; whether deemed negative or positive is a transition to more love. Focusing on the issue is digging your feet in the ground and REFUSING TO FLY!! Lamenting the past, cursing your life, laundry listing experiences are all ways of digging your feet.
Spread your wings people. Quit digging your feet.

Between the Stillness and the Sky


I met myself one peaceful night
On glass ice dusted with snow
I awoke from a paralyzing stupor
To tell me what I needed to know

Others will find me inferior
This life will be my cruelest test
That I’ll be admonished, humiliated and scorned
All while I am trying my best

It told me that life wasn’t about being fair
That that was a quaint little notion
My ego will be literally pulverized
My spirit will nearly be broken

The pleasures that others live for
For me would be hard to attain
Every hope and desire will be stripped clear away
Til my true self is all that remains

I told myself this to prepare me
As solace for the upcoming years
The real me knew what lay waiting ahead
The loneliness, anguish and tears

The real me gave me compassion
As I walked silently under the stars
It was the me that saw the whole picture
The journey, the struggle, the scars

I felt that kindness within me
A wisdom that dwelt deeper than pain
It gave me the love to endure knowing
Someday It’d be the only me to remain

Whenever I’m lost, alone or afraid
Or feel like I’m living a lie
I know I can always find my true self
Between the stillness and the sky

Jen Ward 2/6/15

The Reason Why People Hate

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In a very abstract way, it is easy to understand why people hate. The feelings off love and hate register as the opposite of what they really are. The feeling of hate seems to fill one up. The feeling of love to the novice seems to bring a feeling of expansion; which the human consciousness can register as emptiness.

That is why people, have a hard time being immersed in love. It is because when they get close, their feelings betray them into thinking they are getting farther away from the goal. The heart and mind become great means of sabotage for the soul.

This is true in the experiences of being at peace, and the bliss of Lovers. It is difficult for the blissful lovers to stay in that place unless they are very wise. The human consciousness registers the bliss as boring. The lover’s will start to find fault with it. They will accuse the other of not trying hard enough because the high of being in love inevitably wears off. That is why it takes an experienced pair to stay in love. It is helpful to have a lot of failure in relationships as a backdrop to the understanding to how subtle love is. That way the human consciousness can recognize love when it experiences it and is well aware of this mechanism that pulls one away from the love.

Contentment is the same way. Contentment must be held relevant with gratitude or the human consciousness will equivocate it with boredom. The emotions like to have something to gnaw upon. The mental aspect of a person likes to have a puzzle to entertain itself. That is why so many people get caught up in the drama of emotions or get caught up in the haughty world of debate and arguing. This is merely entertainment for an unfulfilled life. Only an experienced soul is wise enough to register the uneventful experience of maintained contentment for what it is.

The closer people get to fulfilling their true goal of being immersed in love, the more the lower aspects of themselves; the mind and the emotions; will resist. Look at how many people lament about being alone. It is in this state of being lonely that one finds fullness. Yet instead of accepting this, the individual will obsess over why life is punishing them or get caught up in the drama of wanting love in the form of another person. They work against the Universe to fill themselves up. The Universe is moving them steadily and completely to the awakening of absolute love, and they are fighting it the whole time.

It is the people who have been inundated with pain that forgo the need for more experiences. They have been so wore down by fervently doggy paddling through life that they welcome the respite. It is when they welcome the lack of seemingly outer experiences and have gratitude for the calm, that they are aligned perfectly with the advancement of their own awakening.

Gratitude is an opening of the aperture of the heart chakra. When the person is more empty of the heavy experiences that life inundates them with AND meets that with an open heart, THEN they are primed to awaken to the fullness of divine love. It is a formula process. That is why the more people fight the emptying out of the heavy experiences of drama and debate, the more they fight their own advancement. Those who resolve themselves to the process and look for ways to be grateful are the ones who succeed to enlightenment.

Humanity as a whole is going that route. That is why I am compelled to explain the process. That is why many of you will be able to grasp what I am conveying and see how you have or have not applied it to your own life. Some of you may have experienced enlightenment and not realized what has transpired.

Do you see now why I don’t tolerate sympathy and complaints? They are just filling people with the opposite of being fulfilled with love. When people come to me and want to cry about how unsatisfying their life is, it is the purging out the experiences with tears that is more helpful than kicking up new feelings and thoughts by lamenting the anguish they have endured. They can do the former more readily alone. My condolences may be a crutch or a distraction from the ultimate goal of awakening. This is what the multitudes are doing to each other is their misguided attempts to be helpful. They are feeling an ego while starving the soul.

When one is truly empty of all the emotional and mental dross, the dregs of experiences are expelled in one last purge. This is what enlightenment is. After the human consciousness in expelled of everything that it identified with, it is suspended in a moment of nothingness. This is where the alpha and the omega meet, the macrocosm and the microcosm converge, or where one meets themselves. This is where enlightenment, nirvana or self-realization happens. It is a real tangible experience and carries perimeters.

Once the human consciousness is emptied of everything it thought filled them, then it can align with Universal understanding. It can then register the emptiness of human experience as the fullness of love. The individual is now changed. They see great love in small exchanges of being kind to others, interacting with animals or communing with nature.

They no longer feel drawn to drama and demonstrative thought processes and may even have an aversion to them. They easily see the true motives and intentions of others. Those who seem the most complete to outer perceptions, are the ones that are empty in the true sense and those who seem lost and invisible are closer to the advancement of great spiritual heights.

The Lover of Life


When one is starting to become aware of their own interplay with life, it is because they have stopped judging, controlling, minimizing others. They start to see glimmers of their own worry in the brow of strangers. They develop lines of compassion which become cross lines that etch deeper and deeper over the lines of division. Eventually the whole soul is rubbed clean with compassion and caring.

These are the people who are demonized as the hippies and the tree huggers. They have done their time as the exalted soul on a pedestal that separates them from those who are different. They bow out of the powers plays because they too well remember the times they have been enticed to or forced to abuse power. This anguish and guilt plays a role in every interaction that they encounter.

They so desperately refuse to inflict physical, emotional harm or mental torment to another that they readily become the brunt of it. They do this willingly at first, just to punish themselves and in hopes of stopping the pain. But after a few lifetimes, the self-admonishing becomes automatic. The dynamics of doing whatever one can to be the antithesis of abusing power becomes auto pilot. It happens to such a degree that, to the individual it feels like the Universe or God is punishing them. But no. They are punishing themselves.

When one has been beaten down and rejected by life so much, it affords them the vantage point of being an observer of life. They start to show kindnesses to anybody who will engage them. Since they feel so unworthy of love, they are so grateful that anyone would love them. That gratitude is the fertile means to allow the heart chakra to open up. When the heart chakra is opened up, it aligns with unconditional love. With this alignment and their vantage point of separation, the wondrous beauty and interplay of all souls can now be seen.

These bruised and forlorn souls now awaken to seeing the humanity in other races and even species. They see how all mothers universally love their babies. They see how wisdom and kindness, in a variant of forms, is demonstrated whether the host body has fur, feather, scale or skin. If they have suffered deeply amongst their human kind, they may even stumble upon the wisdom and kindness of trees.

They may realize that trees exchange more than oxygen for breadth. They realize that trees also take away the stagnant energy of problems and exchange it with a clarity that was remiss. If they are real honest with themselves, they can take inventory of the ignorance and indifference that has ravaged the earth. They will make a silent vow to not cow tow to it any more. They start speaking their truth, sharing their love and honoring and respecting all life. This is very scary to the human since the times when they suffered for their truth and love was ripped away, still ruminate in the memory banks. Although for so many, even acknowledging that there are memories is a taboo. To admit to such things is met with such unspoken but real fear of being judged by one’s peers, rejected by society and even abandoned by their God.

To overcome such reminders of looming outcomes, the pain and isolation must already be prevalent in their life so that the incredible love that they have been desperate for starts bleeding through the cracks in their own psyche. They start to realize that love comes within and it isn’t dependent on one storybook love. Or the desperate search to attain that. Love is now seen everywhere. Every exchange, interaction, awareness, thought and deed is now magnified and an opportunity to dip one’s self further into the depth of love.

Living becomes a new adventure. Love is no longer contingent on what is receive but what is graciously and happily given. The ebb and flow of life is no longer linear but exponential. The individual becomes committed to sending out love to as many souls as possible. In doing so receives more than they ever thought was possible. Love goes on autopilot within themselves and a conscious effort to give or even receive love is no longer mandated to be immersed in love. Love is no longer a separate condition of cause and effect but a perpetual state of Grace.

The true beauty of such love is that it creates a commonality in all those who love. They recognize each other as kindred spirits of the same tribe. Kindness affords them the same access to others as an implied membership in the good ole boy club affords some; and more. The lines of this kindred spirit become so blurred that the lover of life can love beyond, race, species, genre or classification. In fact, the lover of life loves beyond any separation or division entirely. All atoms in all forms are now opportunities to love. This is how love becomes fluid and passes through all gates of the illusion of solid matter.

This is how love permeates the world. It happens when enough lovers of life expand their benevolence beyond the confines or separations of embodiment. They simply love all atoms of life as if it is a part of their own soul; because it is. Regardless of whether it is in a person, bird, rock or chair. Love permeates the world when enough souls recognizes kindness first in every encounter. When they have compassion for others in others learning curve to awakening to love. When hate is not seen as a threat but a short oversight, then love will permeate all of this world.

Loving all is doable because I can do it. If I can do it that means that the human physiology is able to do it. I can love you or any soul as if it is an atom of my own self, because it is. If you can catch the profound meaning of what I am conveying here, then you are feeling my love. When enough souls awaken to the ramification to this truth, love will bleed through all division, blur all lines and melt all into love. This is the purity of intention that so many are so close to attaining.

Their last vestige to doing this is turning within and loving the atoms of their own makeup. Unworthiness is the last crutch and ploy used by petty minds to sabotage world love. The cure is simple. Love yourself and know this love in all others. May my love, if nothing else will, be used to melt down that last blockade of unworthiness. You deserve to be completely uninhibited to flow unabashedly into recognizing yourself as more than an instrument of love. You deserve to be backwash into love itself.