Is Anyone Listening?


If you are engaging someone, and you cannot relinquish your stance to totally be inside the experience of being them for a instance, to understand their point of view, then you aren’t truly listening.

If you are waiting for them to finish just so you get your turn to educate them, then you aren’t truly listening.

If you have no intention of budging on your stance one iota and you are just being present to be polite, you aren’t truly listening.

If you are tuning them out to get the facts straight in your mind before you pummel them, you are not truly listening.

If what they say gets you upset and you must interrupt them to set them straight, you aren’t truly listening.

If you care less about their feelings or your relationship with them than being right, then you aren’t truly listening.

If you already know your mind and are just indulging them to be polite, then you aren’t truly listening.

Is anyone listening?

Loving Balance


In our natural state, our energy is a perpetual flow of love. There is a desire that borders on compulsion to give and share. We hold a memory of this completeness within our energy field and it is what we aspire to return to.

Due to trauma and fear, our loving flow diminishes to a trickle. This diminishes our access to the energy that fuels and inspires us. We greatly shut down and become less effective in helping ourselves and uplifting others.

Those who are trying hard to become effective again may get skewed in sharing. They are trying their best but their sharing is mental rants or emotional dumping. Since their energy flow is still introverted their sharing is based on fear or problems.

When someone is in this mode of processing, try to listen to them obliquely (if you feel you must listen). Sympathy has a low frequency to it so giving too much sympathy can actually hinder someone more than help them. A greater way to help them is to validate their greatness rather than their issues. Remind them of their resilient spirit and that anything that they are experiencing is temporary. They will try to bring you into their pain but that is only out of fear or loneliness. They don’t understand what they do.

To get out of that state ourselves, the best thing we can do is just give. Give of our talents, our time, our gifts in any way that allows us to prime the pump of generosity and love that is our natural state. But in doing so, realize that we have to include loving ourselves. Because when we can Love others AND Love ourselves, then we are in balance.

How to Be a Good Listener


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There is no multitasking when you listen to someone. Truly listening to someone, entails catching energy that they are “throwing”. To be distracted by other things is missing the “ball”.
Listen from the vantage point of the talker. As if these things could be happening to you. Otherwise, sheaths of opinions will block your ability to receive.
When you talk to children, meet them at their level. If they have friends, treat them with respect too; even if they are stuffed or plastic.
When someone is upset about something that seems silly, scan your own memory banks of a time you can remember feeling that way. This will help you not shut down in judgement.
If you don’t understand a point, don’t nod and agree. This is disrespectful and dishonest. Simply interject that you are having trouble following the point they are making and ask for clarification.
Don’t indulge those who talk too much, complain too much, or spew anger. Being a good listener is not a form of masochism.
If you don’t agree with someone, don’t pretend to, to be polite. This is actually rude because you are not honoring them enough to be honest. Just say, “I love you but I don’t get that point”. If it continues, then they don’t respect you and you must honor yourself and shut down the interaction.
If someone continuously drains you by wanting to use you to vent, talk about problems, complain, gossip or debate; then you are not listening to your own body that is telling you to remove yourself from this dynamic. If you do it because nobody else listens to them, you are being a martyr. The reason others are not listening to them is because it is not health for them. People literally make themselves sick by continually taking in low-level vibrations this way.
If you are forced into a situation where you have to be around a negative person. You can retrain them to be positive around you. When a person says negative things, ignore them and don’t bite. Pretend you didn’t even hear them. When they do get around to saying something positive, jump on it by engaging them. This is a means of rewarding them for positive behavior. This is how to retrain a human.
Listen to your inner sensors like your “gut” or “heart” in regards to all matter. You will never lie to yourself so never betray yourself by ignoring your truth. Listening to yourself is as important as listening to others.
Always be truthful in a kind pleasant way. Don’t tolerate things just to avoid conflict or to prevent hurting someone’s feelings. Your feelings matter too. You need to honor yourself as well as the other person. Truth resonates at a similar frequency of love so if you are just being polite and going through the motions, you are being less loving than being honest.
People want to know how to communicate with animals. It is no different from communicating with people. When you put as much reverence in to every interaction, every interaction will start to speak volumes. All of life will speak with you if your merely learn to listen in energy instead of in words.
Our pets problems may seem quaint but they are important issues to them. When your pet is hungry or wants a treat, it is no less important than when you are craving a snack. When they are sniffing out on their walk, realize that is their time to unwind and relieve stress. It is no different from you wanting to veg out in front of the TV. Realize what they are feeling like before you just dismiss their issues.
Listen to your inner promptings. They are truth trying to be heard. Never dismiss your dreams, passions, desires or hopes as a fancy. They are the precipice of a deep journey of awakening. Listening intently to the things that make you happy, is dipping a toe into your omniscience.
Encourage the impossible in others. Never be the dismal voice of reason. That voice has been used to squelch and diminish generation after generation. Be the one people come to who want to be encouraged or inspired. By doing this, you are someone’s “break in the clouds”.
If you need wise counsel, sit under a tree. People don’t understand the correlation between their own inspiration and what a tree is feeding them in assistance. The way to start making that connection is by spending time with a tree and seeing how your direction becomes more clear in doing so.

The Underbelly of Unworthiness


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People feed the ego by trying to starve it. When they put themselves last or deprive themselves; what they are actually saying is I am the best at being the least.

Society has got into a pissing contest of a sort with this. Everyone unconsciously tries to do outdo everyone else with being the most depraved. This is seen in someone making their story as gloomy as possible. They have to prove that they are in the most pain, are the most broke, are the least love and have the least opportunity.

There is a difference between being a compassionate listener and feeding others negative sense of self. The thing is…if the individual would use some of that energy that they use in telling their story to uplift themselves, they would realize that they have a lot to be grateful for.

If we did this as a group, as a group we would be feeling a lot more uplifted. Then we could use our talents and tools to uplift all of humanity.

Hearing a Call and Taking a Stand


I hear cries for help sometimes. This one came from the local grocery store. I heard a plant wanting to come home with me. I had bought some plants from the same rack earlier. When I went to check it out, there was one plant that was in real bad shape. There it was. The woman refused to sell it to me. It is store policy to not sell anything that is not healthy. She was adamant.

This happened before and I walked away with regrets. That was not going go happen again. I asked to speak to the store manager. She did not want such a neglected plant brought to the manager’s attention. It looked like someone had dropped it off on another shelf and then returned it. It was not about blame. I insisted on talking to the manager. He came. Right away, I could see his kindness. There was hope.

He tried to sway me to get a different plant. They did not understand. No. I wanted the one that needed help. The florist was tapping emphatically on the side of the container making her point. They explained how it would be chopped up and recycled so everything was okay. I felt the life force in the plant slipping away. I stood firm on my request. The manager kindly relented to give me the plant. I was so grateful. I believe his name was Dan. I really like him.

The plant responded well to natural sunlight and setting it in Simhas travel water dish. It’s leaves were drooping in the water so I told it to stand up straight and it’s leaves would no longer be in the water. I asked it what kind of pot it wanted. I picked out a special one that would make it feel special. It wanted a bright color. It also wanted a ceramic one and not plastic. It perked up so quickly that it seemed miraculous. I felt like taking it back to store just to show them. But It would not have liked it.

Thinking about this little miracle, I was amazed at how quickly the plant responded. It occurred to me how many throw away souls there are there in the world. There are so many people, animals and other life forms that someone deems inconsequential. I am hoping that this little plant is a surrogate for all the souls out there that just need to sit in the light soak in the love and be told by someone that they matter; because they do. The more we revive these souls that someone deemed unworthy, the more we hold a greater space for love in the world.

Dealing with Dumpers

nature 005

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People are stronger than they allow themselves to believe. They need to take self-responsibility. People who dump should realize a lot of things. They should realize they are being selfish and lazy. There is a way to take care of issues without dumping. Dumping is an energetic systemic problem in this society. People who allow it are not helping.

If someone tries to dump. You can cry with them, help them solve problems but don’t allow them to spew the details at you. Say to them, I love you and I want to support you but I can’t simply handle hearing all the details.

If they are on auto pilot and don’t respect that, say to them, I don’t care! It will shock them hopefully into realizing that you are a person and not a prop. If that doesn’t work and you have stated that it is not good for you, Then they obviously don’t care about you and are using you. Simply abruptly leave the conversation and remove yourself. That will create a bigger impression on them than anything.

You can continue to feed them love but have it be a one way interaction. You can also put up a kind of two-way mirror protection for yourself where the love goes out but nothing comes in. If they really want your help, lead them through a spiritual visualization where they take all that is troubling them and dump it into a river of Light to dissolve.

To sit and tolerate dumping is an outmoded form of service or humility that was drummed into many of us in a past life. Now it is time to be present and wake up to self-responsibility. It is a difficult process but the more people understand your boundaries the more they will regulate their own