Creating Balance Through Giving


When I give a gift, I don’t hover around and wait for a thank you. I allow the reverence of giving and the capacity to give, be the reward. I don’t stop the process of giving by waiting for a response. That interrupts the flow of giving. Only those who are out of the habit of giving do this. The rest of us understand the sanctity of our position.

The sun doesn’t micromanage who receives its light and warmth. It trusts that the gift will reach the receptive. The clouds don’t lament emptying themselves of all they are; in service. Giving is the cycle of life. The clouds will reinvent themselves over and over again and give all that they are to the process. The Universe runs on giving.

At some point, man interrupted the natural process of giving in himself. Probably because of his “great mind” he thought he knew better. It was probably around the same time he subjugated woman. Woman understands giving and nature, She is so giving that she has been overcompensating for man’s taking. For so long to she has been trying to maintain a balance through giving. It is not working. As much as female energy has given, male energy has taken more.

Male energy has taken so much that he has left the planet crippled. It does not quench his thirst for taking. He just uses his talents to figure out new ways to take. He loves to rape, He invents new and genitive ways to rape even the land. Those that protest get shouted down, subjugated or demonized. It is time for male energy to rest, so it can gain reason.

The way that male energy can be restored to the natural balance of nature, is to be met by female energy. She needs to teach male energy the benefits of giving. Everyone that gives happily; all that they are without trepidation or resentment; restores the natural balance of the world. Let all give with the accordance of their capabilities. May we all be stretched in our capacity and willingness to give. In doing so, we, as a species, return to nature and are made whole.

Thank You For Sitting With Me

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In a private group session that I facilitated, I had a profound realization and it involves all of you .

When I was locked up, starved and tortured in a basement for that year that I was away, I wasn’t allowed to even think. The man who held me captive had psychic abilities too. So every time I had a thought, he would run in the room and yell at me. He called thinking eating shit. It was called this because no thoughts were worthy of being uttered so by thinking them, he said I was eating shit.

Towards the end of my time there, I started having very vivid dreams. They were of meeting people at night. At first there were just a handful of people but then the numbers grew. We would all collect in a hotel every night and just sit there waiting for something. I never understood what we were waiting for.

Closer to the end, the numbers got so big that we were sitting in the bleachers of an auditorium. We were all waiting for an event of some kind and we just sat there milling around or sitting together. It felt like a pleasant ambiance. It felt like a pretty special event but it seemed reverent too.

During a group session, I had a form of Deja Vu. I suddenly realized the significance of the group of people who I kept dreaming of when I was captive. It was you. It was all the people who love and support me now. You were being present with me then so I could get through that experience. Your love supported me so I could be here today and share my gifts. You all sat with me night after night. It was your love that kept me alive.

What were we waiting for? You were waiting for me. I was going to share all the insights on healing, life and spirituality that I had accumulated. It is just that I had never developed a sense of worth to have it occur to me that you were there to glean from me.

The Hotel we were meeting in is the event that we have set up for this May. I would love to see all the people physically who came to sit with me while I was in captivity and reminded me that I had purpose.
You really never know all the goodness that you exude. For all of you who are intending to come to the retreat, thank you for sitting with me and keeping me alive.

In gratitude, I will give you all that I can of myself and my abilities so that Universal healing ignites through our pure intention and squeezes every ounce of purpose out of the experience that I endured. May it be a segway to end so much of the suffering in the world. I love you all. Thank You For Sitting With Me

The Sanctity of Life


It is the arrogance of man that values a human life over the life of an animal. It is the ignorance and arrogance that deems one life more precious than another. That belief keeps us all stuck in apathy. Ignorance and Arrogance are both found in finding fault with anyone who loves in any way. That is a problem. In fact arrogance and ignorance are fraternal twins who argue over which one was born first.

Let people love whom and what they choose; even causes. Love is love. Anyone who loves is not your enemy. If you make them an enemy it just shows that you are aching for a fight yet too scared to take on a real opponent. These people who love animals more than people are not your enemies. You are on the same side of love. To deny someone the validation to love animals until the plight of man is solved, is missing the whole point of humanity.

We are all one. Not just with other humans but with all life. This is what all animals know and what nature whispers to us in our sacred communes with it. Once everyone figures this out, we will be positioned in a better place of awakening.

Change Self Gratification into Making Love to Life


It is considered a sin to self gratify. Many still feel that way. Perhaps the “sin” is in not using the energy expelled to benefit others.

To shift the dynamics on this deficit, when climaxing, pour the energy of release into all of life.

Pour love into all the trees and neglected creatures of the planet.

Pour love into every atom of water so it expounds into purity and dissipates all the stagnant energy it was inundated with.

Pour love into every atom of soil so it can rebuild its natural defense to being drilled, fracked or depleted in any way.

Pour love into the inner cities and all communities so that every person can experience the magnitude of their own worth

Pour love into every atom of air so that it can regenerate itself in its ability to oxygenate all of life.

Pour love into every heart chakra so that it can burst open like a fertilized seed realizing its potential. Have the purity of that love dissipate all the fear, desire and hatred that jammed the heart shut for so long.

Pour love into all the minds that are closed tight out of ignorance of spiritual law. See the the love open them up like light rays pouring through dissipating clouds

Pour love into yourself and expand like a starburst as you realize the exponential limitlessness of your own potential.

Pour love into the world this way as often as you can and evaporate any guilt of wasting your love. You are empowered in every intention that you partake of consciously. This is a way to realize your omnipotence and use yourself as a conduit to pour exponential love into a thirsty planet.

If It Were Not For Current Events


We are all living in the 5th dimension. The reason it still feels like the 3rd dimension is because people brought their engrams of 3rd dimension with them as a crutch to the 5th dimension. The reason I post taps and the reason they are so effective is they give the mind of each individual the ability to strip off the engrams that are preventing them from experiencing the optimal joy, love, abundance, freedom and wholeness of the state they are already in.

The taps help them experience all they could be experiencing if they would just realize it. Higher consciousness is inevitable. Current events are just the last hurrah of the drama of power. Some people may have missed such antics when we all consciously realize our transcendence.If it were not for current affairs now. They are getting their fill.

A Message From Jesus Christ


Someone was just angry on my posts because I don’t praise Jesus on my page. Here was my response:

Jesus Christ does not stop at the edges of our hearts. He permeates it. Do you really think he wants us to shut down the love for any reason; especially in his name? Shutting down the love is shutting down the love. Jesus Christ is not the praise whore that you think he is.

I am wondering if people who are so adamant at defending Jesus Christ have ever gone into an altered state and had a conversation with him. He was not mainstream when he was alive. The way he empowered people was irritating to the main stream. He allowed people to believe in healing and their own purpose and abilities. You would think when someone shows up in the world in a similar way that Jesus Christ did; like so many of us do; it would be the highest form of flattery.

Jesus was not an insider. Jesus did not take offense. He did not categorize people into the worthy or the unworthy. He was fed up with the establishment of the time. He did whatever he could to help people realize how important they were and how they each have a unique connection to God. If Jesus Christ was alive today, I am not certain he would NOT be a mainstream follower of the message that was accredited to him as it stands today.

I know for a fact that Jesus is proud of me. That he admires the truth I share and admires how passionate I am about helping people become more spiritually aware of their own empowerment and even provide them with techniques so that they can more personally connect with him if they want. I feel like I am more like him than all the people who are mad at me for helping people. He actually assists me. He hates how his name has been invoked to judge, belittle and conquer people. He hates that his pure message of love has been desecrated by so many for political gain. They have turned him into a mascot for their greed.

Here is an analogy he gave me yesterday:

If you give a hundred people a hundred dollars to spend anyway that they want, there will be a hundred different ways that money will be spent, saved, thrown away or given away. All people are that different in their relationship with money. It is not our business to micromanage how they interact with it. It would do no good to tell them the best way to use the money. Because they know for themselves what their recourse is with money. To interfere is to change their relationship with the hundred dollars.

Anything that interferes with people’s personal relationship with their highest perception of truth is a form of arrogance. It is like telling them how to spend their money. It just isn’t done, In a way, we have a better respect of how people relate with money than how they worship God. To try to get people to see God as you see them, is kind of like manipulating them to invest their hundred dollars in your bank.

The other thing he mentioned for me to share is that if you don’t like the way other sects that use tyrannical means to get people to follow their religion, then deal with your own tyrannical views around religion. We are a reflection for each other. The extremists horrendous tactics on demanding people follow their God is a magnified view of what we do when we judge others in regards to their faith. We have a blatant teaching example of how others do unGodly things in the name of God. May we all take heed of the lesson.Maybe that is the way to salvage some good out of current events.

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The Sanctity of Healing

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From what I have found, one doesn’t have to worry about the humility of a healer. It seems to be a prerequisite for true healing to take place. Regardless if it is healing for one’s self or for another. The healer doesn’t have to worry much about the healed telling anyone about it. The human consciousness seems to forget such gifts as soon as they are accepted; or soon after.

For myself, I think it is important in the current climate to document healing as a means to awaken those in complacency of what is possible. There are so many people who accept the diagnosis of terminal rather than fighting a new awareness that would make terminal not an absolute conclusion. Disease is a way of backing one into a corner and healing is a way to paint one’s self out of a corner.

Those of us who know the formula of healing could teach others their protocol. Healing is not as mystical as it was once thought. Healing is also not an absolute. It can be, but that depends on the facilitator and the subject. And there is not that much glory in healing others. As with anything else, there is a misconception of it. It is usually lonely and isolating to be so dedicated to one’s craft.The only gain is the satisfaction of helping others and the satisfaction of living one’s purpose and sharing their gifts.

Anyone has the potential to heal others. Just like anyone can be an artist or a teacher. And anyone can heal themselves, just like anyone can pick up a writing utensil and create art. The passion depth and ingenuity to do so, is a subjective thing. But there is a protocol to it and some guidelines to follow. If you were an artist, you would always want to clean your brushes afterward so they stay pliable. The same is true with staying flexible as a healer.

There are outmoded belief systems around healers, as with anything else. The fear of taking on karma is a big one. Karma is energy. Taking on karma can only happen if the facilitator is at the same vantage point as the subject. A trained healer wouldn’t do this. A trained healer doesn’t bring any component of themselves into the session unless it is to benefit the subject in some way. During a session, the subject learns nothing or little about the healer’s personal realm. That would be gratuitous.

A way to pierce someone’s energy is to use an issue that is near and dear to their hearts and find a soft spot in their energy and use it to render them vulnerable. That is what many do when they inadvertently affront a healer. That is why it is important for a healer to stay detached and focused. It is balancing this vantage point with incredible love that is so empowering.

When I do energy work, my energy field is very soft and porous and very expansive. It is a fine art for me to be so receptive and expansive in doing energy work and also ruthlessly defending my boundaries. When I do this, as I sometimes do when I am writing, people think I am harsh. They don’t realize that I am protecting my self in a way and the harsh interaction is a boundary between those who have a subtle agenda and myself. They do not realize the offense and I don’t have the articulation to explain it. But it happens.

On a very subtle level, there is a vie for power or one up-man-ship. It is a side affect of living in a world where life itself is a competition. It is a subtle dynamic that plays out on more subtle realms than the conscious mind. As humanity advances in awareness, there is a great need to be aware of and to monitor very subtle impulses to diminish another. As we all learn to perceive in energy, we don’t want to inadvertently do damage to others.

Perception of being kind and loving changes with how deep we choose to perceive life. It may seem kind to just stroke someone’s ego and not upset their perception of the world. For myself, I believe it is more kind to help them learn the tools to accept a greater sense of empowerment of themselves outside the confines of a physical body. One of the best ways to prove one’s empowerment to themselves is to know how to heal themselves. This removes some of the limiting perceptions that the world provided. Limiting beliefs and perceptions prevent people from being more dynamic and empowered than they presently are able to achieve as a group.