I had a dream recently where I was sitting in a very large church that was packed. I sat in the pews with everyone else and a few people I remember from a spiritual group I have been part of.
We were all watching a very entertaining movie that a spiritual group had put together a few years ago. But as everyone watched, the movie changed from sharing spiritual principles to being a recruiting tape for more people to join their group.
The pews emptied out. A few people stayed out of dedication to truth. But we were all laying down in the pews. We were tired but we were there for a reason.
The few who stayed, sprawled out in the pews. I got up and went into a back room. I was unscrewing a big capsule. My assistant Thérèse A. Kravetz came into the room to help me unscrew the big capsule. I woke up wondering what it exactly meant. An understanding came through inner channels.
The crowd in the pews represented humanity. They were transfixed in obedience to the teachings of society, religion, governments and even spiritual groups. Watching the big screen was the psychic practice of having them transfixed to the rules of different groups in obedience and compliance. At one point, these groups helped people, but it showed how they have become different forms of psychic manipulation to captivate people as they enslave them.
I was told that The taps and writings I share, coupled with my intention of assisting an upgrade to humanity, are actually working.  My exercises of tapping and writings are working to free people from the psychic control that have kept them entrenched in groups through the history of man. The spiritual upgrade that I am assisting humanity in awakening to; is about each individual enjoying their own empowerment. They can now be free  without having to heavily energetically tithe any group. Groups can no longer use individual’s energy to enslave them. That is why the pews were emptied.
The die-hard people in the pews were those who were more aware but used this incarnation to assist others in some spiritual way. But I left the pews. I had more work to do.  Dissipating all the psychic energy that left people feeling like their fate was written for them was just part of my purpose.
When I went into the other room, the capsule that I was dismantling was the atomic bomb. I was shifting the course of humanity from war being inevitable to veering it towards world peace. The psychic energies of war mongering for profit and power have been strong. Those have been dissipated. We are now moving towards world peace. The cold energies that we have been experiencing have been a vital form of protection. It seems that the psychic attacks intended for those of us who came here to dismatle power, are stopped in their track by the frigid weather.
The reason that it is my responsibility dismantle war is that Einstein learned his abilities to tap into truth and wisdom from reading my books in my past incarnation of Madame Blavatsky. Hitler also read my works and gleaned the ability to harness psychic energy of control from what I shared in my works. I am not proud of that. But truth doesn’t usually shine a halo on people. It also makes sense that the psychic energy of hate that has resurfaced is also showing itself so that It can me eradicated out of existence once and for all.
So the dream was a validation that the taps I share are indeed working to dissipate all the psychic energy of control and veering humanity away from war.
When I saw the Missile scare that happened in Hawaii today, a wisp of awareness came through explaining why it happened.
All the people it affected needed the scare of that attack because it was the script that was written for them before I began assisting an incredible shift in the fate of humanity.
If we had not the success of the higher intention of the work I do, that missile scare would not have been a false alarm. It would have been real. I know that only a handful of people will believe this. Maybe the people who have had healing experiences with me. But there is a lot of craziness happening in the world. That is the necessary reality of so many layers of illusion being ripped off of power and corruption.
But if what I write here gives anyone hope, reassurance, or the inspiration to tap into their own empowerment, then it is worth the trade-off of possibly being considered a crackpot by so many more. We were not designed to be human sheep. We have only been conditioned to believe that it is noble to be human sheep. It is not.
The truth and intentions that you are sitting on may be the spring-board for the multitudes to shine in higher consciousness. One person was not meant to save humanity single heartedly. We are all intended to do what we are capable of doing to empower, enthrall, uplift, enlighten, teach or heal the multitudes. What are you waiting for? The psychic scare tactics have been dismantled. You are safe and encouraged to now shine.
If you need a means to shine, perhaps one of my books will provide you a blueprint to your own empowerment.



If I had physical wings I would use them to shelter those who were stuck on the ground from the elements. For where would I go that would free me from knowing that others were being pummeled where they stand?

If I had a voice that could be heard around the world I would use it to sing in any key to those who have forgotten that they can sing as well. The scorn and judgement of those who belittle my gift would pale compared to the exhilaration of even one soul feeling empowered.

If I had might I would use it as a means of reminding all others what their empowerment looks and feels like.

If I had legs and arms to span the world, I would walk up to every heart that aches and hug them with my whole being so that they could remember what the warmth of kindness felt like.

Then maybe they could fly, sing, walk and hug others as well and awaken all souls from their unrest.

Jen Ward


The Sweetest Lemonade


The Christmas Spirit is not such an elusive thing. It is not a haphazard, hit or miss experience. It is also not guaranteed by throwing money at the holiday. The Christmas Spirit is more apt to be found in the quietude of the fallen snow, or the breath of a sleeping child, than it is in the mall.

When something horrific happens in the world, we want to react to it. That is exactly what the intention desires. I choose not to feed any situation with fear and drama. I am compelled to figuratively “drop to my knees” and tap into the moment where the elusive Christmas Spirit dwells and feed it like a pipeline to all who are brought to a reactionary mode.

A great way to handle the feelings that are prodded by the perpetrators of any horrific act is to maintain a detached stance and hunker down in one’s empowerment. Resolve to pour love into the situation to dampen the fire of hatred and loss. It robs the perpetrators of the frenzy they savagely crave. It robs them, of their pay off.

A good way to do this is by shifting your vantage point to one of distance. Pretend that the incident happened a while ago and use time to separate yourself from the drama. This is not done out of NOT caring. This is a means of going into warrior mode; but as a warrior for love and resolve and not revenge.

The perpetrators thrive on fear, revenge and drama. That is their payoff. I refuse to feed them. There is a way to pour all the healing love into those who were affected without feeding the perpetrators. This is done with an undercurrent of love. Just like there are powerful undercurrents running in a frozen river, there is a powerful undercurrent of love we can send to those who were targeted and at the same time while freezing out the perpetrators.

The human reaction is to worry about the future. Don’t. That is drama. When you want to indulge in fear, “drop down to your knees” and convert all that fear into love for those affected. Fear feeds the perpetrators. Love feeds those affected.

The beautiful thing about the world is that we are all observing it like our own private snow globe that we are also a part of. What a beautiful learning experience to be able to toggle both. We are no longer trapped in the conditions of the snow globe. We are watching, learning, changing and evolving.

We are gaining such a rich understanding of “Power’s” limited bag of tricks that we are able to snuff it out simply by changing our vantage point and resolve. We are observing power’s stance, not at its cowering mercy, but from an objective stance; from afar. With this rich vantage point, we can see it’s cowering ugly essence and not feed it with our awe.

This is a great moment to tap into the Christmas Spirit. The same spirit that every advertisement has tried to bastardize to sell product. But yet it remains organic and pure. Because it is tapping into the reverence and quietude of perpetual love. This is the pure place that I write from. This is where I am now. Please use my words as a lifeline to connect with the Christmas Spirit and lets send it as a care package to all souls everywhere that are in need or distress.

I know my love to be big enough to satiate all souls. This is what I practice doing as repetitively as an athlete training for a championship. But the championship in my case is the empowerment of all souls. This means the ultimate goal is Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom and Wholeness of all souls. There is no need to worry about the mechanics as to how this occurs. Your one assignment, if you agree with this intention is to do your own part. This will be difficult enough.

Your part is simple, control your primal impulses to retaliate in fear and instead, “drop to your proverbial knees”, tap into the moment and pour your love into the world. You can direct it towards any demographic, but just don’t limit it to one. Love is fluid and will go where it will. You as the instrument of love can merely point the hose.

By doing this, you will be gaining your spiritual empowerment.. It is the thing that you have been searching for all of your days. So if this horrific event, was the thing that brought you to awaken to your highest purpose, then it was not for naught. You will be making the sweetest lemonade that heaven has ever tasted. I love you for that. You are supported by the angels in giving out the love that you do. In fact, that is exactly what angels do. They love beyond all fathomable means. You and I are now doing the same.


My Guides will not allow me to promote my work or anything I do in the personal realm. It seems all my attention is directed at paralyzing all attempts to thwart the attempts of power to enslave humanity. They are not able to enslave people like they are used to. They are not capable of stealing people’s energy anymore.
Their attempts are limited now to people giving up their energy willingly. We who are aware are assisting those who are playing catch up from giving up their empowerment easily. Their energy can then be used to run power to the ground. That is what we are seeing happen right now.
If you appreciate my work and what I say here resonates with you, perhaps you would like to support me by purchasing a book and gifting it to someone. The more people who read my work and do the taps I post, the more we loosen the grip of power from humanity,
I have published Nine books in the past two years. All have the purpose of freeing individuals and humanity from the grips of power. Please consider purchasing one of my books and sharing it with someone. As my books become mainstream, so does the intentions behind them; Universal Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Health, Success, Enlightenment and Wholeness.
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Release the Fear of Disappointing Others


When my mother was in the last couple months of her life, she should have been focusing all her energy on her wellness and the next leg of her journey. Unfortunately, it was around Christmas time. She was so obsessed with not disappointing her grandchildren by not getting gifts for the holiday, that it depleted a lot of her energy. As an onlooker, it seemed silly and irrelevant. But this issue consumed her.

I have watched several people on the news give interviews after they have been in a devastating disaster. It is surprising that the thing that they mention is how devastated they are that the children will be disappointed Christmas morning. They just lost everything they need to survive and they are worried about the disappointment of their children.

I understand completely. I feed all the wilderness outside. I am compelled to. Because I have been starved in this lifetime, I can’t fathom anyone going hungry. But it’s even more compelling than that. The blue jays have to have their peanuts, raw eggs for the skunks, chipmunks like the small seed. Everybody loves sunflower seed, and the raccoons like grapes and cat food.

But it isn’t just about having enough food for everyone. I have gone overboard in making sure everyone has their favorite foods. I have studied this behavior in myself as I dutifully pour out the corn, seed, and fill all the feeding stations. I realized that it isn’t just about making sure they are well fed. It is making sure that they aren’t disappointed when they go to the feeding stations. I realized that this is a theme that has come up in my life. They are a reflection of something that I need to come to terms with to free up my energy to be used for a better intention.

(Say each statement 3 times out loud while tapping on the top of your head at the crown chakra and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest at the heart chakra)

“I release being disappointed by life; in all moments”
“I release being disappointed by others, in all moments”
“I release expecting to be disappointed; in all moments”
“I release having disappointment be a mainstay; in all moments”
“I release being married to disappointment; in all moments”
“I release carrying disappointment around; in all moments”
“I release the fear of disappointing others; in all moments”
“I send all energy matrices into the light that set me up to disappoint others; in all moments”
“I send all energy matrices into the light that set me up to be disappointed; in all moments”
“I command all complex energy matrices that set me up to disappoint others to be escorted into the light by my guides; in all moments”
“I command all complex energy matrices that set me up to be disappointed to be escorted into the light by my guides; in all moments”
“I remove all vivaxes between myself and disappointment; in all moments”
“I remove all tentacles between myself and disappointment; in all moments”
“I remove the claws of disappointment from my beingness; in all moments”
“I nullify all contracts between myself and disappointment; in all moments.”
“I recant all vows and agreements between myself and disappointment; in all moments.”
“I remove all curses between myself and disappointment; in all moments.”
“I remove all blessings between myself and disappointment; in all moments.”
“I remove all strings, cords, and wires between myself and disappointment; in all moments.”
“I dissolve all karmic ties between myself and disappointment; in all moments.”
“I remove all the pain, burden, and limitations that disappointment has put on me, in all moments.”
“I remove all the pain, burden, and limitations that I have put on all others due to disappointment; in all moments.”
“I remove all the fear, futility, and unworthiness that disappointment has put on me; in all moments.”
“I remove all the fear, futility, and unworthiness that I have put on all others due to disappointment; in all moments.”
“I remove all the ignorance, blindness to spiritual law, and illusion of separateness that disappointment has put on me; in all moments.”
“I remove all the ignorance, blindness to spiritual law, and illusion of separateness that I have put on all others due to disappointment; in all moments.”
“I take back all that disappointment has taken from me; in all moments.”
“I give back to all others all that I have taken from them due to disappointment; in all moments.”
“I withdraw all my energy from disappointment; in all moments.”
“I strip all illusion off of disappointment; in all moments.”
“I remove all masks, walls, and armor from disappointment; in all moments.”
“I permanently close all portals and passageways to disappointment; in all moments.”
“I collapse and dissolve disappointment; in all moments.”
“I release resonating with disappointment; in all moments.”
“I release emanating with disappointment; in all moments.”
“I extract all disappointment from my sound frequency; in all moments.”
“I extract all disappointment from my light emanation; in all moments.”
“I shift my paradigm from disappointment to universal joy, love, abundance, freedom, and wholeness; in all moments.”
“I transcend disappointment; in all moments.”
“I am centered and empowered in universal joy, love, abundance, freedom, and wholeness; in all moments.”
“I make space in this world for universal contentment; in all moments”
“I remove all blockages to universal contentment; in all moments.”
“I stretch the universe’s capacity to embrace universal contentment; in all moments.”
“I send all energy matrices into the light that interfere with universal contentment; in all moments.”
“I command all complex energy matrices that interfere with universal contentment, to be escorted into the light by my guides; in all moments.”
“I resonate and emanate with universal contentment; in all moments.”

Soft Shell Crabs, Samurai and Child’s Play

IMG_1015.jpg 4
The techniques that I share are ones I actually use as survival tools in such a harsh environment. I have used them over the years to survive in a world that is conducive to attack others rather than love them.
In the ocean, crabs grow too. Their hard shell must be discarded and they must grow a new one. When they outgrow their shell, they shuck it off and are exposed for a while as their new shell grows and hardens. Sensitive people are like these soft shell crabs. They are trying to survive with little defenses.
Sensitive people don’t attack others. They don’t play the games of competition that other people play to thrive. They don’t diminish others for their own gain. Sensitive people actually love others more than those others perhaps love themselves. If anything, sensitive people will harm themselves first through diminishing themselves before they will allow anyone else to hurt at their hands. Sensitive people, feel the pain of others way too easily to inflict anything on them. They prefer to be hurt rather than inflict harm. Life is way less painful this way.
I have been like the soft-shelled crab all my life. I have allowed myself to be bullied and put down by my family. I saw what fragile beings they were under their painful behavior. They used being unkind as their defense. I have taken the blows inflicted by others willingly. I did so, so automatically that it became habit. I forgot that it was my choice.
I have a developed a wicked wit that I don’t ever use. It is so acute I could disarm anyone with it. Yet I don’t use it as a defense. It is similar to how the Samurai is so skilled with a sword but very rarely uses it. There is an honor in Mastering a skill and yet not ever being demonstrative about its effectiveness.
There are many more people who Identify with this than do not. They believe they are the minority because they do not feel the need to wield their strength over others. They watch life and believe they are isolated because no one discusses the intangible experiences that they identify with. They may not even be able to articulate them in themselves. But perhaps that do now by reading this.
All the techniques that I share are a means for the sensitive person to be empowered without diminishing others. I have used the hundreds of techniques that I share a lot of my life for survival tools. They all have the intention to empower individuality and to raise the consciousness and vibration of the world.
I have been practicing the techniques that I share with you so much that they become automatic. This means that they are ascribed to the parasympathetic nervous system and are completed easily without any conscious effort. Things that others would have to concentrate really hard to do, is as automatic to me as walking. I did have to Master them, but once I did, now they come automatic. I Mastered them not for any ill gain but because in my heart of heart, I so desperately desire all souls to feel love and to irradicate senseless unkindness.
Things that I have Master doing and now do as easily as blinking include:
Pouring love into all beings
Validating everyone in existence where ever they are,
Easing the suffering of others all over the world by calming them when they are is angst and being with them in energy when they are hurting,
Drying up fear by countering it with love,
Dissipating psychic energy and stopping the barrage of psychic attacks that cause people to react in fear
Loving others so the extend of piercing their facade and allowing them to feel safe to shuck it and love themselves
Encourage imagination, creativity and the empowerment of all individuals
Break apart coagulated energy that is caused by individuals unwittingly giving their power away.
Return the energy to individuals so they can regain and maintain their empowerment
Repair the energy fields of all beings
Upgrade the DNA of those who attack so they are able to trascend primal mode 
Strip layers of illusion off of individuals and groups.
Knock people out of knee jerk primal mode so they can discern truth once again
Encourage individuals to love all atoms of life
Remove the division that is creating division and isolation in the world
Take the mystic out of Faith heaing and show the physiology of it
Upgrade the awareness of others so that we finally immerse the dark ages.
Assist others in discerning truth
Showing others to perceive in energy so they will not be enslaved by fear anymore
Heal others by redistributing energy to the natural rhythm of an organic life
I do all these things without having to give thought to them. I have had to at one point but they have now become automatic. I have been fortunate in this life to have experienced a great amount of abuse, deprivation and invalidation so as to develop these skills. The birds, trees, and Nature love me enough to allow me to thrive when no other human could stand to. Love is essential to life. People can not exist without it. But one who is rejected by humans is ever unloved. They are nurtured through the most hostile experiences through Nature.
That is why cities and prisons are so especially cruel. They isolate people from the innate healing properties of nature. It would be more humane to assist a person who has an imbalance by immersing them in nature or giving them an animal or tree to care for. This will assist them in balancing out their energy naturally instead of distorting and twisting them more. America is very cruel in that way. In some countries rebalance  happens.
If what I do sounds like a better way to expel your energy than lamenting, gossiping or complaining feeling victimized. Take this children’s rhyme and use it as the dynamic spiritual tool that it really is: I am the rubber, you are the glue. Whatever you say bounces off me, and sticks to you.
This is a very profound tool to use as protection. I use it automatically so as not to react to the rhetoric and psychic attacks that are wielded daily by others. Even those who are considered the most powerful people. It is easy to use right now because we have the highest elected officials using attacks as a form of defense. But it is not working for them. Here is why.
When someone says something to attack others, I see it as dirt on a windy day that flies back onto them and sticks. If you notice, everything the president says about others, is something that he, himself is guilty of. It is not just him, it is all people who attack. Once someone has diligently focused in protecting truth, sincerity and integrity, practices my techniques the opposite will be way more easier to discern. I share the things that  I have been practicing diligently for the last few years.
I always have had the seed of the ability to do these things. It is merely the extreme case of my time here on earth that has caused me to hone such skills. But you benefit from what I have Mastered just as all benefit from what you bring to the table. You have the seed to do them as well. This is how we raise the consciousness on the planet. What I share on my page is equivalent to the four-minute mile. Once it was considered impossible and now so many are able to do it.
If you like what I write, I encourage you to ascribe to my newsletter that will be coming out soon. It is not a means for me to empower myself. It is a means for the individual to tap into the energy of what I do and use it to regain their own empowerment.

Being Exponential


I write my name
In blood and pain
To ward off attacks
And the overt disdain

Polite inquiries
Are as transparent as lies
As obvious and obtuse
As an ill fitted disguise

Curiosity isn’t caring
It doesn’t even deceive
What the side ways glances
Of naysayers Believe

Being authentic is an option
That only the courageous tries
Its a battle to matter
That taking the offensive belies.

How you show up
Is a soul searching Choice
No matter how that manifests
It is YOU…. using your voice

Jen Ward