The Most Glamorous Thing…….

The most glamorous thing about having a book signing is telling people you are having a book signing. In reality, it is putting one’s’ self in a very vulnerable state. It is not like a Kardashian launching their next whim or a president writing a book on behalf of their popular pooch. It is not like Justin Bieber being discovered in at mall. It is a desperate, quiet cry for validation of one’s contribution to an indifferent barrage of strangers.
A person who writes a book usually is introspective enough to be able to write a book. That indicates right there that there is a chunk of time not committed to social skill. One who is more comfortable alone with their thoughts, may not feel so comfortable in a crowd. It is fair to say that, in general, a writer may sacrifice their social aptitude for their writing. So to display themselves out in front of a crowd can be awkward.
A book Signing entails sitting in front of a crowd of disinterested strangers hoping for a crumb of interest in what you have poured your essence into. True, the market is inundated with vanity books. This only makes it more difficult for a dedicated writer to be discovered among the fluff. To have eight books to offer thus far to the public, as I do, shows either a passion for writing, a narcissistic streak, or a true calling to contribute to humanity. I believe it is the latter.
To spend all of my days alone, with no social interaction to putting myself in front of strangers is a stretch. It is an act of faith. There are subtle dreads involved that could fill a whole other book. When one writes a book, they don’t really think through what it entails to have it accepted by mainstream. It is a whole totally different job description than writing the books.
Today I will be at Lift Bridge Book Shop in Brockport NY. It is a home town atmosphere there. They are very gracious and accommodating. To ease the sting of sitting vulnerable to the public, I am offering five dollar readings with the proceeds going to the arbor fund to plant more trees in town. It is not really a reading that people are used to.
I am a medical intuitive who reads Akashic records. So I can tell the passer-by, what the issue is in their body, and what caused it in a past life. Then I can actually assist them in changing the script on their programming to release the stagnant energy causing the disturbance. Not bad for five bucks huh?
I hope some of you will who are local and see this will come out to say hi to me. It is a long shot. But so is most of the things that others take for granted in this life. Heck, I am not even sure if anyone reads my page anymore with the way the algorithms are screwed with. If you do, maybe you can like the Book Shop’s page.
But next time that you see a book signing, have compassion for the writer. It doesn’t seem like a heroic thing to do, but for them, sitting there, making themselves available to you, may be some of their hardest work.

How Jen Helped Me and My Family


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I married for love. That didn’t stop me from having a difficult time after the honeymoon.

The real difficulty began in childhood with challenges of being the only girl in a male slanted home and being diminished.

I reached out to Jen out of the pain of not being seen in my life. Even in the so-called progressive spiritual group I belonged to, I didn’t feel seen as a female so wholeheartedly.

My husband was seen and honored in all ways–in his job, in his spiritual group, in his family, at the grocery store–so he didn’t go looking for Jen.

But his life was not full. He too was cut off from his whole heart.

Along comes Jen.

We have both learned so much from Jen. She has definitely ignited my own self nurturing, freedom and most of all empowerment. She has shown me the advantages of being in female energy—not just being female because men and women have both male and female energy—but of being empowered in female energy.

What has this meant? For me, it means trusting. Trusting myself, trusting my gut, being more compassionate, and learning to communicate with all life. It means connecting more to my true purpose.

My husband’s life is so much richer now. He is more present to all of life: he is gardening, editing books, involved in life in ways he never was before.

I notice little changes that are profound. I have better clothes—not more expensive, but more flattering. I hear trees talk, I see what people are saying in energy behind their words.

She taught me to remove attachments to groups. I let go of people who were takers and welcomed in those friends and family who are givers and with whom I can learn about divine love.

If you want the chance to benefit from Jen’s healing energy, and the dynamic expansiveness and empowerment that occurs with what Jen does, you can participate in a retreat on September 8 and 9.

And FYI: if you book the hotel before August 8th you will receive a discounted rate of 99.00 and 129.00 instead of the normal rate of 154.00.

I know this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and will be so unique and different from the last retreat. See Jen’s websites for testimonials from people who attended her last retreat.

Wisdom of the Sapling Forest


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There are over three hundred little terracotta pots in my care. They all want me to give them individual attention. They thrive on it. Every day I have to scan each one to see if they have enough sunlight, enough water, are feeling validated. It is important. It isn’t enough to treat them as merely a whole unit and be done with it. They would all start to wither in groups.

It occurred to me that these little pots are kind of like all the cells in the body. They need individual attention to thrive and so do the cells of the body. Maybe there is a lot of healing in just giving ll the cells in the body a nod of approval each day. Maybe it is a way of keeping them plugged in and feeling validated.

Each day in contemplation, scan the whole body very slowing and send love to each cell. Look at each one as if you were scanning a magnifying glass over it and enlarging it, See how they all feel and look. Start with the feet and make certain the cells of each toe and all the heel get a quick look at. Send all parts love.
Go through the whole body this way.

You may feel tingling, warmth or a magnetic sensation. It is the energy being stimulated in the body. It is evidence that what you are doing is effective. You may get real tired or real energized. Feeling the energy will affect people differently and will not always be consistent.

Scan your body this way every time you think of it. If you find lumpy energy, break it apart. If there are dark spots, pour light into them. You may surprise yourself what you find and what you are capable of tending to. This is what a medical intuitive does and you can do it for yourself.It is just one more opportunity for self empowerment.


I asked my sapling forest and the big trees to tell me one of their secrets. They showed me in images how silly man is by chopping up existence into different outfits. They showed me a man mowing his lawn in boxers and a tee and they showed me a man in a power suit. They think it is silly how the different outfits change the whole feeling of the man. They believe it is silly that the outfits mandate the mood or that people define themselves by clothing.

Dusting off your Spirituality

jen ward

Having a private session (or a few) with Jen Ward has awarded me greater contentment and real joy than I would have previously imagined finding in this life. Having her identify the root causes of subconscious anxieties and their resulting well-being concerns, and then having them released into a new, truer outlook on everything is a priceless gift. The lifetimes that have led to this one are rich in all possible scenarios and we are our own history that is often kinked-up in the crude ways of the past. Our destinations are to be fully functioning physical and spiritual beings. Who doesn’t desire clarity and sound direction in all their life experiences? Jen to me is like the North Star. Her livelihood and incredibly important presence in this world is something I whole heartedly encourage and support for anyone to hook up with, to UNhook from whatever ails. We as individuals experiencing this difference are establishing a new norm and value in energy healing possibilities for all. We are all worth a private session with Jen. Go for it and Godspeed.

Your Energy Field


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Your energy field is made of up different components. There is the physical component (which is still energy) and there is an emotional component, past life make up and even a mental aspect of yourself. All these things are contained in your energy field. You are much more than your body. When there is a weakness in the physical body, it is most likely a manifestation of a weakness in one of the other bodies. If the weakness is addressed in the more subtle energy body, than healing can bleed through the physical body as well.

These different energy bodies are what some people like myself are able to read. There is nothing extra ordinary that a psychic does that anyone else cannot learn to do. They are just reading the emotional or astral body of the energy field.

The deeper the energy worker can read, the deeper the healing can be for the physical body. A mental dis- ease may manifest as an imbalance that is called mentally ill in various degrees. But if the root cause is found, it can align the mental aspect of the energy system of the body with the rest of the aspects of the energy system and well being can prevail.

When a mental disorder is manifesting, the individual’s mental aspect of their energy is out of alignment and it is not being “checked” by the emotional aspects of the individual and other aspects as well. The mental body has partially disengaged and has started functioning separate from the physical, emotional and causal aspect of the person.

When one of the subtle bodies is overcompensating for the others, I see it as an energetic slipped disc or bulging disc. I see how the emotional or mental body is bulging out of alignment. What I do in a way is streamline in back into position.