A Message From Jesus Christ


Someone was just angry on my posts because I don’t praise Jesus on my page. Here was my response:

Jesus Christ does not stop at the edges of our hearts. He permeates it. Do you really think he wants us to shut down the love for any reason; especially in his name? Shutting down the love is shutting down the love. Jesus Christ is not the praise whore that you think he is.

I am wondering if people who are so adamant at defending Jesus Christ have ever gone into an altered state and had a conversation with him. He was not mainstream when he was alive. The way he empowered people was irritating to the main stream. He allowed people to believe in healing and their own purpose and abilities. You would think when someone shows up in the world in a similar way that Jesus Christ did; like so many of us do; it would be the highest form of flattery.

Jesus was not an insider. Jesus did not take offense. He did not categorize people into the worthy or the unworthy. He was fed up with the establishment of the time. He did whatever he could to help people realize how important they were and how they each have a unique connection to God. If Jesus Christ was alive today, I am not certain he would NOT be a mainstream follower of the message that was accredited to him as it stands today.

I know for a fact that Jesus is proud of me. That he admires the truth I share and admires how passionate I am about helping people become more spiritually aware of their own empowerment and even provide them with techniques so that they can more personally connect with him if they want. I feel like I am more like him than all the people who are mad at me for helping people. He actually assists me. He hates how his name has been invoked to judge, belittle and conquer people. He hates that his pure message of love has been desecrated by so many for political gain. They have turned him into a mascot for their greed.

Here is an analogy he gave me yesterday:

If you give a hundred people a hundred dollars to spend anyway that they want, there will be a hundred different ways that money will be spent, saved, thrown away or given away. All people are that different in their relationship with money. It is not our business to micromanage how they interact with it. It would do no good to tell them the best way to use the money. Because they know for themselves what their recourse is with money. To interfere is to change their relationship with the hundred dollars.

Anything that interferes with people’s personal relationship with their highest perception of truth is a form of arrogance. It is like telling them how to spend their money. It just isn’t done, In a way, we have a better respect of how people relate with money than how they worship God. To try to get people to see God as you see them, is kind of like manipulating them to invest their hundred dollars in your bank.

The other thing he mentioned for me to share is that if you don’t like the way other sects that use tyrannical means to get people to follow their religion, then deal with your own tyrannical views around religion. We are a reflection for each other. The extremists horrendous tactics on demanding people follow their God is a magnified view of what we do when we judge others in regards to their faith. We have a blatant teaching example of how others do unGodly things in the name of God. May we all take heed of the lesson.Maybe that is the way to salvage some good out of current events.

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Understanding an Aspect of What I Do

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This is a message I received:

My husband woke up for a moment to tell me he was tired. He said he had an all night long dream that he was saving children from an evil demon spirits. He fell back asleep so I thought I would do some taps on him. I realized when I was saying his very last sentence from the poverty taps. That’s Exactly what the Taps are! That’s exactly why you have written them and shared them with the world.

I had said to him right before he fell asleep that his dreams were just the pictures to help him understand. I said what energy messages are trying to be relayed through the images you saw! Then click it hit me! That’s what Jen does for us by sharing her taps. She helps us…. the children of the world to release our energetic demons. Thank You!

How We Expand Heaven


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I just received this message


A year before I met you, I began looking at new homes to move to. More recently, I began looking at fixer uppers because I do not have the linear resources and you have helped me come to understand that there is so much more than what we see on the outside. For the past six months, I became interested in looking at homes that were in foreclosure.

One at a time, I would find foreclosed homes online. I would see pictures of the various rooms and exterior shots too. Sometimes I would even drive past the house. Then in my mind, room by room, I cleaned them up. I patched up holes, painted the walls. I tore up rugs and put down new floors. I visualized the house filled with love – my kids, their friends, things we have that hold great meaning – placed within the house. I could see myself adding plants and gardening – playing with my dog in the backyard. The final products were gorgeous.

Then, three were purchased and fixed up. Another three were purchased. All the sudden, it hit me. I was pouring loving intentions into these homes. By doing that, someone else saw the beauty and potential of these homes.

Jen, thank you so much for showing me the power of intention!

The Message of the Birds


A few years ago, I asked a wise friend; what my spiritual purpose was. She told me how special I was and took a few moments to contemplate her answer. She began to sob and cry.

“Honey, I don’t know what your purpose is but it is huge”, she said. “The Masters (spirit guides) have something planned for you.”

“What do you see?” I asked.

“Bird”, she said. “Tons and tons of birds. I don’t know what it means but it is huge. You have many gifts to share and you have no idea how you will be helping others”

I always wondered what the birds meant. But now recalling an occurrence that happened when I was imprisoned by the man. I wonder if the birds were giving me love and motivation to keep me alive.

I knew I was meant to go live with “him” (who later became my captor). It wasn’t like we loved each other. I didn’t realize he didn’t even like me. He felt great relief from my healing work at first and I felt pulled towards a destiny.

At the property, he quickly turned on me. He hated everything about me. He wouldn’t let me love my own dog because he felt my dog was another incarnation of him. We had to have a long dialogue before each meal of how disgusting I was. I had to convince him that we were in agreement in this matter before I could eat. I had to back it up many times with evidences of it from my past. This is when he was the most agreeable.

I was cut off from all outside influences pretty quickly and kept in a basement. There was no contact with any one or any thing. He was pretty psychic and would get ruthless if he sensed me thinking. So I had to stop the process of thought and dreaming. He would come in and threaten me for dreaming; which he called eating shit. It was a great discipline that would assist me later in helping others. I woke up multiple times terrified because I caught myself dreaming; which was considered conspiracy against him.

Months later I was deprived all outer contact and any internal self comfort. I learned to abstain from thinking, feeling, all inner or outer expressions of self. I survived on maximum work, limited sleep a small bowl of rice a day. I would steal the dog’s food just to stay upright. Going through the garbage was no longer an option because he said if he caught me stealing from him, he would punch me in the stomach until I threw it up.

When things felt the most bleak, the birds would come. They would cover the sky. Hundreds and hundreds of robins would cover the lawn. Another day the blue birds would fill the trees and ground. Some times the property would be inundated with blackbirds. It was something he could not control. Their presence uplifted me. They gave me a sense of peace and wonderment.

Thinking back on my wise friend’s prediction, I wonder if all this was planned. If the birds were sent to make certain that I survived to share my gifts. Every moment now is sacred to me. Everything I think say, and do is intentional. What a great gift I have been given. I Am grateful for the abundance of existing. This is a great vantage point to share with others; to help them realize that peace can come by getting their own thoughts and beliefs out-of-the-way. Just doing that is a great form of self-healing.