Holding Space For Truth

When I started writing, the men who knew my work tried to get me to hold back on sharing. They said it was the means to get people to buy my books. This mentality is rooted in male energy. Female energy gives everything it can in a sense of sisterhood. This is not a man, woman thing; but a yin, yang understanding.
My Guides encouraged me to pour all my work right out into social media and compile my posts as I go. What I didn’t realize was that truth was being extracted from the vibration of earth and my posts were holding space for it.
I now have ten books and the attempt of the negative factions did not succeed in enslaving humanity. The world looks messy right now but it is better than calm complacency. The chaos is a bridge to higher understanding for all.
The negativity we see play out in the world has always been here. But now it is exposed for all to see. That is probably why I named my first book, Enlightenment Unveiled. Because the layers of illusion that have been squelching the awakening of humanity, are being ripped away.

The Fast Track to Raising Consciousness

Humans are Living, Breathing Portal makers. Anything they put their attention on and fixate on, especially with passion (igniting the heart to work with the mind) will manifest. The problem is that humans have been subjugated and taught to only manifest negative scenarios for themselves and the world they live in, by default.
Every time you agree with a negative scenario, you are adding your portal making abilities to that of another. You are fortifying a negative portal for yourself and others to walk through and exist in. Children innately understand this and this is why they react so vehemently to the rules put on them by adults.
Creating negative portals have become so ingrained, that people can’t help thinking negative thoughts and scenarios. The thoughts come in at an alarming rate for some. It is a distressing thing for someone who consciously tries to be positive; to have these negative thoughts come through.
It is because they are trying to be positive that the negativity will inundate them more. It is no different from cold air rushing to meet hot air or vice versa and creating steam. Here is a way to deal with negative thoughts that rush in and seem overwhelming.
Imagine a thought as a bubble forming as a new reality. It is emerging from your mind to manifest as a reality. Simply, pull the thought away from your mind before it is fully formed, with a conscious intention. Do this as many times as you have negative thoughts. Some people will have to keep at it diligently for a while. But eventually, you will learn to not waste your efforts creating negative scenarios because the conscious you will simply deflate them and watch them dissipate. Make this your new habit.
This technique has an added advantage. The you that is pulling off the negative reality is the you of higher consciousness. You will actually be adopting the vantage point of your higher self. It is a fast track to raising your consciousness.

Remove the Passageway to Hell


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

Did you ever notice that when someone believes something negative or derogatory, they want everyone else to believe it too? It is almost as if they are campaigning for it. It’s because they don’t want to be alone in whatever they do. They want to be supported by the mass agreement.

But here is the stark cold reality of life. Whatever truth you believe, whether it is the most positive scenario possible, the most horrific outcome either, or somewhere in the middle, that is YOUR truth. You continually face the truth of your own convictions. Everybody is right in their perception of truth. That is because we manifest our own reality and outcome in all things and all ways. In turn, we deal with the consequences of our truth as well.

Having said that, you may want to manifest the best damn positive outcome that you can possibly conceive by putting energy only into positive thoughts and beliefs. Because what you believe will be your truth and you will be facing it alone. No one can pull another into their hell and I can’t pull you into my heaven. All I can do is give you the tools to remove all the passageways into your hell so you can see your way to only Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom and Wholeness.

You are empowered. It has always been your choice.

Trump’s Base

I hesitate to put these taps out there because I get so attacked when I get involved. People think I am being political. I am not. Politics is one of the most negative experiences we have on this planet. It is where manipulation, greed and guile put on a sweet face to manipulate those who are trusting.
Think of the place where hot and cold meet to create condensation and form a cloud. But the cloud that the negativity of politics forms in coming against the truth of higher consciousness and leaves us all in a fog. The negativity of politics must be tempered so when it meets the truth of our gaining innate goodness, the cloud is less dense. The experience is softened for all involved. At this point all of humanity is involved.
I am wording the following taps to be for Trump’s base. They can actually be done for any base. You can do them for the Hillary’s base. Or you can do them for the Conservative base, the Prime Minister base if you are concerned with UK and the Brexit base for all of Europe. Most of these movements are being pushed by an agenda of the likes of Putin. Every single one of them are intended to manipulate the individual into fear and anger and keep them in primal mode.
It is a shame that these movements are targeting good people with simple values who love God and are trying to be good people. They are fed lies and distorted into hating machines that are so defensive and unable to receive truth. They don’t realize that the people who are feeding them the agenda are paid henchmen of the movement. They are being duped.
Those of us who are too savvy to agree are demonized as the opposition party; which most of us are not. I was really rooting for Trump. I really wanted him to rise up to the occasion. But he is being seen by so many as the petty, infantile that he is. It is bad enough to run the country to the ground and try to attain all of United States as an acquisition in a new era and birthing your son-in-law as a new oligarchy kingpin.
It is another thing when they desecrate truth and abuse an untarnished man to attain such a degree of desecration of freedom. This is what is being witnessed by so many who can see. James Comey is a man of integrity. You know how to tell? He has spent his lifetime doing what he loves; which is protecting the ethics of our great country. You know how you can tell he has integrity? Both sides of the aisle disagree with him and yet both sides of the aisle respect him as well. It turns my stomach that the playbook in politics is intending to smear this good man’s reputation. With one word; leaker. It is shameful.
So I am compelled to share this energetic technique to dismantle the psychic manipulation that is already starting to be used to desecrate James Comey. I will share something with you that I have discovered. When I was listening to his testimony this week and the way he was so savvy in forcing an outside counsel to look into the issue of collusion, I knew the Universe was using him to bring integrity back to the table.
Those in majority are merely seizing on this disadvantaged situation to push their slanted policies through a backdoor during a chaotic time. They are blatantly lying and backing this guy they couldn’t stand a few months ago merely to gain some political momentum. They are using him as a dupe for the policies they couldn’t push on the people honestly. They are being revealed as despicable. It is no longer a subtle ploy of tilting the playing field to one side. They are desecrating the life work and toil of decades of dedicated public officials who came before them. Officials who actually served the people and not their own self-serving interests.
As I was watching Comey testify, the window to his Akashic records openned up and I was shown who this man was in his past life. The reason he is so passionate about the FBI, the reason he is so good at defending the law of the land and the reason he was put in this position is because he was Elliot Ness. He was the man who brought down Al Capone.
In that lifetime, he was demonized, criticized and given an impossible task. He was sent to bring down a fat cat king pin in a town where the mob boss bought and sold most of the public officials in the city. Who would have thought that that assignment would merely be honing his skills for what he was tapped to do this lifetime. He is the one who will have saved all of the world from being ran by oligarchies. Elliot Ness was a hero. James Comey is one as well.
Here is me, just an average citizen who did NOT vote for Hillary, doing what I can to assist in any way I can. Sure I will most likely get attacked for speaking this truth. But I prefer it to sitting back in silence and watching integrity disappear from existence.
(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest.)
“I declare myself a surrogate for humanity in doing these taps; in all moments?
“We release being held hostage by Trump’s base; in all moments”
“We convert the hate that drive Trump’s base into discernment; in all moments”
“We dry up the psychic manipulation that feeds Trump’s base, in all moments”
“We strip all illusion off of those who prop up Trump’s base; in all moments”
“We prevent Trump’s base in gaining any negtaive traction; in all moments”
“We dissipate the ability for Trump’s base to wilt the bloom of Truth in the world; in all moments”
“We release being overtaken by the like of Trump’s base; in all moments”
“We untangle all individuals from Trump’s base; in all moments”
“We strip all illusion off of Trump’s base; in all moments”
“We prevent Trump’s base from perpetuating a false narrative; in all moments”
“We free all individual’s from Trump’s base; in all moments”
“We nullify all agreements with Trump’s base; in all moments”
“We remove all tentacles between ourselves and Trump’s base; in all moments”
“We remove all programing and conditioning that Trump’s base has put on us; in all moments”
“We remove all engrams of Trump’s base from our beingness; in all moments”
“We eliminate the first cause in the creation of Trump’s base; in all moments”
“We send all energy matrices into the Light and Sound that advocate for Trump’s base; in all moments”
“We command all complex energy matrices that advocate for Trump’s base, to be escorted into the Light and Sound; in all moments”
“We shatter all glass ceilings that Trump’s base has put on us; in all moments”
“We collapse and dissolve all portals to Trump’s base; in all moments”
“We recant all vows and agreements between outselves and Trump’s base; in all moments”
“We remove all curses between ourselves and Trump’s base; in all moments”
“We remove all blessings between ourselves and Trump’s base; in all moments”
“We withdraw all our energy from Trump’s base; in all moments”
“We sever all strings, cords and psychic connections between ourselves and Trump’s base; in all moments”
“We dissolve all karmic ties between ourselves and Trump’s base; in all moments”
“We remove all the pain, burden and limitations that Trumps base has put on us; in all moments”
“We take back all that Trumps base has taken from us; in all moments”
“We release resonating or emanating with Trumps base; in all moments”
“We extract all of Trump’s base from our Sound Frequency; in all moments”
“We extract all of Trump’s base from our Light emanation; in all moments”
“We shift our paradigm from Trump’s base to individualized freedom, Love and Truth; in all moments”
“We transcend Trump’s base; in all moments”
“We are centered and empowered in individualized freedom, Love and Truth; in all moments”
“We resonate, emanate and are interconnected with all life in individualized freedom, Love and Truth; in all moments”
Even one person doing these taps with intention and sincerity can change the course of our outcome. May it be you.

Echoes of Negative Currents…..

Echoes of negative currents feel like they are trying to affect us at the point at which we are vulnerable. It manifests as obsessive thoughts and agitation and fear. It is a weak attempt and is just a hiccup of past attacks. It has no power except for which we give it. Just relax and expand your energy (surrender) instead of contracting it (worrying).

Jen Ward