How to Undo a Log Jam



Barter is the original currency. When necessity gauged the actual rate of exchange. The hard work, sacrifice and importance to the family’s survival could be felt and traced in a product or service offered. It had substance.

The monetary system is one big game of chicken. It is an agreement of pretend. An arbitrary number is assigned to a person’s time.They somehow fall into a slot that needs to be filled by a person with the ability to conform. They need show only a hint of individuality so they stand out slightly above the other drones. But not enough to rock the boat of establishment.

Passion, creativity and exuberance are squelched out at every turn. Complacency and peer approval are the prison of conformity; especially in the work place. There needs to be so much talent, drive and vision for one soul to try to make it over the wall into personal expression and freedom.

Society pays people to not perform. They bow out with an excuse of disability because they don’t fit into the spectrum of what is valued as performance. They weave their complacency into a full blow victim consciousness and hide behind those who are really in need. The real deficiency is the lack of value this society puts on individual subjective talents. Society chains the human spirit by housing the able and monetarily rewarding so many that deem themselves disable. This is the true energy crisis; the lack of heart.

One side is blaming the other. Both sides together are like a black and white cookie. One side wants to cut every one off, and one side wants to validate everyone who bows out, as needy. Both sides are the extreme. The government itself, through it’s structure has locked all it’s constituents into a “them verses us” mode. It is paralyzed in inaction as one side cancels the other side out. We don’t have to go on a rampage of society to solve this issue.

The sweeping change that so many are desperately seeking, does not happen at the top. There needs to be a ground swelling of appreciation for a person’s worth. How many people do you know who wants to start a business but they are afraid to put a worth on themselves? Help them. Build them up. Put a high value on them. Pay someone for their service. Buy local. Local is usually someone who is using their skills and talents to be productive in society. Let’s reward them. Practice today by just saying something of value to those who work and serve. Flip a switch within that forgoes the criticism and makes a conscious choice to give gratitude. We can do this! I support us in this.

As a group we are feeling powerless. How do you undo a log jam? You move one component at a time. The more we empower those who still have the heart and drive to attempt success, the more we pave the way for the next person. We can do this as individuals. We can do this as Americans. We can agree to do this. This is the one issue that we may be able to reunite with. No more trashing the other side. No more wasting energy on feeling powerless. Let’s move all our support and passion to anyone still willing to succeed. Let’s give our heart to them in the form of monetary reward.

How to Be a Good Listener


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There is no multitasking when you listen to someone. Truly listening to someone, entails catching energy that they are “throwing”. To be distracted by other things is missing the “ball”.
Listen from the vantage point of the talker. As if these things could be happening to you. Otherwise, sheaths of opinions will block your ability to receive.
When you talk to children, meet them at their level. If they have friends, treat them with respect too; even if they are stuffed or plastic.
When someone is upset about something that seems silly, scan your own memory banks of a time you can remember feeling that way. This will help you not shut down in judgement.
If you don’t understand a point, don’t nod and agree. This is disrespectful and dishonest. Simply interject that you are having trouble following the point they are making and ask for clarification.
Don’t indulge those who talk too much, complain too much, or spew anger. Being a good listener is not a form of masochism.
If you don’t agree with someone, don’t pretend to, to be polite. This is actually rude because you are not honoring them enough to be honest. Just say, “I love you but I don’t get that point”. If it continues, then they don’t respect you and you must honor yourself and shut down the interaction.
If someone continuously drains you by wanting to use you to vent, talk about problems, complain, gossip or debate; then you are not listening to your own body that is telling you to remove yourself from this dynamic. If you do it because nobody else listens to them, you are being a martyr. The reason others are not listening to them is because it is not health for them. People literally make themselves sick by continually taking in low-level vibrations this way.
If you are forced into a situation where you have to be around a negative person. You can retrain them to be positive around you. When a person says negative things, ignore them and don’t bite. Pretend you didn’t even hear them. When they do get around to saying something positive, jump on it by engaging them. This is a means of rewarding them for positive behavior. This is how to retrain a human.
Listen to your inner sensors like your “gut” or “heart” in regards to all matter. You will never lie to yourself so never betray yourself by ignoring your truth. Listening to yourself is as important as listening to others.
Always be truthful in a kind pleasant way. Don’t tolerate things just to avoid conflict or to prevent hurting someone’s feelings. Your feelings matter too. You need to honor yourself as well as the other person. Truth resonates at a similar frequency of love so if you are just being polite and going through the motions, you are being less loving than being honest.
People want to know how to communicate with animals. It is no different from communicating with people. When you put as much reverence in to every interaction, every interaction will start to speak volumes. All of life will speak with you if your merely learn to listen in energy instead of in words.
Our pets problems may seem quaint but they are important issues to them. When your pet is hungry or wants a treat, it is no less important than when you are craving a snack. When they are sniffing out on their walk, realize that is their time to unwind and relieve stress. It is no different from you wanting to veg out in front of the TV. Realize what they are feeling like before you just dismiss their issues.
Listen to your inner promptings. They are truth trying to be heard. Never dismiss your dreams, passions, desires or hopes as a fancy. They are the precipice of a deep journey of awakening. Listening intently to the things that make you happy, is dipping a toe into your omniscience.
Encourage the impossible in others. Never be the dismal voice of reason. That voice has been used to squelch and diminish generation after generation. Be the one people come to who want to be encouraged or inspired. By doing this, you are someone’s “break in the clouds”.
If you need wise counsel, sit under a tree. People don’t understand the correlation between their own inspiration and what a tree is feeding them in assistance. The way to start making that connection is by spending time with a tree and seeing how your direction becomes more clear in doing so.

Commitment to Life


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Promises are not copperless pennies collected at the bottom of a purse
Or walked over with indifference
They are little contracts we make for ourselves
A piece of our essence we send out on the road to meet a friend.
When we don’t show up, we dishonor ourselves
And devalue are own worth.
We become ghosts in our own lives
An apparition to our friends who desperately want to believe in us
SO they go through the motions ….
Taking a receipt for nothing.
Again and again until integrity is just a word
Justice, truth and kindness are echoes of a lost dream
Apathy is a condition as accepted as disease
and tolerated.

Keep Your WORD
You are it.
Show up with the same vitality and passion with every syllable
That you show for the object of your desire.
YOU Create this world with your depth and you caring
Quit digging it a shallow grave.
Pour your essence into each breath
Send it into the wind for others to catch
Inspire with the girth of your conviction
The kindness of your step
And the steed of you intention ….
and commitment to life

Jen Ward



© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

Let your genius burn a hole in convention
Radiate it out in a searing, singeing, smoldering awareness
Rest once in awhile to tap off the ash of indifference

The “what ifs”
The “shoulds”
and “could have beens”

Pay no mind to the dancing little embers that waft off into the sky
The ones that make others wince
They secretly squint in awe yet publicly scoff in contempt

Pleading in silent prayer that one will land upon the edge of their pain
Ignite it to passion
So that they can recognize and claim their own brilliance.

Jen Ward

The Reincarnation of Madame Blavatski

I was told when I was much younger that I was the reincarnation of Madame Blavatsky. I didn’t really know who she was but came across her on the internet. I dismissed it and didn’t think about it much.

Years later, I was holding up one of her books next to mine just to be funny, and my friend’s jaw dropped. apparently there was a likeness. Also, I have done much writing since then and I am told that our writing styles are similar.  I have this passion of taking complicated metaphysical principles, and simplifying them so anyone can understand them. I believe that is because of all I have learned by having my message misunderstood in that life.

I am very passionate about there maintaining a purity of purpose with the information I provide. I see how her writings have been used by the likes of Hilter to abuse power and to enslave humanity even worse. It feels like no coincidence that there is a strong neo-nazi energy that is being experienced now. It is a psychic energy that is a throwback from the past era that I work diligently through subtle but powerful means to dissipate. It has been simple swirling around the planet and landing on people who were weakened by a frustration in their lack of empowerment.

It feels like my presence and pure intention is the dynamic counter to dissipate those energies. It is like I am here to undo the damage my writings in the past have done to the planet. That is perhaps why I am so diligently intent on dissipating psychic energies of hate with a tsunami of pure, divine love. The dynamic intentions I put out, and the healing that I do is something that I have ascribed to the parasympathetic nervous system. Simply by constant repetition of doing it. It is no different from learning to walk and then it becoming automatic. I have done this within myself with consciously pouring healing love out to the planet until it no longer is necessary for me to think about it.

When I first was told I was Madame Blavatski, I had no inclination toward writing books, (now I have 8 to date). And I only had the beginning inking of being a dynamic healer. It is a wonderful thing when people who value Madame Blavatski find me they feel like they are getting the chance to be present with her. I am told we have similarities in personality. In fact, the little I am able to stand hearing about her now, I find myself defending her in my mind and understanding where she was coming from.

Some of the similarities are pretty fascinating besides just the core messaging and the amazing healing abilities that have come to light since my discover of the connection. In a first edition  of Isis Unveiled, she spoke about how special Rochester NY was as a gateway for higher energies to pour into the physical world. That is my home town and from which I facilitate powerful group sessions and retreats to bring about world peace and healing to all individuals.

Her first book was actually published in Rochester, NY. The book store is still in operation over a hundred years later. I went in to visit it one day.  There was a seasoned caretaker behind the desk. He seemed so tired of being there. But when I passed by him, he sprang to his feet and heartily greeted me. It was as if he had been waiting through the ages to fulfill a promise to hold the store open. It felt like me being there, freed him in some way.

No doubt my passion for world peace and my blueprint to get there is built on the work Magame Blavatsky did in that lifetime;  to awaken individuals to their own omniscience. The fact that she was misunderstood and her information was abused by an evil intention, may drive my passion to get it right this lifetime.

The means is simple. It is to bring back a balance of the female energy in relationship with the male energy that has dominated and abused the planet for so long. Male energy without its balance has created a world of brutes. Male energy needs to be tempered by its counterpart in the qualities of compassion, ingenuity, creativity and expansiveness. These are the female counterparts to the drive of male energy.

Where male energy is single focused and driven, female energy is expansive and all-inclusive. Where male energy is about a hierarchy of competition in which the strongest in certain areas survives. Female energy is about inclusiveness and giving all that you have to give in the sharing of sisterhood. Where people get this simple concept confused is when they deduce it to genitals. When in fact, it simply has little to do with physical anatomy and more to do with a balance of two flows of power within each person. The compartmentalization in male and female roles has been conditioning and is not relevant in the upgrade of humanity.

What people may not understand is that the reason Gandhi was so effective in his message was because he was unleashing the power of female energy in his intention. His whole passage resistance movement was based on understanding the power and expansiveness of female energy.

The world will do nicely to stop feeding the fuel tanks of hate as they have been conditioned to do. They need to withdraw all their energy from even the mere mention of negative issues. Doing so, may take much discipline or understanding. But is actually a dynamic exercise in drying up an issue. It is the same as suffocating a flame. When Native Americans wanted to punish someone, the tribe would all literally turn their back on them and not allow to talk to them or even acknowledge them. They were literally drying up the energy of that person in their group. This is what we need to do to negative issues in the world.

Of course people will argue and say they have to create awareness of a pet issue. This awareness is giving the issue legs and teeth. AND if they argue with the issue, the issue is merely being strengthened by the attention. This is how we use our loved ones that has survived a deadly disease to actually perpetuate more disease.  There is an ignorance perpetuated in standing up to a disease. This is a campaign initiated by someone who is benefitting peripherally from the advancement of the disease. It is time people understand their ignorance in creating the conditions that we deal with in this society and stop feeding them.

Below is a quote of Madame Blavatski and how I would (and have) said a similar thing. Our writing styles are uncannily similar and I can feel me writing sometimes with a style that seems “over my present pay scale”.  It really doesn’t matter what anyone’s personal beliefs are about reincarnation; except to deny ones journey on this earth is to live a short-sighted, diluted imitation of yourself. So many people who are interested in their ancestors, are really curious about who they are in a past life and are searching in a way that their current belief system gives them permission.

The concept of one life and going to heaven for all of eternity was a concept that was introduced by Bishops in the Dark ages to sell passageways to heaven. Since this belief is still in practice and society is still dominated by a male slanted point of view, it means that we are in actuality, still in the Dark Ages. We come out of them when we embrace our own empowerment, the ability to discern and shift the main switch on humanity from taking to giving. If you really think of it, and those who understand the concept will attest, that much more deep-seated pleasure is deemed from giving rather than taking.

In fact, World Peace is merely a matter of everyone learning that sharing their gifts and talents at any cost is much more satisfying than being tethered to the stockpiling of monetary abundance. Once people get that through their  programming and simply embrace, sharing what theyre are good at, we will have world peace.

Because world peace is not a welfare state like we have been conditioned to think of it as. It is not a stagnant lifeless place where everyone simply sits around receiving their bounty. It is a dynamic state of giving and flowing. Where artists of all kinds are valued and respected as much as the intellect and the scholar. Where everyone is so busy doing what they love to do, to care about judging or micromanaging anyone else, If people could simple upgrade their concept of  world peace and realize it is attainable, then a lot of good is being done to manifest the intention.




It is, then, by those shadows of the hoary Past and their fantastic silhouettes on the external screen of every religion and philosophy, that we can, by checking them as we go along, and comparing them, trace out finally the body that produced them.
H. P. Blavatsky

Here is how I would say it now.

We are a compilation of every past experience. If we could separate each one, we could see which religion, or philosophy caused the perversion. We could then get a sense of how our external self was directly formulated from our own past.

Jen Ward