One Thought of You


One Thought of You

I indulged in one quick thought of you
Etched it in my mind
It transported me to a world
That alone I could not find

Where Love is not sectioned off in pairs
Single file; one to one
But is lavished generously and prevalent
On every single one

Sincerity is commonplace
Intimacy too
Kind intentions are transparent
In everything we do

Love is not locked away
Allotted to just one heart
It is what all eat, sleep, dream and wear
And which we’re all a part

It’s not cast off with ill regard
Or based upon a whim
No, love is what we walk through
Dance, and fly and swim

One thought of you takes me there
Heals my weary heart
That runs this body in this world of illusion
Where we are all separated and apart

Allow me one quick thought
That transforms me to a place
Where everyone in betrothed to love
In sanctity and grace

I can withstand loneliness
As a temporary state
Love is not a random act
Payment, door prize or fate

Love is not contingent
On believing, hope or prayer
Love is allotted to everyone
Even if no one says, “They care”

Meet me in a land
Devoid of guilt or blame
Where I am allowed to love you
With not one hint of shame

Meet me at the altar
Where, in this world is only meant for two
But in this altered Universe
Is shared with everyone and you

I devote my time on earth
To showing others this world too
The one I so easily access
With just one thought of you

Jen Ward 2/15/16

Between the Stillness and the Sky


I met myself one peaceful night
On glass ice dusted with snow
I awoke from a paralyzing stupor
To tell me what I needed to know

Others will find me inferior
This life will be my cruelest test
That I’ll be admonished, humiliated and scorned
All while I am trying my best

It told me that life wasn’t about being fair
That that was a quaint little notion
My ego will be literally pulverized
My spirit will nearly be broken

The pleasures that others live for
For me would be hard to attain
Every hope and desire will be stripped clear away
Til my true self is all that remains

I told myself this to prepare me
As solace for the upcoming years
The real me knew what lay waiting ahead
The loneliness, anguish and tears

The real me gave me compassion
As I walked silently under the stars
It was the me that saw the whole picture
The journey, the struggle, the scars

I felt that kindness within me
A wisdom that dwelt deeper than pain
It gave me the love to endure knowing
Someday It’d be the only me to remain

Whenever I’m lost, alone or afraid
Or feel like I’m living a lie
I know I can always find my true self
Between the stillness and the sky

Jen Ward 2/6/15

The Amazing Feat


A man arrived at the pearly gates
Still shaken from his demise
St Peter greeted him graciously
He was pleasantly surprised

You are an inspiration here
As we watched your life unfold
Word spread fast about your feat
It was a blessing to behold

The man did a quick scan of his life
Not quite sure of his amazing task
Was it my excellence in business?
He summoned his courage to ask.

Was it my donations to the poor?
Or how I stood my ground?
Was it always giving sound advice?
Or how I worked a crowd?

You are all those things, that is correct
All the attributes we here coven
But all here are at least that good.
Those traits are a dime a dozen

Yet you are honored above the rest
And this I do applaud
You brought a piece of heaven to earth
In how you loved your dog.

Jen Ward 1/28/14




G give kindness to all
R respect the sanctity of all souls
A attune to what is the highest good in every situation
C consider the vantage point of all others
E empathize with everyone

Grace is artistry and a skill like all others.
It can be cultivated, nurtured and taught.
What we do in each act of Grace is empower the integrity of humanity.


illumination of spirit is revealed,
heaviness lifts
hearts unburden
silent pleas are answered,
“resolve” unfurls its wings
Insights take their first breath,
paths are cleared,
innocence is nurtured
Kindness is empowered
hope restores
resolve is instilled
quietude is respected
peace expands
A way is secured.

What you do in Grace is:

eliminate the primal urge to initiate hostile acts.
forgo the path of petty indifference
repair all divide
create resiliency in the intricate woven fabric of life
reclaim wonder for all those in your wake.
teach lost souls a way to be found
demonstrate a dying art to fervent generations
Enlighten the murky hallways of tradition

Your acts of Grace:

bring relief to those who are desperate in their own plight
satiate those starving to know kindness
address the deprived in whatever way they have been depreciated
illuminate dark corners of the world
wipe the brow of faces you may never see.
hush the muted cries of indifference
ripple out into a sea of kindred spirits
sing to the sweetest aspect of every point of light
attune the heart of goodness, with the voice of reason
uplift all souls to their own quickening to enlightenment.
anchor your stance as a mighty force for mass enlightenment.

This is what you choose to do, or not do every moment.
You have this much power.
You always have.

Jen Ward 1/29//16


What Needs to Happen to Have Peace

Angels need a rest
Visions need to clear
Divides must be mended
Entitlements must be more fair

Dust needs to settle
From the antics of the men
Gardens must be planted
We must return to Zen

Wars must be unwaged
Fevers need to break
The proud and indignant
Must admit to their mistake

Woman must be valued
Of every sect and shape and kind
Perceptions must be given
To the deaf, mute, ignorant and blind

Truths must be spoken
All Lies must rescind
Illusion must be stripped away
Released into the wind

Innocence must be revered
Above Guile and deceit
Pay homage to individuality
And laid upon its feet

Reawaken from all slumber
That has rusted all resolve
Open up love’s floodgates
Coax anguish to dissolve

Forgo all petty squabbles
In all we think, feel, say and do
Then peace will rest upon the land
And settle itself in you.

Jen Ward 1/29/16




Truth is not won by drawing a line in the sand,
It etches in the heart what the mind can’t withstand.

Its forged in a brow all too familiar with pain,
Yet too filled with resolve to hold onto disdain.

It’s not built up in columns nor a heavy façade,
It follows along the cracks of each meandering LeMaurade.

It bleeds through the fibers of the ego’s tattered remains,
‘Til all is bleached unrecognizable but the humility stains.

It crumbles the vestige of the smallness of man,
Reunites the omega with the alpha; where the individual began.

Jen Ward #poetry #truth #metaphysics



Within crusted walls of embedded emotion,
Bombarded by waves of perpetual commotion,
Is a permanent “me” determined to stand,
Slough off adversity like layers of sand.

Draw in the Light from a far away source,
To Stand firm in the Love; seems “par for the course”,
Reverberating in music; a most precious choir,
Break through the dross, confusion and mire.

Emanate, vibrate, reverberate, resound,
Be inundated with such beauty I unfurl and rebound,
Show others imprisoned what awakening can be,
Humbly resonating loving and Free.

Jen Ward 10/21/13