The Fires in California

Some things that happen in the world are necessary forms of cleansing. Fire is a form of purification and the world is going through purification. But it is pretty insensitive to write that when lives are lost and homes are destroyed. I have done energy work to repair the schism of the San Andreas fault in the past.
People think these things are inevitable but have they ever tried with their intentions to repair what needs repairing? I do. I got a sense that the work I do, did in fact prevented this reality from being inevitable. The curses of saying California are on borrowed time are removed as well. So a new reality has been established.
There are many different scenarios that could happen in any situation, when we adopt a positive outlook, we create a portal for a different reality to emerge. That is why people need to be positive. They are living, breathing portal makers whether they wish to be or not. What we have been agreeing to has not been beneficial. So there is a new reality in California but the negative residual energy that has accrued on the planet is combustible.
Hopefully, the energy of all the curses to California falling off into the ocean are what are being dissipated in the fires. Curses are creating a negative portal for others to walk in.
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The deep dark abyss between reality and truth
The cynical scrutiny of the decrepit to youth
The mucus thin sheath between real and illusion
An amniotic connection between pain, joy, and their fusion

An ill equipped father
An adept old sage
Both play their parts handsomely
on Life’s Shakespearean stage

insights accrue through many lifetimes
Or can be a flash in the pan
Lightning can’t strike twice
But maybe wisdom can

Again and again
We meet death as our fate
‘Carry over our lessons
To another embryonic state

Ignorance or bliss
Can repeat verse for verse
Life can be a series of blessings
Or a perpetual curse

One key factor
That rings as clear as a bell
We make our own heaven
Or live our own hell.

Jen Ward

Remove the Passageway to Hell


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Did you ever notice that when someone believes something negative or derogatory, they want everyone else to believe it too? It is almost as if they are campaigning for it. It’s because they don’t want to be alone in whatever they do. They want to be supported by the mass agreement.

But here is the stark cold reality of life. Whatever truth you believe, whether it is the most positive scenario possible, the most horrific outcome either, or somewhere in the middle, that is YOUR truth. You continually face the truth of your own convictions. Everybody is right in their perception of truth. That is because we manifest our own reality and outcome in all things and all ways. In turn, we deal with the consequences of our truth as well.

Having said that, you may want to manifest the best damn positive outcome that you can possibly conceive by putting energy only into positive thoughts and beliefs. Because what you believe will be your truth and you will be facing it alone. No one can pull another into their hell and I can’t pull you into my heaven. All I can do is give you the tools to remove all the passageways into your hell so you can see your way to only Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom and Wholeness.

You are empowered. It has always been your choice.


Someone who suffers from depression is fortunate enough to tune in to the depth of the plight of humanity. They are more in touch with reality than most. They have compassion, insight and a sense of spirituality to spare. Maybe instead of medicating them, we should invent a medication for those who suffer with denial.

Jen Ward.

How to Transcend a Selfish world


This was the world of dualities and many people are still operating off those engrams. That means for every good, there is an equal and opposite bad. When you are so good and kind and giving and yet neglect yourself in many ways……then you are creating a mirror image of that in the world somewhere.
The opposite of you is mean and selfish. That is why we are seeing so much mean and selfish in the world is because of those who are good and selfless.

The balance then, or the fix does not have to depend on hoping others become good and stop being selfish. The fix is for those of us who are more aware, to be less selfless and more the love into our own worth as well as others. This will lessen the contrast in extremes in the world.

Another thing we can do is move away from the fallacy of being good and strive for a neutrality in all things. This is more loving. That charged good feeling of positivity is creating an opposite reaction f negativity in others. Instead of being good, strive to be real. Strive for authenticity, uniqueness, and balance.

Love in its purest state is a stillness. It is only when it s processed through the hormones of the body that it takes on such charge. It you want to command Love beyond the limitations of the physical world, experience it as if it doesn’t need to be pumped through your energy systems to arouse you. Realize we are permeated in love even without the mental and emotional rush of feeling good.

This is not a constrictive state. It is a state of expansiveness and feeling totally comfortable in and out of your skin. When you balance out your own energy in this way and stop living as an unworthy victim of life, you will see this upgrade reflected in all around you. This is how we transcend the selfish world.

Auto Immune Disease


Recently I connected with someone who had an auto immune issue. Auto immune is an issue where the body attacks itself right? Many times the body is in conflict with itself in the course of life. There are many devastating examples.


Many people have an aversion to kill yet they are forced to defend their land in war.. That sets up a dichotomy in them which is worse if they don’t believe the cause for war is a noble one. Many times through history people have been used as pawns for those hungry for power.


We love our children so much. But there have been times in many of our pasts where we were raped and impregnated by men who have been our enemy. The love of our child is mixed with hatred for their other parent. This creates a dichotomy as well. Interesting too, it can create a conflict in the child as well.


Many times we have love and been scorned, been humiliated when we tried, failed when we put our life blood into a cause and died defeated or in anguish abandonment or despair. These register strongly on the future “us” we embody.

Auto immune may be these conflicts being played out at a cellular level. Maybe this is the psyche’s way to bury the turmoil so that they don’t have to feel anything emotional. Maybe it is a form of self punishment for past transactions. If so, here are some taps to bring a reality check to the physical body and to clear cellular conflict. It is worth a try right?


Say each statement out loud 3 times while tapping on your head and a 4th time while tapping on your chest


“I release all self loathing; in all moments”

“I release all inner conflict; in all moments”

“I release punishing myself; in all moments”

“I release attacking myself; in all moments”

“I release all cellular confusion; in all moments”

“I release being my own worse enemy; in all moments”

“I release the pain and trauma of living with the enemy; in all moments”

“I disarm the struggle between love and hate within myself; in all moments”

“I release the pain and trauma of being forced to kill; in all moments”

“I release willingly killing; in all moments”

“I release being entrenched in guilt, pain and trauma; in all lifetime”

“I release being paralyzed in dis-ease; in all moments”

“I release the genetic propensity for self defeat; in all moments”

“I release carrying the burden of disappointment of all my ancestors; in all moments”

“I recant all vows and agreements I have made with myself; in all moments”

“I remove all curses I have made with myself; in all moments”

“I dissolve all karmic ties I have tangled myself in; in all moments”

“I remove all the guilt, pain, fear, limitations, engrams and self destruct mechanisms that I have put on myself; in all moments”

“I take back all the joy, love, Abundance, freedom, health, success, security, companionship, creativity, peace, life, wholeness, enthusiasm, contentment and enlightenment that I have kept from myself in all moments”

“I release pushing away all the joy, love, Abundance, freedom, health, success, security, companionship, creativity, peace, life, wholeness, enthusiasm, contentment and enlightenment in all lifetimes.

“I shift my paradigm from dis-ease to self-love; in all moments”

“I release resonating with disease; in all moments”

“I release emanating with disease; in all moments”

“I remove all dis-ease from my sound frequency; in all moments”

“I remove all dis-ease from my light body; in all moments”

“I transcend all dis-ease; in all moments”

“I am centered and empowered in joy, love, Abundance, freedom, health, success, security, companionship, creativity, peace, life, wholeness, enthusiasm, contentment and enlightenment; in all moments”


If you have a loved one that is incapacitated, you can do these taps for them by using the word “we’ instead of “I”. Some will argue with this saying that you will be taking on their karma by doing this but I disagree. If you are loving someone who is incapacitated, you are already in it with them. Also, there s a spiritual law that trumps all other spiritual laws. It is the law of love.


Love is a karmaless act. If you don’t agree, just don’t do the taps, But any personal aspersions to me for sharing, will just be chalked up as a lack of compassion and understanding of the spiritual law of love. We are here to love. That is the one abiding law of the land. I am centered and empowered in knowing that love is a karmaless act .

Flip Reality to Peace


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In my reality, people matter, all animals matter and trees and nature matters as well. There is kindness, respect and a reverence for peace and stillness in my reality. I do all that I can to make my reality the only one that I am privy to. Anything that feels invalidating is avoided. Nothing is as mandatory as peace, stillness and honor. I go no where that is going to treat me less than I would treat another. There is no pay-off being any where where love and kindness are not spoken. Petty people are avoided at all costs; especially if they are intimate enough to do damage; like family events.

Technique. Create your own bar for reality and what you will allow. Reject what it is possible to reject of the story the masses still try to sell. In my reality, people want to live peaceful happy lives. I reject that humans are barbarians that just want to fight over land and who has a bigger God. The world is manageable now. We know the tricks that are playing to control the masses in fear and rhetoric. We can reject them, and interject our own truth into the mix.

The more individuals forgo agreeing to the negatives that are playing out in the world, the more quickly a shift can be made. You know what the funny thing is? The more a person is desperate for a shift, the more they will attack this technique. They will start arguing for the opposite and try to convince me how wrong I am. It is the biggest oxymoron of all! Someone who is desperate for a better world will reject the way because of it’s simplicity. That is why it is not done. It is so simple that too many have trouble trusting it.

Whenever something that is undesirable is brought to your attention, don’t feed it fuel with your attention. Dry it up by not giving it a ounce of energy. Those of us who have great love may be pulled at an approached more because to the negativity it is energy to burn. Be kind to all but ruthless in protecting your boundaries. Be ruthless in your stance to not partake of the negative views. Any post that tries to convince me of the opposite will me deleted. I encourage everyone to hit the delete button in their lives.