The Re-connection Technique:


There is a theory that I heard that resonated. The reason that some areas in the world are still so warlike is that their DNA is one and a half strands instead of two. Two strands of DNA are the bare minimum for survival. People are supposed to have at least 12 strands of DNA and that 12 strands is our more natural state.

If this resonates, here is a technique to assist the word in overcoming its warlike tendencies. In contemplation, look at the world and see the places that look gray. Then imagine knitting, weaving, or crocheting 12 golden strands where there is two strands. There is no need to direct it in any area. Just visualize creating 12 strands where there are two. Do this in your visualizations.

When you look at the earth again, see if any areas that were gray are now lit up more. Keep the intention of always uplifting the earth with your intention. When ever you think about it and are in a loving mood, visualizing knitting 12 strands together where there were two. Make them straight, even, loving and golden strands. When you look at the earth in visualizations, see it immersed in golden, loving Light and saturated in Love.

Stop Resenting Being on Earth


Recently I facilitated a long distance remote session with a long time client. She has worked through many horrific experiences and issues. Her quality of life has improved greatly.

We have worked on her lives past earth and how limiting it has been to be in a human body. On a subliminal level, she has limiting beliefs about humans. On a subliminal level she thinks of them as not much better than barbarians. Closer to the surface, she holds them in contempt and sees them as an ignorant group. It has left her feeling lonely and isolated. On the surface she is delightful and engaged.

Stored in her past life records is the difficult journey of being grounded on earth and how horrific those first few lives here were. In her Akashic Records, it shows her isolated and not adapting well to the life of an earthling. Also on the surface, she isn’t always comfortable engaging this life. Her records shows a part of her that is very accomplished and empowered. In fact, she is superior to being human in many ways. That memory keeps her isolated as well.

In her recent session, we hit a wall. She was not showing me anything about how to empower her more and release the issues that she needed to be free. There was a huge wall of resistance.

But then these taps to help her release. But they were not for just her. What came through was that SHE was a member of alien race of superior beings responsible in stunting the DNA of earth inhabitants. She was responsible for the limitations that humans have experienced. Then she was sent to earth and had to be held under the same limitations she put on humanity. It created a frustration in her. It would be like someone setting up mass slavery and the being subjected to it.

If any of this resonates with you, here are some taps that I led her through to alleviate the limitations upon humans.

(say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest) 

“I declare myself a surrogate for humanity in doing these taps; in all moments”.                “I release hating earth; in all moments”
“I release subjugating humans; in all moments”
“I release stunting human’s DNA in all moments”
“I Repair humans DNA to 12 strands and above; in all moments”
“I remove all-controlling implants and devices in all humans; in all moments”
“I release seeping humans in ignorance; in all moments”
“I release robbing humans of their free will; in all moments”
“I release deceiving humans; in all moments”
“I recant all vows and agreements between myself and humanity; in all moments”
“I release squelching humanity; in all moments”
“I remove all curses between myself and humanity; in all moments”
“I dissolve all karmic ties between myself and humanity; in all moments”
“I remove all the pain, burden, limitations, engrams and programming I have put on humanity; in all moments”
“I remove all the pain, burden, limitations, engrams and programming that humanity has put on me; in all moments”
“I take back all the Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Health, Success, Security, Companionship, Creativity, Peace, Life, Wholeness, Beauty, Enthusiasm and Contentment that I have taken from Humanity; in all moments”
“I repair and fortify Humanity’s Wei Chi in all moments”
“Humanity is centered and grounded in Divine Love; in all moments”
“I repair the Earth’s Wei Chi; in all moments”
“The Earth is centered, grounded and imbued in Divine Love; in all moments”
“I accept my Humanity; in all moments”
“I upgrade Humanity; in all moments”

Maybe we are all here to fix what we are responsible for. Maybe the one’s of us who see what is wrong can assist all by doing these taps and holding intention for a New, Loving, Peaceful, Productive, Compassionate, Cohabitation on earth.

“I release hating humanity; in all moments”

The Reconnection Process


There is a truth out there that explains that the human DNA is supposed to be 12 strands instead of 2. There are different theories that explain why it got stripped down to just two strands. It was a means to keep humans grounded on earth so they wouldn’t visit their warring ways onto other planets. Unfortunately it has kept humans infighting and self-serving for way too long.

The reason why some people are still so focused on war is that their DNA is stunted. It may even be a little less than two strands. Some of us have been in the process or preparing to have our DNA upgraded to 12 strand. Those of us who have received an upgrade are more sensitive to perceiving in energy, can accept our intangible gifts, get more of an overview on the cause and effect of every actions, are more prone towards love than power, see the potential in all others, stay healthier and more robust, see a positive, more uplifting future, are free of the subliminal forms of manipulation; just to name a few changes.

I have been working to uplift the consciousness by assisting others in reknitting their DNA to 12 strand. I am not exactly certain I can explain how to do this, but it starts as a loving intention. Many can not see that it is possible to change the course of this earth. But I see it as inevitable. In fact, I sense that many greats of different era may have chosen to incarnate now simply to assist in the upgrade.
If any of this resonates with you, you may want to try these taps to speed the process along in yourself and those you love.

Those of us who have upgraded, will assist those around us in spontaneously upgrading to 12 strand. If this sounds like insanity to anyone, all they need to do is turn on the news and witness true insanity. This to me and the potential for all to be so much better than they have been, is the most sane thing I can think of.

(say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)

“I make space in this world for a 12 stranded upgrade of myself: in all moments”
“I remove all blockage to a 12 stranded upgrade of myself in this world; in all moments”
“I stretch my capacity to upgrade to a 12 strand expression of myself; in all moments”
“I remove all genetic propensity for disease; in all Moments”
“I release storing issues in my genetic code; in all moments”
“I sweep out all issues and debris from my genetic code; in all moments”
“I remove all rifts and schisms in my DNA; in all moments”
“I erase all old genetic programming; in all moments”
“I clean the genetic slate; in all moments”
“I recalibrate my entire energy system to accept healthy 12 strand DNA; in all moments”
“I replace the old 2 strand genetic code with healthy 12 strand genetic code; in all moments”
“I upgrade my whole energy system to healthy 12 strand DNA in all moments”
“I integrate healthy 12 strand DNA into my whole energy system; in all moments”
“I embrace my upgraded self; in all moments”
“I accept all my gifts; in all moments”

There are many uplifting side effects of doing these taps. May you enjoy embracing your subtle gifts!.