Honor Gaia

The Retreat last weekend was so successful. There is so much enthusiasm to honor Gaia again this Mother’s Day weekend. Honor Mother Earth and Gaia energy by bringing your mother,, family and honoring yourself as mother and Gaia. Teach your family how to honor Gaia by accepting and allowing them to honor you. Please share. The by-product of each retreat is more love and truth in the world. Be a part of the awakening of humanity.


Go Outside


Sorry television. You used to be a quaint way of entertaining the masses and placating them while their men folk were sent to war. We thought your advertising messages were endearing. We even embraced some of your spokespeople and icons as endearing.

But you have abused our good nature. Now you feed us little entertainment. You insult us with your vulgar programming that exemplifies the worst of human behavior. You provide milk toast entertainment with your formulas programming. Worst of all, you shamelessly brainwash us into being complacent about decisions of war, disease and side effects of horrendous medications. You dumb us all down to grade school intelligence.

We used to have though provoking shows. But now we have vapid personalities pimping shoes, celebrity gossip and their own persona. It’s time to go outside people. There is more truth in engaging one tree, than there is in watching all the programming that television offers.

One Thought of You


One Thought of You

I indulged in one quick thought of you
Etched it in my mind
It transported me to a world
That alone I could not find

Where Love is not sectioned off in pairs
Single file; one to one
But is lavished generously and prevalent
On every single one

Sincerity is commonplace
Intimacy too
Kind intentions are transparent
In everything we do

Love is not locked away
Allotted to just one heart
It is what all eat, sleep, dream and wear
And which we’re all a part

It’s not cast off with ill regard
Or based upon a whim
No, love is what we walk through
Dance, and fly and swim

One thought of you takes me there
Heals my weary heart
That runs this body in this world of illusion
Where we are all separated and apart

Allow me one quick thought
That transforms me to a place
Where everyone in betrothed to love
In sanctity and grace

I can withstand loneliness
As a temporary state
Love is not a random act
Payment, door prize or fate

Love is not contingent
On believing, hope or prayer
Love is allotted to everyone
Even if no one says, “They care”

Meet me in a land
Devoid of guilt or blame
Where I am allowed to love you
With not one hint of shame

Meet me at the altar
Where, in this world is only meant for two
But in this altered Universe
Is shared with everyone and you

I devote my time on earth
To showing others this world too
The one I so easily access
With just one thought of you

Jen Ward 2/15/16

Overcoming Rape


It takes a lot of resilience to overcome being raped. For some people it affects the rest of their life. Not only is it the trauma. There are feelings self-doubt, unworthiness, mourning the loss of innocence, and lingering fear.

In a recent session, I felt it necessary to point out to my client that more people experience a traumatic sexual experience than experience a fairytale moment that we see in movies. With many it is a between those two ranges, but it was important to point out. People who have been raped may think that they were robbed of something that everyone else has experienced and that may not necessarily be the case.

Here are some taps to help those suffering with the after effects of rape. There are so many listed because many people are suffering in silence. My suggestion is that you take the time to do these taps to empower yourself. You are not alone and you are very lovable. If you know of someone who may benefit from these, please share.

Say each statement three times while tapping on the top of your head. Say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest.

I release the trauma of being raped, in all moments.
I release blaming myself for being raped, in all moments.
I release the guilt and shame of being raped, in all moments.
I release the fear of being raped, in all moments.
I release the belief that I deserved to be raped, in all moments.
I release the belief I caused the rape, in all moments.
I release quantifying rape, in all moments.
I release confusing rape for intimacy, in all moments.
I release allowing intimacy to be shrouded by the rape, in all moments.
I release being defined by the rape, in all moments.
I release mourning my innocence; in all moments.
I release the belief that I am sullied, in all moments.
I release the fear of intimacy, in all moments.
I release the belief that I am unlovable, in all moments.
I release the belief that I am unworthy of love, in all moments.
I erase the rape from my energy field, in all moments.
I remove the rape cookies from my hard drive, in all moments.
I reboot my system to Love, in all moments.
I install intimacy software into my system, in all moments.
I make space in this world for a loving, intimate relationship, in all moments.
I remove all blockages to having a loving, intimate relationship, in all moments.
I release sabotaging my love life, in all life times.
I stretch my capacity to have a loving, intimate relationship, in all moments.
I am centered in joy, love abundance, freedom and intimacy, in all moments.


Technique to Drop the Hate


You know that feeling of strongly disliking someone? It feels different from loving someone. Think about people you love. Pay attention to how expansive and free that feels in the body. Then think of someone you hate. Get a sense of how that creates a locked up feeling within you. WITHIN YOU!

Take control. It is your energy that is responding in that way. Without thought or feeling being invoked, just change the sensation within yourself from locked to expansive. It is that simple. It is similar to relaxing after holding a breath. It can be that simple. Master your own energy system. You are more than your judgement or your mind. You can love beyond all rationale, Just make the shift.

Once you get a sense of the shift. You can do it with anything. Think of things to react to so you can shift them. It is a powerful tool for being “in Love”.

Massive Post-retreat Jenuine Healing~ by Lara Wahl



What Jen Ward does is powerful beyond words. Why else are we here but to commit to experiencing this TRUEST of healings for ourselves? She creates MASSIVE shifts that help shave off MANY lifetimes worth of work that would have been spent in anguish. I just got back from the retreat with my whole family and this experiences has fundamentally changed our lives. I can’t tell you how powerful this work is when done with the WHOLE FAMILY, let alone oneself. This is my best attempt to try to put into words the EVER expansive dynamic work we experienced.

The best way I can put it is that when I alone started doing this work with Jen, she helped me become keenly aware of all those glass ceilings of unworthiness I put on myself my whole life. The limitations that told me I wasn’t deserving of a happy life, an INFINITELY supportive LOVING partner,and respect. The conditioning that reinforced that I didn’t deserve a loving community of kind friends, healthy boundaries respected by others etc.. I believed It was okay that I wasn’t happy or living my fullest, because it was my “sacrifice” for my family’s sake and I should just be thankful. I didn’t even realize how much I was sabotaging or SACRIFICING myself. I’m sure a lot of mothers can relate to this. Jen helped me realize all of this. True thankfulness is not about enabling takers. Genuine gratitude fosters mutual respect and reciprocity. Opening up to my own empowerment is not a selfish thing. It enables me to empower all those around me in a way that being an unfulfilled martyr does not. !!

I reached a breaking point with personal struggles and when Jen came into my life through a friend, IMMEDIATELY her words and work resonated with me. I had studied healing lineages and work my whole life, but nothing was as poignantly truthful as her effortless way to perceive and PIERCE to the truth of the matter of all things. She has this way through her tremendous compassion and LOVE to tap into the grid that acknowledges and supports communications of pure and simple truth . Through her work with me in helping me see the glass ceilings that inundated me, we shattered them all!

I started even being able to “SEE” by tapping into direct truth, through opening with LOVE, now that I wasn’t so stuck in the muck of unworthiness which is part of the linear enslavement of 3-d. I was becoming VERY expansive in LOVE, honoring all beings as equal reflections of myself which one experiences at the 5th dimension. – THIS helped me help so much in my work of teaching seniors and others yoga. It helped me in my personal life dissolve all conditioned bad habits, gossip, boundary crossing, anger, cursing etc. It opened me up to tap directly into the truth that was reflected in everything that unfolded in my day-to-day from interpersonal relationships, to even complex concepts about ecology, the human body, and science!

Martina came with me the first time I met Jen in person, last October. Martina has a gift of being able to tap into truth in the same kind of way, but she suffered from speech delays and severe shyness about speaking up, even when she knew something wasn’t right whether in the world, or someone being mean etc. After that retreat we were both changed to our core, and all of Martina’s speech delays, shyness and aversion to speaking up were GONE. Jen treated her with the SAME exact respect as she does with the adults and with all beings. She validated her gifts, and empowered her genius! I can’t tell you how much this kid SHARES truth now. It’s incredible.

Soon I realized there was a schism that had to be addressed at home with my partner, Jason. He was no longer the man I had married. He used to be this great vibrant SUN in the middle of our community of friends. But lately he had been consumed with making money, work, and it felt like he was no longer kind or caring about anyone. It broke my heart to see how miserable he was, and I was starting to realize that the more empowerment and shifting I was doing, the more I could see truly ugly qualities in him that I could no longer bear. I couldn’t leave him behind so I encouraged him to do the work again and again, but he only saw it as nagging. Finally I reached a breaking point with him after I saw how truly horribly he was treating me with such lack of respect that I told him I had to leave him, and was starving for the love of a partner. This SNAPPED him into consciousness again like a defibrillator!

Of his own volition he started awakening and wanting to do the work. He feared losing his family and the love and life we had built if he didn’t. He knew that both our daughters, Zo and Martina, and I were going to Jen’s retreat this February with my mom, and he wanted to come. This SHOCKED ME. This man has NEVER done any spiritual work in his life and he was diving into the work of one of the most BAD ASS MASTERS of time, Space, Loving Graciousness, and healing I knew!

What I can say after an entire weekend with Jen of the deepest healing work any of us had ever done, is that I am SHOCKED and amazed at how QUICKLY Jason is also SEEING now all those glass ceilings of unworthiness and self sabatoge he had been perpetuating onto himself and others. They had been robbing so much from him. The way in which he was, as Jen says, “Buying money with happiness.” He saw how untrusting he was of others and me. It caused him to always keep me at bay, in fear of me hurting him. It was because of past trauma – that he FINALLY SUCCESSFULLY addressed and RELEASED with Jen! If I didn’t understand how it worked I would say it was ABSOLUTELY A MIRACLE!! It was MAGICAL!!! But now I know. It is neither of these things. It is the GRACE of ENLIGHTENMENT. That IS the TRUTH of what Jen is, ENLIGHTENED. And that is what she empowers ALL OTHERS to be, ENLIGHTENED.

By bringing the WHOLE family, we are able to SHIFT EXPONENTIALLY without leaving anyone behind. THIS WORK IS CONTAGIOUS of course. And when people COMMIT to learning from Jen’s work, EVERYONE in our radius is brought into expansion and awareness, but if anyone really wants to speed healing work along, with the whole family, I STRONGLY suggest bringing every person you can to do work with Jen, to get in on some of this! Imagine EVERYONE you know their happiest, most abundant, loving, empowered, effective selves! There is without a doubt 1,000% success rate!

There was a moment I was worried about the money for the retreat. But I can tell you that the moment my two little girls stood in the center of the room and Jen helped show Zoe HOW much Martina needs her big sister’s LOVE and protection, and KINDNESS- and having ZOe REALLY get that……., seeing the shift in them both- that ALONE made it worth it. The work was evident EVEN in the car ride home with Jason- seeing him BE genuinely a GIVER, a KIND LOVING human that I feel supported by again! Having him GENUINELY GET IT and breakthrough, and apologize to me, speak to me with an energy of GENUINE mutual RESPECT and reciprocity-is priceless! It is so worth it to see him realize the work he needs to do!!! I can’t even tell you how many Millions of dollars THAT would be worth! And her retreats and sessions are so affordable. Jen gives and gives, and all she wants is to help MORE people. All she wants is to help the ENTIRE WORLD shift from the complacency of suffering, male hierarchies, linear limitations, unworthiness and oppression TO the RESPLENDENT STATE of LOVE, compassion, Abundance, Kindness, and INFINITE EMPOWERMENT we all experienced this weekend, and WILL CONTINUE to benefit from.

We are FINALLY all-seeing how much we were depriving of ourselves. We are FINALLY able to KNOW WE ARE WORTHY of an infinitely HAPPY LIFE, We are LOVED, and We are POWERFUL with Love at helping others.

I know I’ll be writing about this experience for many years to come. We covered so much. So many ROOT issues were addressed. So many people got such DEEP insight in their own family dynamics! So many individuals with vastly different issues than ours… without even saying a word, Jen “reads” people in energy and knows exactly where the issues and stagnation are that need to be addressed and released! It is a GIFT TO BEHOLD. I am always AMAZED watching her work. So many happy tears were shed watching her free person by person of all their pain, like beautiful phoenixes rising from ashes with resplendent wings into their happiest freest selves!! It was so beautiful.

So many lifetimes of work was addressed… SO many will benefit from the ripple effect. It has an incalculable magnitude beyond the millions. It is inevitable, but at the same time I URGE those who are not fully happy to RISE to the call that has been desperate for it to be heard, for them to free themselves. And to know that you have a BAD ASS MOTHER of All exponential Healers in Jen Ward, available to all, who can really help you so deeply and expedient. Things I never knew possible with Jason and with my kids, were achieved this weekend.

Jen, All the happiness you’ve helped us reclaim and realize that we are worthy… We just love you so much. You are an invaluable treasure on this earth.

(Pictured: My family with Jen’s fur babies, “Buster and Bernie” enjoying a beautiful winter wonderland walk with a post retreat glow.)



Love is ongoing in every true way. Everyone that we have ever loved, we are still in love with them. We permeate with that love and pull others into it through the journey. It never ends. Love at first sight is a memory of what is.

As we go through the fun house of time, love gets distorted. We are aghast when it is stretched or distorted and saddened when we walk away from the mirror. But we are not separated from it. How can we be separated from love when it is the force that turns the cogs of our very own atoms?

When you turn away from the notion of love it is like trying to turn off your own existence. It is not possible. This is so silly in concept, yet so painful for the one who forgets their own nature. The most confusing thing about love is that, in its purest form, it strikes the consciousness as a stillness. The mind interprets this as a nothingness. Which spins the whole experience as an absence of love.

All the forces of the Universe are converging to buoy you in time and space so that you can realize how incredibly loved that you are, at to the weary heart it feels like emptiness. Life is one long journey to realize yourself as the true source of love that you are. So the struggle is to challenge that base nature that says otherwise, and refute the findings of the fickle emotions. Redefine and expand your definition of love. Turn love inside out like a reversible jacket and warm yourself with your own lining.

Think of love as the stillness of the Universe which is reflected in nature. Love is the quietude of a new mother taking inventory of her new babe.It is tolerating a million transgressions of an annoying younger sibling. Love is honoring a pet’s nap as you dutifully sit still so as not to wake them. It is the inner communication of the trees that nurture everyone so graciously while systemically being denied a voice.

There is no way not to be loved. Unless you gauge the definition by the flawed attempts of other humans to gain understanding. They are those who are flailing around in desperation for validation too. It is like looking for the starving to feed you. Or make you guest of honor at a banquet. The best way to be embraced in love is to make a house of it from the sticks you have collected yourself. That way you always take ownership of your own house. And that is the greatest security there is.