Grow a Pair


The puppet masters that control society are flawed because they promote the belief that we only live one life. I am not sure if this is their personal belief or if it is because it is easier to control others with this belief system. You see it reflected in our ads and in different subtle forms of programming. You hear statements over and over again like: “we only have one life, we need to make the most of it”. This is programming

Too many of us have memories of our past lives. So to us, those who are not aware of their past lives, show up as ignorant or easily influenced. I have not met one person who is not interested in knowing their past lives. Unless they are so fearful of the repercussions from even thinking this way; from their religious affiliations or family. But we are a compilation of our past live.

To be ruled by laws that deny the reality of our past live is to be ruled by ignorance. It is so difficult for those of us who are aware. It is denying a huge aspect of ourselves. Those of us who are aware are lovingly trying to enlighten others so that they can be more comfortable in their skin and feel less like they are at the mercy of life.

That is why some political parties are so hellbent on war. The puppet masters control by fear. So to mandate a one life cycle belief system is so much easier to perpetuate fear. When we live in a fear based belief system it is reflected in the world at large.

America will be great again when it leads the world out of archaic practices of control and dysfunction. Focusing on humanity and self-responsibility is what every soul is capable of learning. Perpetuating war and fear mongering is beating a dead horse. So many of us remember our lifetimes of killing and dying for a petty cause that it sickens us to even watch it play out in the world again.

We have indulged immature souls enough in their war dance. It is time for new awareness. It is time to embrace the civility and humanity of enlightened souls and stop trying to legislate based on ignorance. That is the meaning of this quote:

1 Corinthians 13:11King James Version

11 When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

War, control, ignorance and power plays are childish things. Hoarding the wealth of the world for one’s self and controlling the lives and belief systems of the people is a childish thing. Getting pleasure out of manufacturing discord in the world and seeing how ignorant you can keep the inhabitants of a whole planet is a childish thing.

Wake up people. Stop being used, trivialized or diminished for the puppet masters personal satisfaction. Grow a pair. Suffering will end when you do.

Conspiracy Theories and The Lizard Race


I woke up from a disturbing experience in the dream state. My dreams are no longer  broken streams of symbolism. They are clear and solid information that is fed to me to assist humanity in some way. Usually I am put in the position of understanding the plight of different demographics through experiencing it in the dream.  I can then report back through my writing and people can do the exercises I share to assist humanity in awakening. My dreams are never fluff.

Last night I had the experience of dealing with a race of beings that were taken over society in certain sects. It was so strange, because to everyone else, they looked like people. I was the only one who could see them as they really appeared. And that was only for a little bit in the dream. The rest of the time they looked like regular people to me. When I woke up, I attempted to draw them to show the reader but I could not capture the void-less depth of lack of empathy or love.

In the dream I was in a college and they had infiltrated the dorms at first. I was very leery of them. A fellow dorm member was introduced to them and I did everything I could to avoid the lizard person. They had skin that was leathery and textured like a shiny piece of coal. They had a slit for a mouth and huge red eyes that showed no empathy or compassion. They were eyes like you would see on a shark, or another predator animal whose pupils hardened when they hone onto their prey. Like those predators, there was no means to connect on the level of humanity.

In the dream, I went to a mall (inner worlds) and was going up an escalator (higher consciousness) As I was going up to the top, I saw that there were a lot of lizard people there. It made perfect sense. They camouflaged themselves as people of importance or sophistication. They used that vantage point of snobbery like bait to draw in the humans. They understood humans are weak and insecure. They used the tactic of snobbery to draw them in by catering to this weakness. They drew them in by giving them the false sense that they were sophisticated or superior in some way.

So they showed up as snobbish beings.  As I was rising to the top of the elevator, I now just seen them in human form. One of them name dropped the leader of the spiritual group I used to be a part of. It seems that this group was the perfect breeding ground for the lizard race to take over because of the subtle sense of spiritual superiority this group holds. It used to be a thriving conduit for individuality.But through the years has just maintained a sense of superiority with no advancement for the individuals or humanity because of its influence.

But had been missing from this group  for awhile. The most telling thing is that the leader has not shared any thing of new spiritual truth in many years. Also, women in the group are at a slight disadvantage to men. Yet people continue to be loyal to the leader and hold him as a God.  They have fallen into a complacency that they are superior with no  spiritual evidence of it. In fact some of the attacks that I have received for sharing truth and my healing abilities have been the most ruthless from this group. Perhaps their behavior  indicates that they have been inundated with the lizard race and are no longer a viable spiritual group.

The demeanor of the lizard people at the mall was aloof. You knew they were in charge but they didn’t engage you directly. They conglomerated among themselves. They would give expensive gifts but there was strings attached. They offered me a dress from the mall but then suggested off-handedly through a  representative, that I do some light cleaning to show appreciation. This was merely a hook for me to agree to enslavement. Once I agreed to do a little bit to appease them, then they owned me and I was at their mercy.

When I awoke, I thought about an analogy to explain the dynamics that the lizard people had with humans. It was striking similar to the way the Russian diplomat Kysliak and the other Russian ambassadors seemed in the White house when Trump received them. Trump was seen as their dupe and this was how the lizard people in the dream engaged with humans. The Lizard people feel smarmy and entitled. There is a lack of warm engagement with them. Everything is calculated. And you see the people disgustingly falling over backwards to please them.

When I woke up, I wondered if our fight for freedom, does not lie with the Russians but with the lizard race. The Russian people in themselves are no different than us. They are striving for freedom under a dispassionate regime too. But dealing with this intrusive race of humanoids, may be our reality in some abstract way. If so, the thing that will save us is our humanity and compassion. This race preys upon our weakness to be superior. As we connect to others, we forgo the ridiculous fancy of entitlement. Perhaps it is only in seeing the greatness in others, that we can feign off falling prey to a drastic fate of slavery.

The oligarchs wish to enslave humanity to their sense of wealth and power. Perhaps the reason why so many people show up as having a lack of compassion for the multitudes is because they are being influenced by the reptilian race and have no depth for compassion. Perhaps this is why certain religions and governments have no compassion for the suffering they inflict.  Or the outlandish ways they are so willing to diminish whole sects and demographics. Perhaps they are being influenced by the lizard race in their dreams or otherwise.

If you wish to live free and to have your children thrive in a world of compassion and opportunity, you MUST embrace your humanity. You must think and discern for yourself. You must regenerate your creative imagination and optimistic outlook on life. It is not to late. Your imagination, ingenuity, individuality and compassion is the lifeblood of awakening.

We Release Being overtaken by the lizard race

The complacency that we are seeing in this issue is surreal. Anyone of us who has been around for more than a few years knows how dangerous the current climate is. To put it in perspective, it is like Voldemort taking over the wizardry school.

Please do your children a favor and bother to do these taps. Our personal freedoms have never been challenged to this degree.


(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)


“We declare ourselves surrogates for America and humanity in doing these taps; in all moments.”

“We release being overtaken by the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We release being enslaved to the lizard race; in all moments”

“We release being used as pawns for the lizard race; in all moments.”

“”We remove all vivaxes between ourselves and the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We dissipate all psychic energy between ourselves the lizard race; in all moments”

“We deactivate and dissipate the psychic energy of the lizard race; in all moments”

“We deactivate all drones for the lizard race; in all moments”

“We deactivate and expose the treachery of all agents of the lizard race; in all moments”

“We withdraw all our energy from the lizard race; in all moments”

“We remove all tentacles between ourselves and the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We remove the claws of the lizard race from our beingness; in all moments.”

“We remove all programming and conditioning that the lizard race has put on us; in all moments.”

“We remove all engrams of the lizard race from our beingness; in all moments.”

“We release being hypnotized or manipulated by the lizard race; in all moments”

“We remove all controlling devices that the lizard race has put in us; in all moments”

“We send all energy matrices into the light and sound that support the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We command all complex energy matrices that support the lizard race to be escorted into the light and sound by our guides; in all moments.”

“We send all energy matrices of being overtaken by the lizard race into the light and sound; in all moments.”

“We command all complex energy matrices of being overtaken by the lizard race  to be escorted into the light and sound by our guides; in all moments.”

“We withdraw all our energy from being overtaken by the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We strip all illusion off of the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We collapse and dissolve all portals between ourselves and the lizard race; in all moments”

“We nullify all contracts with the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We remove all obligation to the lizard race; in all moments”

“We untangle our energy from the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We remove all masks, walls, and armor off the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We strip all illusion that the lizard race has put on us; in all moments.”

“We recant all vows and agreements between ourselves and the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We remove all curses between ourselves and the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We remove all blessings between ourselves and the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We eliminate the first cause in regards to being enslaved by the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We sever all strings, cords, and wires between ourselves and the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We eliminate the first cause between ourselves and the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We dissolve all karmic ties between ourselves and the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We remove all the pain, burden, and limitations that the lizard race   has put on us; in all moments.”

“We remove all the pain, burden, and limitations that we have put on others due to lizard race; in all moments.”

“We remove all the fear, futility, and unworthiness that the lizard race has put on us; in all moments.”

“We remove all the fear, futility, and unworthiness that we have put on others due to the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We remove all the division, debauchery, and ignorance that the lizard race has put on us; in all moments.”

“We remove all the division, debauchery, and ignorance that we have put on others due to the lizard race; in all moments.

“We remove all negative attributes and illusion of separateness that the lizard race   has put on us; in all moments.”

“We remove all negative attributes and illusion of separateness that we have put on others due to the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We remove all that we have vested in the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We collapse and dissolve all portals to the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We take back ALL that being overtaken by the lizard race has taken from us; in all moments.”

“We give back to all others ALL that we have taken from them due to the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We release resonating with the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We release emanating with the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We extract all of the lizard race from our sound frequency; in all moments.”

“We extract all of the lizard race from our light emanation; in all moments.”

“We extract all of the lizard race  from our whole beingness ; in all moments.”

“We shift our paradigm from the lizard race to universal compassion, empathy and freedom; in all moments.”

“We transcend the lizard race; in all moments.”

“We are centered and empowered in universal compassion, empathy and freedom; in all moments.”

“We resonate, emanate, and are interconnected with all life in universal compassion, empathy and freedom; in all moments.”








I had a dream recently where I was sitting in a very large church that was packed. I sat in the pews with everyone else and a few people I remember from a spiritual group I have been part of.
We were all watching a very entertaining movie that a spiritual group had put together a few years ago. But as everyone watched, the movie changed from sharing spiritual principles to being a recruiting tape for more people to join their group.
The pews emptied out. A few people stayed out of dedication to truth. But we were all laying down in the pews. We were tired but we were there for a reason.
The few who stayed, sprawled out in the pews. I got up and went into a back room. I was unscrewing a big capsule. My assistant Thérèse A. Kravetz came into the room to help me unscrew the big capsule. I woke up wondering what it exactly meant. An understanding came through inner channels.
The crowd in the pews represented humanity. They were transfixed in obedience to the teachings of society, religion, governments and even spiritual groups. Watching the big screen was the psychic practice of having them transfixed to the rules of different groups in obedience and compliance. At one point, these groups helped people, but it showed how they have become different forms of psychic manipulation to captivate people as they enslave them.
I was told that The taps and writings I share, coupled with my intention of assisting an upgrade to humanity, are actually working.  My exercises of tapping and writings are working to free people from the psychic control that have kept them entrenched in groups through the history of man. The spiritual upgrade that I am assisting humanity in awakening to; is about each individual enjoying their own empowerment. They can now be free  without having to heavily energetically tithe any group. Groups can no longer use individual’s energy to enslave them. That is why the pews were emptied.
The die-hard people in the pews were those who were more aware but used this incarnation to assist others in some spiritual way. But I left the pews. I had more work to do.  Dissipating all the psychic energy that left people feeling like their fate was written for them was just part of my purpose.
When I went into the other room, the capsule that I was dismantling was the atomic bomb. I was shifting the course of humanity from war being inevitable to veering it towards world peace. The psychic energies of war mongering for profit and power have been strong. Those have been dissipated. We are now moving towards world peace. The cold energies that we have been experiencing have been a vital form of protection. It seems that the psychic attacks intended for those of us who came here to dismatle power, are stopped in their track by the frigid weather.
The reason that it is my responsibility dismantle war is that Einstein learned his abilities to tap into truth and wisdom from reading my books in my past incarnation of Madame Blavatsky. Hitler also read my works and gleaned the ability to harness psychic energy of control from what I shared in my works. I am not proud of that. But truth doesn’t usually shine a halo on people. It also makes sense that the psychic energy of hate that has resurfaced is also showing itself so that It can me eradicated out of existence once and for all.
So the dream was a validation that the taps I share are indeed working to dissipate all the psychic energy of control and veering humanity away from war.
When I saw the Missile scare that happened in Hawaii today, a wisp of awareness came through explaining why it happened.
All the people it affected needed the scare of that attack because it was the script that was written for them before I began assisting an incredible shift in the fate of humanity.
If we had not the success of the higher intention of the work I do, that missile scare would not have been a false alarm. It would have been real. I know that only a handful of people will believe this. Maybe the people who have had healing experiences with me. But there is a lot of craziness happening in the world. That is the necessary reality of so many layers of illusion being ripped off of power and corruption.
But if what I write here gives anyone hope, reassurance, or the inspiration to tap into their own empowerment, then it is worth the trade-off of possibly being considered a crackpot by so many more. We were not designed to be human sheep. We have only been conditioned to believe that it is noble to be human sheep. It is not.
The truth and intentions that you are sitting on may be the spring-board for the multitudes to shine in higher consciousness. One person was not meant to save humanity single heartedly. We are all intended to do what we are capable of doing to empower, enthrall, uplift, enlighten, teach or heal the multitudes. What are you waiting for? The psychic scare tactics have been dismantled. You are safe and encouraged to now shine.
If you need a means to shine, perhaps one of my books will provide you a blueprint to your own empowerment.


an extension of your own hands
I am a Muslim- I continuously declare my faith through kindness to all others
I am a Jew -I have suffered dearly for my right to exist and have great resolve
I am a Christian -I strive to personify Christ consciousness
I am a Pagan -I see God in everyone and everything
I am a Buddhist- I think and discern for myself
I am an Atheist- I reject all tenets that do not resonate with my own sense of truth.
I am an Agnostic – I question everything; especially what others tell me to believe
I am Spiritual- I understand that I exist because I am loved
I am a Hindu- I believe in the continuity of life greater than this physical form
I Am Gaia- I naturally nurture all of life
I Am Love- I see the goodness in all others beyond all labels and personal convictions
I AM Humanity. I am in you and you are in me
Jen Ward 11/22/15

There’s a special kind of Hell for…….


Have you ever heard the expression, There is a special hell for……? It is true. There is a special kind of hell and a special kind of heaven for everyone. These experiences are custom made. The truth is, we make our own heaven and we make our own hell by the kind of energy we indulge in.

If we are constantly complaining, arguing, taking, lying or feeling victimized, this is the same vibration of energy we will attract. In a way, we are already entrenching ourselves in a private hell with these experiences, This life is a dress rehearsal for what happens when we cross the veil and slip out of the physical body.

The same is true with our heaven. Have you ever met someone that you seemed really shouldn’t be happy based on their outer circumstances? Yet they are always going out of their way to help others? They understand that what we are given as obstacles are merely in place to strengthen their integrity and resilience. It is us honing the ability to bring heaven where ever we go, It is a means of alchemy.

Do you know someone who makes you feel better merely by their presence? They are immersed in a higher vibration perhaps, and you get to partake of it by being around them. These people bring a little heaven here to earth. They are the ones that hold space for heaven in our every day world.

Animals and Nature naturally do this. You will never find a tree complaining. We should all be more like the trees. Think about our reason to be here, Did we really come to accumulate stuff? Or are we here to bring all our gifts of kindness, sincerity and integrity here to dilute the vibration of more harsh experiences. In a way, we are all here to bring a piece of heaven to earth. Perhaps it is a means to evaporate the hell others who are immersed in selfishness, try to inflict on us all.

I implore people to stop thinking of heaven as a stagnant state. They believe they get all their hearts desires for the mere entry, This belief is what keeps the filthy rich indifference of their affects on the world. It keeps the rest of us in a state of apathy just waiting to die because things will be better in heaven. You know who felt this way? Slaves. When we are waiting for a better life when we die, we are thinking like a slave. It is a slave mentality.

Do what you can now to raise your vibrations. Raising awareness; as in a disease, is not raising vibration but merely making space for more of the vibration of whatever you are raising awareness of. You can’t raise the vibration by adding more vibration of disease into the mix. This is the ploy that has kept us stuck in apathy. You raise vibration by focusing on the opposite of the issue. NOT on the issue.

For example, you can have as many races to cure a disease as you want. You can have picnics, celebrations for the victims who survive, memorialize those who have died of that disease and throw as much money at a disease as possible. This merely assures that the vibration of the diseases stays in relevant in mainstream society and our homes.

How about focusing on the opposite of a disease? How about exemplifying those who use natural abilities to dissipate the stagnant energy that is the precursor to physical illness? It is the issues that we carry around like laden fruit that finally drop to the ground of physicality that skilled practitioners can dissipate. They do all the time. Yet this is too preposterous to subscribe to. We demonize these people, and ignore their amazing results, Why? Because if they were acknowledged, they would take the mystique out of organized religion.

Did you know it only takes two proven miracles to be become a saint in the Roman Catholic Religion. Just two. Most gifted natural healers see miracles every day. Real life shifting results are happening. Yet the politics of religion has been to demonize these dynamic healers as flakes, phonies, or delusional as a means to prevent them from stealing the edge that organized religion has over people.

If one is able to discern for themselves, they will realize that Jesus came to earth specifically to address the mentality they are caught up in. Many times the person who is most Christ like, is the non christian.

I saw on the news people spitting venom at others and calling them non Christians. They could not see how the sincerity of their belief system was being manipulated by the hands of power. Many times the reason that the alternative healers and more Christ like behavior is on the fringe of society is because they do not take up arms against others to prop up their own purpose. They do not use others to cushion their own self importance. They more readily walk in the footsteps of Jesus than the tax collectors.

Don’t people realize that Jesus was a tree hugger? He respected and honored the wisdom of trees. Jesus would not have advocated for war. He would have been considered a hippy if he lived in the sixties, Or even worse, he would have been a draft dodger. He would not have advocated war. He loved all people. He would not mix love of God with service to war and country. God loves all people. He would not care about the color of their skin, what side of the border they were born or what they called him.

Jesus could perceive in energy at least as good as me. He would realize that any state of non movement is a stagnant state of consciousness. Stagnant states of consciousness are the precipice of disease. Closed borders, closed minds, closed hearts and closed business are all stagnant states of consciousness. Creating an environment where people are not able to live their purpose because they don’t fall into the right economic, political, religious systems is a stagnant state of consciousness. It also creates hell on earth. There are factions that are still trying to create hell on earth for so many as each individual is on the precipice of breaking free.

I remember a small part of the Book of Revelations where it said that there would come a time when it would be difficult to tell the devil from God. (something to that effect) That is what we are experiencing now, the predictions in the Book of Revelations. It is the ones who try to inflict harm and control on others who are really the servants of a dark force. What is so ironic is the people who are most devoted to their religions are the ones who are seem more susceptible to being duped.

I know that I offend some people with what I write. To me it is worth it if it pulls just one person out of apathy. Writing is my tool. It is what I have at hand. If anyone is disgusted by the current state of affairs and stays on the fence of indifference they are living in a private hell. If anyone refuses to speak truth out of fear of retribution, that is a private hell. If someone refuses to outgrow a system of conduct that was born in the Dark Ages they are in a private hell. If someone reacts so strongly to what I write here that is prompts them to hate, they are in a private hell.

May I suggest to anyone who has a strong negative reaction to this post to forego the energy used to attack me. Use in instead to turn inwardly to free the parts of yourself that are held stagnant in a certain belief. Doing so is a way of deep healing.

Important Facts About Trees.

Trees communicate through their root system. It is similar to how we communicate through social media. We needed the understanding of how computers interact to understand how trees communicate. Until social media, there was no tangible reference point available.
Trees not only exchange carbon dioxide for pure air, they also exchange stagnant, negative thoughts for clarity and inspiration.
Trees prevent people from being unbalanced because they take in all the stagnant energy that holds people in negative thought and emotional patterns like they would fertilizer. They give them clarity of purpose and reason in exchange.
Trees love their children. They look after their children from their vantage point. If you care for a tree’s sapling, they will be contented and appreciative as if they are feeling it as well.
Trees don’t really die. They just go deep into the ground and come up again as a sapling.
The rings on a tree depict all the stagnant energy they have taken in from the environment and the people around them.
The areas in the world that have less trees, are the ones that depict more of a violent temperament. Trees induce sanity, calm and reason into people.
Trees are not motionless. They ungulate. Thinking they are motionless is a trick of the mind that has been instilled generation upon generation of human conditioning. If you sit and stare at a tree for a long time, you will see how they really move. It can be alarming, if not intimidating at first. In a past era, there was a genocide of all those who could interact with trees. This was done to instill the christian god. It left the psyche of those who loved trees paralyzed in a fear of interacting with them. That is what is being addressed now by reminding every one of how special trees are.
When no one communicates with a tree, they “check out” and spend most of their attention pulled away from the surface. They interact among themselves; like a human spending all their time on social media. That is partly why they seem so lifeless to us. But if you engage a tree, they are happy to come to the surface and interact with you.
Trees are responsible for most of the inspiration that humans receive. Many of the heartfelt songs and poetry that people have written has actually been downloaded into them by the trees. The poem that reads: “I think there has never been, a poem so lovely as a tree…..” was written by a tree.
The ability to communicate with trees is an aspect of female or yin energy. In ancient civilizations, it was normal to interact with trees and to seek their council. A big part of the desecration of Goddess energy has been to demonize those who communicate with trees. It past eras, there was a genocide committed on those who were able to interact with trees. There is a memory of this today in the way that society demonize Tree huggers. The more you honor and respect trees openly, the quicker the planet will be healed.
Respecting and honoring trees is a direct gauge as to how humanity is auto correcting itself after male energy has systematically tried to annihilate female empowerment. But what people are starting to understand is that it is not men against women. Each human is compiled of both male and female energy. So to honor and respect trees, creates a balance and an upgrade within our energy own system.
Trees are not fearful of storms. They don’t fear dying like humans do. When there is a storm brewing, there is an electricity and excitement in the air. That electricity is feeling the trees excitement about the rainfall. It is their “Celebratory Feast”. Notice that electricity happens after a dry spell. When it is a huge storm brewing, the trees are very excited.
Then there is a forest fire and the animals seem to know miles away to get out-of-the-way of danger; they know because the trees warn them.
Forest Fires are a trees way of burning off the negativity in the world. There is a lot of negativity being burned off right now. It is part of the way they have been providing balance to the world. If you don’t want wild fires, teach people to stop hating.
Trees are spirit guides. They really do look out for people. In lanes of highway that overlook a road, the trees are familiar with the people who drive to work and drive home at night. They find it fascinating that humans drive home so heavy after a day at work. They absorb that negativity for them as they drive by. That is why driving down a tree lined road is so enjoyable.
Trees consider themselves part of the family. That cozy, nurturing feeling that you have in your home, is a tree looking out for you and exuding comfort.
If you are looking to buy a home in a competitive market, or impossible situation, ask the trees in the new property to help you. They can open and block energetic passageways more than is realized. If you want an edge in life,or need to feel more security, ask the trees to help you.
Trees think humans are amusing that cut a grove of them down and then replant a row of trees after they have just cut a bunch of them down. Trees think humans are ridiculous in how they need to control nature in this ways.
Trees don’t understand boundaries like property lines. They don’t realize that they are considered to be owned by the person in the nearest house. They love and nurture all the humans around. Not just the one’s who believe they own them.
Trees love to share their gifts. When you eat fruit right off a tree, the tree can then experience consciousness through your eyes. It is a form of them understanding humans better. This bond between humans and trees has been desecrated by the way that trees are treated like slaves in an orchard rather than receiving gratitude for what they provide. Trees in an industrial orchard find it more difficult to pour their love into their fruit because of the way they receive no appreciation for what they give. This love that is not present is a form of an enzyme to the body of humans. That is why some fruits and vegetables cause heartburn. They were grown and harvested with a lack of gratitude.
Trees enjoy when a branch of theirs is invited into a home as decoration when it has dropped off accidently. They then get to see what it is like in the home and they send that information back to the main tree. This is how trees learn from interacting with us.
Trees are devastated when they are cut down by the whims of ignorant humans who plop them in their homes and celebrate as the life force drains out of them. Such ignorance saddens them.
Trees are excited that I share this information. They are excited about being able to inspire and interact with humans again. As more people interact with trees, a renaissance will ensue. This creative energy that is returning to the planet will dry up a lot of the hate, greed and power mongering that is presently prevalent. If you want to change the world, connect with your local trees and reignite the wisdom of the trees back into the planet.
Please share this post if you love trees.

Truth, Individuality, Empowerment and You

Truth is a form of tapping into direct knowing which is nothing like an opinion. An opinion is a warped twisted fact that is birthed from an agenda and driven by the ego. Direct knowing is the vibration of love. Because love and truth vibrate at similar frequencies. Most things people share are opinions. Truth has no agenda except to free people of the ego.
Those who tap into direct knowing have no desire to defend truth. They understand that some are privy to it and some are not. Those who appreciate truth will use that truth as a coordinates to tap into direct knowing for themselves. There is no need to stuff the brain with facts and figures when you are tapped into truth. Because all you need to do is ask a question and you have a direct line to the answer.
Doing this frees your energy up of needing to seem smart or proving that you know it all. A wise person does not need to lord information over others. They do not debate to engage in “one-upping” others. They share because they sincerely wish others to be free to engage in truth as well. There is no hierarchy in truth sharing. There is only a pass and fail perhaps. Those who lord information over others to feel superior are not passing.
They may not even recognize this in themselves because it is so subtle. But there are subtle signs that feel diminishing. One clue is using pet names to address others that depicts superiority. Another one is the feeling of inferior or insecurity that accompanies engaging them. Even a sense that person is more advanced than you.
Thinking someone is more gifted than you or more advanced is a cop-out. It is a way of ascribing them with an advantage that you don’t have as a way of preventing yourself from even trying to expound out of the scope of average. We all have super powers in a sense. It is a matter of tapping into our own worth and having the courage to show our abilities to others. So what if they don’t see them at first. The growth is for ourselves and how to express incredible love and gratitude for the experience of interaction. The joy of this makes all other trinkets of accomplishments pale in comparison.
Jen Ward