Recognizing Ourselves As Pure Love




It is kind of like, it is easier to hold a heavy object to your side rather than to hold it up at eye level. But if you raise it way over your head, develop your muscles and do it often, it can be really easy to raise a heavy item over your head, lock your arms and carry it there.

That is kind of what needs to be done with our vantage point in the world. The world has been so heavy. Every horrible thing that happens in the world is paraded on the air waves to get attention and elicits more negativity. Then it makes us all think and talk about these horrible things. This is everyone holding the heavy object very low to the ground.

We all have to exercise our muscles to NOT focus on the negative things but to focus on the positive things That happen in the world. We will have to lock our arms and hold our attention high. This is done by not indulging in the negative issues. It is done by focusing our attention on all the good things that happen everyday.What are they? Here is the start of a running list of things that are happening right now in the world that are positive and wonderful.

Please make your own list or add to this one. Please keep it close as a reminder of all the wonderful things that are happening in the world that we never hear about. Tune into them energetically and support them. This is the way to elevate the vibrations of all.

Right at this very moment:

Couples are falling in love
Sunshine is bursting through the horizon and warming the day
Someone is risking their life
Children are playing in innocence
Someone is creating a masterpiece
A genius is being born
Innovations are being created to uplift humanity
Power is dwindling its grip
Students are learning
Animals are being cherished
Pets are being spoiled.
The hungry are being fed
The discouraged are given hope
Strangers are sacrificing their life for others
Kindness is being given, demonstrated and perpetuated
Mothers are nursing their newborns
Babies are being swaddled
Dads are bragging about their kids
Siblings are looking out for each other
Dreams are manifesting
Glass ceilings are being shattered
Stars are being born
Realizations are awakening
Old ideology is dying
Souls are crossing over peacefully
Revelations are being made
New ideas are being accepted
Lovers are embracing
Gratitude is pouring out
Communities are rebuilding
Nature is being appreciated
Adversaries are conceding
Hearts are being encouraged
Humanity is awakening
Our connection to all others is being recognized
Trees are exchanging our stagnant energy with clean energy
Creativity is flowing
Limitations are being lifted
Spiritual law is being understood
Humanity is awakening
We are embracing ourselves in the reflection of others
Love is perpetuating
Laughter is resonating
Vibrations are raising
We are healing
We are empowering
We are empowered
We are recognizing ourselves as pure love.

Empowering a Healer

This little bear was trapped in a plastic bag at the local goodwill. He was trapped in the position of scrunching up his energy and sending it all out of himself to a satellite energy (an outer concept of God) to use as it will. He is now still as reverent as ever.
He loves God and respects all life just as much as when he is on his knees. But he is not trapped in a position of unworthiness. His knees feel better. So many people I have helped with their knee issues have spent lifetimes on their knees praying to God. It has left them feeling helpless, unworthy and broken in their own body. This is the plight that was depicted in this sweet bear.
This bear,

now prays to God by being kind to all others. He can feel his own healing energy; which is the God Force within him. This Bear now partakes in the love directly that he used to just send out blindly to a force outside of himself. He realizes that he, himself is a prayer.

God is among us. Opening up our energy and being present in all that we do is a concentrated form of prayer. It is healing to all. It is much more difficult to stay present with the person in front of you and your surroundings all day long, than it is to just send God a laundry list of wants and needs.
At the end of the day. Lavishing praise on an omniscient God is not necessary. God knows all. God knows our intentions in all moments. Being mindful of this all day long is more truthful and sincere than debasing ourselves at the end of the day. If we have not honored God in all beings, why should he listen to us.
Prayer is an interactive practice. Some people understand this. Nature and animals live this. That is why you don’t hear any gossip among animals. It is not in their nature. Prayer for humans can be as complete as well. They need to simply edit their thoughts, speech and actions in every moment.
Each word, thought and deed must have a caliber of truth and kindness to be heard in the presence of God. Since God is everywhere, and in everything, our prayers do not need to be sent outside of us but we must imbue our very atoms with love so as to invite God into our countenance. This is the most sincere form of prayer. Honor all beings as a reflection of God. This is the way to truly honor God. God loves all beings. If you love all beings too, you are more Godlike than sending messages from afar.
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The Truth about Truth


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The world is starving for truth NOT Bullies.
Although truth can seem harsh because it is ripping off comfortable layers of lies, it does not destroy
It can hurt the feelings
But the feelings are very low on the survival scale
Truth resonates similar to love
The reason there is so little love in the world is because there is so little truth in the world.
Being a bully is not being loving.
Administering truth to those with an aversion to it is intricate work
It is energetic surgery.
One must know how much truth to administer without cutting too deep. It takes precision
Being polite but secretly dreading is not truth
Being nice to someone but talking behind their back is not truthful or loving
Talking about anyone is not truth
Complaints are not truth
Gossip is not truth
Judgement is ignorant lies.
Ignorant because the one judging believes they know the absolute truth
Silence, Love and Joy are the only absolute truths
Judgement is merely a vantage point.
Labels are not truth. They are nailing things in a fixed state
Life is expansive. Truth reflects this.
The best depiction of truth is silence
This is why Native Americans have used sign language.
They honor truth in this way.
God does not need to be praised, worshiped or have an ego stroked.
God has no ego.
If one wants to honor God, one can speak truth
The greatest truth is silence.
Truth is showing reverence for God.
If God is love
and Love and truth resonate similarly,
and being silent resonates with truth
Then being silent is being in the presence of God.
This is how to honor God.
As you speak, notice how much of it is not necessary
Notice how much it does not resonate with truth
If it does not resonate with truth, it does not resonate with God
Notice how much you speak of negative things
Notice how much to talk to hide who you are
Notice how much you talk about others
Notice how much you talk about yourself.
If you could cut away all of that chatter, you could feel more clearly the depth of your own soul.
You would be able to truly honor God in that silence
For in silence you express the absolute truth
Silence is truth, love and awareness combined.
When you are silent in your words and thoughts,
You are truly being truthful.
You resonate with God

Where to Find God


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Man has depleted the earth by sending his energy up into an empty sky to feed the ego of a man-made concept of Source. We pour that energy back into Source through honoring nature and each other. Because we are the face of God.

Every little pair of eyes we look into, every set of legs that roam the earth and every form that shows up and struggles in love and life with us, IS the embodiment of God.

This simple truth was demonized to prevent people from finding God. It has hidden God in plain sight. So that man could erect his statues and worship stations to a petty, vengeful god. That is why some people still are so dedicated to Trump.

He is a physical representation of the God they have been conditioned to revere. While the real God, the one that is a loving essence, the one that does not need form to be perceived, the one that beckons all to seek the perfection of their own empowerment, lays hidden to those who need a concrete image to fathom such greatness.

Yet we interact with God in real-time through our kindness to others, through our laser focus on the sweet interactions that are on display for us, and for our own ability to forgo all the conditioning of the ages, and maintain a sweet loving stance towards ourselves and all others.

Our struggles are merely the Universe turning our attention away from the course vibrations of illusion and focusing us back into the heart of what is truth. It is no different from picking up a wiggling toddler and re-positioning them back in their chair to instill the importance of stillness. Or seating a precious gem onto a secure facet. Or planting a beautiful garden in a seemingly inconvenient swatch of land.

Our struggles are the attention Source gives to us to re-calibrate our gratitude and attention onto itself . Every act of kindness, every consideration for others, every humble honoring of self, and every pristine truth; untainted by beguile; is true worship. It is us, moving deeper and more profoundly into the heart of God.

The Difference Between a Healer and Traditional Medicine


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One listens to the body
Is not intrusive
Does not attack the body or cause pain
Does not feel superior to the individual
Realizes the synergy of a group Intention
Does not override natural pathways
Does not use the word “terminal”
Doesn’t poison the whole system
Does not make the person feel inferior or hopeless
Is based on the natural vibration of the earth and her fruits
Treats the body as an extension of nature
Operates within the laws of nature.
Holds the individual accountable with speech, thoughts and actions
Does not hold strong opinions as a by-product
Honors the individual parts of the individual
Continues to learn and adapt
Is rewarded in more than monetary increments
Speaks to a profound aspect of the self and the Universe.
Is always looking to improve their skills
Realizes there is always more to learn
Doesn’t compartmentalized the body, an issue or life
Honors the healing ability and capability in all
Honors life in all forms.
Is aware of their own limitations
Is not motivated by outer accolades
Understands that all forms of healing have merit
Recognizes healing when it happens.
Is grateful and aware
Listens with reverence and respect
Includes the individual in the process.
Honors life on even a cellular level.
Pursues multifaceted venues to health
Accepts all types of healing, even western medicine as valid


Tap into the wisdom of the very young who understand that their dolls and plush toys are alive. They are most aware. They are basing their devotion to their friends with metaphysical insights that is lost on adults until now. All atoms are alive. They have consciousness. A group of atoms that come together in consensus are alive because they are a compilation of living atoms.

Be of the little children ….

Children disregard their toys when they follow the cues of the adults and older children around them. It seems like they lose their innocence but they are truly losing their awareness. They were right to regard their toys with reverence. If we could do one thing to uplift humanity in an instant, it would be to regain the insights and perceptions of a child and remember what it is like to give reverence to all life.

So instead of trying to pull their toys away from your child so that they will be “well-adjusted”, why not sit in their world for a bit and change your point of view on their importance. Inanimate Life is so healing to embrace.

When we have incredible stagnant energy in our bodies, it feels so heavy.  Inanimate life is so willing and capable of exchanging that stagnant energy for clarity. If you are tired and weary, grab a plush friend and pour all your angst into them. It is not pain to them just like fertilizer is not dirt to a tree. It is nutrients. It is sustenance, It is connection.  By hugging an inanimate object, you are eliminating an unnatural divide that is not necessary.

It may sound ridiculous but try it. Find someone inanimate to pour your love into. Many very aware people know this to be true with crystals. But it is also true of the sweet-faced smiling bears and other forms of inanimate life. When we start treating inanimate life with more respect, it will raise the bar on how we treat trees, nature, animals and even each other.


Vibrate with Love


Your thoughts and words can either be glass ceilings or a springboard into the heavens. You are the navigator. That is how you are empowered. Before you speak, or before you even think, ask yourself if what you are about to manifest is something that will elevate yourself and others or is it something that will sink you all down. Get a sense of what you say feels like.

I see it when I post something. I try to extend the highest loving intention to farthest reaches possible. Then someone will say something that will pull people back to a heavy place. Notice it for yourselves. Which pages do you like to go to? How high can you hold a vibration? You are empowered to manifest and hold a place for extremes awesomeness! 

Here are some taps:

(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest) 

“I release dumbing myself and others down; in all moments”
“I transcend the mundane human thought process; in all moments”
“I release being trapped in habitual mind loops in all moments”
“I release ruling out possibilities; in all moments”
“I release shutting doorways with “no”; in all moments”
“I release putting limitations on my capabilities; in all moments”
“I release shutting down viable components of my brain; in all moments”
“I shift my paradigm from thinking to knowing; in all moments”
“I awaken direct knowing within myself; in all moments”
“I activate the dormant parts of my brain; in all moments”
“I release being trapped in a time/space continuum in all moments”
“I consciously access my own vortex; in all moments”
“I shift my paradigm from human consciousness to God-consciousness; in all moments”
“I consciously choose to resonate as an advanced being through choosing uplifting words and thoughts; in all moments”
“I hold space in this world for a higher vibrational frequency; in all moments”
“I remove all blockages to being a higher vibrational frequency; in all moments”
“I stretch my capacity to be a higher vibrational frequency; in all moments”
“I strengthen my endurance to be a higher vibrational frequency; in all moments”
“I connect with higher frequency beings in a reverent state of Divinity; in all moments”
“I am centered and empowered in divine Love; in all moments”
“I vibrate and resonate with divine love and emanate it to all; in all moments”