The Most Glamorous Thing…….

The most glamorous thing about having a book signing is telling people you are having a book signing. In reality, it is putting one’s’ self in a very vulnerable state. It is not like a Kardashian launching their next whim or a president writing a book on behalf of their popular pooch. It is not like Justin Bieber being discovered in at mall. It is a desperate, quiet cry for validation of one’s contribution to an indifferent barrage of strangers.
A person who writes a book usually is introspective enough to be able to write a book. That indicates right there that there is a chunk of time not committed to social skill. One who is more comfortable alone with their thoughts, may not feel so comfortable in a crowd. It is fair to say that, in general, a writer may sacrifice their social aptitude for their writing. So to display themselves out in front of a crowd can be awkward.
A book Signing entails sitting in front of a crowd of disinterested strangers hoping for a crumb of interest in what you have poured your essence into. True, the market is inundated with vanity books. This only makes it more difficult for a dedicated writer to be discovered among the fluff. To have eight books to offer thus far to the public, as I do, shows either a passion for writing, a narcissistic streak, or a true calling to contribute to humanity. I believe it is the latter.
To spend all of my days alone, with no social interaction to putting myself in front of strangers is a stretch. It is an act of faith. There are subtle dreads involved that could fill a whole other book. When one writes a book, they don’t really think through what it entails to have it accepted by mainstream. It is a whole totally different job description than writing the books.
Today I will be at Lift Bridge Book Shop in Brockport NY. It is a home town atmosphere there. They are very gracious and accommodating. To ease the sting of sitting vulnerable to the public, I am offering five dollar readings with the proceeds going to the arbor fund to plant more trees in town. It is not really a reading that people are used to.
I am a medical intuitive who reads Akashic records. So I can tell the passer-by, what the issue is in their body, and what caused it in a past life. Then I can actually assist them in changing the script on their programming to release the stagnant energy causing the disturbance. Not bad for five bucks huh?
I hope some of you will who are local and see this will come out to say hi to me. It is a long shot. But so is most of the things that others take for granted in this life. Heck, I am not even sure if anyone reads my page anymore with the way the algorithms are screwed with. If you do, maybe you can like the Book Shop’s page.
But next time that you see a book signing, have compassion for the writer. It doesn’t seem like a heroic thing to do, but for them, sitting there, making themselves available to you, may be some of their hardest work.

Be a Literal Instrument For Peace


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

We are not pawns playing a mere part in the playbook of Gods and Kings. We are the Gods and Kings. We have more intelligence, awareness, insight, compassion, depth, Integrity, Passion and empowerment than most of the world leaders we see grabbing attention in the headlines of the media circus.
It is time for us to step up to the plate and stop reliving past life memories of being insignificant. The Guides who truly do run the mechanisms of the Universe are affording us this opportunity to awaken to our potential. If we wont do it in leisure, then we wlll do it out of necessity.
Stop sitting back and watching the workings of life. Roll up your sleeves and use all your passion and intention to pour love and goodness into every cell of every being; in all moments. Stop playing the armchair game of thrones with our own world and countries. Let others play it small.
You, who are reading this, were meant to read this. To shake off the last dross of complacency and complaint. Who cares if you are feeling good in the moment or if your sciatica is acting up? It is merely a twinge of a fraction of the angst of anguish and pain being inflicted at the hands of others in the absence of your interest.
We are here to love, empower, give, awaken, share, bless and appreciate others. If this is not what you are doing with your time here on earth, then you are wasting yet another lifetime. This is the one that matters. This is the turning point of where total indifference and apathy make a three sixty turn to Universal value, love and respect of all beings. You choose right now.
If you are afraid, it means that there is an absence of love. If you are afraid, convert the energy of that fear into love and benevolence right now. You must forgo your pet grievances to do this. But this fear is a necessity to pull them away from you. If you do not know how to convert the fear into love, do this exercise. You will be adding your empowerment to all the other individuals who will do this when they reading this.
This is us taking our empowerment back. It is that easy and simplistic.. In the comfort of your own quarters. You are using your energy to aid the world. Without the need to get on a bandwagon or make a huge show of it, You will be a literal instrument for peace.
(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)
“I am an instrument for peace; in all moments”
“I deactivate all nuclear threats with the purity of my intention for peace; in all moments”
“I dissipate all psychic energy that is gearing for war; in all moments”
“I release allowing war to be used to placate the pettiness of a personal agenda; in all moments”
“I release allowing war to be used to soothe the bruised egos of tyrants; in all moments”
“I release allowing war to be used to fulfill an out dated prophecy in all moments”
“I release the belief that war is inevitable; in all moments”
“I withdraw all my energy from war and nuclear assault; in all moments”
“I release allowing nuclear warfare to be used to sensationalize or entertain humans; in all moments”
“I send all energy matrices into the Light and Sound that advocate war or nuclear assault; in all moments”
“I command all complex energy matrices that advocate war or nuclear assault to be escorted into the Light and Sound by my Guides; in all moments”
“I shift the world’s paradigm from imminent war to imminent peace; in all moments”
“I empower all advocates of Peace with the Purity of my intention; in all moments”
“I remove all engrams of war from all of humanity; in all moments”
“I am centered and empowered in Universal Peace; in all moments”
“I resonate, emanate and am interconnected with all life in Universal Peace; in all moments”

The Metaphysics of Child’s Play

Liftbridge Book Store is a magical and wonderful place to visit. They have many items to nurture the imagination. I collect marbles from the store. It sounds silly as an adult right? But they are not marbles to me. They are planets. They are props I use to stretch my imagination and do dynamic healing. I pour healing love into all the earth. I use a little necklace bead that looks like earth to help shift my vantage point to be vast enough to engulf earth with healing love and peace.
The marbles are a prop to help me stretch my vantage point to not only pour healing love into earth, but into all the planets of the lower worlds. The planets of the lower worlds are depicted in my imagination as marbles. See? this is what child’s play is. It is why child;s play is so important. It is not merely the musings of the innocent. It is a metaphysical means to remove all limitations of the small linear mind and to be exponential and empowered. We are not linear beings but starbursts of energy.. We are Light, Love and Music Expounding.
This is what we do when we ignite our imagination and creativity. In this way, we are all superheroes, healers and saviors of the Universe. It is troubling that so many industries have manipulated play to be destructive. Toy guns and blowing up things is something that has been ingrained in our society. It takes a strong conviction to turn a child’s mind and heart away from such conditioning and keep their organic connection with innocence, kindness and compassion intact. I commend all the parents, and teachers that do that.
I would love to see you today at the book signing at 2 pm eastern in Brockport NY. If you can’t make it today, please stop in some time. You can pick up one of my books or regain some of your childlike wonder as well.

A Person of the Canine Persuasion



Simha is so excited to attend the Book Signing today. She believes she is a celebrity. She arrives and the local grocery store like she is walking the red carpet. She adores the attention and it makes her feel very special. We will be in the Brockport Bookstore today. It is called Lift Bridge Books. You can purchase my books there today and have them signed by me. Simha is waiting to greet you as well.

Exponential Empowerment

Being a part of the Mothers Day retreat in May 2017 in Rochester, New York was amazing!! And that fact that it was the very first retreat given by Jen Ward made it even better!! I was honored and beyond excited to be given the opportunity to attend the retreat. Jen Ward has been in my life for about a year and a half now and from the beginning has made a difference for the better.

A lot of positive changes….growth. The retreat was that magnified by a million!!! Jen held nothing back….she shared everything. She took me to such a deeper level of understanding of myself, my purpose,the importance of taking care of myself so I can better help all of humanity, pure intention, life of a healer, and much more. She confirmed things I knew to be true and showed me what is possible. I brought those TRUTHS and AWARENESS with me when I left Rochester and headed home to Iowa. I have been manifesting and integrating them into my life.

As I am changed the world around me changes. Learning to honestly live in the moment and to see/feel that moment expand is a beautiful thing. To leave stress and worry by the wayside ……AWESOME!! The retreat was the most awakening, enlightening, empowering thing I have ever experienced. Jen Ward is the embodiment of pure love, intent, and caring for, ALL of humanity. Jen WALKS THE TALK!!! To witness that was breathtaking……so grateful!!

The Exponential Empowerment Expo on September 8-9 Will be amazing as well. Come meet Jen Ward, see what is possible, help yourself and all of humanity, and much much more



© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

I have had the opportunity to help people right after they have slammed their finger in a door or hit themselves in the face and were about to get a black eye. When that happens, the energy of the hit gets trapped in the body and is figuring out where to go. I can feel the energy of impact rushing through the body and then back to the place of impact. This is what causes the break it blood vessels that causes the bruising of the black eye. The blood vessels can’t handle the amount of energy that has been forced into them. It breaks open the blood vessels as the energy uses them as courier systems. The energy is gushing to move to some destination worthy of such force. But there is no destination. So the energy backs up and tries to push forward at the same time. This causes the pain and the bruising. It is merely the force of energy introduced to the body trying to figure out a means out of the body. It pushes all through the body and then tries to get out at the place it was introduced. This is what the throbbing is at the place of impact. It is the coming and going energy being felt moving through the body.

It is no different in professional sports. Except when an athlete gets hit by another athlete; as in football, the intention to hit the opponent compounds the injury. Not only is the player dealing with the impact, but this injury is not a generic hit, as in an accident. There is an intention behind it. Not only is the energy of the hit rushing through the body, so is the intentions of the person who delivered it. There is weight and matter albeit subtle; to emotions like anger and desperation to succeed. Perhaps if you talk to professional football players, they will be able to get a sense of the difference between a benevolent player who just happens to be on the other team, or a player who has it out for them. Undeniably, to those who pay attention to such things, the hit sustained by a true enemy is more painful and maybe even more damaging that one of a neutral opposition. Intentions matter.

When I work with someone who has just smashed their face or finger, I simply use myself as a channel for the trapped energy to leave the body. I feel it trapped at the site of the injury and I draw it out. It is really that simple. There is no more throbbing finger. There is no black eye. The energy has been released and the pain is simply gone. It  is not magic, It is a simple release of trapped energy. If there are emotions involved; like anger; I take that energy out as well by converting it into sound. That is all that is happening when an energy worker makes freaky sounds. They are converting stagnant energy into a form that can be release. This is sound in some form. It can be yelling, crying, singing or vocalized chaos. It is all converting a stagnant energy and dissipating it. This is part of what a Shaman does. It is the same reason that people will shake rattles, hit gongs, and even play harsh music. They are converting energy to sound to alleviate pressure of some kind.

The same principle holds true for concussions. All a concussion is; from an energetic perspective; is the energy of an impact rolling around the brain and causing pressure on the pathways of the brain. But the energy keeps rolling around in the brain in an endless loop trying to find a means to release. The energy of an impact is like a trapped animal trying to find its way out of a maze. Those who are affected by a major hit and are perceptive, may get a sense of being off until the being off becomes their new normal.

For many players, I am sure there are times when they get a hit and they feel better than ever. The subsequent hit afforded the body the opportunity to empty out a lot of the energy that has been trapped from previous hits. Maybe perhaps for seasoned players, the energy of the hits to the head, may not release of their own accord. Perhaps some hits to the brain, create that endless loop of energy that does not release on its own. Perhaps its liken to water getting trapped deep in the ear canal and needs a bit of assistance in getting out. I believe I can release that trapped energy and prevent the symptoms of concussions from being severe if showing up at all.

I know it’s a big claim. Unfortunately being a reclusive energy worker with limited social contacts, I have not been able to test my theory on many athletes. I would LOVE the opportunity. The process is very simple…for me. It is a matter of simply providing a channel for all the energy that is trapped in circulation in the brain cavity to release. I am able to feel energy and will be able to pull the extra energy out of the body. The player may notice a subtle sense of relief or they may not. It depends on their sensitivity level. A major athlete is not trained to feel subtle energy and may even be conditioned to turn off his sensitivities to subtle energy exchanges all together for survival in the game. Perhaps this is what has made treating concussions so tricky.

Medical instruments can not measure the subtleties of energy. They can only measure the results of the release of the energy. Perhaps there is a means a measuring the body before and after I have released the energy of impact. It would be great if it was possible to document. Because what I do can be taught. It can be taught to facilitators and it can be taught to the players as a form of self-care. Perhaps what I am referring to will become common practice in the future.

What complicates the issue a little bit is that the energy is not always neutral. Perhaps a hit is more lethal when it is delivered by someone who literally wants to destroy his opponent. The emotional factors of hate, desperation to win, playing for one’s survival and livelihood plays into it. All those intentions are also shoved into the body of the one who received a hit. Those intentions may take another path than normal channels when they enter the body of an athlete. They can hit the person and immediately go to a place in the body where that player is emotionally vulnerable. The two athletes have many of the same deep emotional reasons for playing with all their passion. Once the player has been hit, the emotion that motivated the player that hit him, finds the similar vulnerability in the player that got hit and connects. This can leave the player more vulnerable than another hit by someone who was not so vested in taking him down. When there is a mutual motivation to play the game between the two parties involved, the energy of the impact may more easily hit a weak point in the body because of this familiarity. It may do more damage than being hit by a player that one doesn’t relate to the player on an emotional level.

I am very sensitive to emotional energy. I am a reformed crier. The reason some people cry so much is that they are feeling the issues of others and confusing them with their own. I have taken this ability and put it to good use. I can feel the energy of an impact in someone’s body but I can also attribute the emotional energy that has been carried into the body with it as well. I can release also. Different emotions have different vibrations; just like different genres of music evoke different responses. I am able to sense the different forms of vibration of the energy of the hit as I release it from a player. As I released the energy of a hit,  I would be able to perhaps describe to the player, what the person who hit him, felt about him. He may be able to figure out which hit did the damage to him from recognizing the intention in the opponents. This may be great feedback to use as research for such things in the future. Perhaps it would prepare the players in how to better protect themselves emotionally as well as physically. There are some great tricks players can do to protect their whole energy system from being compromised. Perhaps working with me could give a player the edge.

I have a great understanding of why players hit a wall in their career and start reaching a plateau. This level can be reversed pretty easily by introducing a dynamic intention instead of waiting the cycle of losing out. It is a simple matter of understanding what is motivating one’s self to fail instead of succeed. Some great careers end here when it is not necessary. It is a premature level of defeat that is ingrained in the make up of the DNA. In past eras, we died much younger than we do today. Players that start losing when they are at the top of their game are subconsciously reenacted a primal death on the battle field. Perhaps somewhere in their psyche they relate the playing field as a battle field and are taking themselves out of the battle in a primal display of defeat and drama. Reversing this would be a matter of knocking their psyche out of the process of dying and returning then totally to the moment. I am certain for many athletes, not being able to play at the same level does feel like a form of death on the battlefield. It is easy. with a little assistance. to prevent an athlete from sabotaging himself in this way.

I would love to assist the players and improve upon competitive sports by helping them stay healthy and productive. It is funny, I live a mile away from the Buffalo Bills training camp. It would be so easy for me to improve the athletes performance. But our worlds are like a million miles apart. I am not one to waste energy chasing down someone to help them. But I am most eager to help others when they reach out to me. I would love to improve upon the quality of life for the players and perhaps the game itself. I am willing to step into the world of competitive sports if I was kindly invited.  In return I would introduce them to the exponential possibilities and potential of stepping into mine.

The Reincarnation of Madame Blavatski

I was told when I was much younger that I was the reincarnation of Madame Blavatsky. I didn’t really know who she was but came across her on the internet. I dismissed it and didn’t think about it much.

Years later, I was holding up one of her books next to mine just to be funny, and my friend’s jaw dropped. apparently there was a likeness. Also, I have done much writing since then and I am told that our writing styles are similar.  I have this passion of taking complicated metaphysical principles, and simplifying them so anyone can understand them. I believe that is because of all I have learned by having my message misunderstood in that life.

I am very passionate about there maintaining a purity of purpose with the information I provide. I see how her writings have been used by the likes of Hilter to abuse power and to enslave humanity even worse. It feels like no coincidence that there is a strong neo-nazi energy that is being experienced now. It is a psychic energy that is a throwback from the past era that I work diligently through subtle but powerful means to dissipate. It has been simple swirling around the planet and landing on people who were weakened by a frustration in their lack of empowerment.

It feels like my presence and pure intention is the dynamic counter to dissipate those energies. It is like I am here to undo the damage my writings in the past have done to the planet. That is perhaps why I am so diligently intent on dissipating psychic energies of hate with a tsunami of pure, divine love. The dynamic intentions I put out, and the healing that I do is something that I have ascribed to the parasympathetic nervous system. Simply by constant repetition of doing it. It is no different from learning to walk and then it becoming automatic. I have done this within myself with consciously pouring healing love out to the planet until it no longer is necessary for me to think about it.

When I first was told I was Madame Blavatski, I had no inclination toward writing books, (now I have 8 to date). And I only had the beginning inking of being a dynamic healer. It is a wonderful thing when people who value Madame Blavatski find me they feel like they are getting the chance to be present with her. I am told we have similarities in personality. In fact, the little I am able to stand hearing about her now, I find myself defending her in my mind and understanding where she was coming from.

Some of the similarities are pretty fascinating besides just the core messaging and the amazing healing abilities that have come to light since my discover of the connection. In a first edition  of Isis Unveiled, she spoke about how special Rochester NY was as a gateway for higher energies to pour into the physical world. That is my home town and from which I facilitate powerful group sessions and retreats to bring about world peace and healing to all individuals.

Her first book was actually published in Rochester, NY. The book store is still in operation over a hundred years later. I went in to visit it one day.  There was a seasoned caretaker behind the desk. He seemed so tired of being there. But when I passed by him, he sprang to his feet and heartily greeted me. It was as if he had been waiting through the ages to fulfill a promise to hold the store open. It felt like me being there, freed him in some way.

No doubt my passion for world peace and my blueprint to get there is built on the work Magame Blavatsky did in that lifetime;  to awaken individuals to their own omniscience. The fact that she was misunderstood and her information was abused by an evil intention, may drive my passion to get it right this lifetime.

The means is simple. It is to bring back a balance of the female energy in relationship with the male energy that has dominated and abused the planet for so long. Male energy without its balance has created a world of brutes. Male energy needs to be tempered by its counterpart in the qualities of compassion, ingenuity, creativity and expansiveness. These are the female counterparts to the drive of male energy.

Where male energy is single focused and driven, female energy is expansive and all-inclusive. Where male energy is about a hierarchy of competition in which the strongest in certain areas survives. Female energy is about inclusiveness and giving all that you have to give in the sharing of sisterhood. Where people get this simple concept confused is when they deduce it to genitals. When in fact, it simply has little to do with physical anatomy and more to do with a balance of two flows of power within each person. The compartmentalization in male and female roles has been conditioning and is not relevant in the upgrade of humanity.

What people may not understand is that the reason Gandhi was so effective in his message was because he was unleashing the power of female energy in his intention. His whole passage resistance movement was based on understanding the power and expansiveness of female energy.

The world will do nicely to stop feeding the fuel tanks of hate as they have been conditioned to do. They need to withdraw all their energy from even the mere mention of negative issues. Doing so, may take much discipline or understanding. But is actually a dynamic exercise in drying up an issue. It is the same as suffocating a flame. When Native Americans wanted to punish someone, the tribe would all literally turn their back on them and not allow to talk to them or even acknowledge them. They were literally drying up the energy of that person in their group. This is what we need to do to negative issues in the world.

Of course people will argue and say they have to create awareness of a pet issue. This awareness is giving the issue legs and teeth. AND if they argue with the issue, the issue is merely being strengthened by the attention. This is how we use our loved ones that has survived a deadly disease to actually perpetuate more disease.  There is an ignorance perpetuated in standing up to a disease. This is a campaign initiated by someone who is benefitting peripherally from the advancement of the disease. It is time people understand their ignorance in creating the conditions that we deal with in this society and stop feeding them.

Below is a quote of Madame Blavatski and how I would (and have) said a similar thing. Our writing styles are uncannily similar and I can feel me writing sometimes with a style that seems “over my present pay scale”.  It really doesn’t matter what anyone’s personal beliefs are about reincarnation; except to deny ones journey on this earth is to live a short-sighted, diluted imitation of yourself. So many people who are interested in their ancestors, are really curious about who they are in a past life and are searching in a way that their current belief system gives them permission.

The concept of one life and going to heaven for all of eternity was a concept that was introduced by Bishops in the Dark ages to sell passageways to heaven. Since this belief is still in practice and society is still dominated by a male slanted point of view, it means that we are in actuality, still in the Dark Ages. We come out of them when we embrace our own empowerment, the ability to discern and shift the main switch on humanity from taking to giving. If you really think of it, and those who understand the concept will attest, that much more deep-seated pleasure is deemed from giving rather than taking.

In fact, World Peace is merely a matter of everyone learning that sharing their gifts and talents at any cost is much more satisfying than being tethered to the stockpiling of monetary abundance. Once people get that through their  programming and simply embrace, sharing what theyre are good at, we will have world peace.

Because world peace is not a welfare state like we have been conditioned to think of it as. It is not a stagnant lifeless place where everyone simply sits around receiving their bounty. It is a dynamic state of giving and flowing. Where artists of all kinds are valued and respected as much as the intellect and the scholar. Where everyone is so busy doing what they love to do, to care about judging or micromanaging anyone else, If people could simple upgrade their concept of  world peace and realize it is attainable, then a lot of good is being done to manifest the intention.




It is, then, by those shadows of the hoary Past and their fantastic silhouettes on the external screen of every religion and philosophy, that we can, by checking them as we go along, and comparing them, trace out finally the body that produced them.
H. P. Blavatsky

Here is how I would say it now.

We are a compilation of every past experience. If we could separate each one, we could see which religion, or philosophy caused the perversion. We could then get a sense of how our external self was directly formulated from our own past.

Jen Ward