Go Outside


Sorry television. You used to be a quaint way of entertaining the masses and placating them while their men folk were sent to war. We thought your advertising messages were endearing. We even embraced some of your spokespeople and icons as endearing.

But you have abused our good nature. Now you feed us little entertainment. You insult us with your vulgar programming that exemplifies the worst of human behavior. You provide milk toast entertainment with your formulas programming. Worst of all, you shamelessly brainwash us into being complacent about decisions of war, disease and side effects of horrendous medications. You dumb us all down to grade school intelligence.

We used to have though provoking shows. But now we have vapid personalities pimping shoes, celebrity gossip and their own persona. It’s time to go outside people. There is more truth in engaging one tree, than there is in watching all the programming that television offers.

Technique for Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure


When you can “hear” your blood pressure or feel your heart pumping fast, take a deep breath and sink into yourself. Take another breath and sink some more. With each breath, feel yourself sink as much as possible. When you have sunk as much as possible, visualize your energy spreading out. You may notice that the energy in your heart is thick. Visualize sticking a straw into it and siphoning out the thick gunky energy. Siphon it into a bubble of light and send it away. See it dissolve into the light.

Then put all your attention on your heart. See it in a deflated sack. Visualize blowing Love into the sack until your heart is saturated in Light and is free-standing in a clear strong globe of Light. Hear the Bee Gees song Saying Alive playing in the background and calm the heart down so it is beating in rhythm with the song. If you want to be silly, (humor is relaxing) see your heart dancing on a disco dance floor with a strobe light. See the whole heart sack (pericardium) Filled up with incredible Light.

Visualize the purity and the magnitude of that Light flow through the valves leading out of the heart and into the body. Visualize it being so strong and pure that it dissolves all the stagnant energy that is in the arteries until they are all clear passages. See the purity continue all the way to the veins and clean out the veins as well. Sense the energy loop around the body in a fluid, cohesive, calm rhythm. Feel the Love literally coursing through your veins.

Visualize changing your vantage point so that you see your body as the globe of light with the loops of Lights coming and going from it and seeing it as a pure flowing structure. Practice doing this technique many times until you can conjure it up in moments and give good energy to your heart and whole cardiovascular system at will.


It really is That Simple


Blind loyalty builds up resentment. Male energy has dominated all the possible engrams in distorting the importance of those who serve humanity. As much as those in true service reject such adulation, it is still engrams etched in this world. It is a glass ceiling on humanity. It is an unhealthy dynamic for individual growth.

For as soon as you elevate someone, you have just lowered your own stance. Those in true service to humanity do not wish to see individuals debase themselves. Any practice that expects this does not honor the true nature of God.

Service is all about elevating the one assisted. People try to elevate me but I am just fine where I am. I am grateful for the respect because it is the same respect that I give. I wish everyone else to merely elevate themselves. That is all that needs to happen for truth and love to prevail. Everyone must simply elevate themselves in service to life in some way. It is really that simple.

Jen Ward

The Truth About Santa Claus


Adults have been lying to Children way too long when it comes to Santa Clause. It is because they have been lied to as well. They really have lost touch with that magical place within themselves and so they have done what children who have been violated do. They perpetuate the Lie.

It is time to tell children of all ages the truth about Santa Clause. In doing so, it will help heal that aspect of themselves that has forgotten how to trust. The trouble is, people have lost touch with who Santa Clause is. It is time to reintroduce the world to him. Here is the truth about Santa Clause.

Spirit Guides are people who have evolved through their trials and tribulations to such a degree that compassion is embedded in the very fiber of their Light. They exude a loving eminence to all those around them. They are not pushovers. Not at all. They can tough as nails when it is necessary but they prefer to be soft and kind when they can.

In their last incarnations, Spirit Guides go through many trials and tribulations, Their last lifetimes are all about service. They give to the world as effortlessly and as randomly as others give to their dear ones. But to a Spirit Guide, everyone is their dear one. They are capable of loving the whole word and all beings.

There was one such being that lived a long while ago. Many Spirit Guides, have certain specialties that are near and dear to their heart. This one’s specialty was children. He had a tender spot for children. It hurt his heart to have souls incarnate into the world and be at the mercy of adults. He knew how difficult it was to be here when you are not completely loved and accepted. He made it his purpose to open up the hearts of children everywhere and allow them the opportunity to; at least feel what it like to be completely loved and accepted; if only if it was for an instant.

He realized the resiliency of children. He knew that many parents wanted to do good but they fell short. He also realized that many children were born into the homes of their enemies. So the children did not have that loving “space” to recognize their own loving potential. He made it his purpose to open up as many hearts to their own loving nature, This became his passion.

As all Spirit Guides, he was, and is, well versed in spiritual law. He realized that the most efficient way to open someones heart was to give them a gift. Sometimes the results are instantaneous. They still are. He started setting out on journeys to give children gifts. His presence alone in villages started to open up people’s hearts. He built up such an energetic vibration of love and compassion, that merely thinking about him lightened the load for many heavy hearts. His presence in the world made the world a better place. He realized that if he could open someone’s heart once, they would be able to always refer to that moment in their own history and remember that they are very important. That they are a being of love.

The coal that was given out was not done as a punishment. Coal in itself was valuable for heating homes. It was very valuable to freezing homes. It was given as a special reminder that sometimes we have to be of service to burn off all our dross. By being totally immersed in service, we transform into a soft supple powder. This is what happens to coal when it was burned.

It was adults who put this punishing component onto the gift of coal. There is no aspect of this guide that did not see the loving nature of the child. The lie about the coal was one of many. It was the human consciousness way of diminishing this great being. He was impervious to what others would call bad. He only saw their sweet nature. But if he was going to survive as a concept in this negative, man was going to exploit his goodness as much as possible. This was what they were learning in the school-house of life.

When Spirit Guides cross over, they have a great life, similar to that of earth but on the astral plane. Because they have dropped the vibration of the physical body, the astral world is as real to them then than the physical world is to us. But they are able to still appear to those in the physical realm. Santa has that ability. Children do still resonate with his truth and goodness, and he is able to appear to many in his astral body. He is able to do miracle is extreme cases of belief but usually he works in a more subtle way. He is able to appear to children and he channels his benevolence through everyone so they are kinder and more generous in nature.

Santa Claus channels himself into the world as much as possible around Christmas. It is not merely one day or one hour. It is a whole season. He is actually available to anyone who reaches out to him at any time of the year. He is a Spirit Guide. He is there to help people everywhere open their heart centers and tap into their giving nature. If one is really down, they can call upon Santa and they will be given a reprieve from the lives into a childlike wonderment,

When he was in physical form, he would go to the villages and give out gifts. But now he uses his gifts to channel into caregivers and open them up to their own loving nature and become generous in giving gifts. Santa works to create miracles in each life so that the parents can find the means to give the gifts. He is empowering them to do this. This is experienced when people of incredibly dysfunctional homes, are able to get a reprieve from the abuse and neglect for a while around the holiday. This happens when people find the means somehow to give that gift they thought was impossible.

Santa Claus provides an incredible service to humanity. He is one of the very few persona in history that there is little controversy around. He is loved and valued by all cultures who know of him. This is a credit to his incredible light and dedication to serving children of all ages and uplifting humanity.

He resides on the astral plane. His work of giving gifts has evolved into the images of what is imagined the north pole is like. People can visit there as much as their abilities and beliefs will allow.. There is special treatment for all who make the trek. But it is done inwardly. It is a soul travel experience. It is done on the astral plane. The story of the Polar Express is a real account of an astral visit to the north pole. It really isn’t that hard to do; especially around the energetically charged time of Christmas.

There is really no reason to lie about Santa Claus and to make up all these absurd scenarios. It will make so much more sense to tell children that when they go to sleep, set the intention of visiting Santa Clause and that they will be able to do so. It is also empowering for then to know Santa as their spirit guide. It is a great way to help them tune into their inner wonders. The fact that Santa is still so plugged into this physical realm is a credit to his capacity to love. Maybe its time for the world to say Thank you to him.

Now with this vantage point, scan the memories of your Christmas experiences. See if you do not realize his presence where you have overlooked it before. To do so, is a heart opening experience in itself. It is time for the world to open its heart chakra. Everyone who opens up more to love enables the multitudes to do the same. This is a great realization to perpetuate the love and to bring the Christmas Spirit back to life as the mainstay for all, all year round.

God speed.

Jen Ward

How To Manifest Your Greatest Purpose

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People underestimate the power of a pure loving intention fueled by conviction. It is a means of dipping into that infinite place where the stars are born. It is utilizing the same process of forming planets to command all the dust and the particles in your realm to gravitate in your orbit of greatness.

We are meant to create. It is blueprinted into our DNA. It has taken era after era of being beaten down and diminished as a means to subjugate us,for us to cower at the thought. These are our primal memories and the reason that we shy away from our own abilities. But buried underneath all the fear of being called out, humiliated, rejected, scorned and false humility, is the deep knowing and understanding of our greatness. It is the secret we hold deeply within ourselves and fear uttering out loud.

But here is the truth. You are great. You know you are. Your frustration is in not having a means to express it and have it validated. Here is the key. It is very simple. Combine these two things and you will unravel your greatness; do what you love and do it as a service to others. In this way, you will be serving your greatest purpose.

We were never meant to spend our days lamenting about a relationships, worrying about what we look like, feeling like paupers and chasing after paper money. We are descendants of kings and genius. Galileo, Copernicus, Divinci, Gandhi and King all have the same make up as our own. We are meant to convert all our pain, anguish, disappointments and wounds into kindness and compassion for those who don’t quite have the good fortune of our awareness yet.

Prove this theory to yourself. Take that noble sacred intention that you hold dearly and set it free into motion. Work towards that dream and goal without the need for outer validation. Fuel it with that deep conviction that you have something worthy to contribute. Empower it with your greatness, conviction and goodness. Send it out in the world to land sweetly in the lives of others, as it will, and inspire them in the way that it will.

In stead of sucking up energy with false modesty and humility, pour your love and conviction out into mass consciousness as easily as your breath and allow all others to partake of its fragrance. Disengage the need to claim it as your own. It will live on long past your clay self. It will succor and nurture innocents forever and beyond if you merely have the courage to convert everything you are to love and pour it into the ether.

How to Finish a Project

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    © 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

  • Don’t talk about it unless it is part of the project to need others involved. Then only talk about it to the people who it is necessary to talk to about it WHEN it is necessary. Otherwise you are bankrupting it of the energy that is needed to manifest it, before it is able to generate energy of its own accord.
  • Work on it when the inspiration comes instead of allotting it to a specific time. The spontaneity attracts more energy to it.
  • Don’t plan it out at the beginning, middle and end. This will stifle the fluidity
  • Allow for the creativity of change to blow in and shift it a little bit from the original vision. Not enough to derail it. Just enough so it can veer back into the rushing currents of productivity
  • Stop yourself from doubting your abilities, or capabilities to manifest the best version of the project as possible.. Realize that when insecurities or doubt come up, that they are merely being triggered to release. There is no invisible hand trying  to squelch your success except your own.
  • Refrain from criticizing, judging or cursing the project or any aspect of the project in any way. These things are of very heavy vibration. They can be like introducing a lead ball to a beautiful butterfly.
  • Don’t compare the project to past attempts. This is you tapping into past engrams of when you have seemingly failed and adhering them to your new project. It is very limiting to compare one thing to another. Then you simply have to things that are forced to be the average of each other and are plucked from achieving their full potential.
  • Nail the project in coordinates of space and time as little as possible. This keeps the project “low to the ground” instead of allowing it to fly exponentially beyond time and space. That is where the creative currents blow.
  • Don’t compare the project, or yourself doing the project, to anyone else. You want to keep in those exponential currents as much as possible.
  • Dream bigger than the project needs to be. You can even be ‘tongue in cheek’ about it. If you want to make a million dollars, why not aim for a billion? Shoot beyond the stars to galaxies beyond this dimension.
  • Protect your project like a gestating baby; because it is. Be as gentle and kind with your words and beliefs with your project as you would a newborn. Be as ruthless ( in conviction) at defending it as a mama bear.
  • Break through resistance by forcing yourself to give the project attention even when you don’t feel like it. This is working out deep issues for yourself. It is a primal experience to die while one is having a pretty good life. Sometimes, we play out this tragedy in future incarnations through not finishing projects and lamenting their not reaching completion. It is best to just deal with our past deaths directly instead of using our energy to create half-finished projects in effigy of those lifetimes.
  • Don’t try to please anyone else. It is impossible. People are not happy in their own skin. Don’t gibe them the opportunity to project that onto you or your creations by caring what they think.
  • Infuse your uniqueness into the project. That is what is going to make it strike the consciousness of others more than trying to please their sense of aesthetics. Tapping into your unique way of looking at the world is a means of adding to the tapestry of humanity and expanding consciousness. Whatever you do different than all others is your “four minute mile”.
  • Be as bold and unabashed as possible in creating the perimeters of your project. You are the omniscient creator in this way. It is teaching all that goes with such an empowering vantage point.
  • If you feel a project has run its course, don’t just allow it to collect dust somewhere. Figure out a way to mark the project finished and send it out into the world. This will be a dynamic way of not allowing it to sit as a failure in your subconsciousness


Love Verified


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

People aren’t in your life to give up on
Dreams aren’t created just to die
Love is not an antiquated notion.
We are not merely meant to get by

People are here to teach, heal and serve
Dreams are a blueprint to thrive
Love is meant to open the floodgates
That were closed in an attempt to survive

The body is not a vessel to store pain
The emotions are not fuel to ache
The mind is not here to limit your passion
Your purpose is not meant to forsake

You are greater than any limitation
You are Awareness personified
Your mind is capable of breaking through all illusion
Your existence in love verified

Stop seeing from the lowest of vantage points
Stop believing the worst til the end.
It is you who has always been empowered within
When you realize this, you’ll transcend.

Jen Ward 7/8/15