It really is That Simple


Blind loyalty builds up resentment. Male energy has dominated all the possible engrams in distorting the importance of those who serve humanity. As much as those in true service reject such adulation, it is still engrams etched in this world. It is a glass ceiling on humanity. It is an unhealthy dynamic for individual growth.

For as soon as you elevate someone, you have just lowered your own stance. Those in true service to humanity do not wish to see individuals debase themselves. Any practice that expects this does not honor the true nature of God.

Service is all about elevating the one assisted. People try to elevate me but I am just fine where I am. I am grateful for the respect because it is the same respect that I give. I wish everyone else to merely elevate themselves. That is all that needs to happen for truth and love to prevail. Everyone must simply elevate themselves in service to life in some way. It is really that simple.

Jen Ward

Check List to Reduce Pain


So many are in chronic pain. Here is a checklist to help you uncover the tipping point for yourself. The environment has gotten so toxic that it is not enough to just show up. For so many, this list is their lifeline to less pain

Soaks in epsom salt and hydrogen peroxide
Take MSM
Only wear breathable clothes
Taken all perfumes and dyes out of your diet
Go off white sugar and gluten
Using magnets, crystals and kelp to ground your energy
Remove all toxic people from your life
Use hypo allergic products
Turn off the news
Taken all nitrates and preservatives out of your diet
Do you spend time during the day doing something just for you?
Spend time in nature?
Do hobbies or things you enjoy doing?
Do things that bring you joy
Walk and stretch. It gets your lymphatic system moving
Nurture yourself
Get nurturing for yourself
Listen to and/or sing uplifting Music
Open your energy system often by being grateful
Eliminate all negative words and thoughts from your environment
Forgo talking about issues as if you own them or they define you?
Forgo seeking negative attention or taking on the role of a victim
Listen to you gut.
Stop trying to do it all.
Forgo your schedule and drop out of time and space
Get enough rest
Forgo guilt
Listen to your body parts. Love them. They are starving for validation worse than the whole human is.

Check in with a health care practitioner


How to End the Hate

I have a very interesting dream last night. In the dream state, I have layers upon layers of experiences where I am helping people,teaching them or serving humanity in some way or another. I actually wake up very tired. Being awake is my time to rest in a way. Not that we are not doing things in the other worlds when we are awake, it is just a time to shut off from it all sometimes. Sometimes not. There is no blueprint anymore to hold us captive.
In fact, many people who have panic attacks, are tapped into what they are doing exponentially beyond this limited linear reality. It is too much for them to process in the conditioning they have accrued. This creates a sensation of being bombarded. This is what a panic attack is.
In this dream, George Lopez was my father. All the other layers of interaction were put aside. My Guides wanted me to pay attention to this. In fact, in the dream, I tried to pacify him to get on with what I was doing. He kept calling me back.
“If there is anything you need, or anything you want to talk about, I am here for you”, he reassured.
“If you want to hang out and watch a movie, you and I can grab some snacks and do that” he said.
As many times as I tried to get away, he pulled me back with an offer of love and kindness. I ended up finally, surrendering the resistance and fell into his arms. We hugged and I felt the love of a father for his child. It was very fulfilling. I felt my heart and body quenched of a craving I was not really aware of.
When I awoke, I immediately reflected on the dream. I remembered a question they asked on the news yesterday? Why were so many people gravitating to hate groups. I had just received the answer and the cure. The people who gravitate towards hate groups are love starved and invalidated in some way or another. This dream was more than about me being nurtured. It was a conduit for all of humanity to be nurtured at a very base level.
My father was not around when I grew up. I was taught by default that I did not matter. I was not worth loving. The fact that nobody realized how much I needed to be love, merely made the feelings of being invalidated worse. This is a primal issue. In the dream, being loved by this father who broke through my resistance was so healing. But it was not about just me being healed. It is about humanity being healed.
Every night when I go to sleep, instead of praying to God for things for myself, I put myself at the vantage point of God in a way to pour love, and nurturing energy into every being of the planet. It is just something I do because I know that love can be passed to others this way. If I continue to stretch my capacity to pour love into all the beings of the world, perhaps I will be able to assist the world into coming to Universal peace in this way.
Perhaps if I can convince others of their empowerment and they adopt the practice of pouring love into all the beings of existence this way, perhaps collectively we will be a great force in redirecting the world to Universal Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Health and Wholeness. Can you imagine what an incredibly empowering place this world will be as all souls adopt this practice? Me too.
The whole concept of unworthiness and humility were meant to enslave humanity. It is time to look at all that we were taught at the deepest level and challenge it. Does God really want us to bow to his whims or does he want us to taste the freedom he feels in loving all creatures? Which of these behaviors resonates more with an omniscient benevolent creator?
I believe George Lopez in my dream was a Spirit Guide teaching me what love really feels like in this physical body. I have never really been loved in this life by other humans so the fact that I have so much to say on the topic of love is evidence that love feeds us through other means; the wind, trees, animals and the spirit of life itself.
(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)
“I imbue and infuse all Beings with the nurturing energy of a father’s love; in all moments”
“I imbue and infuse all beings in the nurturing energy of a mother’s love; in all moments”
“I imbue and infuse all beings in the nurturing energy of God’s love; in all moments”
“I imbue and infuse all beings in the nurturing energy of Nature’s love; in all moments”
“I imbue and infuse all beings in the nurturing energy of self love; in all moments”
“I imbue and infuse all beings in the nurturing energy of My Spirit Guides love; in all moments”
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The Importance of Recognizing Our Own Nature


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This is so important: Don’t be too hard on yourself. Self love was conditioned out of us. We were taught to pray to God by throwing the energy into the sky. When God was and always has been; within.

If you remember your chemistry, each atom of life contains an electron, proton and neutron. The neutron is the neutral force that is surrounded by the proton and electron’s attraction and repulsion to each other. They create the orbit of the whole atom and are merely in reality a small aspect of the whole. The proton and electron can be thought of as the male and female energy of the atom. Perhaps all the space between them is the God force.

By not acknowledging this energy within us, perhaps we weaken our own effectiveness. If we are a compilation of atoms all that contain the God force, aren’t we then permeated and saturated in God energy? If so, all we have to do to honor God is recognize our own nature.

To All Those Suffering in Isolation:


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I love your depth and honesty. There is another layer to you feeling alone perhaps. You may be tapping into the Universal feeling of loneliness that is permeating this planet right now. We have been conditioned as a species to be isolated in thoughts and feelings. It is a form of control. You may be releasing this issue, not only for your self but for all of humanity.
It is a noble thing to face, express, distinguish and release. Thank you for your heart and depth. This is not a defense of any reaction or drama around it. That is merely a process of trying to figure out what has been kept from us. The reason we feel so flawed as individuals is that we have been kept privy of the whole equation of our dynamic makeup. It is like trying to resolve a math problem without all the variable. You do better than most.
Sending love and encouragement to you and all the struggling God beings working to transcend without access to the blueprint. It is Amazing so many still try. But we will succeed. This is what this lifetime is for, That is why you and I write. I appreciate your truth in the world.

Where to Find God


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Man has depleted the earth by sending his energy up into an empty sky to feed the ego of a man-made concept of Source. We pour that energy back into Source through honoring nature and each other. Because we are the face of God.

Every little pair of eyes we look into, every set of legs that roam the earth and every form that shows up and struggles in love and life with us, IS the embodiment of God.

This simple truth was demonized to prevent people from finding God. It has hidden God in plain sight. So that man could erect his statues and worship stations to a petty, vengeful god. That is why some people still are so dedicated to Trump.

He is a physical representation of the God they have been conditioned to revere. While the real God, the one that is a loving essence, the one that does not need form to be perceived, the one that beckons all to seek the perfection of their own empowerment, lays hidden to those who need a concrete image to fathom such greatness.

Yet we interact with God in real-time through our kindness to others, through our laser focus on the sweet interactions that are on display for us, and for our own ability to forgo all the conditioning of the ages, and maintain a sweet loving stance towards ourselves and all others.

Our struggles are merely the Universe turning our attention away from the course vibrations of illusion and focusing us back into the heart of what is truth. It is no different from picking up a wiggling toddler and re-positioning them back in their chair to instill the importance of stillness. Or seating a precious gem onto a secure facet. Or planting a beautiful garden in a seemingly inconvenient swatch of land.

Our struggles are the attention Source gives to us to re-calibrate our gratitude and attention onto itself . Every act of kindness, every consideration for others, every humble honoring of self, and every pristine truth; untainted by beguile; is true worship. It is us, moving deeper and more profoundly into the heart of God.

Weighing the Options


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It is wonderful to get a sense of belonging and to fit in.
But fitting in isn’t worth:

Sucking up insults to be polite
Being diminished to help another shine
Withholding your truth because it doesn’t align with the beliefs of the consensus
Admonishing yourself for the way you show up in the world
Defiling yourself to fulfill a fickle prerequisite for beauty
Comparing yourself to others
Allowing others to compare themselves to you
Putting your dreams on hold
Burying your dreams in the ground
Lending your endorsement to barbaric practices.
Playing it small so as not to be a target
Running the treadmill of a “should” existence”
Procreating out of habit
Judging or being judged because of the status quo
Treating life as one long competition
Diminishing others in any way
Ignoring the rights and quality of life of all living atoms
Having closet integrity

What we do and say here does matter. Every act is entered into the archives of humanity. Are you going to be a wisp of a flicker? Or are you going to emanate through all of existence with an exuberant Joy that absorbs itself through the skin of mediocrity? Let your genius rip off the flesh of the mundane and seer straight to the bone of soul’s original delight.