Terrorized to Death


12489406_949009448479795_7498918903112467028_oRecently I facilitated a session with a regular client. It is difficult to convey the sense I get about someone when I connect with them but today, I was feeling a void in this client. It was a disconnect. She is one of the most sensible woman I know but the word that came through was crazy. I picked up that her husband called her crazy sometimes and ignored her when she was feeling a particular form of needy. The lifetime that this triggered in her opened up to me.

It was her night to die. It was planned. Everyone knew it but her. The scene was a jungle village at night. There was an erupting volcano in the background. It seemed to be some spiritual significance to it. She was led along a path and then her accompaniment disappeared. She was in the woods alone selected tribesmen arrived in voodoo masks. It was their job to terrorize her. The purpose was to terrify her in death so that they could trap her essence in terror and use it to perpetuate fear and control over others.

When her husband called her crazy or ignored her, he had no idea what trauma he was triggering. We have all endured so much. We all have a rich cornucopia of spiritual lessons. We are all well rounded and wiser for them. It is time to be kind and give souls the respect that they have earned for their resilience. Isn’t it time to withdraw anything but kindness from the world. I know for myself, kindness is all I can bear.


From another session, I tapped into a woman who had no energy. She was diagnosed with Epstein Barr disease. Her glandular system was depleted. The image that I tapped into from her Akashic records was that of running for her life. I witnessed her being murdered.  This image was playing out over and over in her energy field. This was what was wearing down her energy.

It was my job as a facilitator to knock her energy out of being trapped in that loop of reliving a past life trauma. I led her through taps;

(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)

“All engrams of running for my life are removed; in all moments”

“All engrams of being murdered are removed; in all moments”

“My energy system is repaired and healed; in all moments”

“My energy system is aligned with Love and Peace; in all moments”

“My energy system is recharged and ignited; in all moments”

“All trauma is removed from my glandular system; in all moments”

“My glandular system is repaired, healed, and recharged; in all moments”

“My glandular system and energy system are aligned for my highest purpose; in all moments”

“My whole life is recharged with the enthusiasm of my highest purpose; in all moments”


There Are No Words


So I had a session with Jen Ward today. There really are no words to express how freakin amazing it was. She got into things that I could sense in myself but couldn’t get exact with, she got right to them. The feeling of expansion afterwards is incredible. I feel like I am part of everything, like I can look at the flowers or the butterfly and have an energetic conversation with them without trying, it just happens, I feel so light headed and weak yet at the same time so light and powerful like I am walking on the air. So, so much more that is so challenging to explain.Absolutely the BEST energy session I have ever had! I would HIGHLY recommend. THANK YOU SO MUCH JEN!!!!!!!!

Reaching Enlightenment


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I just facilitated a private remote session with a long time client. She was reluctant to have another session with me right now. She just spent two months away on an extended vacation and was implying that she was different. She said she had been kissed by God in a way that no one could imagine. So I asked her very casually if she had experienced enlightenment. She had.

I described to her exactly what she was experiencing. She is different now. Right afterward she felt so pure and clean that nothing mattered. “Yes”, she agreed. “But then you felt the persona creep back in and it feels ugly and course to you”, I said. She agreed. You want to be alone most of the time and nothing is as enjoyable as the silence. Yes. Yes

The experience of enlightenment, Nirvana or self-realization is a personal one. But more and more people are being prepared for it. It is an amazing transformation to a purity where the ego is no longer in control. What happens afterwards, is that the ego becomes a tool but is no longer running the show. It is something that can be recognized but it is okay because the person is able to set it aside from time to time.

When I went through enlightenment I was in a state of perpetual terror until I passed through. My captor kept raising the stakes in the fear game. In a way, he helped me illicit this transformation. When we stayed at the property, he thought that the neighbors were the Illuminati and that they wanted me to work constantly outside; which I did. They did seem to encourage my work of clearing the woods to exhaustion in very hot weather and would come visit once in a while to visit when my captor seemed to need encouragement, maybe. It was to reassure me as well. Once, before I was officially a captive, I talked of leaving. The neighbor over reacted and told me to stay. Then they started inviting us over to picnics so I wouldn’t feel homesick. It felt like they really wanted me to stay; in a surreal kind of way.

I had cut down and piled a HUGE amount of trees to stay busy. The neighbor arranged them with a bulldozer into a 2 story, 2 house long pile. He was waiting to burn them. When I went through enlightenment, I saw visions of huge misuse of power, debauchery and darkness. I saw a lot of rough drafts of Disney’s original drawings. They were as innocent as the movies but they were part of the bad experiences. It was if anything that is created, will someday be abused and run its course of being used for power. Because that is the lesson of living in this world.

After the third day of terrible imagery that even showed itself when I was awake an interesting serendipitous event followed that made me believe that the neighbors were helping inducing this experience in me. The enormous two-story pile of wood that I had spent a couple of months compiling in anguish, fear and exhaustion was now set ablaze by the neighbor. It was as if he was burning the old consciousness off of me and I was cleansed in the process.The horrific images cleared after the fire was burned and I started to see pleasant images. I could travel in my mind very quickly and wonderful. I was taken to a scene where I was shown creation. I was shown young lovers dancing in innocence, the seasons changing very quickly and beautifully and I was watching planets be made. No. I was making them with my mind. It was beautiful.

The neighbors were all avoiding us while this process took place. But when the fire burned, I was told to go outside by my captor and talk with the neighbor who showed up out of the blue to light it. There was nothing to say. We just stood in silence as the fire seemed to cleanse me.

It took a day to balance out and when I did, my captor felt me as different. He left
me alone. I wanted nothing and I was content. My senses were very acute, I could hear deer in the woods that the neighbor couldn’t hear. I would have to process the ego back into the equation and that is what was happening in my isolation. That would take about six months to happen. When I left, I left alone and I left of my own accord.

My client agreed that she would have not reached the point of enlightenment without the work that we have done. I believe that is part of my purpose; to lead others to that point within themselves where they can experience it in a safe and uplifting way. It feels like many are so close. Maybe we are closer than some believe to a mass enlightenment. That is the intention I hold for everyone.

Dip From My Well


Recently I facilitated a private remote session with a new client. She had outgrown her old religion and had embarked on a spiritual quest to know truth. She found a group in Sedona, Arizona that promised to teach her the secrets of the Universe. She sank thousands of dollars into the process. They sold her an item that was supposed to enhance her natural abilities and stroked her ego; telling her that she was very gifted in psychic abilities. She just wanted truth. But felt she was doing something wrong because she wasn’t having the experiences that others in the group were apparently having.

They suggested she have a one on one session with the Guru in charge. She paid eight hundred dollars for a session with him. She was so excited to finally have access to higher truths. During the session, he talked most about a paleatonic diet. She was very disappointed and told the members about her disappointment. Of course they turned on her to protect the head of their group. They diminished her and were cruel in their treatment of her. She left with them owing her a huge refund; which they refused to return.

She was so disheartened that she found another group on-line. The site was free but the work centered around supplements to augment one’s spiritual awareness. The supplements and the program were very expensive. She was again disheartened. She had signed up for a private session with me. In our session, we absolved her of the energetic contract with this other group and got back for her all the energy that they had raped from her. We repaired and strengthened her energy field and I poured as much love and truth as I could into her to undo the damage that they had done to her confidence.

I understand why people are skeptical. This client’s experience was an answer that I needed as to why so many people are rude and cruel to me for sharing truth. Either they are protecting their own agenda or they have burned by so many others saying that they have truth, that they can’t recognize it for themselves. That is why I post the taps and share as many techniques as possible. It is to empower people in their individually so that they never have to give away their power in hopes of gaining truth.

So many people are searching for truth and so many people are exploiting that primal desire to return to the Source. Truth is something that is found internally. One can give to some direction but no one is going to do it for you. It can be made easier. But it is never gotten by handing yourself over to another. It’s time that everyone take back the responsibility for their own journey.

Sometimes people must get mad at me because they have encountered such people and believe that because I have some awareness that I am trying to take from them. What I charge for sessions is for an energetic exchange. If I was out to gouge anybody, the prices would be extremely high and I would use more of my energy to create a mystic around what I do. But no. It is about healing.

These stories I hear enrage me and make me grateful for what I do. There has to be a place in this world where truth perpetually wells. For an individual It should inevitably come from themselves. But until it does, they are welcome to dip from my well.