The Spiritual Law of Unity


There are other spiritual laws besides the law of attraction that are as exacting and reliable as the law of gravity. One such law is the spiritual Law of Unity. The Spiritual Law of Unity states that a group creates a synergy greater than itself and much for effective and dynamic than the individuals just combined. There is an “it” factor that is created when a bunch of individuals agree to be something greater.

The best way to explain the Spiritual Law of Unity is the process of baking a cake. All the individual items that go into making a cake have their own function. Milk, eggs, flour, sugar, stand alone in many occasions and have different functions then when they are combined together. The creation of the cake is a dynamic demonstration how individuals with cross purpose can come together with a similar intention and create something much more incredible than anything the individuals may realize standing alone as their own ingredient.

The Spiritual Law of Unity has been accessed by religions, governments and businesses to create a synergy of success and power for the group that can steamroll any one individual if it wishes to. A group will steam roll the individuals if it deems that it is necessary to survive. Any entity in survival mode will protect itself. We have seen this play out when individuals rights are whittled away and when there are abuses to people who are swept under the rug to protect the reputation of the group.

The group needs the individuals to thrive. Big business needs you to keep buying their products even if there is a product out there that better maintains the integrity of the environment. Churches need you to support them through worship, even if they maintain doctrines that were exacted during the dark ages. They prefer you to stay in the dark rather than forgo the synergy that having you a member affords them. They NEED YOU.

That is why they will use tactics to keep you invested in their group. They will mandate certain doctrines that will keep your passion entrenched in their group. They will elicit fear if you leave. If you leave, something very horrible will happen to you. They will stoke your primal desires so as to get you to ascribe to their group.

This is what the military groups do with young men who are busting in hormones to make their way in life. They marry this passion with patriotism and love of country. In doing this, patriotism becomes a primal urge as much as anything of passion. It keeps young people in this primal mode so they can bypass any individual directive to not kill, and have it over ridden by the mandate to go to war and defend out sanctity of life.

It is an oxymoron to train people to kill to protect our sanctity of life. But this is what occurs. At one point in history, perhaps it was necessary. When wars were of honor. But it is not honor to kill merely for drilling rights. Or to be sent to war simply because two spoiled brats who never grew up have a pissing contest. There is nothing noble about such a thing. There is nothing noble about being trained and ready to kill just so some entitled idiot can have bragging rights.

The Spiritual Law of Synergy is an important one to understand. Trump has an innate sense of this because he is inadvertently assessing this spiritual law to single-handedly disseminate America. When he puts down individuals in a group, he is taking individuals out of the equation of synergy and leveling individuals back to their less effective components. It is like he is deconstructing a cake by taking out one ingredient at a time and still expecting the cake to be a cake. This president enjoys dismantling the synergy in others to raise his own inflated vantage point.

The key to addressing such tactics is to create a synergy of individuals who are passionate about creating positive change. We can bow out of groups that don’t serve us; that no longer serve our needs, or have used fear factors to keep us a member. But we can’t leave our country. Those in America would not want to. So it is up to all those who disagree with this current president, to use the Spiritual Law of Unity to address the loathing dis-ease that he has to offer.

It is happening inadvertently that enough people who are repulsed by his bigotry and misogynistic ways or effected by his cruel policies are creating an undercurrent of synergy that can be attributed to the Law of Unity. But it is more effective to do this in an intentional way. You can sign up to have him impeached at…. It is a way of adding your synergy to the efforts without having to invest your lifeblood.

It isn’t just adding your name to a page. It is adding your synergy and accessing the Spiritual Law of Unity by addressing a living breathing cancer to democracy. By NOT taking a stand, you are inadvertently being used by this president by default. The compliance that you keep, is utilized by him to continue to abuse humanity. That is why him and his spokes people always speak as it they are speaking for you. “The American People don’t care about the Russia probe.” They say those things to keep individuals combined and in synergy with their tactics. It is a savvy way for them to keep abusing the Spiritual Law of Unity.

(Say each Statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)

“I withdraw all my energy from every group that uses me to abuse power; in all moments”

“I release being used as a dupe to advance any ignoble intention; in all moments.

“I add my synergy and purpose to the advancement of humanity, kindness, integrity and goodness; in all moments”

“I honor truth and integrity in practice; in all moments”

“I shift my paradigm from wore out idealism to actual truth; in all moments”

“I cut the head off the snake; in all moments”

You can do these taps. They are not mandating which side is truthful, so you don’t have to split your energy trying to know truth. Your innate wisdom knows the truth and will act. In doing the taps I post, you are not being swayed to either side of an issue, you are being protected from being manipulated by any tactics of manipulation that are being used against your free will. You are more empowered by doing these taps. That should be the motivation of every agenda, to empower not to enslave.


The World has not been right since the genocide of all pagans.This is what was the beginning of the dark ages. We have been told that the dark ages have ended. But no. They only end when the balance of male importance is matched by its female counterpart. Pagans have been demonized as savages. But they were the peaceful people who communicated with nature and honored trees and fairies as their brethren. They were the keepers of the doorway between the physical and more subtle reams.
The genocide of so many balsam trees at the holiday season has actually a more sinister meaning than the seemingly more innocent practice that they seem to depict. Cutting down so many trees each year is symbolically reliving the genocide of the pagan people. It is and was a barbaric act. It also represents the time when goddess energy was desecrated and women were demoted to inferior to men. This may sound ridiculous to so many who enjoy bringing a live tree into their homes. But there is a truth in what I say. And there is a better way.
This little tree I brought home, is still a vital living part of the ecosystem. He has all his roots in tact. He will be an honored guest in my home and then he will be taken outside and planted in my yard. He is the perfect size for a Christmas tree. I used to be one of those people who needed the biggest tree possible in my home. I realized that was actually a desperate craving to be out in nature. And as I was decorating this tree, it told me that needing the biggest tree is an example of the primal urge to conquer. One needs to be the best in their perpetual competition in life. Having the biggest tree is enforcing that need.
This tree was chosen before I knew I was going to have a Christmas tree this year. I “felt” a tree in my home and so remained open to hosting a tree in my home this year. I just got a nudge or an inkling to look for a nursery that carried trees with their roots in tact. I found a place that had many of them. It was encouraging that perhaps others would adopt the tradition of hosting a live tree in their home to. Instead of joining in the genocide of killing a tree for fleeting amusement, one can truly use the opportunity to honor Nature.
More and more as people awaken, they will realize that trees are aware beings. They are not dead energy at all. They are vital, loving, aware and wise. They add so much to the quality of life on earth. As humans continue to rape and desecrate the earth, trees continue to maintain a balance of sanity and calm to a chaotic existence. They are the calm in the storm of insanity. They are even more loving and kind than people fathom. If people realized what they actually are doing by disregarding the sanctity of trees, they would be horrified.
So as me, Therese Kravetze, Michele Morrison, Mike Kravetze and myself made space for this tree in my home, we found ourselves in a sacred ceremony to return all the energy to the fairy-kind and Nature that was taken from it. The depiction of Santa Clause as a head elf and the elves working to make toys for children is a form of depicting fairy kind being enslaved to the pleasures of humans. Lavishing gifts on human children has nothing to do with depicting the sanctity of life. It is more of a means of conditioning humanity to be selfish and indulged.
The ceremony we found ourselves naturally partaking in, was about returning the energy that was taken from the earth back to her. In returning the energy back to mother earth, it is a means to return the balance to the world. It is a means to support Gaia in being as honored and respected as any male counterpart. It is also a way of returning to fairies, trees and earth the dignity and respect they deserve. By raising the vibration on our intentions, we raise the vibration of the world. When this happens in returns to being a safe place for fairy-kind to live among us.
If you want to go through the motions of being a slave to commercialism, you can. It is expected of you. But if you want to break away from convention, do so in honoring a living tree. All the thoughtfulness and tender considerations that you carefully nurture, are a means of returning kindness and sacredness to the world. You will still receive the love and satisfaction. But it will be in knowing that you are returning love to all the fellow inhabitants of the world.
(Say this statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)
“”We return dignity, Love, and respect back to the earth; in all moments”
“We return dignity, love and respect to Gaia; in all moments”
“We hold space for the sacred sweetness of innocence and kindness; in all moments”
“We return balance back to the Earth; in all moments”
“We return to Fairy Kind all that has been taken from them; in all moments”
“We reclaim our Joy; in all moments”
“Universal Peace on earth; in all moments”
“We bury the dead; in all moments”
“Universal Joy; in all moments”
“Universal Love; in all moments”
“Universal Abundance; in all moments”
“Universal Freedom; in all moments”
“Universal Health; in all moments”
“Universal Success; in all moments”
“Universal Security; in all moments”
“Universal connection; in all moments”
“Universal perpetual exponential Life; in all moments”
“Universal Wholeness; in all moments”
“Universal Beauty; in all moments”
“Universal Enthusiasm; in all moments”
“Universal Contentment; in all moments”
“Universal Spirituality; in all moments”
“Universal Enlightenment; in all moments”
“Universal Confidence; in all moments”
“Universal Family; in all moments”
“Universal Intellect; in all moments”
“Universal Discernment; in all moments”
“Universal Empowerment; in all moments”