Being Madame Blavatsky


I was told many years ago by my guides that I am Madam Blavatsky. When I saw her the first time, I did not want to believe it because she was so homely. I didn’t even realize that I had special abilities with healing and insights at the time. I wasn’t even devoted to writing back then. The only clue that I had to being special is that incredible gifted healers would show up in my life and be told by their guides to do everything they could to assist me. Knowing this now brings tears to my eyes as I recall the times my guides would intervene on my behalf. They were always there in times when I was scared or overwhelmed; to reassure me.

One such time was when I was about nine. It was in the winter in our decrepit house that was heated by oil fueled space heaters. The grown son of my mother’s lover would taunt us children in many different ways. He was a chain smoker who camped out for the whole day in our small kitchen. He would cackle and say that if one small cigarette butt hit the ground. Our house would go up in moments. One night I went to bed terrified that this was going to happen.

Now looking back, it feels like my guides sat perched right on the other side of my conscious awareness and saturated me in the love that I was not receiving anywhere else. As I went to sleep one night, terrified of a fire, my guides love emerged through the invisible barrier of our realms to nurture me. It wasn’t like they talked to me in words but fed truth right into my heart. They gifted me with the assurance that dying in a fire was not my fate. They imprinted kindness and the sense of being protected within me. I went to sleep happy.

Another time they came to the rescue was when I was told that I had to move out of my family home in four days. I had no prospects, no extra money to secure my own place and no real survival skills to manifest a solution. I was numb with panic. My guides told me then that I did not need to worry about anything but the present moment. Since I was fed, warm safe and clean in the moment, then everything was okay. So all I had to do was focus on the present moment to get to the next one. I did not have to do anything until the moment came that I had to act. Since I had no action to take in the moment, just relax my energy and rest. It worked. I survived. There was less wear and tear in this life using this technique.

So when the same sense of loving presence of guidance seeps through the conscious mind, I pay attention. When it tells me that I am Helena Blavaskty, I am more apt to listen because of the times it has assisted when I was in need. One day I was just playing around with the book with her image on it. I held it up to my face and matched profiles just be funny. My cousin’s jaw dropped as he indeed could see a physical likeness. I asked my sister to take a photo of myself next to the image so that I could see for myself. The likeness was uncanny. I slowly came to terms with the reality of being her and soon discovered many similarities in our lives and one huge difference.

There is a quote by Helena’s mother saying how she feels so bad about the horrific life that Helena is going to have. This quote was made when Helena was already an adult. It also did not compute with her life at that time. Helena had a very good life then. She had financial freedom and got to travel the world doing exactly what she wanted. It is evident to me that Helena’s mother was talking about this present life and what her daughter would endure in this life that I am in the midst of. It is true that this lifetime has held many difficulties for me including being cursed at birth by the present mother. It was funny knowing that Helena’s mother loved her enabled me to reach back through time and space and get a sense of a mothers love from that lifetime. It is a helpful technique to use to get one’s need met.

I am not able to read Madame Blavatsky’s work. It is overwhelming to me. But I don’t like to read anything that I have written in this life either. I am told by people who have read her that our writing is similar. I believe we have a similar passion. Or should I say that my passion has continued through lifetimes.

I got criticism for using this image on my first book. I love how with all that I have endured at the hands of rejection and isolation that people come forward now to give me advice. The truth is, advice to me is an insult. No matter how well-meaning it is, there is a hint of using it as a leverage to diminish someone else. That is why I don’t think of myself as giving advice because it is never my intention to feel superior to others. In fact, this whole life involved taking a stance of deference with other so as to not to deflate the fragility of their human condition.

But when I engage others, that fragility may inadvertently be ruptured so that the spiritual essence of higher awareness can emerge. It is kind of like piercing and deflating the ego so that the true self can be empowered. This is what is happening when people get their feelings hurt by me. It is actually the process of a calloused self being shaved down to the beautiful pink skin of soul.

I chose the cover of me comparing my likeness to Madame Blavatsky for many reasons. The first reason is that my guides told me to. In the same way they have reassured my heart in the past, they give me direction of how to proceed with every little detail of my life. They will also feed understanding into me as well.

They wanted me to own the fact that I am a testament to reincarnation because the belief in just one physical life is still used so prevalently to diminish others. It is funny because John the Baptist talked about how Jesus was the reincarnation of a great soul come back to serve. That part has been edited out of the good book. Think of all the issues that would be curtailed if people understood that they come back to the same conditions that they have created. We will see a lot more self responsibility in the world when reincarnation is adopted as the universal truth; that it is. May my presence speed up that process.

People are growing too aware and spontaneously awakening to the fact that they are eternal souls. The tipping point is being made. I see people’s past lives like someone else would read a holographic news story. But if I can read them, then it means that they are affordable to all. The shifts that happen when people realize the connection between their past traumas and their present issues is miraculous. Profound healing is happening. It is a necessary Segway into humanity adopting higher awareness. The book that I have written, Enlightenment Unveiled, is the first one of many I will write. All the books I write will hold the intention of assisting the individual in accessing their own empowerment. They will even enhance our sense of connection with all other souls.

As far as being a writer, I have devoted this life and others to sharing truths that will free mainstream society of the deluge of lies that have separated them from their empowerment. I encourage everyone to read my books and try the exercises that I share. They are infused with healing and loving intentions for everyone. I have come back to this world and endured so much merely to save everyone from needing the same level of commitment to awakening that I have had invest. May some of you recognize the gifts that you are receiving and allow gratitude to propel you into the heart of divine awareness. May it motivate you to send similar noble intentions out to all others is the spirit of comradary and love.

That is why I have used the image that I have. I stand by my choice and intention.


This Incarnation

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Because of my awareness, I have many dreams of different experiences that are happening for people around the world. I get to live in the shoes of different demographics on earth. I believe that because we are all connected, and I am so in tuned with individuals, that I am used to pump these experiences into mass consciousness.
The benefit of doing this I suppose is to feed the experiences that others are having into the collective, so that everyone can have compassion for others outside of themselves. How else would it happen? Since people are conditioned to believe that there is only one life, they don’t really think to research their own Akashic records to gain perspective. They are taught their dreams are just fanciful imagery and not the higher self speaking to the physical self. So they discount their dreams too.
They are conditioned to not connect with their spirit guides in any meaningful way. No. They are trained from cradle to the grave to fear God and that it is blessed to be immersed in unworthiness. Speaking to your spirit guides should be as natural and comforting as walking with a good friend and hashing things out. But no. That is not allowed in this world of enslavement.
People are taught to revere their chains. Whenever someone starts a sentence with, “I have been taught…..” know that what comes after that is them paying homage to their shackles. Not only are they accepting being enslaved, they are also encouraging the people around them to accept their shackles too. Enticing others to believe as you do would be like being proud that your shackles are painted pink and enticing your friend to get pink chains too. In the reality beyond, the illusion, that is what people are doing every day.
When ever we fight and argue with others, we are encouraging each other to tighten their chains. That is what is happening with the whole trolling and bullying process we are seeing in social media. The freedom of the internet has caused us to slip into the awareness of being able to empathize with other demographics we would never otherwise be able to have compassion for. The trolling and bullying are a technique that was introduced to counter humans being able to free themselves of their chains. The “them verses us” mentality is humans all over the world hunkering in and tightening the control on their own awakened self that is busting to get loose. This is the dynamic playing out again and again, generation after generation.
So how does the masses awaken if these psychic ploys are preventing them from gleaning the breadcrumbs of truth that are lying around for them to collect? Or they keep locked in layers of fear that prevents them from looking at their own splendor? Those of us who accept our past lives, review them again and again for the lessons we have missed. We are infused with truth through our dreams. Or we have an inner dialogue with our Spirit guides to filter our the lies of this world of illusion with the truth.
Some empathic souls are vested in the awakening process. They understand that they can not be totally free until all souls are free as well. Because we are all atoms of the same embodiment of God. These loving souls may experience what the masses are dealing with; via dreams or other inner channels. This is them tapping into the macrocosm. They then use their empathic abilities to feed the experience of the macrocosm into each microcosm. They are feeding of the multitudes compassion and understanding by using their selves as a spiritual satellite.
This is how and why you are seeing more people becoming open-minded. They are becoming privy to what; we who are already awakening; have a firm grasp on. They are gaining compassion for others, humanity and realize the innate satisfaction of easing the plight of others.
Last night I had a dream I was going back to college. (incarnating again) I really didn’t want to. I was hesitant of the drudgery but I was highly encouraged to attend. I get to my college dorm and see everybody setting up their rooms. There were a few people there getting their beds made and dressers set up. They had desks and all the amenities. I was excited by their enthusiasm. (people’s different life conditions)
I was excited to find my room. It was not obvious where it was, I asked one of the students who had a room with all the amenities. (the entitled) He was supposed to be in charge (ruling class) but he was so enthralled with his room (self involved) that he couldn’t be bothered helping me find my room. There was no one in the dorm who would look up from preparing their room to help me (the lack of empathy we see in the world)
I tried to fit in any way I could and forget I didn’t know where my room was. (being displaced in the world) I was sad that I didn’t have a room yet and was sorry that I agreed to come to college again (being sorry I was born) But I knew that even though I didn’t have a room, I had the same curriculum as everyone else. (being held to the same standards) So for a moment I got excited about being able to write in my studies. (having a purpose)
I went outside to get help from authorities. No one was in authority. (There was no standard of ethics left in the world) I went back into the room and someone showed me my bed. It wasn’t in its own room but behind a curtain in a back hall. It wasn’t a bed either but a padded bench. (the disadvantages minorities receive) I was very disappointed that this was my fate. I went into the good part of the dorm where everyone was adorning their rooms (being displaced in the world)
I went back into my back hall. But when I got there, there were many of the benches crammed in that little space. (more of the people of the world being displaced and diminished. The room in the main dorm was still as filled with amenities as ever. The occupants of them were clueless of the back hall because of their self involvement. (the entitled being indifferent to the plight of others
People who are involved with their life and indifferent of the suffering in the world are like the people enthralled with making up their dorm room. They weren’t bad people. They weren’t evil or nasty. They were just so caught up in all the good things they had that they were clueless of what others were experiencing. There is no reason to fault them.
My hope though is that my understanding of the purpose of my dreams is accurate. That the experience of others is being pumped into the psyche of the distracted, through osmosis. Perhaps what I write and share is pouring compassion and awareness into the embodiment of man.
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Important Facts About Trees.

Trees communicate through their root system. It is similar to how we communicate through social media. We needed the understanding of how computers interact to understand how trees communicate. Until social media, there was no tangible reference point available.
Trees not only exchange carbon dioxide for pure air, they also exchange stagnant, negative thoughts for clarity and inspiration.
Trees prevent people from being unbalanced because they take in all the stagnant energy that holds people in negative thought and emotional patterns like they would fertilizer. They give them clarity of purpose and reason in exchange.
Trees love their children. They look after their children from their vantage point. If you care for a tree’s sapling, they will be contented and appreciative as if they are feeling it as well.
Trees don’t really die. They just go deep into the ground and come up again as a sapling.
The rings on a tree depict all the stagnant energy they have taken in from the environment and the people around them.
The areas in the world that have less trees, are the ones that depict more of a violent temperament. Trees induce sanity, calm and reason into people.
Trees are not motionless. They ungulate. Thinking they are motionless is a trick of the mind that has been instilled generation upon generation of human conditioning. If you sit and stare at a tree for a long time, you will see how they really move. It can be alarming, if not intimidating at first. In a past era, there was a genocide of all those who could interact with trees. This was done to instill the christian god. It left the psyche of those who loved trees paralyzed in a fear of interacting with them. That is what is being addressed now by reminding every one of how special trees are.
When no one communicates with a tree, they “check out” and spend most of their attention pulled away from the surface. They interact among themselves; like a human spending all their time on social media. That is partly why they seem so lifeless to us. But if you engage a tree, they are happy to come to the surface and interact with you.
Trees are responsible for most of the inspiration that humans receive. Many of the heartfelt songs and poetry that people have written has actually been downloaded into them by the trees. The poem that reads: “I think there has never been, a poem so lovely as a tree…..” was written by a tree.
The ability to communicate with trees is an aspect of female or yin energy. In ancient civilizations, it was normal to interact with trees and to seek their council. A big part of the desecration of Goddess energy has been to demonize those who communicate with trees. It past eras, there was a genocide committed on those who were able to interact with trees. There is a memory of this today in the way that society demonize Tree huggers. The more you honor and respect trees openly, the quicker the planet will be healed.
Respecting and honoring trees is a direct gauge as to how humanity is auto correcting itself after male energy has systematically tried to annihilate female empowerment. But what people are starting to understand is that it is not men against women. Each human is compiled of both male and female energy. So to honor and respect trees, creates a balance and an upgrade within our energy own system.
Trees are not fearful of storms. They don’t fear dying like humans do. When there is a storm brewing, there is an electricity and excitement in the air. That electricity is feeling the trees excitement about the rainfall. It is their “Celebratory Feast”. Notice that electricity happens after a dry spell. When it is a huge storm brewing, the trees are very excited.
Then there is a forest fire and the animals seem to know miles away to get out-of-the-way of danger; they know because the trees warn them.
Forest Fires are a trees way of burning off the negativity in the world. There is a lot of negativity being burned off right now. It is part of the way they have been providing balance to the world. If you don’t want wild fires, teach people to stop hating.
Trees are spirit guides. They really do look out for people. In lanes of highway that overlook a road, the trees are familiar with the people who drive to work and drive home at night. They find it fascinating that humans drive home so heavy after a day at work. They absorb that negativity for them as they drive by. That is why driving down a tree lined road is so enjoyable.
Trees consider themselves part of the family. That cozy, nurturing feeling that you have in your home, is a tree looking out for you and exuding comfort.
If you are looking to buy a home in a competitive market, or impossible situation, ask the trees in the new property to help you. They can open and block energetic passageways more than is realized. If you want an edge in life,or need to feel more security, ask the trees to help you.
Trees think humans are amusing that cut a grove of them down and then replant a row of trees after they have just cut a bunch of them down. Trees think humans are ridiculous in how they need to control nature in this ways.
Trees don’t understand boundaries like property lines. They don’t realize that they are considered to be owned by the person in the nearest house. They love and nurture all the humans around. Not just the one’s who believe they own them.
Trees love to share their gifts. When you eat fruit right off a tree, the tree can then experience consciousness through your eyes. It is a form of them understanding humans better. This bond between humans and trees has been desecrated by the way that trees are treated like slaves in an orchard rather than receiving gratitude for what they provide. Trees in an industrial orchard find it more difficult to pour their love into their fruit because of the way they receive no appreciation for what they give. This love that is not present is a form of an enzyme to the body of humans. That is why some fruits and vegetables cause heartburn. They were grown and harvested with a lack of gratitude.
Trees enjoy when a branch of theirs is invited into a home as decoration when it has dropped off accidently. They then get to see what it is like in the home and they send that information back to the main tree. This is how trees learn from interacting with us.
Trees are devastated when they are cut down by the whims of ignorant humans who plop them in their homes and celebrate as the life force drains out of them. Such ignorance saddens them.
Trees are excited that I share this information. They are excited about being able to inspire and interact with humans again. As more people interact with trees, a renaissance will ensue. This creative energy that is returning to the planet will dry up a lot of the hate, greed and power mongering that is presently prevalent. If you want to change the world, connect with your local trees and reignite the wisdom of the trees back into the planet.
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(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)
“I release putting my Guides on a pedestal; in all moments”
“I release treating knowing my Guides as an unattainable goal; in all moments”
“I walk joyfully and unabashedly with my Guides; in all moments”
“I am equal to my Guides; in all moments”
“I am centered and empowered in friendship with my Guides; in all moments”
“I resonate, emanate and am interconnected with Guides in divine love; in all moments”

How to End the Hate

I have a very interesting dream last night. In the dream state, I have layers upon layers of experiences where I am helping people,teaching them or serving humanity in some way or another. I actually wake up very tired. Being awake is my time to rest in a way. Not that we are not doing things in the other worlds when we are awake, it is just a time to shut off from it all sometimes. Sometimes not. There is no blueprint anymore to hold us captive.
In fact, many people who have panic attacks, are tapped into what they are doing exponentially beyond this limited linear reality. It is too much for them to process in the conditioning they have accrued. This creates a sensation of being bombarded. This is what a panic attack is.
In this dream, George Lopez was my father. All the other layers of interaction were put aside. My Guides wanted me to pay attention to this. In fact, in the dream, I tried to pacify him to get on with what I was doing. He kept calling me back.
“If there is anything you need, or anything you want to talk about, I am here for you”, he reassured.
“If you want to hang out and watch a movie, you and I can grab some snacks and do that” he said.
As many times as I tried to get away, he pulled me back with an offer of love and kindness. I ended up finally, surrendering the resistance and fell into his arms. We hugged and I felt the love of a father for his child. It was very fulfilling. I felt my heart and body quenched of a craving I was not really aware of.
When I awoke, I immediately reflected on the dream. I remembered a question they asked on the news yesterday? Why were so many people gravitating to hate groups. I had just received the answer and the cure. The people who gravitate towards hate groups are love starved and invalidated in some way or another. This dream was more than about me being nurtured. It was a conduit for all of humanity to be nurtured at a very base level.
My father was not around when I grew up. I was taught by default that I did not matter. I was not worth loving. The fact that nobody realized how much I needed to be love, merely made the feelings of being invalidated worse. This is a primal issue. In the dream, being loved by this father who broke through my resistance was so healing. But it was not about just me being healed. It is about humanity being healed.
Every night when I go to sleep, instead of praying to God for things for myself, I put myself at the vantage point of God in a way to pour love, and nurturing energy into every being of the planet. It is just something I do because I know that love can be passed to others this way. If I continue to stretch my capacity to pour love into all the beings of the world, perhaps I will be able to assist the world into coming to Universal peace in this way.
Perhaps if I can convince others of their empowerment and they adopt the practice of pouring love into all the beings of existence this way, perhaps collectively we will be a great force in redirecting the world to Universal Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Health and Wholeness. Can you imagine what an incredibly empowering place this world will be as all souls adopt this practice? Me too.
The whole concept of unworthiness and humility were meant to enslave humanity. It is time to look at all that we were taught at the deepest level and challenge it. Does God really want us to bow to his whims or does he want us to taste the freedom he feels in loving all creatures? Which of these behaviors resonates more with an omniscient benevolent creator?
I believe George Lopez in my dream was a Spirit Guide teaching me what love really feels like in this physical body. I have never really been loved in this life by other humans so the fact that I have so much to say on the topic of love is evidence that love feeds us through other means; the wind, trees, animals and the spirit of life itself.
(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)
“I imbue and infuse all Beings with the nurturing energy of a father’s love; in all moments”
“I imbue and infuse all beings in the nurturing energy of a mother’s love; in all moments”
“I imbue and infuse all beings in the nurturing energy of God’s love; in all moments”
“I imbue and infuse all beings in the nurturing energy of Nature’s love; in all moments”
“I imbue and infuse all beings in the nurturing energy of self love; in all moments”
“I imbue and infuse all beings in the nurturing energy of My Spirit Guides love; in all moments”
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Pro Love


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The reason reincarnation is not openly accepted is because it directly challenges the importance of procreation. Endorsing large families is a form of control. Yet until the dark ages, reincarnation was written about in the Bible. Jesus even mention about a man who was caught up in the third heaven. Purgatory; an on and off again teaching; is actually talking about reincarnating back to earth. I figured this out when I was four years old.

In the dark ages, the clergy were corrupt and would sell passageway into heaven. They took out all references of reincarnation from the bible because it made their case stronger to sell passage into heaven. They realized that if people knew they would reincarnate, they would be less afraid and less willing to pay for preferential treatment. I learned this in sixth grade social studies class.

Groups are energetic Ponzi schemes. They take in all the energy of the members and dole it out to those who need it as proof that the group is working for them. A group needs more and more energy to keep up the illusion of wealth. There are two ways to get more energy; by converting others or by creating more followers through having children. That is why the indoctrination of the next generation is important. The rules must be strong and fear based to keep people from going elsewhere. But the groups have reached a tipping point. There are fewer people left in the world to convert. So the main way to get more members is to have more children within the group.

Unless children are born within groups, those groups will eventually dwindle down to nothing. That may seem terrifying to some. That is the whole purpose of pushing for pro-life. The groups are in survival mode and will do anything they can to survive; even use its members as pawns to keep its levels up. Not that this is done consciously, but energetically.This truth needs to be said out loud. Those of us who know, know. The people who are taught that babies are being killed through abortion are being used as pawns to keep numbers high. They are creating a ground swelling of emotional drama that grid locks the joy, love, abundance, freedom, quality of life and wholeness for all.

There is no shame in having an abortion. I am actually proud of myself for listening to my inner guidance that prevented me from bringing an unethical person into the world. Ever since I was a child, I wanted to have babies. So when I got pregnant by my first boyfriend, I was so happy. I was too young and insecure to realize what a truly selfish person he was. After we broke up, all his friends told me that he only seemed nice, the time he was with me.

When I got pregnant, I was planning to have the baby out of the emotional desire to be a mother. I would have had to go on welfare and burden society with the cost of raising the child. I was fractured back then by all I had already endured in life. I would not have had the stamina to get out from under being a single mother. But I still was emotionally attached to having a baby. When a young person wants something, it is hard to get through to them.

But then my Spirit Guides, which were the only connection that was actually truth to me, showed me the akashic records of the baby that would be born. My boyfriend, the father, was a juvenile delinquent. He bragged how he set fires on trains and stole money from the elderly. I was shown how this baby was a karmic connection to the father; not me. The father needed the relationship with this baby and it would be like him. It would be selfish and manipulative and drain me of all resources and leave me depleted.

My boyfriend happily scheduled an abortion for me. When we went to the clinic, I was given a waiting room with another woman. She was from India so she had the same point of view I did on the matter. I knew I wasn’t killing anybody, Even in the Bible it said that God made the body of man THEN breathed life into it. I also had been shown so many of my past lives that I knew that we lived regardless of the physical body. It was just an uncomfortable inconvenience.

The young Indian woman and I sat and chatted. We were not emotionally wrenched like in all the other rooms. I am not certain if this is true; but she told me that in India, woman who got pregnant by their husbands, have abortions because they prefer to have babies by their lovers. She spoke of this as a by-product of arranged marriages. It was very funny to me. We were giggling and staff kept poking their heads in. We were the only room that wasn’t energetically charged with gloom. The staff would stick their head in, and you could see them lighten when they saw us engaging in light banter. Their heaviness lifted.

As soon as we got back to the apartment, with no regard for me, my boyfriend got on the phone to his two friend who had pregnant girlfriends and was telling them how easy it was. He was showing me how little he cared for me. Why did I not see that earlier? After more late night drug use and one broken rib over my heart, we separated. I am so grateful that my spirit guides got through to me when no one else could. I have regretted not having children in this life but never regretted not having that one.

I. being the youngest of ten sometimes fantasized about being aborted. I resent that I was brought into such harsh living conditions when there was only contempt for me. My father got a lot of leverage and bragging rights out of having ten children. It was his only sense of accomplishment in this life. Both my parents were dynamic people whose ability to be great was squelched by the responsibility to keep us clothed and alive. Many nights we spent in the dark because the utilities were turned off. Many times we went hungry. Clothing and furniture were all other people’s throw aways. I grew up feeling like a non person.

I understand that there is a physiological transference that happens between the mother and the fetus. In a recent Body Talk session, it was revealed that I was infused with such hatred at 6 weeks of conception because my mother resented the thought of another child. She did had nightmares of being pregnant way before I came along.

I have always felt that anger for me. It is even more invalidating to be imbued with a resentment that can’t be named. Being my mother’s literal nightmare has affected my psyche this whole lifetime. Also the lack of close nurturing has left be pretty devoid of intimate relationships. In my most private thoughts, I am grateful for the Spirit Guides, trees and nature for loving me when no human had it in them to love me. It is by divine intervention, my own perseverance and random kindnesses that prevented me from going the route of a sociopath, I think. I am grateful to be over kind and loving and be compelled to indulge in this extreme than the opposite.

But I still wonder what it would be like to be born to someone, anyone, wanting me.


How to Connect to Your Spirit Guides


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Don’t worry about figuring out who your Guides are. There are so many Guides and helpers on the other side, trying to figure out who they are is like thinking you may know someone because you know someone with the same last name.

Guides are mentors. They are not interested in being worshiped. Worshiping them or adulating them is a way of keeping them at bay. Because you keep yourself at a lower vantage point. It is never helpful to anyone to put anyone on a pedestal. Think of your Guides as more of best friends that someone to adulate. Keep the respect. Just lose the adoration. They will still be larger than life. But with a tweak in this dynamic, you can expand your consciousness to be present with them. They are always present with you. It is you that has to shift from the human consciousness to be present with them.

Have conversations with them in your mind. If you get information that may be their guidance. Don’t ask a third party for validation. Learning to listen and communicate with your Guides is a form of turning up the volume on your own awareness. It is part of the process of awakening. Asking a third party is a form of giving your power away and is counter to the empowerment needed to connect to your Guides.

Don’t be afraid of what others may think of you. The Ancient ones are immersed in Love. Being even self conscious is a form of fear.  Fear is the opposite of Love. When ever you are diminishing yourself with self consciousness, you have to let it go to be more conscious. It is a form of an oxymoron.

Pay attention to subtle cues that are spiritual lessons through your day. Everything that is happening around us is cues to our spiritual lessons. The more we look for the lessons, the more we will see the synchronicity during our day.

When you awake, put out the intention, like an invitation, for your Guides to make their presence known to you. They are ever present. It is you that must hone your awareness to be able to perceive them. Imagine them watching you as you go through your day. This may help dry up any residual negative behavior or language. Just being able to remind yourself of their presence during the day is a discipline. It is stretching the capacity or your awareness.

Be loving and kind at all times. If not merely to be loving and kind, your actions raise your vibrations. Anything you can do to raise your vibrations, also raises your consciousness. Since the Ancient Ones are immersed in Love, the more loving you are, the closer you are to their vibration.

Pay attention to what people say and all the other messages you hear during the day. These are messages from your Guides. If you notice a continuing theme when you talk to different people or have different experiences, take heed. This is your Guides speaking through all life.

Pay attention to unexpected visitors. Animals, nature and strange occurrences are used to get a point across to someone who is still afraid of being approached by their Guides.

Only think and say positive things. It is a quick way of raising your vibratory rate to be at the closer frequency to your Guides. Stop the self derision. If you don’t believe you are worthy,  your Guides won’t waste their energy fighting the human resistance.

Mock up walking and talking with your Guides through the day. You can actually feel their protection from negativity the more you do this.

Remember your connection with your imagination, nature, your toys and other childlike musings. Children are naturally able to tap into their awakened self. Perhaps you have had conversations with your Guides when you were very young and merely forgot. Perhaps remembering your childhood and re-entering that innocent state is a short cut to connecting to your Guides.

Set the intention to visit with your Guides during the dream state. The dream censor garbles truth as to not overload the conscious mind. So when you have dreams of someone you respect, it is most likely your Guides taking a form that is positive to you. Pay attention to the positive people that appear in your dreams. The positive traits they display are the special traits of your Guides.

Pay attention to your dreams. These are nuggets of truth for you to discern. Pay attention to your dream symbols during the day. The more attention you put on discerning truth, the more you will train yourself to perceive truth. It is you striving for more connection in a comfortable way that will assist you in connecting with your Guides. It is not a desperate climb up a steep mountain. It is a leisurely hike up a spiraling hill.

Keep what is sacred to you, to yourself. It is really easy for others to burst our bubble of enthusiasm. This is true with all that we hold sacred as well. It may not even be safe to share with a spouse. It is not that they can’t be trusted. It is that you are trying to pull the sublime into a linear world. Take inventory of your reasons to share. Do you want to appear special, need approval, or are you trying to recruit your spouse to your level of awareness?  None of these reasons will fly with a Guide. They have been with us longer than one life. The care less about the backdrop of our activities here. To them it is like….a teacher obsessing over the lesson on the chalk board. This life is just a prop for you to hone your spiritual awareness

Listen more, talk less.  Every aspect of our day is a teacher. It is up to us to respect the classroom. If we go on autopilot, it is turning down the volume of our awareness. it is our choice not to listen to truth.

Pay attention to your gut and heart feelings. These are energy sensors for perceiving truth as valid as your eyes, and ears are as sensory receptors.

Validate all others as you go. Your Guides not only care about what is precious to you. They are actually teaching you to be a Guide as well. This is how humanity perpetuates truth and understanding. So realize it is not about you. It is about how you can help others. This is a means of preventing the awareness that you glean from becoming a stagnant state. Truth, love, kindness and  awareness must keep moving and flowing to stay pure.