The Re-connection Technique:


There is a theory that I heard that resonated. The reason that some areas in the world are still so warlike is that their DNA is one and a half strands instead of two. Two strands of DNA are the bare minimum for survival. People are supposed to have at least 12 strands of DNA and that 12 strands is our more natural state.

If this resonates, here is a technique to assist the word in overcoming its warlike tendencies. In contemplation, look at the world and see the places that look gray. Then imagine knitting, weaving, or crocheting 12 golden strands where there is two strands. There is no need to direct it in any area. Just visualize creating 12 strands where there are two. Do this in your visualizations.

When you look at the earth again, see if any areas that were gray are now lit up more. Keep the intention of always uplifting the earth with your intention. When ever you think about it and are in a loving mood, visualizing knitting 12 strands together where there were two. Make them straight, even, loving and golden strands. When you look at the earth in visualizations, see it immersed in golden, loving Light and saturated in Love.

Not an Indulgence

If my books were about me getting attention and accolades for being a writer I would never have the self esteem to even ask. Life has beaten me down this whole leg of the journey. I don’t say that for sympathy. I say it for understanding. My very survival was ordained so that I could share the truths that are revealed in my writings and now book(s).

The resistance to this awareness, that I share, getting out is incredible. It is pouring new truth into the consciousness that has been stripped from mainstream. This doesn’t happen lightly. I have been gestated in the womb of a very determined woman to get rid of me and flush me out of her body. All the time I was working to create my physical self, she was working to destroy me. To me that is a profound way to explain the incredible resistance that I endure as my mainstay so that I can gift humanity with truth.

You don’t have to ascribe to an agenda, you don’t have to pay dues to a group, you don’t have to debase yourself for a lifetime in a monastery and you don’t have to wait for snippets of truth to gain understanding of yourself in relationship with the Universe. You don’t even have to buy the book. All you have to do is be on my page. Having the book manifested is a great way to anchor such truth in the mainstream of this Universe. That is the purpose of my passion for my book being accepted and even embraced.

In the short time that my first book has been manifested, my dream state has upgraded in how I engage society. The truth of the matter is that the politicians aren’t going to change the world much. They are merely a reflection of the changes that are transpiring on the inner levels. If you believe in dreams, if you opt for a higher awareness in this world, if you put your intention on joy and prosperity for all, choose the candidate that reflects that higher vision. Choose the one that reflects your highest intention for the world. That is a better way to use your manifestation abilities of intention.

It is us individuals that understand the interplay of thoughts and things that will move the world to peace. It is us who afford our dream time to uplifting humanity in very crucial ways. When I sleep, I do not rest. I am engaging third world countries and empowering them with innovation and encouragement. I am meeting with children and empowered souls in communities so they can be conduits for change in specific ways. I am feeding the hungry, healing the sick and empowering the masses. I am loving this world and all souls in it.

This would all seem so narcissistic if I truly thought I was doing it alone. These are the things we do in the inner worlds while others are feigning off nightmares. Yet the more we do this consciously, the more that it is done Universally. This is the truth and reality that is afforded in helping my book be a success. I understand that people want a hard copy. That is my dream for everyone too. But it has taken all my endurance, patience, survival skills and abilities to get it to this point. It is an incredible punch to the gut of status quo mainstream to even have it in existence.

I just spent the night empowering two little boys and their dynamic mother from a third world country to survive, thrive and grow in a politically unstable arena. I was assisting in bringing calm and peace to places that are of warring factions. The devastation seen in this physical filter of world view was changed to a subtle competition as innocuous as competitions that happen between schools in gymnasiums. Everyone had their bright colors on and this depicted celebration. The different groups had special colors on. This meant celebrating together.

This is the kind of shift that having my book manifest can support. I am not withholding any understanding or meaning from anyone. I write higher truths so they can be understood by all. I am not here to make a dishonest buck. I could have converted my skills a long time ago into a means to make tons of money. I am not here to be worshipped. That in itself is a trap. I am not here to start a movement or create a religion.

I am here for all individuals to take back their empowerment in real and tangible ways and utilize their gifts to empowering other. It is profound what we do here. Lets drench the world with sincerity, integrity and kindness. I am still awakening to my own purpose and in doing so wish to awaken you to yours. Your purpose is no less profound than my own.

Please support my books in some way. Your encouragement, enthusiasm and balm are a balm for this weary soul and fuel for empowerment of the masses. I love you all in the real sense. Thank you.

How to Undo a Log Jam



Barter is the original currency. When necessity gauged the actual rate of exchange. The hard work, sacrifice and importance to the family’s survival could be felt and traced in a product or service offered. It had substance.

The monetary system is one big game of chicken. It is an agreement of pretend. An arbitrary number is assigned to a person’s time.They somehow fall into a slot that needs to be filled by a person with the ability to conform. They need show only a hint of individuality so they stand out slightly above the other drones. But not enough to rock the boat of establishment.

Passion, creativity and exuberance are squelched out at every turn. Complacency and peer approval are the prison of conformity; especially in the work place. There needs to be so much talent, drive and vision for one soul to try to make it over the wall into personal expression and freedom.

Society pays people to not perform. They bow out with an excuse of disability because they don’t fit into the spectrum of what is valued as performance. They weave their complacency into a full blow victim consciousness and hide behind those who are really in need. The real deficiency is the lack of value this society puts on individual subjective talents. Society chains the human spirit by housing the able and monetarily rewarding so many that deem themselves disable. This is the true energy crisis; the lack of heart.

One side is blaming the other. Both sides together are like a black and white cookie. One side wants to cut every one off, and one side wants to validate everyone who bows out, as needy. Both sides are the extreme. The government itself, through it’s structure has locked all it’s constituents into a “them verses us” mode. It is paralyzed in inaction as one side cancels the other side out. We don’t have to go on a rampage of society to solve this issue.

The sweeping change that so many are desperately seeking, does not happen at the top. There needs to be a ground swelling of appreciation for a person’s worth. How many people do you know who wants to start a business but they are afraid to put a worth on themselves? Help them. Build them up. Put a high value on them. Pay someone for their service. Buy local. Local is usually someone who is using their skills and talents to be productive in society. Let’s reward them. Practice today by just saying something of value to those who work and serve. Flip a switch within that forgoes the criticism and makes a conscious choice to give gratitude. We can do this! I support us in this.

As a group we are feeling powerless. How do you undo a log jam? You move one component at a time. The more we empower those who still have the heart and drive to attempt success, the more we pave the way for the next person. We can do this as individuals. We can do this as Americans. We can agree to do this. This is the one issue that we may be able to reunite with. No more trashing the other side. No more wasting energy on feeling powerless. Let’s move all our support and passion to anyone still willing to succeed. Let’s give our heart to them in the form of monetary reward.

Evidence of Love’s Existence


I was starving and exhausted beyond compare. In my mind, even though I wasn’t allowed to think (he would know) I ran a thought loop through my head that defied my captor’s attempts to break me. His programming was that I was disgusting, reviled, and hated by all that was pure and sacred and all the angels thought that I deserved to suffer in a miserable eternal existence of pain.

He laughed and scoffed at my humiliation and the more that I suffered, the happier he was. He would invent ways to draw out my anguish. He would eat in front of me and mock me as he forced me to work in over 100 degree heat until I was exhausted and emaciated. He told me that God hated me; that I had defiled all that was good to such a degree that God wanted to see me suffer and was pleased at my misery. Not because God was unkind, but because I was such a disgusting waste of existence.

There was really nothing from my history that obviously contradicted his statements. I had a large family that didn’t seem to embrace me, I had made no great strides in the community to show great evidence of the contrary. I had no family of my own. He took my dog from me and convinced me that my dog, whom I had rescued, really hated me. He made me serve the dog as a king because it was an extension of him.

My brain nearly gave up the ability to think rationally. It had exhausted the possibilities to counter his programming. But there was one statement from my spiritual teachings that kept me alive: Soul exists because God loves it. I existed so God must love me. It was the one irrefutable argument I had in my mental and physical fog. It defied all his efforts to break me. I existed. God must love me. I was lovable. others exist so God must love others. So now I am connected to all through this realization. I am connected to all through the Love. That is all that remained of who I was. I AM the evidence of Love’s existence.

A Good Day


The child who is given such little regard
That keeps to them self
Tries real hard

That researches life through every exchange
Cries to themselves
Endures through disdain

The child who is taken less seriously
Gives of themselves
So creatively

The child who is never given, a second glance
Second helping
Or even a chance

The child who survives by flying under everyone’s sight
Who has make believe friends
Cries through the night

A child who grows weary of feeling the pain
Loves any little creature
To keep from going insane.

This child should grow into a crotchety old coot
It’s not that far fetched
The point isn’t moot

But somewhere, somehow love intervened
Kept this child safe
From a negative refrain

This child is adopted by nothing but grace
Though pain and its cousins
Show on its weary face

This child grows to adulthood
Ahead of the curve
To the chagrin of the haters who think it has nerve

Who does this child think that they are?
To remain so intact
Smiling through every scar

This child knew that the suffering that their small body could take
Was best felt in them
Than to watch someone else ache

The child took the suffering and passed it right through
It was as if it was a mission
That they needed to do

This child is a survivor and so is anyone that can see
That the plight of all others live in you
And in me.

So take this child’s example to pass through the pain
See it as a wisp of smoke leaving
And never a stain.

It doesn’t matter, if your life looks like a success
Just continue to continue
And know you are blessed

For every challenge that you meet that doesn’t sweep you a way
Just take a deep breath
And call it a good day

Jen Ward 6/18/16