Technique to Challenge One’s Own Beliefs

430246_323010891079657_2074259420_n“Beliefs are like old windows. They too can be replaced”.  Jen Ward

There are things that we believe that no one can convince us otherwise. At one point, life altering experiences always happened around the same time of year for me so I started to brace for them and wait for them. Things did come, but was I inviting them with my belief? Was I lumping non sequiturs together to create meaning where there was none? Or was I actually reminded of a past life trauma that happened at a certain time of the year and bringing something with a similar impact into this incarnation? Maybe all of these things and more.

But I decided to take back my joy by releasing the belief system that compelled me to dread a beautiful time of the year.

What are your beliefs that are holding you back? Only you can name them. They can show up as a reality and it is okay to release your belief in them. Create a statement to release the belief and do the following tap to do just that on a deep level.

For example: Maybe you believe that the winter brings gloom, create a statement “I release the belief that winter brings gloom.” Then create a statement countering that belief.  State it in a positive. “I welcome the Joy of winter”. After you create the statement, say it three times while tapping on your head and a fourth time while tapping on your chest. Maybe this is a way to stop building upon past loss and gain momentum on the joy.

Technique for Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure


When you can “hear” your blood pressure or feel your heart pumping fast, take a deep breath and sink into yourself. Take another breath and sink some more. With each breath, feel yourself sink as much as possible. When you have sunk as much as possible, visualize your energy spreading out. You may notice that the energy in your heart is thick. Visualize sticking a straw into it and siphoning out the thick gunky energy. Siphon it into a bubble of light and send it away. See it dissolve into the light.

Then put all your attention on your heart. See it in a deflated sack. Visualize blowing Love into the sack until your heart is saturated in Light and is free-standing in a clear strong globe of Light. Hear the Bee Gees song Saying Alive playing in the background and calm the heart down so it is beating in rhythm with the song. If you want to be silly, (humor is relaxing) see your heart dancing on a disco dance floor with a strobe light. See the whole heart sack (pericardium) Filled up with incredible Light.

Visualize the purity and the magnitude of that Light flow through the valves leading out of the heart and into the body. Visualize it being so strong and pure that it dissolves all the stagnant energy that is in the arteries until they are all clear passages. See the purity continue all the way to the veins and clean out the veins as well. Sense the energy loop around the body in a fluid, cohesive, calm rhythm. Feel the Love literally coursing through your veins.

Visualize changing your vantage point so that you see your body as the globe of light with the loops of Lights coming and going from it and seeing it as a pure flowing structure. Practice doing this technique many times until you can conjure it up in moments and give good energy to your heart and whole cardiovascular system at will.


Technique to Drop the Hate


You know that feeling of strongly disliking someone? It feels different from loving someone. Think about people you love. Pay attention to how expansive and free that feels in the body. Then think of someone you hate. Get a sense of how that creates a locked up feeling within you. WITHIN YOU!

Take control. It is your energy that is responding in that way. Without thought or feeling being invoked, just change the sensation within yourself from locked to expansive. It is that simple. It is similar to relaxing after holding a breath. It can be that simple. Master your own energy system. You are more than your judgement or your mind. You can love beyond all rationale, Just make the shift.

Once you get a sense of the shift. You can do it with anything. Think of things to react to so you can shift them. It is a powerful tool for being “in Love”.

Intention in Attention

When the family pet comes over to you for affection, drop everything and give them the love that only you can provide. Once this becomes a healthy habit, realize it applies to children and other family members as well.
Before too long, it will become comfortable to give your undivided love and attention to friends, co-workers and any one you interact with. Even strangers on the street will be uplifted by merely interacting with you.
Eventually, you may be able to recognize you being kinder to yourself and giving yourself a higher quality of care as well.

The Human Exhaust Technique


All the feelings that come to you are not yours. They are only yours if you equivocate them with thoughts, experiences or feelings. When you feel this ominous energy come to you, it is as random as a cloud. Yet because there is little understanding of energy, you try to identify the cause. If you forego identifying a reason then you prevent it from anchoring to you. It can pass from you easily.

If you are more aware, you can use this awareness to think of yourself as a human exhaust fan that takes in the cloudy energy and converts it to clean energy or love. You don’t have to quantify it at all. Take the human element out of it and just visualize converting smokey energy into love. It can be that simple.

If you practice doing this enough, you will allot it to the parasympathetic nervous system and it will become as automatic as breathing.

How To Starve the World of Hate

an extension of your own hands

The only sickness that can not be healed is self-righteous hypocritical ignorance.When someone is throwing anger at you, let them. Let them throw all of it at you without giving them an ounce of it back. In fact welcome it. It has to go somewhere. Think of who you are sparing in their world by allowing their anger to pass through you and emptying them of their only defense.

After they are empty of it, they will be empty and need to look at ththemselves and their own shortcomings. That is what they are avoiding by their attack. Hate is their only defense. When you don’t give them any hate back, you are actually being more effective in dealing with them than anything else.

Don’t reason with them, don’t explain yourself. Don’t engage them in any way. Just allow them to empty out the hate that they have been conditioned to spew into this world. See it pass through you without touching you and being converted back into divine love. If you have an emotional reaction to their words, that means you are taking the hate in instead of passing it through.

It may leave you a bit shaky at first. They will aim both barrels at you. But once you see the effects of this technique, you will appreciate its benefits. They will eventually give up if you don’t give them any energy in return. You will be stronger because you have demonstrated a profound spiritual principle to yourself. It is that those who hate are fed by the hate returned to them. This technique is starving them out.

This is the technique that Gandhi used to free all of India. He called it passive resistance. He was aware of the principle behind it. Now people are savvy enough to understand the energetic reason it is so effective. It is time for all those who are capable, to get out of reactionary mode and allow the hate to dissipate of its own accord. You will be doing a great service to the world, those who are ensconced in the behavior and their targets.

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The Fast Track to Raising Consciousness

Humans are Living, Breathing Portal makers. Anything they put their attention on and fixate on, especially with passion (igniting the heart to work with the mind) will manifest. The problem is that humans have been subjugated and taught to only manifest negative scenarios for themselves and the world they live in, by default.
Every time you agree with a negative scenario, you are adding your portal making abilities to that of another. You are fortifying a negative portal for yourself and others to walk through and exist in. Children innately understand this and this is why they react so vehemently to the rules put on them by adults.
Creating negative portals have become so ingrained, that people can’t help thinking negative thoughts and scenarios. The thoughts come in at an alarming rate for some. It is a distressing thing for someone who consciously tries to be positive; to have these negative thoughts come through.
It is because they are trying to be positive that the negativity will inundate them more. It is no different from cold air rushing to meet hot air or vice versa and creating steam. Here is a way to deal with negative thoughts that rush in and seem overwhelming.
Imagine a thought as a bubble forming as a new reality. It is emerging from your mind to manifest as a reality. Simply, pull the thought away from your mind before it is fully formed, with a conscious intention. Do this as many times as you have negative thoughts. Some people will have to keep at it diligently for a while. But eventually, you will learn to not waste your efforts creating negative scenarios because the conscious you will simply deflate them and watch them dissipate. Make this your new habit.
This technique has an added advantage. The you that is pulling off the negative reality is the you of higher consciousness. You will actually be adopting the vantage point of your higher self. It is a fast track to raising your consciousness.