I would like to write a testimonial about my experience with Jen Ward.

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For quite some time I have been feeling blocked and emotional — well, more emotional than normal, for I have always been sensitive and felt things deeply! I have been faced with some rather large life decisions, and I was to the point where I could not move on them in any direction. I was frozen, and fearful of making a mistake, so I did nothing. I was growing more and more miserable, and more and more dedespondent as the months passed, though I was trying to hang on as best I could.

Through the magic of Twitter, Jen came to my attention, and over the course of a few months, shared tweets back and forth. It took me quite some time to come to terms that I needed to seek a session with her, for I try to do everything on my own. Except, in discussion, some things came up that I knew I couldn’t handle on my own, mostly connected to past life experiences. Finally getting to the point where I was sick of hanging on to all I’d been hanging on to my whole life, I contacted Jen, and we settled on a time for a call.

I think I cried most of the session. In fact, I cried for several days leading up to the session, having started releasing a few things ahead of time, Jen said. And let me make it clear, that the tears that were coming out during the session were not scary, or negative in any way. It’s just… she touched upon so many things that I hadn’t even realized, but when she said them, they resonated with so much sense, I cried as much in relief as in acknowledging the various pain carried through my days.

In the days since the session, I have felt freer, stronger, more clear-headed, and not stuck anymore. I have made significant decisions regarding an upcoming sabbatical I wish to take. I do catch myself falling into the thinking patterns I have had for so long, but because of things Jen told me during our session, I am able to a) understand where those thoughts are coming from and move forward and b) use positive affirmations and cranial tapping to send home the message that I don’t need to hang on to these things anymore.

If you’re at all considering a session with Jen, I would encourage you to take the step. It took me a while, but I am so, so glad I did. I am honoured to have had such an amazing experience with Jen. She has helped me immensely, and she will you, too!

Blessings and love to you, Jen.


…”There’s no answer as big as the question, there’s no victory as big as the lesson, you go on and you see where your detours will take you to…” – Tina Dico, An Open Ending



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TESTIMONIAL: I had a wonderful and sweet healing session with Jen the other day. She tapped into core issues from past lives and current life that was manifested into subtle energies. She was able to pick up on certain things within my field that I never expected anyone to pick up on because they were so minute and silent. Luckily she assisted me with removing them…and I felt AMAZING! I can definitely say that Jen and her work can be metaphorically seen as a cannon (and I, the cannon ball). She will bring you to new heights. After the session I felt myself open up in self-expression, creativity, and deeper waves of self-love. Absolutely worth it!! Thank you Jen

My daughter is alive today because….

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My daughter is alive today because of a phone session she had with Jen. My daughter is overcoming addiction and at the time of the session had overdosed twice in 6 weeks. I contacted Jen for an emergency session and she was right there for me. My daughter had the session within a couple of days.

After the session, it took a couple of days, and my daughter did a complete turn around. She wanted to go to rehab and she actually fought for her self to get in. I have gradually seen a positive and happy daughter ever since her session with Jen. Her eyes are alive again! My daughter attributes her turn around to her session with Jen.

We are both so grateful to Jen for the love and encouragement she has given both of us. I have my daughter back!

How Thoughts Kill or Heal


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Here is a post that someone posted

I want to mention how happy and grateful I am that my friend, Jen Ward, helped when my dog was sick. She answered my plea for advice with a wonderful, insightful and detailed paragraph.

Amazingly, my miniature dachshund, who was in pain and scheduled to be euthanized the next morning, is now healthy, happy and with no end to his physical life in sight at this time.

The day I took him to the vet, and was advised that it was “the end,” we took him home one last time to say goodbye. We were all in tears.

Jen reminded me to listen to what my dog wanted; not to make that decision for him. Then she instructed me how to treat an impending “death” as another journey. Dogs love adventure, she said, and as I shared this advice with my son and daughter, they too were able to transform their sad moods into happy loving ones.

“Don’t saddle him with your sadness,” Jen pointed out.

My daughter and I then took our dog, Rye, out for a ride and to get ice cream. We took videos and pictures. It was a sweet, precious time. I encouraged Rye to be ready for a new adventure, and invited him to return if the opportunity presented itself.

Later that evening, he had a complete turnaround! In the morning, I cancelled the vet appointment. Our whole family is so thankful to have more time with this loving, happy soul.

Jen’s words bravely address the norms and emotions that come into play in these situations. But, amazingly, it wasn’t that hard to make the shift to a new attitude.

Thanks again, Jen!



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Hi Jen…I wanted to post a thank you. Feel free to use this as a testimonial… The session that I had with you last week took some time to process… My litmus test for any healing I receive is 72 hours…I had to leave for a workshop the next day so my mind was busy with getting there etc..so it wasn’t until a couple of days after the session that I became aware of a tangible shift in how I was feeling, thinking and responding…

The word that came to mind was liberation…,I felt liberated from the heaviness that had been surrounding me for a very long time… My thoughts were clearer and I felt more integrated with the world around me…and I continue to feel that way.. Thank you so much… You have a very special and unique gift that I hope many will get to experience…I will be in touch for another session soon…
Love and Light,

Since Our Last Session

Hi Jen!

Since our last session I’ve had some powerful shifts! I’ve been able to release the deep need to fill my body with supplement after supplement. And I’ve been able to eat foods with ease and feel more free from anxiety when I eat no matter what the food. Thank you, thank you! And please let me know if you’d like me to write you a proper testimonial too. For now though, I wanted to let you know that I’ve made some serious progress!

Testimonial for Retreat


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I remember in the early days of Eckankar; feeling all the love in just being around total strangers that felt like lifetime friends. We didn’t have to have any thing in common. We were connected by our desire for truth and to live beyond a convention that was stifling. I remember attending the seminars and absolutely falling in love with everyone I met. I could talked to anyone in attendance and let my guard down because the love was so incredible that there was nothing to defend. I felt such freedom and happiness that I made it a priority to go to as many Seminars as possible so I could experience the love and truth.

But something happened along the way. I still was devoted to the teachings but the priority changed within them. It was a subtle change but it became about supporting the drive to reach seekers rather than to support the ones already present in the group. There was a subtle pressure to volunteer. Because isn’t that where the love is? But the more I gave, the less I felt that original ambiance of unconditional acceptance and higher consciousness. Even the talks became more about sharing the experiences of people who had written in letters rather than sharing something original from the top. I got the sense others felt this too but dare not say it. It was Eck blasphemy. So I kept going to the seminars and wistfully missed that spiritual feeling that I once had. I even chalked it up to being older and that was just an experience for new people or the young. I missed the joy of the seminars and obediently went through the motions.

I have been doing these group sessions with a woman I met on facebook. They have been amazing. She has an incredible likeness to Madame Blavatsky. I remember Paul writing about what Madame Blavatsky wrote and she was the first one to claim to work with Masters that were hundreds of years old in their physical body. There are many coincidences that connects them besides the writing style and likeness. Madame Blavatsky’s first book was published in Rochester NY. She wrote of Rochester NY in the first edition of ISIS Unveiled. She wrote that Rochester was a gateway for energies from the higher worlds to pour into the physical world. I was in Rochester this weekend for Jen’s very first weekend retreat.

I cried for much of the weekend because I felt the unconditional love and timeless happiness that I had experienced my first Eck Seminars. She was speaking such great truths that I was so desperately hungry to hear. What I thought was lost forever, I felt once again this last weekend. I could even feel the presence of the Ancient Ones through her. No offense but the Ancient Ones don’t appreciate being diminished to mascots for an agenda. They made themselves known to the world to perpetuate higher truth.

Jen says truth and Love resonate at similar frequencies. The reason there is not more love in the world is because there is so little truth. Jen pours truth and love out to all who attended. At one point, she went around the room and downloaded all she has of truth and love into every attendee. She said if two phones can share information this way, how much better two people can share the same way. It was a lot of people’s favorite part of the weekend. She isn’t here to start a group. She says she shares in the spirit of sisterhood. She gives everything she can to empower the world to balance the divine feminine with the male energy. The world has been operating from a male slanted point of view and so everything we know is based on a half truth. I wish all my friends who have been seeking could experience what I did this weekend. I found the Joy that I thought was lost in youth.

It is scary to share with everyone. I may be considered a heretic. But it is worth the possibility if just one person reconnects to the love and truth they thought they had lost. Ask the Masters. They whole heartedly support Jen. If you can tune in to them, you will know this too.