The Oxymoron of Hypocrites


Isn’t Peace synonymous with God? Wouldn’t those who are truly devoted to God, as they say, want to emulate Peace? Why are so many people who say they honor God talk about war as if it is a noble mighty thing? Anybody could kill and torture others. That is what deviants of society do. That is one of the tell-tale signs that one is a sociopath; that they kill helpless animals. Why would those who say that they represent the greatest land on earth talk so freely and proudly about torturing and killing others? Isn’t that a sign of weakness and not of strength.

Isn’t it a more noble trait to want to take care of the small animals that cross our path? I consider it a great sign of strength of character to do so. Would the person who nurtures an individual creature be more inclined and adapted to nurture a whole group of people? Wouldn’t they raise the bar on how all people treat each other?  Isn’t this better than lowering the bar to all humans behaving as brutes? Haven’t we moved past the gauntlet of agreeing to torture others for any reason?



I feel the pain of the multitudes; as many of you do. If torture, war and suffering are advocated, that is more pain that we will feel. How fair is it that we allow the ignorant to inflict more pain on the world that those of us who feel, have to endure? We are in different times now. Those who promote war and revenge have a little understanding of the workings of compassion in the world. They are recycling old rhetoric that was a powerful tactic in getting others elected during times when power and fear had humanity in its clutch.

Ask yourself this question. Visualize all the major leaders coming upon a wounded little animal. Go through the scenario of each one of them and what they would do with that bird. Who would step over it? Who would kill it? Who would rescue it? Who would nurture it back to health? This is the person that I want to be the leader of the greatest land on earth. I want the bar raised on dignity, compassion, and caring for the individual in the world. America should be the way shower of how this is done.

It is difficult enough to live in the world as it plays catch up in awareness. It is difficult to live in a world and see technology surpass the capabilities of a human. Do we really want to promote someone who is devoid of compassion? Don’t we want to do all that we can to elevate the importance of the individual while we still have a voice? Are we really willing to sit by and become a faceless, voiceless drone for the appetite of the power mongers.

The choices that we make in who represents our highest office is relevant to how humanity will proceed. Perhaps the greatest demonstration of strength is exercising the ability to not use strength to pump up ones own ego. Don’t we already have great examples of that in the world? Is that what we want to emulate? Can’t us thinkers, dreamers, lovers and doers implore humanity to raise the bar?

What we do here is of no small matter. People are intentionally being starved, women are being raped and enslaved, species are being eliminated and humanity is being eradicated all over the world. None of that is eliminated with adding more hot-headed power seeking egomaniacs to the mix. The only thing that halts the desecration of humanity is the exponential perpetual pumping in of higher awareness and divinity through kindness to all corners of the world. We do that individually and allow it to reflect in our leader of choice.

The fear and hate must be dampened and squelched by an onslaught of higher standards. It is up to us to put that in place. It needs to be done. There is no more catch up time for a learning curve. You as an individual matter and you must embrace that stance to save the fate of the world. We are all superman in that way.

Technique to Perpetuate Purity ,Stillness or Peace


When the television and computer are turned off, and it is fairly quiet, pay attention to the sounds around you. Get the sense of their girth. Visualize what kind of line a sound would be if you were to decipher it that way. The refrigerator may be a thinly drawn line with a fine point pen. A plow in the far background would be a thick line of a crayon drawn on rough paper.
Get a sense of the sounds around you, see if you can feel them bounce against you or pass by your borders. Do they bombard you, bounce off, or blend?

Do you know how when you drop a bunch of ping-pong balls together, they will start bouncing at the same height? It is like they all averaged out? It is like this with sound as well. It is like blending different notes of music to make a vibration.  We do this as people. The people who are into power and control are loud and obtrusive sound. It is interesting that so many of us that are peaceful stay silent. But we can still be helpful as sound beings.

In contemplation, see yourself as a small globe of pure sound sitting where you are in the world. Look at the vantage point of the place you are in as ordinary except for one round globe of absolute contained purity present in the setting. See your borders as contained. Now visualize you getting bigger and expanding the drop of purity that you are until it fills the entire space. See everything calmed and touched by the purity that is you as you expand yourself to be bigger.

Make yourself as big as the town you live in; all the time having your borders contained but seeing your purity transform everything within your orb into purity. Expand yourself to a whole city. Get a sense of the other pure orbs and feel how easier it is to expand when there are more of them.

Expand your orb as much as possible while still being contained. If you feel tangled energy come in or chaos, stay at that point and calm it. Try to expand to the size of the earth and encompass the whole world in your purity. If you feel unsafe at any point, just make your orb small again. It is less important to be big and more important to be pure and contained. Make certain not to put any opinions or thoughts on what purity is or it isn’t purity. The only perception is the absence of chaos.

Your presence matters in the world. Your beautiful conscious existence is a magnificent gift to all. The more you see yourself and all in this way, the more that you and I manifest well-being for all. This is a much more effective way to benefit all than posting images of atrocities on your page. That has the opposite effect. If you want to raise awareness, this is how it is done; by lending your purity to help others find purity.

The Truth About Santa Claus


Adults have been lying to Children way too long when it comes to Santa Clause. It is because they have been lied to as well. They really have lost touch with that magical place within themselves and so they have done what children who have been violated do. They perpetuate the Lie.

It is time to tell children of all ages the truth about Santa Clause. In doing so, it will help heal that aspect of themselves that has forgotten how to trust. The trouble is, people have lost touch with who Santa Clause is. It is time to reintroduce the world to him. Here is the truth about Santa Clause.

Spirit Guides are people who have evolved through their trials and tribulations to such a degree that compassion is embedded in the very fiber of their Light. They exude a loving eminence to all those around them. They are not pushovers. Not at all. They can tough as nails when it is necessary but they prefer to be soft and kind when they can.

In their last incarnations, Spirit Guides go through many trials and tribulations, Their last lifetimes are all about service. They give to the world as effortlessly and as randomly as others give to their dear ones. But to a Spirit Guide, everyone is their dear one. They are capable of loving the whole word and all beings.

There was one such being that lived a long while ago. Many Spirit Guides, have certain specialties that are near and dear to their heart. This one’s specialty was children. He had a tender spot for children. It hurt his heart to have souls incarnate into the world and be at the mercy of adults. He knew how difficult it was to be here when you are not completely loved and accepted. He made it his purpose to open up the hearts of children everywhere and allow them the opportunity to; at least feel what it like to be completely loved and accepted; if only if it was for an instant.

He realized the resiliency of children. He knew that many parents wanted to do good but they fell short. He also realized that many children were born into the homes of their enemies. So the children did not have that loving “space” to recognize their own loving potential. He made it his purpose to open up as many hearts to their own loving nature, This became his passion.

As all Spirit Guides, he was, and is, well versed in spiritual law. He realized that the most efficient way to open someones heart was to give them a gift. Sometimes the results are instantaneous. They still are. He started setting out on journeys to give children gifts. His presence alone in villages started to open up people’s hearts. He built up such an energetic vibration of love and compassion, that merely thinking about him lightened the load for many heavy hearts. His presence in the world made the world a better place. He realized that if he could open someone’s heart once, they would be able to always refer to that moment in their own history and remember that they are very important. That they are a being of love.

The coal that was given out was not done as a punishment. Coal in itself was valuable for heating homes. It was very valuable to freezing homes. It was given as a special reminder that sometimes we have to be of service to burn off all our dross. By being totally immersed in service, we transform into a soft supple powder. This is what happens to coal when it was burned.

It was adults who put this punishing component onto the gift of coal. There is no aspect of this guide that did not see the loving nature of the child. The lie about the coal was one of many. It was the human consciousness way of diminishing this great being. He was impervious to what others would call bad. He only saw their sweet nature. But if he was going to survive as a concept in this negative, man was going to exploit his goodness as much as possible. This was what they were learning in the school-house of life.

When Spirit Guides cross over, they have a great life, similar to that of earth but on the astral plane. Because they have dropped the vibration of the physical body, the astral world is as real to them then than the physical world is to us. But they are able to still appear to those in the physical realm. Santa has that ability. Children do still resonate with his truth and goodness, and he is able to appear to many in his astral body. He is able to do miracle is extreme cases of belief but usually he works in a more subtle way. He is able to appear to children and he channels his benevolence through everyone so they are kinder and more generous in nature.

Santa Claus channels himself into the world as much as possible around Christmas. It is not merely one day or one hour. It is a whole season. He is actually available to anyone who reaches out to him at any time of the year. He is a Spirit Guide. He is there to help people everywhere open their heart centers and tap into their giving nature. If one is really down, they can call upon Santa and they will be given a reprieve from the lives into a childlike wonderment,

When he was in physical form, he would go to the villages and give out gifts. But now he uses his gifts to channel into caregivers and open them up to their own loving nature and become generous in giving gifts. Santa works to create miracles in each life so that the parents can find the means to give the gifts. He is empowering them to do this. This is experienced when people of incredibly dysfunctional homes, are able to get a reprieve from the abuse and neglect for a while around the holiday. This happens when people find the means somehow to give that gift they thought was impossible.

Santa Claus provides an incredible service to humanity. He is one of the very few persona in history that there is little controversy around. He is loved and valued by all cultures who know of him. This is a credit to his incredible light and dedication to serving children of all ages and uplifting humanity.

He resides on the astral plane. His work of giving gifts has evolved into the images of what is imagined the north pole is like. People can visit there as much as their abilities and beliefs will allow.. There is special treatment for all who make the trek. But it is done inwardly. It is a soul travel experience. It is done on the astral plane. The story of the Polar Express is a real account of an astral visit to the north pole. It really isn’t that hard to do; especially around the energetically charged time of Christmas.

There is really no reason to lie about Santa Claus and to make up all these absurd scenarios. It will make so much more sense to tell children that when they go to sleep, set the intention of visiting Santa Clause and that they will be able to do so. It is also empowering for then to know Santa as their spirit guide. It is a great way to help them tune into their inner wonders. The fact that Santa is still so plugged into this physical realm is a credit to his capacity to love. Maybe its time for the world to say Thank you to him.

Now with this vantage point, scan the memories of your Christmas experiences. See if you do not realize his presence where you have overlooked it before. To do so, is a heart opening experience in itself. It is time for the world to open its heart chakra. Everyone who opens up more to love enables the multitudes to do the same. This is a great realization to perpetuate the love and to bring the Christmas Spirit back to life as the mainstay for all, all year round.

God speed.

Jen Ward

The Frozen Tree Technique


Sometimes we are so frozen in our responses and our state of being that we are like a tree that has been coated with ice during a cold rain storm. Ice is just rain that has frozen due to lack of warmth (love, acceptance). Instead of rolling off, it creates invisible layers that enshroud the tree. It is heavy and brittle and if the temperature doesn’t change, the branches start to snap off; and if it continues, the whole trunk collapses as well.

Visualize yourself as a tree that is covered in ice. Imagine the beautiful brilliant sun coming out and warming the climate. The cold ice pellets now become laced beauty that shroud you for an instant before it all melts into beautiful diamonds of crystal. Acknowledge you own beauty, even in this heavy state of endurance.

Now, feel the weight on you lighten as the water rolls off your trunk. Feel your branches return to a limber state. Feel how your branches reach up to the sky and how the warmth of the sun warms the sap inside you. Feel the sap run through your inner channels. Feel your roots secure you deep within the earth. Feel grounded,strong and supported by the vastness of the earth’s depth.

Feel how strong and solid you really are. Everything that transpires is transitory compared to your vast existence planted deep in the earth and warmed by the brilliance of the sun. All life sings in your branches or dances at your base. Chaos may blow around you but you stay nimble and grounded in the earth. You welcome experiences. See them as plentiful and natural as growing the leaves on every extension of your being.

Your experiences, like the leaves, serve a purpose for a season, but when you have learned the lesson, they all blow away. You do not hang on to them and cry because you lost a leaf. You rejoice because their departure signifies another cycle of growth, another ring of expansion defined in your core.

You are a wise tree. With deep roots like the oak and flexible branches like the willow. You are aromatic like the Spruce, and form a majestic silhouette on the horizon. Feel your strength.. Feel your wisdom. Feel your endurance. Rejoice at the cycles of life. Feel the warmth of the sun sustain you and know all the experiences that you endure, keep you interested in continuing to grow and expand and to be the majestic being that you are.

Safe Tree Technique:


If you are going into a situation or an environment that does not feel safe or peaceful, visualize a tree that you have resonated with at some time. It can be a tree you admired or were fascinated by or spent time around.

Visualize being with that tree and maybe even being inside the tree with all it’s strength and wisdom wrapped around you. Ask the tree to be present with you during the day. See if you don’t want to stay present with that tree at all times. Ask the tree questions within your mind. See if the answers seem to come to you.

You will be tapping into the infinite wisdom of the trees. You have just recognized your new best friend.

This is great technique to share with children You know how they tell a child to talk to a tree if they are lost in the forest? Well that tree will lead the search party to the child. That is why it is such an effective technique. Also, the reason that Native Americans are so effective in tracking in the woods that they are not too arrogant to talk to a tree. ~ Jen Ward

Traveling along the Time Track.


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This is a real cool sensation. When you are laying in bed, and in a reflective state, think of the last place you lived and were laying in bed and in a reflective state in the same position. The time between those two experiences will fall away and it will feel like you are in that other bed. You have just separated yourself from your physical body and are now soul traveling.

Continue from that experience into the bed in the place you lived before that. Notice your orientation of the bed to the door is different as it is on a different wall. Relive the experience of what it is like to be in each bed. See how similar that reflective state is in all of them; that that is the commonality of each experience. Feel how easy it is to switch from one bed to another.

Play with this visualization as a means to get out of the body. Once you feel completely like you are in a different bed, get up out of that bed and go out the door in that experience and create an adventure of your imagination. The imagination is a jumping off point into the more intangible realities and truths. This is similar to a technique that Einstein used to gather information about things he could possibly not know in the physical arena. Go visit someone that has crossed over and you would like to see. Imagine meeting them on the other side of your bedroom door.

If it feels too scary to get up and walk away, just allow yourself to view yourself from a position where all the experiences of being in bed, in that position are all happening at once. Then, simply let them all fall away and realize that you are still you, after it is all pulled away; even the current bed you are in. Again play with the experience and see where it takes you.

Technique for when your racing mind won’t let you sleep


Use the thoughts to your advantage. Meaning, it is difficult to turn off the thoughts so can you use them to help yourself; as in a visualization. In a visualization, you are harnessing that thought energy to create the intended outcome. So a technique you could use is to visualize that your bed is made of feathers. Imagine it getting lighter and lighter until it is floating. Visualize it floating in the night sky over houses…higher and higher until you pass through the clouds and see birds passing by, then angels on clouds; look for cloud nine and aim towards the destination of your own cloud to land on. See if this may help harness the thoughts and make up your own adventure.