Technique for Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure


When you can “hear” your blood pressure or feel your heart pumping fast, take a deep breath and sink into yourself. Take another breath and sink some more. With each breath, feel yourself sink as much as possible. When you have sunk as much as possible, visualize your energy spreading out. You may notice that the energy in your heart is thick. Visualize sticking a straw into it and siphoning out the thick gunky energy. Siphon it into a bubble of light and send it away. See it dissolve into the light.

Then put all your attention on your heart. See it in a deflated sack. Visualize blowing Love into the sack until your heart is saturated in Light and is free-standing in a clear strong globe of Light. Hear the Bee Gees song Saying Alive playing in the background and calm the heart down so it is beating in rhythm with the song. If you want to be silly, (humor is relaxing) see your heart dancing on a disco dance floor with a strobe light. See the whole heart sack (pericardium) Filled up with incredible Light.

Visualize the purity and the magnitude of that Light flow through the valves leading out of the heart and into the body. Visualize it being so strong and pure that it dissolves all the stagnant energy that is in the arteries until they are all clear passages. See the purity continue all the way to the veins and clean out the veins as well. Sense the energy loop around the body in a fluid, cohesive, calm rhythm. Feel the Love literally coursing through your veins.

Visualize changing your vantage point so that you see your body as the globe of light with the loops of Lights coming and going from it and seeing it as a pure flowing structure. Practice doing this technique many times until you can conjure it up in moments and give good energy to your heart and whole cardiovascular system at will.


The Flushing Technique


You know that feeling before and during saying something negative? You know it doesn’t feel good. You know the person listening doesn’t want to hear it. You know you get that uncomfortable feeling in your face as you do it… the genuine you is embarrassed and trying to recede.

Why don’t you just stop mid sentence, take a breath and say “anyways”. Then imagine flushing the statement in an imaginary toilet and start fresh.

Say only positive words. Form only positive images. Create only positive thought forms that are worthy of existing. And support only positive thought forms. To do otherwise is to show, be, and support ignorance.

The Binge Technique:


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You know when it’s going to happen. That primal urge to just fill yourself. Like it is a voracious hole that the food or whatever indulgence is filling. The void is bigger than you. It is an experience when a group of you starved or plummeted together. Pain, guilt, fear and trauma are mixed in with the hunger. So consciously feed everyone when you satiate the craving.

Visualize whatever you ingest, being magnified as it passes through you and feeding the masses. What ever demographic that you gravitate towards. If you are eating, magnify the food to feed a starving village. If you are quenching a thirst, magnify the drink to quench all the thirsty beings in the world. If you are laying wrapped in a cozy bed for seemingly way too long, magnify the experience of warmth, loving comfort to nurture all the homeless, love starved cold beings in the world.

Everything that you do, magnify it to being bigger than life so you can satiate the masses with your experiences. We are all interconnected. So don’t visit guilt on everyone by feeling guilty for some trivial issue within yourself. Use whatever is at your disposal to uplift all and take the focus off of the limitations of the petty self. Help all feel the Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Health, Success, and wholeness that you do. It is all in perspective.