Be a Surrogate for Peace



Some of us, and many more, are starting to get an understanding that we are all connected. We are not separate units but exist in a love soup. It is a learning exercise for soul to believe it is separate so that it can stretch its awareness of itself as love.

Many of us get a sense of lifetimes of war. We want nothing to do with it. Because we have had such a thorough saturation of it in the past. We have known war so well. Maybe through osmosis, we can afford those still learning the lessons of it, an express pass to our resolve.

The more we intensify our inclination towards peace, maybe it is possible to draw everyone to peace. If this resonates with you at all;  please do the following taps as a surrogate for humanity. The ability of a loving intention to make a dramatic change in human history has only been tested a handful of times. Maybe we are kissing the world with a loving intention here. Maybe this is the tipping point to create internal and external peace for all.

(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)

“I declare myself a surrogate for Peace; in all moments”
“I infuse infinite loving intention for Peace into the heart of Humanity; in all moments”
“I recant all vows and agreements between myself and war; in all moments”
“I remove all curses between myself and war; in all moments”
“I dissolve all karmic ties between myself and war; in all moments”
“I remove all the pain, burden, and limitations that war has put on me; in all moments” .
“I take back all the Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Health, Success, Security, Companions, Peace, Life and Wholeness that war has taken from me; in all moments” .
“I withdraw all the all my energy from war; in all moments”
“I release resonating with war; in all moments”
“I release emanating with war; in all moments”
“I remove all of war from my sound frequency; in all moments”
“I remove all of war from my light body in all moments”
“I shift my paradigm from war to Peace; in all moments”
“I shift my paradigm from war to Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Health, Success, Security, Companionship, Peace, Life and Wholeness; in all moments”
“I awaken my enthusiasm for and acceptance of Peace; in all lifetime”
“I make space in this world for Universal Peace; in all moments”
“I remove all blockages to Universal Peace; in all moments”
“I stretch my capacity to accept Universal Peace; in all moments”
“I add my loving intention to the cause of Universal Peace; in all moments”
“I am centered and empowered in Divine Love; in all moments”
“I am a conduit for divine love; in all moments”
“I uplift all of humanity with my love; in all moments”

Go Forth and Multiply

When the bible quotes God as saying, “go forth and multiply”, He was not telling them to procreate. He was telling them to spread wisdom, compassion, kindness and truth throughout the world.
The world consisted mostly of those in ignorance. They were stuck in primal mode and they were more enthralled with fighting their brethren than bringing peace and higher understanding to the world.
Those who have come as messengers, all have had the same purpose. They have come to coax the masses out of the Brute mentality. They told those who were apt to fight, to turn the other cheek and to practice humility.
Those who use this message to their advantage, use it to get their members to procreate to perpetuate their own agenda. This is a silly notion. God asking people to procreate at the mercy of all the species they thin out by their massive presence, is ridiculous.
God loves all the species of the world. It is man who is totally enthralled with himself. It is man who believes he is superior. It is man who guts and rapes the great world that God created for all beings to enjoy.
If you have the awareness, go back and challenge the things to have been taught as a child and accepted as unconditional truth. We are all having a great demonstration of how truth can be manipulated by those with an agenda. This is not a new practice. We are merely seeing old things with new eyes.
Use these new eyes to discern the wisdom out of the statements that have been used to bend the will of the world in a particular way. Do indeed go forth and multiply. Multiply the love. Multiply the truth. And definitely multiply the kindness and compassion.
The vibration of these things still, to this day, thousands of years later; still need to be ignited into universal existence.



What we do here is of no small matter. People are intentionally being starved, women are being rapped and enslaved, species are being eliminated and humanity is being eradicated all over the world. None of that is eliminated with adding more hot headed power seeking egomaniacs to the mix.

The only thing that halts the desecration of humanity is the exponential perpetual pumping in of higher awareness and divinity through kindness to all corners of the world. We do that individually and allow it to reflect in our leader of choice.

The fear and hate must be dampened and squelched by an onslaught of higher standards. It is up to us to put that in place. It needs to be done. There is no more catch up time for a learning curve. You as an individual matter and you must embrace that stance to save the fate of the world. We are all superman in that way.

Jen Ward

Technique to Perpetuate Purity ,Stillness or Peace


When the television and computer are turned off, and it is fairly quiet, pay attention to the sounds around you. Get the sense of their girth. Visualize what kind of line a sound would be if you were to decipher it that way. The refrigerator may be a thinly drawn line with a fine point pen. A plow in the far background would be a thick line of a crayon drawn on rough paper.
Get a sense of the sounds around you, see if you can feel them bounce against you or pass by your borders. Do they bombard you, bounce off, or blend?

Do you know how when you drop a bunch of ping-pong balls together, they will start bouncing at the same height? It is like they all averaged out? It is like this with sound as well. It is like blending different notes of music to make a vibration.  We do this as people. The people who are into power and control are loud and obtrusive sound. It is interesting that so many of us that are peaceful stay silent. But we can still be helpful as sound beings.

In contemplation, see yourself as a small globe of pure sound sitting where you are in the world. Look at the vantage point of the place you are in as ordinary except for one round globe of absolute contained purity present in the setting. See your borders as contained. Now visualize you getting bigger and expanding the drop of purity that you are until it fills the entire space. See everything calmed and touched by the purity that is you as you expand yourself to be bigger.

Make yourself as big as the town you live in; all the time having your borders contained but seeing your purity transform everything within your orb into purity. Expand yourself to a whole city. Get a sense of the other pure orbs and feel how easier it is to expand when there are more of them.

Expand your orb as much as possible while still being contained. If you feel tangled energy come in or chaos, stay at that point and calm it. Try to expand to the size of the earth and encompass the whole world in your purity. If you feel unsafe at any point, just make your orb small again. It is less important to be big and more important to be pure and contained. Make certain not to put any opinions or thoughts on what purity is or it isn’t purity. The only perception is the absence of chaos.

Your presence matters in the world. Your beautiful conscious existence is a magnificent gift to all. The more you see yourself and all in this way, the more that you and I manifest well-being for all. This is a much more effective way to benefit all than posting images of atrocities on your page. That has the opposite effect. If you want to raise awareness, this is how it is done; by lending your purity to help others find purity.

The Precipice of a New Era

Jenuine Healing Commercial Retreat_Moment

My life is kind of experiment. I know that I can release the emotional issues of an individual. Their energy system can then regenerate the whole body. This is called healing. It has even been proved effective in a group.

We have all seen great minds get overtaxed, and close. We have all seen loving hearts be opened so wide that they get overwhelmed and rescind. Yet we have seen so very few open hearts working in perfect synchronicity with an open mind in one body. A few names come to heart; Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Wayne Dyer.

What if it is possible to empower each individual to become as effective as your average worldly inspirational teacher? What if it was possible to teach how to connect the mind and heart to be in perfect symmetry of effectiveness with each other. What if it can be taught to the masses? What if the healing that I do on individuals could be done to the world at large?

This is my goal. My purpose is to uplift, inspire, show, teach, heal, validate, Love and empower as many individuals in the world as possible. There is such a divide right now between those of the heart and those of the mind. It has been an unspoken, perhaps unrecognized schism in humanity.

My intention is to heal that rift. To awaken the great minds of those who have been dismissed and open the loving hearts that the indifference of stark intelligence may have closed. The mind and heart work in unison. The great minds of the world need to sit at the feet of the tree huggers and discover the nuances of what they are missing. The loving hearts of the world must melt the apathy and indifference of great intelligence. They must be reminded that they are still an aspect of nature. In doing so, they may remember their true nature.

The ramifications of what is possible has not been tested of what an intelligent heart and a loving mind can accomplish together. It is my goal to nurture this partnership in all souls so that it can reflect in the Universal humanity of man. I have stumbled upon these insights, have gained the fortitude and courage to share them. Once they are uttered and shared, they sprout wings of their own. In doing this, I encourage you to empower truth within yourselves. You, in doing this, are teetering the precipice of a new era.

The Natural Process of Transcending


The world thus far has always been negative. The fact that so many people are now aware of it is a good thing because they are now paying attention. You can’t fix something if you don’t realize there is an issue. Now that so many people are paying attention, a Universal shift can, and is being made.

When you hear someone talk about the world in negative terms, just smile and realize that they are waking up. It is a good thing. They are just grumpy and groggy because their long slumber is being disturbed. That’s okay. It is better that they are awaking. Soon they will shift from just complaining to contributing to making this world a better place for all to be in. It is the natural process of transcending.

What ever  you do, don’t agree with them. To do so is to give opportunity for all to nod back asleep.

Flip Reality to Peace


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In my reality, people matter, all animals matter and trees and nature matters as well. There is kindness, respect and a reverence for peace and stillness in my reality. I do all that I can to make my reality the only one that I am privy to. Anything that feels invalidating is avoided. Nothing is as mandatory as peace, stillness and honor. I go no where that is going to treat me less than I would treat another. There is no pay-off being any where where love and kindness are not spoken. Petty people are avoided at all costs; especially if they are intimate enough to do damage; like family events.

Technique. Create your own bar for reality and what you will allow. Reject what it is possible to reject of the story the masses still try to sell. In my reality, people want to live peaceful happy lives. I reject that humans are barbarians that just want to fight over land and who has a bigger God. The world is manageable now. We know the tricks that are playing to control the masses in fear and rhetoric. We can reject them, and interject our own truth into the mix.

The more individuals forgo agreeing to the negatives that are playing out in the world, the more quickly a shift can be made. You know what the funny thing is? The more a person is desperate for a shift, the more they will attack this technique. They will start arguing for the opposite and try to convince me how wrong I am. It is the biggest oxymoron of all! Someone who is desperate for a better world will reject the way because of it’s simplicity. That is why it is not done. It is so simple that too many have trouble trusting it.

Whenever something that is undesirable is brought to your attention, don’t feed it fuel with your attention. Dry it up by not giving it a ounce of energy. Those of us who have great love may be pulled at an approached more because to the negativity it is energy to burn. Be kind to all but ruthless in protecting your boundaries. Be ruthless in your stance to not partake of the negative views. Any post that tries to convince me of the opposite will me deleted. I encourage everyone to hit the delete button in their lives.